This story was posted on November 21, 2010. The night of the blue Full Moon.



January 13, 1977.

An epidemic has crossed the nation. Due to a recent disaster in Romania involving a science experiment gone awry a wave of chemicals has been released into a select few towns that enters the bloodstream through a cut or scrape. When these unique assortment of toxins enter the bloodstream the infected takes on a sudden and painful transformation that occurs during the full moon.

The full moon stimulates the change because of the array of silver based substances merged within the system. This, along with a combination of other chemicals and the DNA of a wolf, forces upon the infected a metamorphosis that turns the victims into a large humanoid monster with claws and the head of a wolf.

It is unknown at the moment how this Change takes effect, or why it happens solely on the night of the full moon. No subject has been captured for further study as of yet, but hopes are high for the future.

March 2, 1977.

Further testing on the infected has shown signs of Multiple Personality Disorder. The degree of this diagnoses is still unknown, for tests continue on the infected and scientists invoke hope in the media for their discovery of the cause of the near psychosis stability of the infected subjects.

Along with MPD, the subjects show signs of Schizophrenia, have episodes of extreme temper despite full moon and have shown the ability to digest raw meat without repercussions. All this, alongside heightened senses and improved muscle tissue and ligaments, have proved rather intriguing to scientists of all fields.

Further study is required.

September 27, 1977.

The new disease has been dubbed "Lycanthropy". The metamorphosis that takes place during the full moon, specifically from 8:00PM to 6:00AM, is identical to the horror movie genre depiction of the age old myth of Werewolves.

Although similar in nearly every way, this is to NOT be confused for the supernatural. This occurrence is based off the Romanian doctor, Urahara Kisuke's failure in his attempts to cure Neurological and Mental Disorder.

"This affliction is Science based," say scientists. "Not Supernatural."

August 12, 1978.

"Lycanthropy" has spread across the globe; the majority being in such countries as America, Europe, Russia, China, and Japan; due to the disease's easily infectious factor. Once the victim is infected they may pass along the disease by biting or scratching another when Changed. The chemicals are passed along through the saliva and/or nail clippings into the bloodstream. As such, this disease has been dubbed "The most dangerous infection on the planet".

December 2, 1978.

Experiments on deceased have proven difficult. Once the fully transformed subject dies, he/she reverts directly to their natural form. The human form 'werewolf'- as the public so fondly calls them- is no much different than a normal person. Bone structure is 13 percent more dense, while muscular tissue has been hardened by near 20 percent. Senses are more acute, similar to a cat's. Tests for night vision have proven negative. Organ productivity is at a high, while blood pressure is high as well. Extra bone tissue have formed within the arms and skull, fabricating as the claws and teeth of the fully transformed 'werewolf'.

Desire for an experiment on a fully Changed subject runs amok throughout the scientific community, but to capture a fully transformed 'werewolf' is unethical. They are extremely volatile and dangerous, making it impossible to keep one in custody on a full moon. Sedatives have proven useless, for the immune system of a subject is abnormally strong and the chemicals of a sedative is processed then rejected quickly.

No experiments are possible at this time on a 'werewolf'.

May 2, 1979.

The death rate has increased exponentially since the outburst of "Lycanthropy". SWAT teams from all over the world have gone out to contain the infected into camps designed for study of the infected in hopes of a possible cure.

Many protest these camps, saying that they are similar to the Concentration Camps of Nazi Germany. Leaders ensure that in these camps the infected shall be treated well and be given whatever accustoms they request.

Though camera crews and civilians are not permitted to film/see anything that happens behind the barbed wire fences that hold in the infected: Scientists ensure safety for both infected and non-infected. Scientists of all sorts have been assigned to these camps to study the subjects more thoroughly, containing them in steal cages to monitor their actions on a full moon.

Expectations for a cure in the next year is at a high.