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Chapter 9 **Heroic**

*~Bella Swan~*

Save Me by Aimee Mann

C'mon and save meWhy don't you save meIf you could save meFrom the ranks of the freaksWho suspect they could never love anyoneExcept the freaksWho suspect they could never love anyoneExcept the freaks who could never love anyone

**October 23, 2009**

Warmth, safety, silence, strong arms - cradling me.

I relaxed into the body I was pressed against, and inhaled the spicy scent swirling in the air around me.

Sandalwood, masculine, leather, soap, and musk - comforting me.

I looked up into the glaring sunlight waiting for my eyes to focus.

Emerald green, bronze, pale skin, straight perfect lines, thick brows, and dark lips speaking my name over and over.

Was I shaking? I wasn't certain.

Had I not answered him?

I blinked a few times.

I was disoriented - dizzy.

I was in Edward's arms.

Was he calling my name?

Edward was holding me.

I wasn't fighting it.

Why did it feel so natural - so right?

I was almost certain that I what I was experiencing had to have been some type of trauma induced delusion - it wouldn't have been the first time.

A large, warm hand cupped my face gently, and I could hear my name being spoken so softly that I barely heard it. Edward. It was the sound of man cursing loudly that broke through my hazy bubble of wonder, and severed my connection to Edward's green gaze.

His features, once soft and worried, turned predatory almost feral. His grasp on my arms tightened almost painfully, as he crushed my body protectively to his hard chest. In my shock, I hadn't known how long I'd been in his grasp. I hadn't answered him, because I was afraid to break the spell. I felt content in his arms, even though he was hanging on to me, shielding me as if he were a dog protecting his bone

Edward looked back into my eyes and his features seemed to relax a bit, and then opened his mouth as if to say something, but was interrupted.

"Dr. Cullen, are you alright?" I heard an older feminine voice ask him worriedly. I was both relieved and a bit affronted that she hadn't seemed concerned with me - the barely conscious woman wrapped in the handsome doctor's arms.

"I'll be fine. Let's just make sure he doesn't run off before the police arrive," Edward spoke calmly, masking the venomous anger I sensed was bubbling under the surface.

Once I began to become more aware of my surroundings, I heard several people asking if I was alright, or if I was 'that Swan girl'. I couldn't think to answer as their voices were being drowned out by the sight a few large men - truckers by the looks of them - who were physically restraining Mike Newton. He was shouting and fighting to get away.

I turned my attention to his car and couldn't help the choking sob that escaped my lips when I saw how deeply it was imbedded into the side of my own vehicle. It appeared as though half of my beautiful car had been smashed in, fucking asshole.

Why did he have to go and fuck up my car like that?

Realization struck - he wasn't trying to hit my car. It was me, and Edward must have just been in the right place at the right time. He practically swooped down and saved me as if he were my own personal guardian angel.

"Were you following me?" I asked hoarsely. Screaming had caused my throat to ache.

Edward's eyes snapped to mine. A range of emotion swept over his angelic face - relief, frustration, curiosity, confusion, and then amusement.

"I wasn't following you. I was invited, remember?" he reminded with a small smile tugging at his lips.

"Oh… yeah… hey, I waited on you for a long time," I chided meekly.

"Well, I guess it's a good thing I showed up when I did," he chuckled. His amusement was surprising, considering the events that had just occurred. Then he looked pensive suddenly, as if he'd heard my thoughts.

"Edward?" I asked quietly.


"You saved me."

"I suppose I did," he chuckled darkly.

"Umm… is Mike going to go to jail?"



"Umm - what?"

"Umm, you're umm… holding me…" I replied anxiously, as though acknowledging the miracle that was happening would make it go away. The feeling of being wrapped in his protective arms was indescribable. I didn't want it to end.

"Shit! I'm sorry… are you okay? Are you panicking or… are you… okay?" he sputtered loosening his tight grip on me.

"Fine… I'm… I'm actually fine…" I replied in amazement. His eyes widened and I felt him tighten his grasp again, pulling me harder to his chest.

He seemed to sense our surroundings and the prying eyes of the crowd we'd drawn. It was obvious that we couldn't stay in this position forever. He sighed and reluctantly began to loosen his hold on me.

"Do you think you can stand?" he asked in concerned tone that caught me off guard.

"I think so," I muttered uncertainly. My body was quite sore, and I assumed that some kind of trauma had occurred when I tensed to brace myself for the impact of the vehicle, only to be sideswiped by Edward instead.

My muscles protested from the effort it took to stand, while my body protested over the loss of Edward's warmth and comfort. I wanted to grab onto him and wrap my legs around his waist and thank him properly for what he'd done. Before I had a chance to embarrass myself by voicing my needs, Edward stood wincing in pain. I glanced down to his legs only to see that part of his pants had been shredded and were soaked in blood.

"Oh my God, you're hurt," I shouted and moved to kneel in front of him to access the damage. My hands fluttered around his injuries, never touching for fear of causing him pain. I felt helpless.

"Bella, don't, its fine - just a pair of skinned knees, nothing some Neosporin and a few bandages won't mend," he assured me with a barely masked grimace.

He sounded certain, but there was so much blood. I glanced at him skeptically, but he simply held his ground and moved to assist me back to my feet. I wrung my hands together not knowing what to do with them.

When I heard the sounds of sirens and the police cruiser pull up near us, I took a surreptitious glance toward Mike. He was injured - I could tell by the blood on his forehead, though I wasn't sure if that had been caused from fighting the truckers or the accident.

I pondered the expression on his face. I was expecting rage, but now it was only fear that marred his deceptively innocent - albeit bloody, boy-next-door baby-face.

I couldn't help the smug look I gave him as the officer read his rights.

What the fuck had he expected to happen?


A couple of ambulances arrived, one for Edward and I, and the other for Mike, who traveled with an officer. I imagined that they couldn't take him to jail yet with the gash on his head. I sincerely hoped the fucker had brain damage.

Edward sat beside me in the ambulance, and I couldn't help but notice the confused looks he kept shooting to our joined hands. I was too busy relishing the new feeling of comfort to make mention of his behavior.

Laying helpless on a gurney with a neck brace on made me regret telling the EMT about my slight neck pain. I tried to refuse it, but Edward had insisted, giving me a pointed look that said 'don't fuck with me, I'm a doctor'.

I was grateful though when the same EMT insisted on checking out Edward's injured knees as well. Though, I had to turn away when she cut the shredded fabric of his ruined pants. I didn't like the idea of Edward being in pain.

The ride to the hospital was short and by the time we had arrived, Edward informed that there were already a couple reporter's from the local press standing out front. I mean, I knew it was a small town, but I hadn't expected to have to deal with reporters over the incident.

"Edward, I don't want to talk to them. Would you mind keeping them away?" I asked nervously.

"Of course, but be prepared, because we will have to talk to the police," he reminded softly.

"Yeah… I guess I kind of figured that. I just don't understand why this is such a big deal to the freaking paparazzi though," I grumbled petulantly. I hated being seen as a victim, though there were worse things people could consider me. I had to remind myself not to think of that time. This was nothing like that.

"For one thing, you are probably the biggest celebrity to ever come to Forks…" he teased. I scoffed at his words. "…and as for Newton, he's used all his 'Get Out of Jail Free' cards."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked confused.

"I may have had Emmett do a little background check on Newton after last week at the diner, and thank fuck I did," he chuckled humorlessly.

"Oh… so what… has he been involved another hit and run before?" I asked appalled that he might have hurt someone else.

"Not exactly… He's been accused of sexual assault a few times, but it never stuck. It would seem that his family's wealth always got him out of it -" he clarified until I interrupted.

"He… he… he's a rapist?" I asked barely able to hold myself together from the onslaught of memories. For a split second an image of Mike putting his perverted hands on me in the grocery store parking lot flashed in my mind, but then changed and went in a direction I really didn't want it to go.

The taste of copper blood on my tongue from biting it to fight the urge to scream, the acrid stench of sweat from him that mixed with rotten fish from a nearby dumpster, the cold steel of the gun as it slid into my panties, and the mind numbing sound that it made when the shot fired into the darkness.


Not while I'm awake!

Control yourself!

"Bella…. Bella? Answer me. Are you okay?" Edward pleaded worriedly.

I could only imagine how I must have looked on the verge of panic attack.

He probably thinks you're a freak - though he was the one who was hanging around my house like a stalker in the middle of the night.

I reminded myself to ask him about that the next time we were alone.

Just because he saved my life didn't mean he wouldn't have to give me an explanation. I only hoped that when the time came, I wouldn't have to force it out of him.

"I'm sorry. I'm okay now. I…," I trailed off struggling for the right words to say, because I didn't know how to explain my reaction in any way other than telling the horrific truth.

There was no way I was ready for that.


It wasn't long after we arrived that Edward informed me that Alice and Esme had shown up and were going to give us a ride to the police station, and afterward, take me home.

I wanted to think that they only came for Edward, but I had a feeling they were there for me just as much. It warmed my cold, black heart a little bit.

"Oh, my God, Bella. I was so worried. Are you okay?" Alice shrieked with panic lacing her musical voice as Edward and I entered the waiting room.

"I'm fine now, just a bit sore. Though, I don't think I would have come out so well had Edward not been there to save me," I assured her and gave an appreciative glance in Edward's direction.

"My hero," I cooed to him jokingly, in a faux-southern accent.

I had expected him to look proud, or embarrassed, or maybe even shrug off my compliment in a humble manner. What I hadn't expected was the look of irritation that marred his lovely face. With furrowed brows, he cleared his throat and excused himself before walking off. Alice hadn't seem to notice his clipped tone and proceeded to fuss over me as I pretended to listen, giving only short, half-hearted answers.

By the time Alice, Esme, and I made it to the exit, Edward had Esme's car waiting for us at the curb and was shooing away the reporters who were trying to interrogate me. His concern for me, despite the obvious fact that something I'd said had upset him, made me confused. Though, it hadn't made me any less grateful. I was about to be interrogated enough as it was, because our next stop was the police station.


I had never been looked at with so much pity, as I had in the presence of my late father's former co-workers. They hadn't been this bad at the funeral.

It seemed like the entire police force had felt it necessary to comment on how alike my father and I looked, or what a great man he was, or the fact that had he been alive, he would have seriously murdered Newton for what he'd done to me.

The comments were a bit much and only served to bring up old memories. I pushed the thoughts aside and tried to focus on giving an accurate description of the diner incident.

I was thankful that they let me answer their questions with Edward in the room. He'd been especially helpful at putting together the parts that I missed.

When I was asked if I knew why Newton wanted to hurt me, I knew I'd have to recount that incident as well. Edward's jaw was set tight, lips in a hard line, and his knuckles turned an angry shade of white as I described - in detail - the original altercation from the parking lot. He only seemed to relax when I described how I'd 'defended' myself.

Edward and several officers cringed at the mention of my kneeing Newton in the balls.

I was ready for it all to be over with. It was difficult rehashing those details. Though, compared to the last time I'd been required to give a statement, this was a piece of cake. I couldn't think of that time though, if I let my mind wander, I'd be chucked in an asylum for acting like the disturbed individual that I was.

My fingers were restlessly tapping against the arm of the chair.

I had only had his arms wrapped around me for maybe half an hour and his hand for a few minutes in the ambulance, but I missed his touch. He was the first man in years to touch me without eliciting a panic or defensive response. It had been glorious, so I couldn't help but be disappointed that he hadn't offered me his hand again.

This was insane. I needed to talk to him.


When we were finally done giving our statements, Edward started to head toward the exit. Before Alice and Esme were in earshot, I called his name.

"Edward, wait."

He turned, eyeing me warily.

"I…" the words lodged in my throat.

Something in my expression must have gotten to him because quickly his tense demeanor melted into the same concerned face that I'd gazed upon in the diner parking lot. He moved closer towards me.

"Is there something you need?" he asked softly.

Yes, you.

"Umm… Do you think we could you know… talk. I mean it doesn't have to be tonight. I am sure your exhausted, and it doesn't even have to be tomorrow, just when you aren't busy. I know since you're an important doctor you are busy all the time and-" I rambled, but thankfully Edward cut off my word vomit.

"Bella, it's okay," he chuckled amused "is tomorrow night okay?"

I blushed and cleared my throat. "Yes, that would be great."

"Okay then, at the diner?" he asked.

"You could come over to my house. I'll make us something-" I blurted not realizing that I'd made our meeting sound like a date.

"Err the diner is fine though if you want…" I backtracked anxiously.

"Your house sounds fine, Bella. In fact it's probably best that we don't have this conversation in public anyway."

"Alright." I gave him a shy smile, though on the inside I was ecstatic. I was already planning what to make for dinner.


After the excruciatingly long day, I simply wanted to sleep.

I sighed when Jake curled up beside me.

"You're not the only boy who can touch me now, Jake." I said smiling like an idiot at the oblivious dog.

The air is humid. I can still taste the coppery blood on my tongue.

"On your knees slut,' he rasped. I hesitate too long and feel the sting of his gun against the back of my head. I oblige quickly after that.

Rocks and garbage, maybe even glass dig into my bare knees under the pressure of my weight.

Roughly he grabs me and rips my panties from my body. My face is wet with tears, but I don't make a sound.

He uses the arch of my back for balance, lays the gun at my side, as his free hand fumbles at his belt.

Seeing an opportunity, I move to reach for it, but it disappears.

I look frantically.

In front of me stands a man. His knees are bloody, they match mine. Before I can see his face, I see steel wrapped around the black hole of the gun barrel.

It fires.


"I need a ride, are you busy today?" I ask Alice then yawn over my steaming coffee. I'd slept poorly the night before.

"No, I'm not busy, and Jasper and Emmett are staying in the city most of the week working on a big case. So I have the whole day free, but are you sure you should be going out. I mean do you feel up for it?" she asked worriedly.

"I have to admit, I feel pretty sore, but that's all the more reason to keep moving. If I lay around all day, I'll only feel worse. Besides, I don't think you'll want to miss what I have planned today," I said through a grin.

I was thankful for my highly disposable income. It afforded me the luxury of buying a new car outright and having the insurance company reimburse me for the damaged vehicle. So when I mentioned car shopping, Alice squealed excitedly.

"The closest Audi dealership is in Seattle-" I began but Alice cut me off.

"Seattle! Bella we can't…" she gasped worriedly.

I'd heard about the serial killer that was on the loose, and yeah what he'd done to those woman was pretty fucking terrifying, but we were just going car shopping, and maybe even grab a bite to eat. Alice sounded pretty anxious so I came up with a plan.

"If we go, we could see if Jasper, and maybe Emmett and Rosalie would like to meet us for lunch," I suggested hopefully. I figured that since Jasper hadn't been home since Thursday and it was now Sunday, that she'd want to see him. I mean, what were the chances that we'd run into an actual serial killer?

The odds were probably even lower because of my recent run-ins with death - unless I was just some kind of danger magnet.

"Yeah… okay, but only if I get to see Jazz." I could hear her fear slowly fading to reluctance then to excitement.


Jasper was thrilled to be able to see Alice after their time apart, but was only able to get away because Emmett was covering for him.

I wasn't really interested in being the third wheel, so after we enjoyed our lunch, I walked around a nearby department store and gave them some privacy.

Jasper insisted I text them every few minutes to let them know I was okay. It seemed a bit drastic to me, but I obliged.

After about forty-five minutes Alice texted me to let me know that Jasper was about to leave. They were exchanging tearful goodbyes when I found them. I felt bad for Alice, I knew she wanted to be near Jasper, but just couldn't take the stress and danger of city life. I could easily relate.

The trip to the Audi dealership went well. They ended up having an A5 Quattro in the exact shade of blue that I'd wanted, and I could see Alice salivating over a TT model roadster in black. I knew she was itching to trade hers in but didn't citing petulantly, that big decisions like that were made with Jasper.

Overall the day had been fun. It was just what I'd needed to help me keep my mind off yesterday's events as well as my impending conversation with Edward.

I drove my new car off the lot and parted ways with Alice.

On the way home I stopped to pick up a few groceries so I could make something half-way decent for Edward and I to eat when he came over.

It was around seven when I arrived and Edward was coming over at eight. It didn't give me time to relax, but I'd had just enough time to cook. I popped a few steaks and some asparagus on the indoor grill and a couple of potatoes in the oven. It was a pretty simple meal, but I didn't want to look like I went to too much effort. This wasn't a date.

I was pulling the potatoes out of the oven when I heard the doorbell ring.

Flushed with excitement, I straightened out my clothes and fluffed my hair a bit, and then opened the door.

"Good evening Bella," Edward murmured and gave me the sexiest little half smile I'd ever seen.

Fuck, but he was delicious.

This was going to be a long night.



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