November 25, 1985.

Reports say that the local Japanese Werewolf Rehabilitation Camp site has had a wide-scale break out. The infected had apparently somehow escaped from their designated Changing areas and went on a killing spree that lasted long into the night. Hundreds were killed in the riot, both human and werewolf alike. It is currently unknown how this disaster happened, nor is it known who was behind it all. The Military has been sent in to investigate.

Further coverage later on.

December 2, 1985.

It was found that strange explosives were attached to the locks of all the cages the werewolves were locked up in. The Military are unsure of what models, or from what country these devices are, but are more baffled by what they found at the Camps.

Reports show that the subjects of these Camps were forced to undergo inhumane experiments and torture from the guards and scientists alike. Based on the prison system- the werewolves were forced into dark pits where they stayed for who knows how long, and were made to live like animals in the mud.

It was discovered out back behind the facility that the scientists buried the dead bodies of the werewolves once they were done with them. They were subjected to carnal violence from the guards, often being beaten to death as is deduced from the inflicted wounds of the deceased, and other werewolves.

"This is just sick," Says Lieutenant-Major Shuuhei Hisagi- the leader of this expedition. "We didn't know that these poor souls were being tortured like this. And we damn sure would have stopped it if we had known."

It goes without saying that the Camp was shut down.

December 14, 1985.

The body of Romanian scientist Urahara Kisuke was found today far in the woods outside the now closed Camp. Headlines are exclaiming that it was he who freed the subjects from their prisons that full moon and is now being praised a hero for putting an end to the madness the Camps brought with them.

January 10, 1986.

All across the nation Werewolf Rehabilitation Camps are being shut down for improper treatment of their subjects. Families are suing the Government for the ill-way their loved ones were being treated, forcing it to pull the plug on the entire operation of finding a cure of "Lycanthropy".

January 21, 1986.

A new law has been passed that any and all werewolves are to be returned safely to their families and given a resolution fee for the way they were subjugated in the camps. It was passed after a couple who were a part of the original break out in the Japanese Camp came forward and told of their tales of life inside their cages.

The law has been dubbed "The Kurosaki Way" after Ichigo Kurosaki and his soon-to-be wife Rukia Kuchiki- of Kuchiki Corp. who funded and backed up the notion.

"What has been done to our kind is cruel and unjust." Mr. Kurosaki announced at the press conference. "This law will try and appease those who were wronged in this life and finally return them home where they belong."

Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki are both infected who had undergone the terrible atrocities of the Rehabilitation Camp. Both had escaped in the madness of the massive break out and had been found together wandering the streets naked by police officials days after.

The couple was last seen holding hands with their families around them; their support and undying love apparent on their faces.

With the Camps closed and the new law in place all infected are rejoicing as new laws are being placed to accommodate werewolves all across the nations. Thanks to Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki all werewolves can rest easy.