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Hot And Steamy

Brittany sang along to the song that echoed through her bathroom from the radio on the counter. She stumbled over most of the words, but, in pure Brittany style, she made them up as she went. She coughed as she looked up at the stream of water to wash her face while still attempting to sing. Santana's told her several times in the past that she's not a fish. She can't breathe water, no matter how many times she tries.

She was too preoccupied with singing and swaying her hips to the music that she didn't notice the shower door slide open and a very familiar body step in behind her. Brittany squeaked when long slender arms wrapped around her waist and she felt bare, cold breasts push into her back. "San!"

"Good morning gorgeous." Santana trailed her fingers over the blonde's stomach, eliciting a groan as she went.

Brittany's head tilted back onto the Latina's shoulder, her eyes falling shut as she enjoyed the contact. "Thought you were sleeping."

"I was. But now I'm not." Santana's hand made it up to grip Brittany's right breast. Her thumb and forefinger wrapping around the erect nipple, drawing out a pleasure filled moan. "I got cold after you got up."

Brittany turned in Santana's arms to face her. Her arms snaked around the shorter girl's neck and she leaned down for a deep, passionate kiss. As their tongues battled the blonde felt Santana's cock start to grow in size. It was something that she was never uneasy about. Brittany's parents had raised her to be open minded about anything and everything that was different. So when she first learned about Santana's appendage she embraced it. Literally.

Santana groans against the blonde's lips when nimble fingers wrapped around her aching cock. They began stroking it quickly. "Turn back around." She forced herself to whisper.

Brittany grabbed one more kiss before turning to face the showerhead once again. Her hand rested on the cool tile wall to support herself when she felt a pair of hands slide along the outside of her thighs, then in between them to coax them open. She eagerly obeyed the silent command, opening herself up for her girlfriend. "Oh!" She reached up with her other hand to grab the showerhead for more support as Santana ran the head of her cock over her already dripping pussy. "God San, don't tease me."

"Anything you say." Santana gripped the blonde's hips and pushed the entire length of her cock into Brittany's tight pussy. "You're so tight." Without hesitation she began to thrust quickly into her.

"That feels so good." She rocked her hips in time with each of the Latina's thrusts. She loved this position. Santana's dick drove her wild. Being fucked from behind always caused her to orgasm within mere moments. "So close."

"Don't you dare cum yet B." Santana slowed her pace to the point it was almost painful to both of them. "You have to cum with me."

"Okay. Please San, I can't.." Brittany reached back with one of her hands to grip Santana's slow moving hip.

When Santana felt Brittany's inner walls clench around her cock she knew the taller girl had disobeyed her command to wait. But with just the small little bit of added sensation drove her over the edge too and she shot her load deep into Brittany's pussy. Santana leaned down and placed soft kisses on the blonde's spine before helping her to stand back up and pulling them apart.

"Good morning to you too." Brittany turned to face the brunette and kissed her softly, then reached behind her to grab the shampoo. She was, after all, interrupted from her shower.