Pokemon: Best Wishes

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Chapter One: The Samurai and the Wrestler

Outside Professor Juniper's Lab in Nuvema Town

Two boys stood a few miles away from the beginning of their journey. They could see the Lab in the distance, and could see the giant frigging black cloud over it. It was releasing many bolts of blue lightning. They'd run into a boy named Trip coming from the lab, and he'd said nothing about the cloud.

"Damn. That cloud's massive." remarked the older boy. His name was Buki Shiyousha. He was a fourteen year old, and had journeyed around the Pokemon World for the past four years of his life. He was tall for his age, topping almost 5'8", and had long, messy brown hair. It grew shaggy in the front, but was tied in a waist length ponytail in the back. He wore a dark grey kimono shirt, with mesh underneath, and a pair of light blue baggy pants. There was a bright orange sash tied around his belt. In the folds of the sash was the sheath of a short bladed katana. Also hidden in the sash was another belt that held his Pokeballs. He had a team of six, made of Pokemon he'd caught in all the regions he'd been to. He wore tan sandals.

"Yeah…I've never seen anything like it." said the young one. He was just starting on his journey, and was going to get his first Pokemon with the escort of his brother. He was at a height of 4'10", with his brother's hair, but cut really short. His name was Masuku Shiyousha. He wore an orange tank-top, and a pair of red pants, like a wrestler would wear. On his feet were a pair of black slip-in shoes.

They began to run toward the lab, just as the cloud let loose a massive bolt of lightning into the metal tower on top of the tall building.

"Holy (CENSORED)! What the hell was that?" exclaimed Buki. He and his brother stopped and stared, slack-jawed. Their expressions quickly transformed to horror, as they beheld the cloud again.

The deep black cloud had suddenly begun to thin out, and turn to a deep grey. Inside it, you could just make out a massive black shape, flickering with blue electricity. The brothers were much closer now, and the creature turned one red eye toward them.

Suddenly, twin bolts of blue lightning struck the ground in front of them. They hit the ground and waited for the dust to clear. When they looked up, they were surprised to find that the cloud, and the horrifying shape inside it, had vanished completely, and without a trace.

In the Lab, Almost an Hour Later

Buki and Masuku walked into the lab apprehensively, having spent the last hour trying to talk themselves into going into the building that still let off a few brilliantly blue sparks occasionally. Buki wasn't one to scare easily, but this was like nothing he'd ever seen before. It was chaos outside, as everyone ran around, trying to find out what had happened. Many citizens asked the boys what they'd seen, but they weren't foolish enough to repeat what they'd saw in the cloud.

So, as they walked in, they looked around, trying to make sure they wouldn't walk under anything the lightning had affected. Strangely enough, the lightning hadn't seemed to do damage to anything. They made their way to the actual lab part of the building, where Professor Juniper was just finishing the last tests on Ash Ketchum's Pikachu. The little rodent was running around like normal, and had even, on Ash's command of course, tested it's electrical moves out on it's master.

"That settles it. There're so many new Pokemon to see, and there're new badges to collect. I'm gonna start a journey." Said Ash as the two boys walked in.

"Well, it is you, Ash. The Professor and I expected you to make a journey." Said Ash's mom, Delia Ketchum. She was standing with Samuel Oak, the Pokemon Professor.

"I'll make sure to take good care of your Pokemon, so you have nothing to worry about." said the Professor.

Then, the occupants of the room noticed the boys. Professor Juniper's eyes lit up in recognition.

"Buki! It's been so long since you've been in Isshu. And I see you brought Masuku to get his first Pokemon as well." She walked over to a table that had two Pokeballs, a small box holding five more Pokeballs, and a Pokedex. It was a small handheld device that had a screen like a phone, that you could slide up from behind.

"Hey, umm, don't you think you're a little too calm considering what happened earlier?" Masuku asked. Buki shot him a glare that should've shut him up, but her ignored his elder brother.

"What do you mean?" asked the Professor, trying to dodge the question. She was now looking expectantly at Masuku. He began to talk again only to be interrupted by his brother.

"Quiet!" "No, brother. I'm sure they know something about it. They must've seen that horrible shape too."

"What? You say Zekrom?" asked the astonished Professor.

"What's a Zekrom?" asked the youngest brother. He looked to Buki, who wore a terrified expression on his face. "Buki? What's wrong?"

"You mean…" Started Buki. His words caught in his throat. He began again. "You mean to tell me that monstrosity was the Legendary Zekrom?"

The Professor nodded. Then Ash spoke up. "I saw it at the harbor too. It struck my Pikachu with lightning, and then it couldn't use it's electric attacks."

"So then it showed up here too?" Buki inquired. More nodding. "And you plan on going off by yourself, to make a journey across the land where Zekrom reigns supreme, when he's clearly following you?"

"What do you mean he's following me?" Ash asked. Buki face-palmed.

"Aren't you the Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town in the Kanto Region?" A nod. "Didn't you hear the news while you were on your way over here?" They shook their heads. "Well, I just arrived from Kanto last week, so I was still getting news updates. A huge storm hit Pallet yesterday. No rain, just massive amounts of lightning. Blue lighting."

Ash, Oak, and Mrs. Ketchum all looked toward the cloud had been. "Professor," Mrs. Ketchum started, "We need to go back to Pallet." She turned to her son. "Are you coming with us?" It was a stupid question, but she had to ask.

"If Zekrom is really following me, I have to know why. Besides, there are so many new Pokemon here, and there are new badges to get. That means new challenges."

"Well then, we'd best be on the move. Call the lab when you get a chance Ash." Professor Oak told the boy. He and Ash's mother left to go back to the ferry.

"Well, let's get you a Pokemon, huh Masuku?" asked the Professor. She walked to the table. "We have Oshawott and Tepig left. Snivy was taken by a trainer named Trip just an hour and a half ago."

She reached for the two Pokeballs, but Masuku spoke up. "I want Tepig." The Professor picked up the ball and gave it to Masuku.

"Tepig, I choose you!" he cried as he threw the ball. It opened in a flash of bright light, and the Fire Pig Pokemon was revealed. Tepig slowly padded back to Masuku, who kneeled and let the Pokemon sniff his hand. The Professor then handed Masuku five Pokeballs, and the Pokedex. Then, she handed the same items to Ash.

"Aren't you getting anything?" Asked Ash to Buki. Buki shook his head.

"I've already been on my journey. Instead of starting here, I got my first Pokemon, was given another, and then went straight to Sinnoh. Then, I went to Hoenn, then Johto, and finally Kanto. Now I'm back here." He explained.

"So, you've been to all the Championships?" Asked Ash. Buki nodded the affirmative.

"Will you battle me?" Ash asked. "I want to hone my skills before I take the Gym Challenges."

The Professor decided to referee. They were outside the lab, in the back, standing on Professor Juniper's battlefield.

"Alright, this will be a one on one battle." The two trainers got set on the edges of the dusty field.

"Alright Pikachu, let's show 'em how we battle!" The yellow mouse dashed onto the battlefield.

Buki reached into his obi, and pulled out a Pokeball. "I'll wow you with my first Pokemon." He threw the ball. "Go, Dewott!" "Alright Pikachu, start with Quick Attack!" Pikachu ran forward, leaving a silver streak behind it. As it neared Dewott, it began to move quicker. Pikachu rammed into Dewott's stomach, moving him back a few inches.

"Dewott, use Razor Shell!" Futachimaru grabbed the shells on it's hips and they began to glow yellow. Futachimaru brought them down hard on Pikachu's head, leaving a blue trail of light behind them. The blue otter-weasel leapt backward, and placed his shells back on his hips.

"Whoa! What was that move?" Ash asked. "It's Dewott's Razor Shell. It's a powerful move, isn't it? Just ask your Pikachu." Ash looked to his partner. Pikachu was breathing hard after the powerful hit.

"Alright. Time to pull out all the stops, huh Pikachu? Use Volt Tackle!" "Pika-pika!" The mouse ran forward at an amazing speed. It began to let a powerful static charge escape it's red cheeks. The charge eventually became a massive build-up of electrical energy that engulfed the mouse Pokemon.

Pikachu closed the distance in seconds and was almost to Dewott before Buki gave a command. "Dodge!" Dewott gracefully front-flipped over Pikachu. "Now! Razor Shell!" In the apex of Dewott's flip, the otter-weasel brought the shells down on Pikachu's electrified body. The collision caused an explosion. Pikachu was smashed into the ground, and Dewott was thrown further into the air, landing six feet away from Pikachu. The two struggled to their feet, panting and bruised.

"Dewott, you ok?" "Dew!" "Pikachu?" "Pi-Pikachu!" One last attack. That was the thought passing through both trainer's heads.

"Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!" "Dewott, Aqua Jet!" Pikachu loosed a giant blast of thunder, while Dewott flew through the air inside a bullet of water. Dewott moved through the air so quickly that he hit Pikachu just as the shot was fired off. The bulled hit Pikachu, and both were struck by the bolt that was intensified by the water.

The two fighters tried to stand one last time. Pikachu got onto it's four paws, and Dewott made it to his knees. Dewott had a spasm and fell flat.

"Dewott is unable to battle! Pikachu wins!" Announced Professor Juniper. Buki ran to his fallen partner.

"Dewott! Are you alright?" Dewott lifted his head. The defeated Pokemon struggled to his feet. He gave a salute to his master. "Wott."

"You did well. Dewott, return!" called Buki, sending Dewott back into his Pokeball. He walked over to Ash, who was celebrating with his battered partner.

"That was an amazing match. Listen. My brother and I are also gonna go for the Unova League. You're a tough trainer. I've faced some real tough trainers before, and the Unova League is full of the best. We need to train each other. So, how's about we go together?" The boy thought about it. "How 'bout it Pikachu?" "Pi-Pikachu!"

"Ok. We'll go together. But, if you gave me that much of a challenge, how'd you do in the other Championships?"

"Here, let's go back to the lab. I've got something to show you." They headed back inside.

There was the first chapter! Make sure to tell me what you thought! I've got plenty of ideas. In fact, here's a preview of the next chapter.

"Blaziken, finish this up with an Overheat!" Commanded Harrison. The Blaze Pokemon sent a fiery corona at Dewott. The Starter Pokemon crumpled to the ground.

"Dewott is unable to battle! Blaziken is the winner!" cried the referee. The scoreboard blacked the color out of the circle featuring the otter-weasel.

"You did well Dewott. Return." Said Buki, replacing the Pokeball under his obi. He pulled out another. "My last Pokemon." remarked Buki. He threw out the Pokeball. "Go, Fraxure!"

Alright, so there you go. Preview of the next chapter. Props to anyone who knows who Harrison is. He's a character that Ash has fought before. One of the only trainers that's managed to beat Charizard. Also, the reason for the Italics is well…it'd be giving to much of the story away. Just wanted to draw attention to it.