Chapter 3

It hit me so fast that I didn't even see it coming. I collapsed onto the ground, the pain in my stomach being too much for me.

"Oh my god! Are you ok?"

"There's something wrong…" I tried taking deeper breaths to help my stomach, while Allyson tried to help me up. (Very slowly, I might add.)

"What do you mean? In the classroom?" I nodded so she put my arm around her and we walked into the danger zone, and into something that was just so horrifying that we were at a loss for words.

On the floor, laid the one teacher in this school that I actually genuinely liked, dead. His body… was so bloody, almost like someone ripped his body open and just poured pounds of blood over it. It was hard to look at so I looked at the rest of the room, my eyes tearing up. Then, my eyes rested on my painting.

A note was taped to it:

Kirsten, this is a warning of what we can do… tomorrow night at 11:00 in the alley… you know which one

Come alone

You know what will happen if you don't

See you soon


I just stared at the note…freaking out completely.

"Hey, we should go let someone know about this, but take the note off…"

I was about to ask why, but her eyes told me that I should listen to her.

After we got a teacher, they called the police and asked us some questions. I felt guilty that I had to lie to them when they asked if we touched anything, but it was better that way, I guess. We got our paintings and left for my house.

"What does this mean? Why on earth would someone want me?" I noticed that they were all looking away.

"Is there something you guys aren't telling me?"

"Kirsten, we aren't allowed to tell you anything—yet…"

"Allyson! Don't."

"You guys sound like my grandma. Wait ok let me guess so you can't tell me 'yet' until I'm 17 right?"

They nodded. "Well its 8:00 and when the clock turns 12 then you guys can tell me right?"

They all looked at me, then Allyson nodded and the boys looked at her sharply. What the hell is going on? So we waited, and the boys fell asleep in the living room while Ally and I went to my room and watched T.V.



"Hello my dear" I saw the shadow again and this time I was closer to seeing his face.


He laughed and I turned around to face a man my age, maybe just a little older, but he was beautiful and dark…Wait, what the hell? Why am I thinking like that? This guy fricking killed my teacher!

You don't know that…He could have tried to save him…STOP

"What the hell are you doing to me?"

"I have no idea what you mean…"

"Oh no? I bet you killed my teacher"

"Kill. Such a harsh word… fed, now that word I like…" FED? What the hell? Is he a cannibal?

"Wha-?" he laughed. Did I say the cannibal thing out loud? Or…

"Remember, Kirsten that sometimes evil is better. I know your fears, and I know what you desire, I can read your thoughts but you are able to block them. I can make it worth your while, if you join us."

"What do you take me for? A fricking idiot? And who is this "us"?"

Think about it…. The voice reaching my head but I never saw his mouth move…




I woke with a startle and almost screamed when I realized it was Allyson, and my head swept to look at the clock: 12:20 a.m.


She nodded and put her hand on mine.

"Where is your grandmother?"

"She went to the store again; she said she would be back around 2:00, what about your parents?"

"I'll explain that in the story ok?" I nodded and she started to explain.

"Ok. The legend of our world is all about secret societies, basically. When our kind is born, we are born with powers, or a creature inside of us…" she hesitated "The people that are born with these, aren't allowed to know about them until you turn 17 because that is the age when the powers become trained, so that you will be able to control the powers."

"Wait, so what you're telling me is that there are witches and stuff out there?"

"Um, yeah, you could say that."

"Do they have their own world?"

"No, we live in secret societies, have you ever seen anyone with a necklace or ring with this symbol on it?" She took out a necklace from her shirt; it was silver and black and had a crescent moon in the center, with a weird looking sun next to it. That's when I realized that my mom had had one of those symbols on her ring… and so did my dad…

I choked out a yes and she noticed.

"Yes, your parents had them…"

"You knew my parents?"

"Yeah, they were in the secret society and we met each other occasionally on missions."

"Wait, so what are you?"

"I'm a witch, but we call ourselves spirit bound." Spirit bound…it sounded familiar. "And your mom was one too…"

"What about Damon and Ash?"

"Well…Ash is a shape shifter; he can shift into a wolf." Well that explains a lot.

"And Damon?"

"Damon…is…a, um vampire." I looked sharply to her, and my eyes grew wide. I had thought she was joking.

"A vampire?" Ok this keeps getting weirder and weirder.

"How is that even possible? How old is he? And how do you guys know about all this? How old are you?" The questions spilled out and I realized I was mad, mad at them, mad at whoever made these stupid rules.

"Ok, well in the secret society we have good societies and bad ones. In the good ones, usually we all come together, and it used to be separated until one of your ancestors decided to make them work together and people started to mate together, which created half-breeds, like Damon. He is a vampire but his powers come from his mother, who was a witch, which means that he can grow and age like normal people, but he can always choose to be immortal, if he gives up his witch powers. Did I lose you yet?"

"No…So is he the same age as me then?"

"He is a year older than you, as am I and so is Asher."

"Why are you guys in the same grade as me then?"

"Well…We were sent to look after you, and we are kind of young-looking so we pass for the same age as you."

"Wait, you were—SENT?"

"Don't be mad. We had to protect you, and we still have to."


"It's our job and because you are what we call the "shadow kissed", you see your family generation goes back all the way to the olden times, and your great great great great-"

"Ok I get it."

"—grandma was the one who made the secret society."

"Are you serious?"


"Wait, so doesn't that mean that my grandma…?"

"Yes, she is on the court of the society."

"Ok, this is just crazy."

"I know it's a lot to take in."

"What about the other society?"


"You know what I'm talking about."

"Ok, the other society, is only pure bloods, they don't like the fact that we mingle with humans and treat them as our own. In their society, they feed on humans…"

"What do you mean…by feed?"
"When you have powers, usually you are vulnerable to become thirsty for more power; you have a choice to become good or bad. Good, is when you are able to contain yourself from feeding on the life or soul of humans to become more powerful. If you choose evil, then the power can take over your body, until you slowly go insane from the power." She looked up at me. "That's why your ancestors came up with the whole 17 rule…"

"So the guy that attacked Mr. Wyatt?"

"Probably a soul-sucker making it look like an attack from one of us, or just for you to see all the blood, and freak you out." Then she looked at me. "Wait, you said he…how do you know it's a he?"

"Oh…um lucky guess?" Her eyes bore into mine and she lifted her eyebrow.

"Ok, well I'm not sure exactly, but in my dreams there's always this shadow, until about an hour ago, when he showed me his face…" I shuddered from the memory of him, and how he was able to control my thoughts…

"He. Talks. To. You. in your dreams?" She looked at me with wide eyes.

"What does he say?"

"Well just now he said something about join, and he made me think things that I didn't even think about."

I heard her curse under her breath. And caught the words "dark angel"

"What's a dark angel?"

"They are especially dangerous because they can make you do things and put thoughts into your head, or erase thoughts. They are known for torture because they can change the air around you and do spell's in their head."

"Well that's just great, having one of those after me."

"Look, the thing about you is that you are shadow kissed: meant to lead us, and everyone is going to want you to join on their side. But… I have to ask. Are you on our side?"
"Well-duh! Of course I am, and I am surprisingly calm about the fact that I'm "shadow kissed"."

"Sorry, it's just I have to make sure, its protocol" I watched her think and stare at the floor, and then she jumped up. "Hey, do you have your sketch pad with you?"

"Umm yeah…Why?" She flew across the room, like a little pixie, and then dug into my school bag until she found what she wanted.

She only said one word, but I understood what she wanted me to do.