Title: The Young-Scarlatti House of Random
Character: Spike, Lewis
Word count: 500
Prompt: #62- Joker and HP challenge
Rating: G
Summary: When the presentation begins to get boring, Spike and Lew choose to entertain themselves by coming up with random topics.
Disclaimer: Both Flashpoint and Harry Potter belong to the geniuses that own them.

:: paranoid_woman at flashpoint_sru came up with a Harry Potter challenge and this is my take on it.


Lew smirked behind his hand. "That's kind of obvious, isn't it? He's Sarge after all. Where else would he be?"

"Give him 100 years, put on some silvery facial hair on him, bam, you got yourself a Greg Dumbledore," Spike's face dimpled. "Though I suppose you need to take 40 pounds off of him for him to fit into his cloak."

Lew hid his face behind the manual book to conceal his muted laughter. Good thing they chose to sit at the back row.

"Jules is another Gryffindor," Lew remarked after getting himself under control. "That girl's a nightmare for every baddy out there."

"Samtastic can join the lion's pride," Spike nodded at the rookie who's obviously trying not to look bored. Stainton had been talking for almost 2 hours and it had started to drag one hour ago. "He's a brave one, though he's clearly still standing on a shaky ground. Nothing one or five detentions couldn't fix. Wordy's a Gryffindor too. He can't live without his herd."

"And you?"

"Ravenclaw, undoubtedly," Spike whispered and smiled in bravado. "Intelligence, sharp wit, creativity? The house is practically screaming my name! They'd probably have to tighten up the protection since I'm sure I could crack their riddles in 30 seconds."

"Right, I forgot that you loved to do those crossword puzzles in your mom's women's magazines in your spare time."

Spike narrowed his eyes. "I took high offense at that. See me? I'm not smiling, Lou. And just so you know, you're a Hufflepuff."

"Elaborate." Lew raised one eyebrow, not exactly thrilled to get into the underdog house.

"You're loyal, buddy," Spike clasped his shoulder. "You're good either inside or outside the truck. You give 'less-lethal' a great name! Admirable tolerance... remember that time Wordy snagged your Timmy's?"

Lew scoffed. "That was you, Spike."

Spike waved it off. "You're a marshmallow."

"Marshmallow." Lew repeated.

"What's wrong with it? I like marshmallow. Especially homemade marshmallow dipped in chocolate or caramel." His smile faltered as he finally caught up. "Doesn't mean I'd like you dipped in chocolate. Kinky!"

"I didn't mean it like that!"

"Kidding. Relax, Man."

"Well, see me? I'm not smiling."

"I thought I saw a shadow of smirk on-,"

"Officer Young, officer Scarlatti, do you have anything you want to add?" Ed's voice boomed through the room.

Both men stopped laughing immediately. Busted.

Parker's face was unreadable, Wordy and Jules shared an amused look, Sam looked like he's about to burst out laughing. To say Ed was unhappy was an understatement.

"We're good, Ed," Spike gave Ed a thumb up. Lew shook his head helplessly.

"Gentlemen, feel free to leave and discuss your domestic issues while mopping up the locker room, the gun cage and do gun maintenance. We won't miss you."

"No, Ed, got it." Spike grinned, waiting for their team leader to turn around. Clearly, Ed thought that the inspector's presentation had gotten a bit boring himself. "Talking about moody."

"Slytherin," Lew murmured. "Definitely Slytherin."

"You bet."