Secrets divide and conquer

Chapter 1

I walked down to the end of the road and sat, waiting for my grandma to pick me up. She had been late for the past couple of days, so I brought out my latest vampire book: night world. I was into that kind of stuff, since my grandma had told me the stories since I was little. She had tons of that stuff around our apartment, (you know, just the ordinary tarot cards, the tea leaves, and every book in the world on every magical thing out there…) yeah, completely normal right?

I pulled the bookmarker out and went into my other world…

I had gone through about 6 long chapters until I heard her voice call out my name twice…

"Kirsten? Honey wake up from your world! Kirsten?"

"Huh? Oh sorry grandma, guess I lost track of time…ha" but I wasn't smiling, I had the feeling someone was watching us…again. This had been happening a lot since I started walking to the park after school.

I got into the car and put on a fake expression, but she knew me too well.

"You feel it again, don't you?"

"Nothing gets past you does it?"

She smiled.

"You know, one day you're going to have to embrace the power you have…" There she goes again. Talking about "power" I mean, I know I read about it and all but she kept talking like this lately, and I always asked the same…like now…

"What do you mean by that Grams?" and she always changes…

"Oh honey, so I am going to have to go to the store, do you think you'll be ok on your own for a couple of hours?"…the subject, although she did tell me once that I can only know when I turn 17, which I had waited for for years, thank god though, that it is on Friday! Only 2 more days!

"I'll be fine grams, I have an art project I have to work on…due tomorrow."

The car came to a stop, and I kissed her lightly on the cheek, she smiled and waved. But I felt the nausea again…someone was watching. She looked at me as I walked away, and looked concerned, but I waved her away.

I took out my key, and went into the building that I had been living in since I was 12, when my parents had died from an unknown accident… The memory of it all too painful to re-live again.

I walked up the stairs to the second floor and went down to the end of the hallway, while looking for the right key… that's when I realized that I heard something inside. I carefully put the key in, trying to be quiet.

I swung the door open and just stood there with the shock. I walked carefully into apartment, looking to my right, in the kitchen for anyone that could have done this. Straight ahead the window was completely open and in the living room all the books, cards, etc. were scattered, ripped, you name it.

I walked to the left of the kitchen, towards the hallway and looked for anyone that could still be lingering, but I knew there was no one since the nausea would have hit me. I went to my room to check it, and it looked about the same as the horrific scene in the living room. Me, being the clean freak that I am, cleaned the entire house spotless, then closed the window and pulled the curtain over it, feeling that the person who did this could still be watching.

I walked to the living room table and pulled out my school bag, taking out my sketch pad and pencils. Before I realized it, it was 9:00 p.m and my Grandma had come home. She looked at my sketch, then at the room, looking curious, then back at me.

"That's one of your best, you didn't realize what you were drawing did you?"

I looked down and realized that I had drawn an alley, with a shadow, but in the bottom right corner was a girl who had amazing eyes and dark hair, cut short. I sighed.

"I'm going to have to make another sketch, since for my class I'd said I would do a beach scene…"

"Well, I realize that the picture you drew has something to do with why you cleaned the house spotless?"

I had thought it was a statement, but she said it like a question.

"Yes…" and I told her what had happened.

We sat at the living room couch, discussing the options of what could have happened.

"Did you check my room? Was there anything there?"

"No, it looked normal."

"Oh boy...that's not…" That's when I lost her, she started to look at her books and research, for what she wouldn't tell me, so I figured I mind as well just cook dinner, but I realized I wasn't hungry but I made some quick pasta for my grandma, in case she would be later…after her…research. Huh, I wonder why she is checking her magic books. When I looked over at her, but she must have felt my question, so she went to sit.

"Grams, I'm going to my room, I made dinner for you ok?"

"Thank you dear, goodnight." I had thought she didn't really here me, but she looked up and smiled.

"Honey you will know the answers to the questions soon, patience."

I smiled then, quietly, walked to get my school bag then to my room. Patience, yeah, I am about the least patient person in the world.

I walked to my bed, took out my sketch pad and iPod, putting it on full blast, and on shuffle. It started playing Eyes on Fire by blue foundation, just the song I needed to focus on my art.

It was only an hour later that I realized I was done; I looked up then took a breath, looked down, and sighed out in relief. Thank God! I was happy that I hadn't gone all weird this time. My grandma always said that what I drew came from somewhere inside of me. I always got the feeling that she had wanted to say something else, but something or someone was holding her back.

I started thinking about what had happened with the mess when I got home… The place was a wreck and I don't mean my version of a "wreck" I mean it was really bad. That's when I sat up. I realized that my grandma had asked if anything had happened to her room for a reason… If no one touched her room, and they touched mine, then that would mean…

They were looking for me.

Suddenly my cell phone rang, and I swear I almost pissed my pants, being so scared…

I checked the caller I.D, it was Carla.

"Hey Carla."

"Hey, so I have major dish for you! We are getting a new girl and 2 new guys at school tomorrow!"

Carla's mom was in the administrative office, so she always knew the latest "gossip."

"Why is that so exciting?"

"Well, I guess the girl isn't that exciting but the 2 guys are H-O-T, with a capital H!"

I rolled my eyes, and just pretended to care…

"Wow, really?"

"Yeah, so when you come to school, I'll meet you at your locker for a makeup check k?"

"K but—"

"Ok see you then!" That was Carla… jeez I think she hurt my ear.

Carla and I had been friends since we were like 10 years old, we used to be closer, but ever since she got a boyfriend in the 9th grade, things got different, she became a cheerleader and we still talked, but it was different. Then they broke up at the end of our freshmen year. The thing about Carla…is she moves on fast. She likes the newbie guys, so she can give them hell, and just basically become arm candy.

I went into my bathroom, and decided I needed a shower; I turned around and turned on the hot water, then got in, quickly taking my clothes off.

I was halfway through rinsing out my shampoo when I realized that something was written through all the fog on the glass shower door, I looked around the door and gasped.

Watch your back