No Rest for the Wicked

Chapter 2 'Sins of the Father'

(Gotham – Near the demonesses holding Tim)

Lust looked toward the battle happening between Wrath and the mortal. There was few times that Wrath ever lost. Of those times it had been to true heroes. She could mentally count each and every one of the heroes, knights to be exact, that had beaten Wrath. There was Dante who defeated Wrath while rescuing his beloved Betrice, Sir Galahad, who had face Wrath in the guise of a black knight, and now it appeared that the mortal 'Batman' would be among those to defeat Wrath.

"Your anger, your wrath is great mortal! I can feed from it all night!" Wrath shouted as he attempted to catch Bruce only to find a Bat-a-rang heading for his face.

He ducked and laughed.

"Do you think that I'm that stupid?" He asked before the Bat-a-rang came back and struck him behind the head and knocked him forward. He started to get up but the weapon unleashed a sonic explosion that knocked Wrath to the ground.

"Vanity… I believe that we should collect Wrath and Envy and get away before this becomes more public." Lust said.

"Good call sis." Vanity said as she stood and waved her hand toward Wrath causing him to disappear.

Lust lifted into the air and grabbed Envy who was still attempting to fight with the Princess.

"We don't have time for this, and trust me… You're not going to be the one that gets her." Lust said before both she and Envy disappeared.

Bruce stood still for a moment before he touched his cowl. Smirking he turned around and looked at Tim helping Kara. Behind him he heard the sound of two high heel boots touching down on the rooftop.

"You know how to make a date interesting Mr. Wayne." Diana said softly.

"This wasn't my intention, but I need to find out everything that I can about these metas." Bruce said.

"They had weird names." Diana stated.

"I caught a few of them. The names are from the deadly sins." Bruce stated as he walked toward the edge of the building.

"Deadly sins?" Diana asked.

"Seven Deadly Sins actually. They are mentioned in Catholic doctrine. The sins are Greed, Lust, Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony, Vanity, and Envy. According to most doctrine the sins are deadly because they encompass so many other sins, and through them it is fairly easy to lose your spiritual connection with 'God'. He said, and the way he emphasized the church and God almost sounded as if he had a personal vendetta against both.

(New York – Papa Midnight's building)

Ra's AlGhul looked at the plump man before him. The man lifted what appeared to be a tiny person from the table and touched them to his tongue. The miniature person screamed in agony as the plump man bit down on 'him' and ripped the miniature person in half.

"Mr. AlGhul it is so rare that I have anyone willing to pay me half up front. I must say that each of these souls are very satisfying but we have a mutual problem." The plump man said.

"Yes, I received word that our beginning assult was met with failure." Ra's stated.

"It is unfortunate. However I can do nothing about Constantine. His soul belongs to two other archdukes at the moment, and I don't wish to be in their struggle. I would rather wait for them to finish each other off and then take their souls and lands." The plump man said as he looked at Ra's.

"I was speaking of the Detective… Who is Constantine?" Ra's asked.

"John Constantine is a constant throne in many of the demons, fallen, and lords of hell. He has made enemies and allies throughout each of the layers of heaven and hell. I would use his bitch of a daughter Maria against him… But she turned on us all. Since her 'death' sweet little Maria is trapped in Limbo. It doesn't matter any. Just know that Constantine is a capable mystic, and master of the occultic arts." The plump man said.

"Perhaps then it would be in our best interest for him to meet his end." Ra's said.

"Mr. AlGhul… I believe we have an understanding. Do this for me and I promise that you shall be named a Lord in hell." He said.

Ra's smirked and listened as Wormwood described John Constantine's appearance and hobbies that dealt with the layer of hell that Wormwood presided over.

(Half a mile from the Kent's Farm)

John stopped once he was sure he was far enough away from the farm not to draw Superman's attention. He sat down and drew a pentagram on the ground and took a small package from his trenchcoat. Out of the package he drew five birthday cake candles and placed them at each point of the pentagram.

"Fatum , EGO dico vos continuo. Videor pro mihi quod refero meus questions vos arse." He spoke in Latin.

No sooner had he spoke the words then a hooded figure appeared in a glowing blue light. The figure looked at him and breathed out a sigh.

"You're asking why I broke the seventh law aren't you John." Destiny said as he looked at the ill tempered mystic and ancient.

"Bloody 'ell Destiny! I've got better things to do than look 'fter a bunch of Yanks." John said as he looked at the figure.

"John… Have you thought about Maria?" Destiny asked.

John grew quiet as he looked at the figure. It was a unspoken rule between them. They would do what they had to do in order to get things done, but John wouldn't mention Death leaving Destiny and Destiny wouldn't mention his daughter Maria. John drew a silk from the pack and lit it up. He drew in the sweet flavor of the tobacco and let it swirl outside of his nostrils.

"It's bad enough you got to break that rule too?" He asked.

"It's worse than you can perceive John. The 'mortal', and I use the term loosely, wants to kill off more than three-fourths of the planet's population. Doing such would alter the Destiny of each and every one of those people. Not only that John but without mortals here to sustain us all of the ancients will lose or immortality. The only one who will continue to live forever will be Death, and that is until she has finally claimed the last mortal soul." Destiny said sadly.

"'Ell, when it rains it pours. What else can you tell me?" John asked.

"The seven are working on this with the mortal." Destiny said.

"Oh shit…. Lust is here?" John asked.

"Yes John… Lillian lives. She was resurrected, but I'm unsure of who did it." Destiny answered.

"Shit… This is just… Fuckin' 'ell! Things couldn't be sort of normal for once. It's always bloody demons and shit." John said as he cursed.

"John… There might be a way that you can free Maria and royally piss off the Archduke that has made a contract with the mortal." Destiny said.

A smirk appeared on John's face as he looked at Destiny.

"Alright, tell me what I need to know." John said as he looked at the hooded figure.

(Gotham Narrows – rent controlled apartment building.)

Wrath growled as he walked the floor. Each step caused his temper to rise, and each step caused a new burned pattern in the carpet. He reached out grabbed a lamp that was sitting on the coffee table and flung it out the window listening to the sound of the window pane and lamp shatter.

"Nice Wrath… Take a seat and tried to compose yourself for once." Envy said as he looked at the hulking figure.

"That mortal dared to believe he was better than me." Wrath seethed.

"That mortal bested you in combat, so what? Everyone here knows that you could tear his soul apart through his own anger. Who cares about anything else?" Envy asked.

"He dared to touch me! He dared to stand up to Wrath!" Wrath shouted.

"For the love of money shut up." Greed said as he walked into the door.

"It's about time you got here Greed. What kept you?" Lust asked as she moved one of her long legs across the others.

Greed looked at her and a small smirk crossed his face. The tight fitting leather bodice, mini skirt, and knee high boots all brought out the luscious figure wearing them. Add Lust's copper hair and small black horns and she was the poster girl for every dirty magazine that ever existed.

"Sorry, Sloth, Pride, and Wallow had to stop on the way. We checked the lay out and began composing an idea to make our work load a lot easier. Sloth explain please." Greed said.

Sloth yawned as he moved forward and sat down.

"Together the Justice League is a force that is nearly unstoppable. In truth what holds it together now is the founders. If they fall from grace the entire league will disband. So we each need to take one of the members and amplify what they naturally feel." Sloth said as he yawned again.

"So we find the members of their 'founders' that convents one of us the most and attack them?" Vanity asked.

"That's it in a nut shell oh Ice Queen." Sloth said as he smirked at her.

"Just because I said no to you doesn't mean that I've said no to everyone." Vanity said.

"So… Did you happen to see who suffers from what?" Envy asked.

"We've made a few observations. We looked into their hearts, or at least some of them… The one called Shayera… She is envious. She was once with the Green Lantern John Stewart, but she has been replaced. In her heart she feels envious of the woman who so easily replaced her." Pride said.

"Good, Scorned lovers are fairly easy to motivate." Envy said as he smirked.

"What of the Bat?" Wrath asked.

"Vengence, anger all of the good things in life. He does his works in the name of good, but inside there is a child who is angry with world, who is angry at the man who stole his parents away from him. He is all yours Wrath." Wallow said.

"Wallow… You're not one of the Seven. Why are you even here?" Lust asked as she got up.

"I'm here to handle the mystics. What better way to take them out of the equation than to make them wallow in self pity. Remind them of how much of an outsider they are. And for the mystic Zatanna… Remind her of the little dark headed girl she gave away after splitting up with Constantine." Wallow said…

"Speaking of which… What of Constantine's bastard daughter? The mystic/moral one?" Greed asked.

Vanity smiled and held up a mirror. It began to cloud and they looked to see a girl inside of a private school.

"She believes she is a mortal and doesn't know the difference. If we need to we can find her and kill her, but I doubt that it will even be an issue." Vanity said.

"Then we all know what we have to do. Lets make some lives miserable." Wrath said with a smirk.

The seven and Wallow all became intangible and began heading toward the founders and mystics. Smirking each of them knew that even heroes sinned, and those sins would now cause the fall of the justice League.

(Outside of Gotham)

John groaned as he stumbled forward. After getting the information he could from Destiny he had opened a portal and teleported directly to Gotham. Of course he remembered how horrible he was at this and was lucky that he managed to make it about a mile outside of the city.

AN: Fatum , EGO dico vos continuo. Videor pro mihi quod refero meus questions vos arse. In Latin translates to Destiny, I call you forth. Appear before me and answer my questions you arse. According to online translators. Thanks English to Latin Translators. Also I wanted to state that while Rosacarnis is Maria's mother in the HellBlazer books In this story she is going to be the daughter of Lust aka Lillian. Also making Lust/Lillian the daughter of Nergal. Thanks.