Pokemon: Best Wishes

Hey, guys. DM445 here. Been awhile since the last update, huh? That's because college was being a pain, and I was working for about six months. Cart pusher at Wal-Mart. I hated it, they got rid of me, and it's done with. So, I'm gonna try and upload new chapters for as many fics as I can before I start working again. Last time, the boys took on the Opelucid Gym. Drayden was a powerful opponent, but Masuku and Ash have walked away with their Legend Badges. This chapter takes place during the next day, as Buki prepares to take on Drayden himself.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Opelucid City - The Legend Badge (Part II)

The cheers of the crowd and the pounding of the blood in his ears were the only things Buki could hear as he stood on the battlefield of Opelucid City that morning. Buki had awoken early, desiring more training before the fated battle.

Drayden had announced over the city's PA system that the battle would be taking place soon, and citizens from all over the city were packing the stands. Each one hoped for a more exciting battle than the ones the day before.

Iris stood across from our hero. She too had woken early for a little training. She was a little peeved about losing both her Pokemon to Masuku's Gurdurr. She was determined for Buki to lose before Drayden even had to step onto the field.

"Citizens!" Drayden boomed, standing in the center ring of the field. The crowd quieted. "Welcome back to the Opelucid Gym! Today features Buki Shiyousha, a challenger from Driftveil City, battling with Iris and I!" The cheers started up again, and Drayden paused until they finished.

"If Buki is half as strong a trainer as the two we fought yesterday, this will be a great and challenging battle! Be prepared for anything!" Drayden left the field, climbing onto his judging perch. "If both trainers are ready?"

Buki nodded, pulling a Pokeball from his obi. Iris grinned, pulling out a Pokeball too. "Then bring out your Pokemon and begin!" Iris threw her Pokeball first. "Let's go, Druddigon!" Buki smiled down at the Pokeball he brought out.

"I choose you, Scrafty!" He cried, flinging the Pokeball. The Pokemon that appeared from the ball wasn't one of Buki's usual fighters. Scrafty stood a good two feet shorter than the slouching Dragon-type, arms crossed and smirking. He took one hand and swept it across his scaly Mohawk, then brought the hand down across his neck. A silent taunt. "You're goin' down."

It was a few hours after the trio made their way back to their room at the Pokemon Center. The sun had just began to set, and Buki was lost in thought. Iris and Drayden had proven themselves powerful opponents. Despite the training he and Sawk had gone through the night before, he was still apprehensive about his battle.

"What's wrong, brother?" Masuku asked. Buki shook his head. "I'm just worried I may not be prepared enough for tomorrow." Masuku raised an eyebrow. "I've never heard anything but confidence from you." Buki looked at his brother.

"I mean, think about it. You've always said that you believe in your Pokemon enough to overcome anything. That's why you're gonna beat the Gym tomorrow, and that's why N's plan won't work."

"Thanks, Masuku." Buki smiled. He raised a brow in thought. "Hey, you should let me borrow your Scraggy." Masuku looked confused. "Why do you need Scraggy? You already have so many powerful Pokemon." Buki laughed.

"You don't realize how much potential Scraggy has." He pulled out a Pokeball. "Here. Take Ferroseed." Masuku grabbed the Pokeball, unsure of what Buki was planning. He handed over Scraggy's Pokeball.

"Trust me, Masuku. You'll see tomorrow just how powerful Scraggy can be. You'll be proud." Masuku grinned. "I'm already proud of Scraggy. Just because he gives his all every time he battles." Buki smiled, leaving the room. He passed Ash as he made his way to the exit.

"Hey, Buki. Where're you going?" The hat-wearing trainer asked. Buki stopped, reaching out to pet Pikachu from where he sat on Ash's shoulder. "I'm heading outside to train." He walked off again. "Good luck."

"Scraggy evolved?!" Masuku questioned. Buki nodded with a smirk. "He did." Buki looked back to his brother. "I told you, Masuku. You're going to be proud." He looked at Scrafty.

"You ready?" "Scraft." In the stands, Masuku pulled out his Pokedex. Scrafty. The Hoodlum Pokemon, and the evolved form of Scraggy. It pulls up its shed skin to protect itself as it kicks. It can smash concrete blocks with its attacks. The one with the biggest crest is the leader.

"Scrafty's amazing." Masuku muttered. Iris watched the exchange between the brothers with a frown. "That's all well and good, but you're in the middle of a Gym Battle! Druddigon, Superpower!" The Cave Pokemon lumbered forward, glowing blue. Buki smirked.

"Let's show them what you can do, shall we?" "Scrafty." The Hoodlum Pokemon smirked too, nodding. "Dragon Dance." Scrafty brought his fists up in front of his face, leaping back and forth from foot to foot. Energy swirled around him. Druddigon grew closer, bearing down on the dual-type.

"Dodge, and keep using Dragon Dance!" Scrafty deftly leaped to the side, avoiding the destructive punch thrown his way. He kept moving, powering up even further. "Druddigon!" Iris shrieked. "Hit it! Superpower!"

"Take it!" Buki commanded. Scrafty nodded, crossing his arms over his face and letting the Dragon-type slug him. The ground under Scrafty's feet cracked as the Hoodlum Pokemon was pressed into it.

"Ice Punch." Buki said, calmly. Masuku's eyes widened. "He taught Scrafty Ice Punch?!" Scrafty threw his arms out, knocking Druddigon off balance. The dual-type leaped forward, throwing a right hook that glowed with swirling white energy. As his fist crashed into Druddigon's chest, the energy changed to bright blue.

There was a cracking noise. From the point of impact, ice was crawling up the Dragon-type's body. For a second, it seemed like that was all that would happen. Then, Scrafty shifted his upper body, right shoulder moving forward. The ice impacted around his fist, shattering and throwing Druddigon across the field with the impact.

The Cave Pokemon crashed into the wall behind Iris, whose eyes were opened wide. The attack had happened so fast that she'd nearly missed it. Of course, she knew what Dragon Dance did. It raised the user's attack by one stage, and added a stage to its speed. Scrafty had gotten two Dragon Dances, and hit with a super effective move.

"Druddigon is unable to battle." Drayden declared. Iris still made no move. "Iris." Drayden called. The girl shook her head. "I don't believe it." She muttered, returning Druddigon to its Pokeball.

"That Scrafty is so powerful." She brought out her next Pokeball, apprehensively. "Fraxure, come out!" Buki smiled, turning to address his brother. "I told you, Masuku. Scraggy had so much potential. I trained him like this to help you out when we make our way to Vertress City."

"You might want to pay attention!" Ash called out. "Pika-pi!" Buki whirled around to see Fraxure surrounded by energy. "I can also make use of Dragon Dance!" Iris cried out. "Dragon Claw!" Fraxure began to move, quickly closing the gap between the two Pokemon.

"Damn." Buki thought. "One Dragon Dance made it a little faster than Scrafty." He made a decision. "Drain Punch!" An orb of green energy flickered to life around Scrafty's fist. Fraxure's claws came down on Scrafty, biting into each of the Hoodlum Pokemon's shoulders.

"Scraft!" Despite his impeded mobility, Scrafty drove his fist into Fraxure's stomach. The green orb burst, sending light from Fraxure into Scrafty. After a few seconds of contact, the Axe Jaw Pokemon had to back away from the dual-type.

Scrafty looked just as healthy as before, having taken little to no damage after the power of his Drain Punch. Fraxure didn't look too weakened, but it was obvious the Dragon-type hadn't been expecting the powerful Fighting-type attack.

"I can see we'll have to pull out all the stops to beat that Scrafty. But we will beat that Scrafty." Iris stared at Masuku. "I refuse to lose to the same person twice! Especially some kid!" Scrafty stiffened when she said 'kid.' He tilted his head to look at the girl.

"Ooh." Buki cringed. "That may've been a mistake." Iris looked mad. "See, Masuku said something yesterday about Fighting-types being proud and resilient. Scrafty's really attached to his trainer." Buki held up Scrafty's Pokeball. It was pink with white hearts on the sides.

"This is a Heal Ball." Buki explained. "When we found Scrafty on Route 4, he had barely survived a fight with a pack of Sandile. Masuku saved his life. He doesn't take too kindly to people downing his partner."

"I don't care!" Iris growled. "Fraxure, Outrage!" The Axe Jaw Pokemon threw itself forward, ready to end Scrafty's reign of the field in accordance to its trainer's wishes. Eyes glowing, Fraxure lashed out at the Hoodlum Pokemon.

Scrafty pushed the Dragon Dance to the limit dodging Fraxure's assault. Without waiting for Buki to command him, the dual-type allowed energy to swirl around him again. "Good going, Scrafty!" Buki praised. "Ice Punch!" Scrafty moved forward, ducking under a wild swing from Fraxure, and brought his arm up in a swift uppercut.

Fraxure let the momentum of its swing bring it around, barely avoiding the Ice Punch. Fraxure then lashed out, crashing a rage-fueled fist into Scrafty's midsection. The Hoodlum Pokemon was launched away from Fraxure, landing a few feet away from Buki.

"Draco Meteor!" Iris commanded. Drayden's eyes opened wide as he grimaced under his beard. "No!" He thought. "Iris isn't ready! Using the Meteors at her level is too dangerous! Especially as angry as she is!" As Drayden's thoughts turned darker, he hit a button on the console of the judge's booth.

Immediately, metal partitions slid up in front of the citizens watching the match. A ring of metal dropped down from the ceiling, matching up to the partitions and sealing the people watching into a shelter that could withstand a bomb.

All of this happened at the same time as Fraxure executing its trainer's command. Fraxure glowed brightly before launching a sphere of orange energy at Scrafty. The dual-type dodged easily enough, as it moved erratically.

Buki's eyes widened, going back to Twist Mountain in his mind. The sphere erupted behind Scrafty, throwing him into the metal partition. His head dented the metal, and he slumped to the ground. The sphere split into fifteen other bursts that bounced around the field and caused major damage to anything not guarded by the partitions.

The swordsman threw himself to the ground, hoping to avoid the meteors as they crashed all around. Iris had also dropped to the ground, Fraxure standing over her. The Dragon-type reflected each blast that came near its trainer. Finally, the meteors stopped flying and the field quieted. Drayden pressed the button on his console again, raising the dented partitions for the citizens to see.

The field had erupted. Ground had been upturned and craters littered what hadn't. Scrafty was laying by the stands, unconscious, and Buki was sprawled out in a perfect circle of untouched earth. None of the blasts had come close enough to him to cause any harm.

Buki crawled back to his feet. He leveled a glare at the dark-skinned girl who was cowering behind her Dragon. "What the hell was that?!" He demanded. Iris looked about to cry. She hid her face as Drayden began to speak.

"Iris is in training to become a Dragon Master. Draco Meteor is the most powerful Special Attack a Dragon-type can learn, and only Dragons with the greatest of bonds with their trainers can attain its power." He looked to Iris.

"She has not complete her training, and Fraxure has no control over the move because of it. She should never have commanded Fraxure to use that power on a challenger when she has not perfected it. She is still a child." Iris looked closer to tears than before.

"Your battle with her is over. I am sorry." Drayden said. He looked to the citizens, who looked worried. "Never fear, citizens. Momentarily, I will battle this boy. We will resume after the field has been repaired a little." He walked to Iris, picked her up, and took her off the field. Some Gym trainers came out with Pokemon that began filling in holes in the field with Sand Attack.

Citizens began to leave the Gym, making full use of the time they'd been given. Ash and Masuku met Buki on the sidelines, near Scrafty. Buki returned the Hoodlum Pokemon to its Pokeball before returning it to his brother.

"I can't believe Iris got so pissed." Masuku muttered, holding Scrafty's Pokeball gingerly. Ash furrowed his brows. "She really didn't want to lose. She must take her training seriously." Buki scoffed.

"I understand training. She's taking it too seriously if she would endanger people. I'm almost glad I don't have to keep battling her." He pointed to the exit, where some citizens were still passing through the doors. "Masuku," he began, "Head to the Pokemon Center and have Nurse Joy heal Scrafty. I'll make sure we don't start until you get back."

The younger Shiyousha nodded, rushing out the door. "Well, now you've got to face Drayden." Ash said. "You still have three Pokemon left. Think you're ready?" Buki frowned. "I'll have to be, Ash. We don't have too much time left before everything starts in Vertress City."

"Once again, I must apologize about the way the battle turned earlier." Drayden's voice boomed as he addressed his citizens. It was almost an hour later, and everyone was back in the Gym for the second half of Buki's Gym battle. Drayden stood opposite Buki on the field, with a Gym trainer taking on the role of judge.

"If you're ready?" The mayor asked the swordsman. The crowd cheered as Buki smirked, and both trainers threw a Pokeball. "I choose you, Excadrill!" "Druddigon, front and center!" The Cave Pokemon roared as the Subterrene Pokemon scraped his claws together with a screech.

"Go, Sandstorm!" Buki commanded. Excadrill crouched, swiping his claws across the earthen field. His claws kicked up a powerful dust that swirled around the field and made spectators cover their eyes.

"Now, let's move!" Excadrill seemed to vanish into the dust. "Hmm…" Drayden began. "You've increased your speed with Sand Rush. It will be much harder for us to hit you now, is that your plan?" "You've got it." Buki promised. "Swords Dance!"

There was a brief shimmer in the sand as Excadrill whirled his claws to raise his attack power. "There, Druddigon! Dragon Pulse!" The Cave Pokemon's head snapped in the direction its trainer commanded, letting loose a shot of bright blue dragon-shaped energy that illuminated the field through the Sandstorm.

Excadrill easily ducked out of the way, but Druddigon was on its way toward it. "Superpower!" Drayden called. The Dragon threw a fist cloaked in blue energy that was coming right for the Subterrene Pokemon.

"Drill Run!" Instantly, the mole-like Pokemon folded into Drill Form and began to rotate at high speed. Druddigon's fist met the spinning Pokemon's body, neither giving any room. "Metal Claw!" A light shimmered through the sand as Excadrill's body turned metallic. The power of his rotation increased and Druddigon had to grab hold of the Subterrene Pokemon with both hands.

"Go!" Drayden called. "Dragon Pulse!" Druddigon pushed Excadrill back a little and opened its mouth wide. It fired the Dragon Pulse as it let go of the dual-type, letting Excadrill fly into the blast. The explosion forced Druddigon back a few steps and Excadrill was thrown into the air.

"Earthquake!" Excadrill opened up and angled himself toward the ground, falling high speed. "Druddigon, stop it! Superpower!" The Dragon-type lumbered toward the point where Excadrill would impact, glowing blue. The Subterrene Pokemon rotated his body, returning to Drill Form, and shot past the glowing Dragon. The ground began to shudder.

"Hit it!" Druddigon whirled around, backhanding Excadrill away from the ground. The Steel-type crashed into a wall and dropped to the ground.

"Excadrill is unable to battle!" Buki brought the Subterrene Pokemon back to his Pokeball, replacing it with another from under his obi. "I choose you, Escavalier!" The dual-type appeared from its Pokeball, ready for battle.

"Hmm…" Drayden pondered. "The Cavalry Pokemon. Interesting choice. Druddigon, keep on the offensive! Dragon Tail!" "Dodge!" Escavalier threw itself back as Druddigon's glowing tail swept through the air where it had been standing.

"Swords Dance!" The Cavalry Pokemon crossed its lances in front of its face and began charging power. "Dragon Claw!" Drayden commanded. The Cave Pokemon leaped forward, bringing its shimmering claws down on the Steel-type.

"Iron Defense!" With lances still crossed, Escavalier shined silver as Druddigon's claws slammed down onto it. The Cavalry Pokemon was pushed into the ground, but took little damage from the powerful attack.

"Now use Iron Head!" Escavalier flung his arms to the side, knocking Druddigon's arms away, and shot forward with a glowing headbutt. Druddigon was thrown off its feet. "Keep at it!" Buki commanded. "Poison Jab!"

As the Cave Pokemon began to clamber to its feet, Escavalier moved in quickly. With lances glowing purple, the Cavalry Pokemon struck. Both lances shot forward into the Dragon's belly, pushing it even further back.

"Superpower!" Druddigon grabbed the crest of Escavalier's helmet with both glowing hands. The Dragon lifted the Steel-type and threw it back across the field, where it landed on its back with a crash. Druddigon began crossing the field, still glowing, to the spot where Escavalier was trying to get up.

"X-Scissor!" Buki called. Escavalier crossed its lances. When Druddigon got close the Cavalry Pokemon slashed out with both lances, leaving an X shaped burst of energy that crashed into the Cave Pokemon. Druddigon fell back, giving Escavalier enough time to get up.

"Now we're back in this!" Buki declared. "Escavalier, use Aerial Ace!" Escavalier moved forward, picking up speed until a shimmering aura appeared around it. The Cavalry Pokemon vanished for an instant, reappearing in front of the Dragon-type. Before Druddigon could respond, Escavalier thrust its lances into the Cave Pokemon's gut.

The power of Escavalier's Aerial Ace lifted Druddigon off the ground and tossed the heavy Pokemon back as though it weighed nothing. Druddigon brushed the hit off easily enough, getting back to its feet without much trouble.

"I think this part of our battle has gone on long enough." Drayden decided. "Use Outrage." Druddigon's eyes took on a blue glow as it began to walk toward Escavalier. "Aerial Ace!" Buki commanded. Escavalier vanished as the Sandstorm died out.

Druddigon threw out an arm, catching the invisible Cavalry Pokemon. Escavalier flickered back into sight before flying across the field. Druddigon continued walking toward it. "C'mon, Escavalier. Get up!" Buki said. The dual-type rose slowly, with Druddigon closing in.

"Pick up the pace, Druddigon." Drayden commanded. The Cave Pokemon nodded before flinging itself at Escavalier. "Move!" Buki called. The Cavalry Pokemon ducked under Druddigon's wild swings and put a little distance between the two of them. Druddigon whirled and attacked again.

"Finish it!" Drayden called. "Megahorn!" Buki demanded. Escavalier shot forward to meet Druddigon, thrusting both its glowing lances into the Cave Pokemon just as the Dragon brought both glowing fists down onto the Cavalry Pokemon's hard carapace.

Escavalier was smashed into the ground while Druddigon was thrown into the wall by the force of their opponent's moves. Escavalier tried pulling itself from the crater left by Outrage, but gave up. Meanwhile, Druddigon tried to pull itself out of the wall to continue but couldn't.

"Escavalier and Druddigon are both unable to battle! It's a double knock-out!" The referee cried. Both trainers smiled as they brought their Pokemon back, crowd cheering loudly. "Looks like it comes down to this." Buki remarked. Drayden nodded. "Indeed."

Both trainers launched their final Pokeball. "Go, Haxorus!" "Let's end this! Lend me your strength, Samurott!" The Axe Jaw Pokemon whipped its head back and forth, blades gleaming, while the Formidable Pokemon roared out.

"Aqua Jet!" Samurott leaped up, spinning in midair as water encased his body. As he shot forward, the rotation tempered the Aqua Jet into a spiraling point. Drayden didn't give a command, letting Samurott get close.

"Dual Chop!" Haxorus sidestepped, hands glowing, and delivered a powerful chop to Samurott's neck that penetrated the water. Samurott gaped, being knocked from the water, as Haxorus lashed out with the other hand. The Water-type was sent sprawling, disoriented from the assault.

After a second or two of laying on the field, Samurott got back to his feet. "Swords Dance!" Buki called. Samurott rose up onto his hind legs, unsheathing his seamitars. The Formidable Pokemon whirled the blades around, drawing power into them.

"Dragon Dance." Drayden said, calmly. Haxorus stood still, energy whirling around him. "Dragon Claw." All the energy swirling around the Dragon-type transferred to its claws, extending them and making them glow. The Axe Jaw Pokemon ran at Samurott, faster and more powerful.

"Meet it with Razor Shell!" Buki commanded. The bearded Pokemon jumped forward with his hind legs, launching himself at the Dragon-type. Blue energy surrounded the blades of the seamitars as Samurott brought them down on Haxorus. The Dragon-type was forced to use his claws to parry Samurott's blows, while the reach of the seamitars kept the Water-type at a distance.

"Keep going!" Buki urged. Samurott rained powerful blows down that were blocked easily. "Hydro Pump!" Haxorus had just blocked a slash that was brought down on his head and was unprepared for the blast that blew it back away from Samurott.

The Formidable Pokemon moved in, finally scoring a blow on the Axe Jaw Pokemon by slashing the Dragon-type from shoulder to hip. Haxorus fell back, feeling the full force of Samurott's seamitar.

The Water-type took the seamitar in his right hand and stabbed it into the ground on his left side. He slashed toward Haxorus, unleashing a blade of water that raced along the field toward the Dragon. Then, Samurott did the same with the blade in his left hand.

The X-shaped wall of water rushed toward Haxorus, who was just getting to its feet. "Dragon Pulse!" Drayden commanded. Haxorus opened wide, unleashing a blast of blue energy that took the shape of a dragon. The two attacks collided, throwing up a steam that cloaked the entire battlefield.

"Guillotine!" Drayden called out. Haxorus ran through the steam toward the place it knew Samurott stood. Samurott stood still, blades at his sides, listening for the Dragon-type. Without warning Samurott brought his seamitars up and crossed them behind his back. There was a clashing sound and a burst of sparks as the steam began to clear. Samurott had caught Haxorus' jaw blade with his seamitars, stopping the powerful Guillotine.

"Aqua Tail!" Samurott flipped forward, slinging sparks as his seamitars scraped against the Dragon-type's jaw blade. Haxorus began falling forward without the seamitars holding him up, and was caught totally off guard as Samurott's tail crashed into him from below.

Haxorus was raised into the air by the Aqua Tail before being launched back toward Drayden's side of the field. "Hydro Pump!" Buki called out. As Samurott somersaulted back to his feet, he fired the high pressure blast of water at the Dragon-type's flying form.

"Dragon Pulse!" Haxorus was flying upside down, facing the Formidable Pokemon as he launched his attack. The Axe Jaw Pokemon fired the Dragon Pulse, dragon-shaped blast colliding with the Hydro Pump. The two moves fought for dominance before bursting apart.

Haxorus hit the ground, rolling back to its feet. It whirled around and charged Samurott with Dragon Claw. Samurott threw his seamitars up and let them pierce the ceiling, where they stuck. Dropping to all-fours, Samurott ran forward with a glowing horn.

"Megahorn!" Buki commanded. The two Pokemon got close, with Haxorus throwing its hands up to catch the Water-type's glowing horn. With the boost from Dragon Dance along with Dragon Claw, Haxorus was barely able to stop Samurott's attack. Haxorus kept Samurott's Megahorn inches from its chest.

The two Pokemon struggled for a moment before Buki decided to try something else. "Aqua Jet!" Water swirled around the Formidable Pokemon, who stayed on the ground. Samurott tried pushing forward, but wasn't quite strong enough to bypass Haxorus' powerful grip.

Samurott finally gave up on trying to push forward with force and jumped, spinning the water around him. The water streamlined into a spear once more, finally giving Samurott enough reach to pierce Haxorus' defense. Unable to hold Samurott's spinning horn, Haxorus was forced to let go and let the Formidable Pokemon overwhelm it.

As Haxorus fell back, Samurott used the Aqua Jet to take him high into the air. "Samurott truly deserves the species name the 'Formidable Pokemon.'" Drayden commented. "It is indeed powerful." Buki nodded.

"Haxorus is strong too." "True. Which is why we have no fear of using the most powerful Dragon-type move to finish this. Where Iris failed, we shall succeed! Haxorus, Draco Meteor!" Buki stared, wide-eyed, as Haxorus fired a glowing orange sphere from its place on the ground.

The move closed in on Samurott, who was still in the air. "Samurott!" Buki called. Samurott used the Aqua Jet to get as high as possible before leaping from the water to grab his seamitars. The Formidable Pokemon's weight was enough to dislodge the seamitars from the ceiling.

Samurott whirled mid-air as the Draco Meteor shot toward him, bringing both seamitars to crash into the sphere of power. After a brief power struggle Samurott forced the Draco Meteor to fly back toward Haxorus.

Halfway down the attack burst apart into a dozen or more meteors that began to spread and leave Haxorus with no room to dodge. The Axe Jaw Pokemon took a few hits from the meteors before becoming overwhelmed by one of the burning rocks.

"Haxorus is unable to battle!" The referee called out as Samurott dropped back to the field. The Formidable Pokemon roared in approval, sheathing his seamitars. "The winner is the challenger, Buki Shiyousha!" Buki walked onto the field, placing a hand on Samurott's helmet.

"Wonderful battle, old friend." He praised. "Samu!" Drayden walked over to where Haxorus lay, pulling out its Pokeball. "I'm quite proud of you." Drayden said, crouching down. "Take a well-deserved rest." Haxorus nodded, vanishing into its Pokeball. Drayden stood, making his way to Buki's side.

"That was a marvelous battle!" Drayden declared, extending a hand to Buki. The teen shook hands eagerly. "There aren't many Pokemon powerful enough to repel the Draco Meteor." Drayden complimented. "Samurott has been well trained." The mayor reached into his pocket, bringing out Buki's Badge.

"I'm proud to be able to hand the Legend Badge to a trainer of such promise. You and your friends will do well in Vertress City. I see no problems for you to fulfil your destiny."

Later that evening, Ash, Buki and Masuku met Drayden at the gate to the next Route. "Following this Route will lead you to Vertress City. You might encounter powerful trainers and Pokemon on your way to the League, but you are strong enough to defeat anything that crosses your path."

Drayden looked at Masuku. "You are very strong for your young age. I expect you will far surpass any expectations you have for yourself in time." Masuku nodded as Drayden moved to Ash. "You truly have skill as a trainer to be able to bring out such power in Pokemon that most would consider weak. It is true that any Pokemon can be strong with the right trainer." Ash smiled.

"As for you," Drayden began, placing a hand on Buki's shoulder. "Much is expected of you." Buki nodded. "There isn't a doubt in my mind that you are up to the challenges Team Plasma will throw at you. Revive the legendary Dragon. Defeat N. You mustn't falter." With that, Drayden walked back toward the town.

"Are you guys ready?" Buki asked. Ash and Masuku nodded. "Pi-pika!" Pikachu chorused. "Ready for anything." Masuku said, putting out his fist. Buki rolled his eyes as Ash put his fist out with Masuku's.

"You guys can't be serious." Pikachu ran down Ash's arm, putting his tiny fist out too. Buki laughed, adding his fist. "Alright. Time for us to head to Vertress City. Let's not make Drayden's faith for naught."

I think that was a good Gym Battle. Dunno about anybody else, but I like the way it went. That's finally the end of our heroes' Gym experience, but with only a little while longer before the Unova Pokemon League tournament begins will they be able to defeat N and his Team Plasma? If not, the Pokemon world as our heroes know it is over. The next chapter or two will focus on the journey to Vertress City. Then, hopefully, we can jump into the tournament. Thanks to everybody who's kept up with the story as it continues, and I hope I can keep entertaining you until the end of the fic. Ja Nae.