He makes you smile

And laughlaughlaugh

Doesn't he, baby girl

Because he lights up your world

And makes your stars

(and your eyes)


And he's everything you've ever

D r e a m e d of

He's perfect

Honey, Honey,

Oh sweet child

You've always been the innocent one

The girl who sat shyly by the wall

And watched the other children play

Because the spotlight is b r i g h t

But he's a charmer

A real funny kid

And you get so lost in his eyes

You forget everything else

(all the world's a stage,

Right, doll?)

So much teasing

And jeering

And cat calls and wolf whistles

Because despite your best efforts

To remain unknown

Of course, you've been spotted

And you're quite the beauty, young one

With the luscious Weasley locks

And clear blue eyes

You're a stunner

And, though you dislike it,

Their hollering probably has something

To do with the fact that you're

Pretty damn well endowed

But he looks beyond all of that,

You've never once caught his gaze on your

*achem* girls

He looks you in the eye

And smiles

And says something funny

And you m e l t

Because he's all you've ever

Wanted/needed/prayed for

He's your everything

But he's not content

To sit on the sidelines and watch life go by

He's not like you, dear

So, one fight leads to another

And anotheranotheranother

And soon you're screaming

"leave, leave, leave!"


And he does

He l e a v e s

They say your true soul mate

Walks into your life

And changes you for the better

And then leaves

And he's certainly changed you

And now he's certainly left

And you

Most certainly

Miss him

But, honey

That was all part of the plan

Don't you see?

It was supposed to happen this way

It hurts

Like a bullet to your brain it hurtshurtshurts

But, child

Nobody ever said love was easy

He's gone,

And he's not going to come back

But he taught you something, dear,

He taught you how to love

He showed you how to open your heart

So just wait a little while,

Somebody will come along to fill the hole in your chest

Somebody will give you all the love you need

But it won't be him