Edward Cullen: Confessions of a Serial Killer


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Edward Cullen: Confessions of a Serial Killer


**Edward Cullen**

Blood. Sometimes it sets my teeth on edge; other times it helps me control the chaos. In those times it had always filled a void, and though only temporary, it was filled nonetheless.

Tonight I'm stalking Felix Hart- not my usual victim but definitely a monster, a child rapist.

This type of monster, while vile, is not included in The Code, and is therefore deemed to be punished by law. However, as of late, I've developed a slight weakness for hunting child predators. They are my only exception to The Code.

Rule number one is 'no innocent victims'. I know the rule is meant to only include murderers, but lately I've been interpreting it a bit loosely to include types like Felix. There are several reasons that have led me to loosen my criteria, but the most logical one was a recent study I'd read on the percentage of molested children that turn to crime and in particular- murder. I wanted to prevent that from happening. My kills had to serve a purpose, or they were just plain murder.

Though, monster I myself may be, I would never harm a child. In fact, I find myself to be quite protective and intrigued when I meet other people's children, most likely because of their purity and innocence. If I, a monster of the most horrific type, am thoroughly disgusted by the idea of harming a child, it would prove likely that most 'normal' people wouldn't be opposed to my planned disposal of Felix, and others like him. It was likely that, were I to have approached his victim's parents, I'd even be paid for my services. Money, however, had nothing to do with why I would be killing Felix this evening.

I rarely ever feel the need for any kind of justice in my kills. Most are to satisfy The Code as well as my own figurative thirst for blood. Tonight I will sate both.

Rule number two of The Code is to 'always be sure'. I have my ways, as evidence is frequently laid at my fingertips. The killers that manage to fall through the cracks of the justice system, or those who are released because somehow the evidence was contaminated or destroyed- they are my prey.


Tonight I'm in Seattle, outside of an apartment complex at the end of a cul-de-sac. My heart is steadily beating and my nostrils are filled with the vile stench of a week's worth of trash that is wafting through the open dumpster I'm hiding behind. I ignore it. My eyes focus on the lights shining from a dimly lit apartment on the second floor, just waiting for them to darken. My pulse quickens, and a slow grin creeps up onto my lips in anticipation of capturing my prey. This is my second favorite part of the hunt.

As the lights go out and the curtains are drawn, I crouch more comfortably knowing that I won't have to wait long for Felix to doze off.


Thirty-four minutes later, I'm at the edge of his bed with my syringe of M99; in laymen's terms- animal tranquilizer. My dosage, when injected directly into the neck or chest, renders my victim unconscious within 3 seconds. There's barely enough time for it to elicit a defensive reaction, especially when combined with the surprise of being stuck with a needle.

He hears me, but it's too late. Seconds later, his fear stricken face relaxes under the deep slumber induced by the M99. I have nearly an hour and a half to get him to the kill room, more than enough time.

When possible, I try to find symbolism when choosing my location. Hence, the reason why this evening's kill room is set in the karate studio in which Felix instructs. It is in all likelihood where he has committed most of his atrocities.

He is quite a large bastard, muscular and tall, but I am strong enough. I haul his limp body through the rear entry of the studio and prepare him for my slab.

I am nothing if not meticulous, obsessive even, when it comes to the preparation of a kill room. The Code doesn't allow for anything less.

My second most favorite tool is plastic sheeting. Earlier this evening, I completely surrounded the room, covering every inch, and overlapped the edges to ensure maximum protection from splatters of evidence. Felix is not exempt from the same treatment I've given the room. So now that I have him stripped and wrapped in plastic like a human burrito, I wait. It should only take 5-10 more minutes for him to wake.

I take out my phone and send a few quick texts, chuckle at a joke my brother has sent me, and then respond to a few work related emails.

"W-Where am I?" he whispers groggily.

Ahh, finally.

"Don't you recognize your place of employment Felix? Hmm, probably not, I don't suppose you've ever seen it covered in plastic," I answer coldly.

"What are you going to do to me?" he speaks shakily.

"How ironic, I bet all the children you've fucked asked you the exact same question," I spit in disgust.

Tonight I'm not interested in listening to his pleas of mercy, so I force a few wads of cotton balls into his mouth to stifle the irritating noise. From here on Felix will listen to me. I flick on a shop light in the darkened room to reveal a series of photographs. I present him with four photos showing images of the children I know he attacked. In all likelihood there have been more, but more importantly, these are his last. The look of horror on his face reveals that the reminders I've given are enough to get my point across. His eyes scrunch shut and a few tears spill out.

I reverently remove the tools from my bag; a scalpel, pipette, glass slide, a bone saw, a meat cleaver, and my personal favorite, a large serrated hunting knife.

A muffled shriek erupts from his chest as I slice into his cheek with my scalpel, and with surgical precision, I might add. The cut is an inch in length and provides plenty of blood for my pipette to place on my slide. I press the glass pieces together and watch in fascination while the tiny drop is flattened into a circular shape, as it does every time. I consider it a souvenir or trophy, if you will.

With my trophy now set aside, I ready my blade for my favorite part of the hunt. I cock my head in concentration and carefully finger the cold sharp edges, making sure to avoid cutting myself. I stand over Felix's shaking form in his plastic shroud and position my blade high above his head. I look directly into his eyes wondering if he will be able to keep them open all the way to the end. I doubt that he will, very few have.

I move to plunge the blade into his furiously beating heart, when I feel it. The strong vibration against my thigh breaks my concentration. I lay the knife down, and remove my phone from the pocket of my jeans. The photo on my caller ID elicits a crooked grin.

I turn my attention back to Felix, "Excuse me Felix, I have to take this. Don't worry though, I won't forget about you," I smirk.

"Hello, sweetheart, everything okay?" I ask a bit anxiously.

"Hey, baby. Yeah, everything's fine. I know you're busy, but I was just about to put our daughter to sleep, and then she cried for Daddy to sing her lullaby," she replied wistfully. There was nothing I could deny my beautiful wife and daughter, so I relented.

"Sure, sweetie, I've got time," I looked over at Felix and grinned, a menacing smile. There was a bit of a rustling sound as the phone was passed to my 3 year old little girl.

"Daddy?" a little voice cooed sleepily from the phone.

"Hey, angel, I'm sorry that I'm not there to tuck you in. I miss you," I say sweetly.

"It's okay, Daddy. Momma says you're working real hard, but I just can't sleep until I hear my… " she yawns, and the tiniest little breath escapes her mouth, "lullaby."

"Alright, angel, you get snuggled real tight under the covers and Daddy will sing your lullaby," I whispered.

"I'm ready, Daddy," she responded seriously.

I cleared my throat a bit and crooned the haunting melody of her lullaby.

Dream little one, dream

Dream my little one, dream

Though the hunter in the night

Fills your childish heart with fright

Fear is only a dream

So dream little one, dream

Her little snores alert me that she has in fact fallen asleep after I've finished singing through the song a few times. Rustling sounds come from the phone again and my wife is back on the line.

"Hey, thanks babe. I've been trying to get her to sleep for hours, but your mother has been spoiling her with chocolate and she's been on a sugar high all night," she giggles in her sweet lilting voice.

I chuckle a bit at the image that fills my mind of my little angel's face smeared with chocolate running all over the house.

"Well, I won't keep you any longer. Goodnight, Edward," she whispers.

"Goodnight, Bella," I whisper back.

I slip the phone back into my pocket, finding myself feeling more at ease than before my conversation.

"Okay, Felix, I told you I wouldn't forget about you, and I haven't." I say coldly.

My knife is back in position. "Ready, Felix?" I say excitedly. "No, I suppose not," I muse, before plunging the knife straight into his heart. I watch in awe as the blood pools on his chest underneath his plastic sheath. I exhale an even breath of relief.


An hour later, I have Felix dismembered and tucked neatly in black Hefty bags. My former kill room is back to its original state, not a thing out of place. What can I say? I'm a neat monster. I load the bags into the back of my inconspicuous silver Volvo, and head for the marina where my boat is docked ready and waiting.

For my victims, I'm the ferryman, there to take them across The River Styx and into Hades. No coins for their fare are needed as they've all paid in blood.

I start up my boat 'Slice of Life', then Felix and I follow the GPS to my dumping grounds. He'll find his Hades 200 feet below to rest with some of his fellow monsters. He'll be good company. I watch as he sinks into the murky depths of the Pacific and beyond where my eyes can see. Moments later I am back in the captain's chair headed back to the dock so I can get back home to my wife and child in Forks. For now The Code of Carlisle - my foster father - is satisfied, and so am I.

The prologue is just a glimpse into the future, a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Stick with me, enjoy the ride and we'll get there eventually.

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