I am so sorry but I'm back

I work full time and go to school full time. BUT I am officially taking a break from school, so NOWI want to get back into writing fanfiction. However I have lost some inspiration and don't know which fic to try updating first or if I should just make a new one (I mean a one-shot, not another multi-chaptered fic.)

So here it is, I'm looking for this fic and the person who finds a fic I am looking gor gets to decide which fic I update or post. It Orion's belt or Blue Moon. OR the person can request any one-shot from me about anything they want, in prompt form, ( the one shot can be about one of my older completed stories or about something new, something they are dieing to see.) Note: one shots are limited to fics I read, I.e fics I have already written fanfiction for or fics that I that I frequently read and are in my favorites such as and not completely limited to (because they are fics I haven't read in years):

Teen wolf ( Go stiles)


Glee (go Kurt)

Buffy the vampire slayer

Danny Phantom






The avengers ( go loki)

I am okay with doing crossovers.

RULE: the first person who finds the fic I am looking for and sends me the link FIRST is the one who decides which story I focus on or what one-shot I write.

NOW before you get too excited you still have to find the fic.

The FANFICTION I AM LOOKING FOR: I am looking for a DARIA fanfiction. It's a story where Daria finds out she actually the daughter of her Aunt Amy and some Rockstar. She was also dating Trent. Amy left the Rocker because he did drugs I believe.

If no one finds the fic, I'll update a fic of my own choosing or post a one-shot.