No Rest for the Wicked

Chapter 1 'Unnatural times'

The cold cobblestone street was almost welcomed to the British man walking down it. He had long since left the Slaughter House. Of course his commits on the place being made over for the Mick's didn't go over too well. He almost grinned at that.

'Ell with 'em. he thought to himself as he righted himself and looked at the change of scenery. He quickly looked around to see the cobble stone street gone, the drizzling dreary weather gone, and the street leading toward his short term apartment gone.

"Bleeding 'ell, what's all this?" he no one and everyone around who could listen to him. Instead he was greeted by silence and a dirt road.

He looked around for a street sign and saw an old wooden one a few feet off. He walked toward it and took out his lighter. Flicking it a few times he looked at the name of a town he had no intention of visiting.

"Small Ville? I'm in the states, wonderful I get to deal more yanks." He said as he looked at the sign and then at the street. In the distance was a farm house. He decided that heading there would be better than hanging out in the open. He began to cut across the field when the he smelled something familiar.

His eyes widened as he smelled the brimstone. Without wasting a minute he began to run toward the smell knowing that Destiny had broke one of the rules of the ancients by causing him to be in a different country to prevent something big from happening. He got to the front door of the farm house and knocked it down when he rammed his shoulder into it. Knowing that tomorrow he would feel the pain of the act he looked to see a man tied with soul chains forged in hell itself and a woman screaming for help. He tried to place her as he ran in. He knew that some where he had seen her face before, but now wasn't the time. He reached into the pocket of his trench coat and brought out a bag of dust he had bought from Papa Midnight the last time he visited the Voodoo doctor in New York.

"Evening Gents." he said as he threw a handful of the powder toward one of the demons and watched as it screamed in pain.

The other demon quickly looked toward him. It's face became hard and it slowly let go of the mortal woman. The woman fell to the floor and scooted out of the way of the demon and the man who had barged in to save her.

"Constantine... I thought that Illisa was taking care of you. Did she not fulfill her duties as a mortal mate?" The demon asked.

"Belsatar, I use your true name and bind you by my will." Constantine said as he looked at the demon.

"Damn you Constantine." Belsatar said as his true form came forth.

Instead of looking like a traditional Demon Belsatar looked like he had in heaven before being kicked out. His four wings made of silver, his eyes looked to be the same color of rubies, and his flawless skin looked as porcelain with the exception of blood and tar smeared here and there over his cheeks. The fallen angel looked at Constantine with contempt, but held his tongue.

"What is going on here Belsatar?" Constantine asked.

"I am fulfilling a mission request." Belsatar answered truthfully, but withholding all of the information he could.

"What is the mission request, who made it, who made the deal to cause it, and why did the make the deal?" Constantine asked obviously not in a mood to play 'questions' with the fallen angel all night.

"We are to destroy the relationships within the Justice League. I was to help that soldier demon implant a hybrid or half breed into Superman's wife's womb. Once the half breed was implanted it's dark nature would influence her. She would become insatiable and looked outside of their marriage. We would even have removed the memory of this... occurrence so he would think that she simply no longer cared for him. She wouldn't even know why she was doing the things she was, but her mind would soon be lost to the pleasure and seeking of it." Belsatar said as he tried to fight from telling more.

"I'm waiting." Constantine said as he looked at the fallen Angel.

"The Archduke of hell made the mission request. Ra's AlGhul made a deal with him. He is trading two thousand souls from his assassins, his daughter's soul, and the souls form the Justice League when they fall. I don't all of the reason for it, but as I understand he wishes to use the absence of the league to thin the population of Earth." Belsatar said as he spat toward Constantine.

"Belsatar, by thy name I command thee. Belsatar leave this place, return to the one who has assigned you to this mission and spit directly in his eye. Reveal the reason for doing so and wait for his response." Constantine said as he watched the pale face of the fallen angel grow even paler.

Constantine turned toward Clark and looked at the chain. He walked forward and chanted in latin until the chain broke and released the man of steel. The moment Clark was free he rushed over to Lois who was huddled against the wall.

"Bloody 'ell... It's all happening again." Constantine said as he fished out a smoke and pulled it up to his lips.

(Gotham City)

Two huge beings moved toward Linda 'Kara' Lang. She looked over at Tim to see him being held down by two women who looked like they couldn't have been nearly as strong as him, yet they held him back as he kicked and screamed. One of them had already removed his mask revealing his handsome face under it. Kara looked back at the large men and tried to dodge one of them only to find that the man was just as fast if not faster than herself. The man grabbed her shoulders and rammed her into the brick wall behind her.

"Ehs annog eb a taerg kcuf." one of them said to the other.

"snainotpyk era. Ev'i dekcuf lareves ni eht stip ydaerla." The second one replied.

Kara attempted to blast one with her heat vision only to watch it smirk and tear off of the burning flesh to reveal a horrible looking monster. It back handed her causing her to spit blood.

"I get her first." The creature said as it kicked Kara in the stomach hard making her drop to her knees.

"What... What are you?" Kara asked as she spat more blood.

She looked up to see the creature holding something and her throat filled with bile as she realized what it intended to do. She felt it grab her jaw and squeeze until her mouth opened forcefully. It started to move forward when a bright golden lasso wrapped around it's arms and something pulled it back a few steps.

The creature turned to see another target standing there.

"Wallow and Greed are late again." The creature said.

"Come now Envy, we can't help that." One of the girls that was holding Tim said.

"Shut up Lust." Envy roared as he attempted to remove the lasso only to feel it tighten.

The other man moved in on Kara and lifted her. Diana watched as the girl's arms was held behind her back and she could hear the sicking sound of a bone starting to break.

"Release him or I break her arm, and then I break her pretty neck." The other one said.

"Wrath, don't even kid about that." Lust said as she looked hard at the one holding Kara.

Wrath looked toward Lust with distaste in his eyes and moved a hand toward Kara's now hurting Jaw. The young Kryptonian felt sick by his touch. She wanted to throw up as his hand gently held her jaw and then suddenly her head began to move slowly toward the right side. She tried to fight and found his finger nail digging into her skin as her reward. She whimpered and stopped fighting.

"Killing her will still complete my orders, I don't have to worry about anything else Lust. Now you and Vainity can take your toy and do whatever it is you wish to him, but I grow tired of this sneaking around and hiding in the shadows. I long for war, I long for destruction, I long to feel a mortal's life end by my hands." Wrath said before something struck the back of his head and exploded. Wrath brought Kara's arm up and the sound of it breaking echoed through the alley as he dropped her. He turned around to see the mortal guardian of the city standing above him.

"Now… This looks like fun." Wrath said as he tore the human flesh off of his natural face.

What stood there afterward was a creature that looked as though it was a mixture of beauty and horror. It's shape was of an attractive man. Its face was beautiful, but it's eyes was black. There was nothing there except for endless rage. Every vein in its body bulged with a black substance.

"Come mortal! Come and face your own wrath!" The creature called to the Batman.

(Kent's Farmhouse)

Constantine looked at Clark and Lois. The woman looked as if she was going to be able to breathe easy again. He started to walk toward the door when Clark's voice stopped him.

"Thank you." Clark said.

"Don't. Mate I'm keeping the balance is all there is to it. I better find the others that are attempting to disrupt it and send them back as well." John said as he opened the door and stepped out.