A/N – As I stated in the description, this is going to be a series of unconnected Godric-related flashfics, a bit like drabble but for the most part, too long to qualify. If I have an idea for a Godric moment or conversation, I just write it. So here it is! If you have any ideas, hey, I'm open to that too. Drop me a line.


Godric has fed, for once. Isabel can tell because there is the lingering odour of fresh blood in the corridor, though without the usual accompanying tang of sex. She refrains from rolling her eyes at how pious Godric has become.

She knocks respectfully on his door and he opens it instantly. She has never quite gotten over how fast he is. She is about to speak when she notices his t-shirt.

In wide, green letters, it reads: VEGETARIANS DO IT BETTER.

She is speechless for only a second. "Vegetarians, Godric?" She has gotten very familiar with him, as of late. It is not long ago that she would not have dared to be so bold.

He looks down at the shirt, as though he has forgotten that he is wearing it. When he looks back up at her, he is smiling crookedly.

"I wanted 'I DON'T EAT ANYTHING WITH A FACE', but that would be lying."

Every time Isabel thinks she is starting to understand him, he does something that makes her realize she has barely scratched the surface.