Hinata Hyuuga could hear every tiny sound and whisper around her. Her senses were on high alert. Each rustle of leaves made her hyper aware of the fact that someone was around her at all times. In the middle of the forest, she concentrated her eyes to see past the leaves and the wind but there was not a single ounce of chakra containing person around her.

The sun had just set and the darkness made it more difficult to see her surroundings. Hinata was hesitant in every move she made. There was something fishy around her.


She turned to the source of the noise and froze. Right in front of her was Itachi, the man who was supposed to be dead. His hollow empty eyes stared at Hinata's lavender orbs.

He could tell she was scared.

Hinata's breath fastened and her heartbeat became erratic. She knew there wasn't a way for her to defeat Itachi in a combat battle, or even in taijutsu.

He was much stronger than she was.

Even in death, he was intimidating. He continued to stare at Hinata while she racked her brains for some kind of escape plan.

She couldn't think of any.

Itachi raised his hand and Hinata closed her eyes. This was the end of her journey.


Hinata's eyes shot open and Itachi was gone.

A small smile and an expression of confusion could be seen on the Hyuuga's face as Itachi travelled away.