Predators – Pairing Royce/Isabelle

Rating: Adult

Chapter 1

They both look at the parachutes. "Poor bastards" Royce whispers while Isabelle looks at the parachutes in desolation and pity... after all they just gone through, she doesn't even remember how they managed to stay alive. She was ready to die.

"C'mon" Royce half drag her away from the clearing where the parachutes are mushrooming on the sky. "Let's find a way off this fucking planet"

"Aren't we..." Isabelle still looks at the sky while she is nudged by Royce. She turns her head and look up to him. Damn the man is tall, about a foot taller than her.

"Not now." He decides... "Trust me" he insists. He reads her mind; she thinks it is the right and humane thing to do to approach the newbie who are just dropped by the fucking predators.

Maybe Isabelle is just too tired, actually exhausted or she is just loosing it. No more word is said, she just nods and goes along with him...and they both left in silence.

Few moments later

"Where..."She asks

"The lake" He answers before she finishes her questions; He knows she is exhausted by the fact that she is usually quite a chatter box and not afraid to share her opinion.

They are lost in their mind, half wishing to wake up from the nightmare, half wishing that they are dead. Isabelle is on auto pilot. She doesn't know and doesn't care where she is going, all she is does is following Royce, she is still in his arms, very comforting.

Isabelle doesn't know how Royce finds his bearing or direction. Perhaps about half an hour later, they come to a clearing and she sees...water! It is a god damn lake! They did it. She looks at the clear blue water in desperation and she runs, well, at least she tries... Her legs feel like jelly and she crumbles to the ground.

Royce laughs "Be patient Izzy". She just realises that he has been carrying more than half of her body weight throughout the entire trip

"It's Isabelle!" Bloody hell, they just learn each other's name about an hour ago and he starts calling her Izzy.

Royce shakes his hands on her waist as he helps her up. He looks at the back of her head and he admits, "The girl got spunk"

"Izzy, wait! We don't know how safe it is" Royce picks up a couple of rocks and starts throwing them to the lake, as far as he could. Never know, there might be other monster lurking in the blue water.

Satisfied, that there is no immediate danger at hand; while his partner is obviously dying to jump into the water. "Stay close to me" He expects her to follow his command as he gives her the go ahead.

When Isabelle jogs to the edge of the lake and does not bother to answer him. He walks to her, gently lifts her chin up and repeats "Stay close to understand" and she just nods once. She still hasn't got any strength to argue and the water is so inviting and long due.

Isabelle placed her gun on dry ground as close as possible to the water and starts going into the cold lake, while Royce distance himself about 5 meters away from disgruntled Izzy. Hmm, Izzy, he likes the sound of it.

"Euuugh Euuuggh...eeeuwww" He can hear her moaning in disgust of her condition. He doesn't blame her, they are dirty, hungry and fucking exhausted. He is actually impressed at her stamina, but again she is no civilian.

Isabelle quickly pulls off her tank top and starts cleaning her wounds and dried blood from her upper body. She winches when the cold water reaches her wounds and scrapes all over her torso. Damn, no time for vanity. She unties her braided black hair and goes under water, hoping to clean her stinking muddy hair and body as fast she could before she freezes to death. Damn, she actually feels better, cleaner, lighter, more relax...before she is suddenly jerk up violently.

Royce is thinking while he is cleaning his wounds and body...What should they do next? What chance do they have to survive and actually get out from this damn rock!

"They" instead of "He", since when did he ever use the word "They" instead of "He". But the fact is, he is glad that he is not alone. Does he regret coming back to save Edwin and Izzy? Yes? NO! He shudders to think about what could have happen to her if he did not return to the camp. The answer is no!

She amuses him; no woman has ever punched him in the face before. No one dares. Women usually just scurry away from his sour disposition and his lack of...shit! It has gone quiet, too quiet! He looks across few meters away, no sign of her.

"Fuck!" He swears as he runs towards where he sees her last...few meters away from him. He should not have given her some privacy, screw modesty! Not while they are hunted like animals.

Royce sees her under water, without thinking he grabs her by her hair and..." What the fuck!" Isabelle swears in shock and fear. Royce is speechless. "What is wrong with you, Royce" She is pissed off.

He just stares at her...Isabelle is almost naked apart from her undergarments. She is obviously trying to clean her hairs, that is why she is under water, not because she is dragged by monsters or drown. Not knowing what to say, he just looks at her body. The woman is beautiful and she doesn't know she is gorgeous. Once her overall combat suit is off, she is all woman underneath.

Isabelle is growing conscious of as Royce just stares at her openly from top to bottom and linger around her breast and hip, then she realizes the reason why he drags her up from the water; he must have thought that she is dead or poisoned or drags by other monsters.

"Can I please have some privacy?"

"No chance. You never know what is lurking"

"But!" this is getting ridiculous, she thinks

"If you want to live, you follow me! Stay close to me! Step where I step" He snaps

Before Isabelle has the chance to say anything to him, he turns around and continues cleaning himself. She looks at him in awe and annoyance. She cannot figure him out. One minute he was caring and soft, stroking her face, calming her down and the next minutes he just snaps at her. How rude!

Now their clothes are clean but wet; it is a good thing the sun is up and their combat attires dry easily. "Let's go" Royce commands, he knows she is exhausted, even he feels worn out.

Without a noise, she slings her gun unto her shoulder and starts walking. "Where are we going?" She asks.

"Shelter, food and ammo"...

To be continue.

Please let me know what you think guys. Your input is much appreciated and this is my 1st Predator fiction.