Third story from the Love is a Journey Miniseries

Karin and Toshiro

If you haven't read Love is a Journey, you should, its my first fanfic ever and it Ichiruki

Chapter 1

"WOOHOO" Yuzu Kurosaki yelled as she danced on top of the table. She moved her hips with the music enjoying herself freely at the hottest club in Karakura town.

Karin Kurosaki however sat and watched her intoxicated sister make a fool of herself. She hated clubs and doesn't even understand why she came, but it would be rude if the bride didn't come to her own bachelorette party.

Karin and Yuzu Kurosaki were both set to marry their respective boyfriends the day after tomorrow. Yuzu had been dating her boyfriend Jinta Hanakari for about five years. Although Yuzu's brother Ichigo doesn't really care for Jinta, Ichigo can see how much Jinta loves Yuzu. Karin on the other hand had been with Toshiro since she was fourteen. She and Yuzu where now, twenty four and engaged. Karin had loved her fiancé since her freshman year in high school. It was no surprised that they were getting married.

"Rukia come dance with me" Yuzu yelled over the music to their sister in law. Rukia smiled and shook her head. "I can't Yuzu"

"I'll dance with you" Rangiku called out and jumped on the table dancing while attracting attention. Karin sighed and picked up the shot glass filled with tequila and drank it quickly. Rukia noticed Karin's attitude.

"You really don't wanna be here huh?" Rukia asked her.

"Not at all, who suggested that we have a party at a club, I hate the club scene" Karin said pouting.

"Well, Rangiku loves to plan bachelorette parties so I let her plan you and Yuzu's" Rukia explained. "Just get up and have fun"

Karin rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Nope, I'll just watch them make a fool of themselves"

"I bet you, Toshiro is having the time of his life at his party" Rukia said trying to convince her sister-in-law to have fun.

"I know him, he is probably watching his idiot friends have fun, just like I am" Karin said. Rukia laughed. Karin was right. Toshiro was very uptight, Karin was the same at times but she let loose when needed. Toshiro was always serious.

Rukia and Karin watched Yuzu and Rangiku dance on the table. Orihime, Senna, Jinta's sister Ururu and some of Yuzu's friends from college were there also. Karin began to wonder what Toshiro was doing. She couldn't believe she was about to be Karin Hitsugaya. She felt lucky to be marrying such a great man. He played soccer throughout high school and college, so he has always been fit. He is incredibly smart and at the age of 25, he became the president of his division. Not to mention he was extremely handsome. Karin had to admit she doubt herself at times. She knew she wasn't ugly but she knew she was no Rangiku. Karin began to worry about why Toshiro wanted her when he could have any woman he wanted.

Karin was shook out her thoughts when her sister accidently fell of the table.

"Yuzu, are you okay?" Karin said jumping up to help her sister.

"Of course I am" Yuzu yelled, "Because I'm getting married!" Karin laughed at her sister as she helped her sister stand.

"Me and you both" Karin said.

"Karin and Yuzu Kurosaki, soon to be Karin Hitsugaya and Yuzu Hanakari" Rukia said. Both girls were going to be having a double wedding at the clinic, a small wedding where they would be marrying the loves of their lives

"Let's take her home" Rukia decided. Karin quickly agreed and helped Rukia drag her sister out the club. Rangiku and the others waved goodbye.

Rukia flagged down a cab for them and all three ladies got in. Yuzu laid her head on Rukia's shoulders and began to drift off. Rukia smiled at Yuzu.

"Look like she had fun" Rukia said.

"A little too much if you ask me" Karin replied. "I hope my dad isn't awake when we get back home, it's bad enough I'm back at the house with him, I don't need him bothering me."

Yuzu and Karin lived with their respective boyfriends, but for the past couple of days, both girls had been staying at the Kurosaki clinic. In order to plan the wedding, Rukia suggested the girls stay with them.

Karin didn't mind it much. Rukia had been extra helpful with planning and with keeping Ichigo and Isshin from fighting, plus she was senior manager at her job and a mother of two little girls. Karin admired Rukia.

Once they arrived at the house, Rukia helped an intoxicated Yuzu walk into the house. To their surprise, Ichigo was standing by the door.

"You awake Carrot top?" Karin greeted. Ichigo glared at her than caught sight of the drunken Yuzu.

"How much did she drink?" Ichigo asked running to help his wife who was struggling to hold Yuzu.

"A lot, can you take her to her bed?' Rukia answered. Ichigo listened and carried his sister Yuzu bridal style into the house.

"Ahh, what a night!" Rukia said, when she got no response she turned to Karin who looked like she was in a faraway place.

"Karin, you okay?" Rukia asked, Karin jumped when she realized she was lost in thought.

"Yeah I am, I'm just tired, I'm gonna go to bed now" Karin said heading to the stairs. Rukia was a little worried about Karin but she wouldn't push it. She knew Karin would talk about it eventually.




Karin's eyes fluttered open once the sun ray hit her face. She groaned and sat up. Rubbing her eyes she began to smell breakfast being made down stairs. Karin looked at the empty bed next to hers. Yuzu had already woken up.

Karin put on her slippers and headed to the bathroom to get dressed.

Once she was shower and dressed, she headed downstairs to see Yuzu and Rukia finishing up breakfast.

"Good morning" Karin called. Yuzu turned around excited. "Oh my gosh Karin, last night was so much fun, we should do that more often"

Karin laughed. "Never again Yuzu"

"AUNTIE KARIN!" a little voice called out. Karin looked down to see Masaki Kurosaki looking up at her with her big amber eyes. Masaki was Ichigo and Rukia's five year old daughter.

"Hey Masaki" Karin noticed two papers in her hand. "What's that you got" Masaki happily handed her one of the papers. Karin couldn't help but smile at the paper. It was a drawing of her in a wedding dress standing next to a drawing of Toshiro.

"That how you gonna look tomorrow" Masaki explained. Karin had to admit it completely slipped her mind that she was getting married tomorrow.

"This one is for Auntie Yuzu" Masaki said as she walked over to Yuzu and showed her the picture. Yuzu squealed in excitement. "Thank you Masaki" Yuzu said hugging her niece.

"Masaki, tell your father and your grandpa that breakfast is ready" Rukia asked. Masaki nodded and did as she was told.

"Masaki is such a good kid" Yuzu said smiling at her drawing.

"She loves her aunts, and she loves when you guys come and visit"

"DAD, WHAT THE HELL?" a male voice yelled. Karin, Yuzu and Rukia knew that Isshin and Ichigo were definitely awake. "I'M HOLDING HISANA, WHY WOULD YOU ATTACK ME?"

Ichigo had a very angry look on his face as he descended down the stairs with his daughter Hisana in his arms. Isshin came down right after with a red bruise on his cheek.

"I'm making sure you can protect my granddaughter" Isshin stated. Ichigo rolled his eyes as he made his way to the kitchen table.

"Good morning Hisana" Karin greeted the one year old. "Don't worry your dad and grandpa are crazy"

Hisana laughed not really understanding what Karin was talking about. Ichigo scoffed and walked away.

"How was the bachelor party?" Yuzu asked Ichigo.

"Okay I guess. Renji and Jinta were having the time of their lives, me and Toshiro just watched them in embarrassment."

Karin smirked, she knew her fiancé too well. She knew he wouldn't join the others acting like idiots."

"Okay everyone its breakfast time" Yuzu announced.




Rukia, Yuzu and Karin entered Rukia's car and left the clinic.

"So first stop is the boutique to pick up the dresses, then we pick up the cake" Rukia said reminding the brides to be. Karin nodded looking a bit bored and Yuzu seemed distracted.

"What's up Yuzu" Rukia asked.

"Oh nothing, I'm just nervous" Yuzu said looking down while fidgeting with her fingers.

"You are gonna be a great wife don't worry Jinta loves you"

"Thanks Rukia but I'm more worried about meeting his family. I only know his sister Ururu and she is a good friend of mine, but I never meet his parents."

"Are they coming to the wedding?" Rukia asked. Yuzu nodded her head.

"I still don't get why he hasn't introduced you to his parents yet" Karin added. "You don't find that weird."

"He said he wasn't ready for anyone to really know who his parents were, I'm so nervous, because he finally wants people to know who they are."

Rukia finally pulled up to the boutique. "Yuzu, you are lovable person, I'm sure his parents will love you."

"Thanks Rukia" Yuzu said. All three ladies exited the car and entered the boutique.

"Hello welcome to Phoenix, How can I help you ladies today?" a young woman said to them.

"Hello I am Mrs. Kurosaki; I would like to speak to Mr. Ishida." Rukia requested.

"Oh yes, Miss Rukia, Mr. Ishida has been expecting you all, please follow me to the back." The girl said happily. Rukia, Yuzu and Karin followed the young girl towards the back of the boutique. They stopped at door where the girl slowly opened the door. The ladies walked in to see Uryu sitting at his drawing table.

He looked up when he realized he had visitors.

"Rukia, Yuzu, Karin, you're here" Uryu said getting up.

"Um yeah you told to come here" Karin said rudely.

"Just as rude as your brother." Uryu said kissing her cheek. He then greeted Yuzu and Rukia.

"I'll go fetch your dresses now" Uryu said walking out his office.


Toshiro stood outside leaning on his black Mercedes S550 in front of the airport. He was there in a suit smoking a cigarette.

He hated cigarettes but the wedding had been making him nervous the past couple of months so he needed something to keep his nerves calm.

Toshiro was about to marry Karin Kurosaki. The girl he had loved since he was a sophomore in high school. He couldn't believe tomorrow they would be married and it made him nervous. Things had been going great. He is president of his division and was being considered as the next CEO. He was even m ore lucky to have a woman like Karin by his side. She was beautiful, smart and very strong. He began to worry that he might mess things up. Like any couple they got into arguments but he would never want to lose her. Karin is and will always be the love of his life.

Toshiro was taken from his thoughts when someone came outside pushing a old woman in a wheelchair. Toshiro face lighted up into a genuine smile when he saw his grandmother coming towards him.

"My little Toshiro" she said weakly. Toshiro bent down to hug his grandmother. She was almost ninety and about seven years ago she left Karakura and moved to Kyoto.

"Hello Grandma" He greeted. "How was your flight?"

"Good, I slept through most of it" She answered. Toshiro's grandmother was the most important woman in his life other than Karin. His mother died when he was born and he never knew his father. His grandmother had raised him from when he was a baby til he graduated high school. Once he went to college, she moved to Kyoto, her hometown, while he stayed and studied in Karakura. He visited her every time he could and even brought Karin a few times. Once she found out he was engaged she asked him to book her ticket to Karakura. He insisted that they could move the wedding to Kyoto but she refused to make everyone come to Kyoto for her sake.

"Where is Karin?" she asked as Toshiro helped her in the car.

"With her family, probably preparing for the wedding" Toshiro answered. He smiled to himself. He was so glad that his grandmother liked Karin. Both women meant the world to him.




"You guys look so beautiful" Rukia said as she observed Karin and Yuzu in their wedding dresses. Yuzu had a big dress with a decent amount of ruffles. Karin had a long straight satin wedding gown.

Yuzu squealed as she observed herself in the mirror. "I love it, Mr. Ishida" Yuzu said happily. Uryu smiled satisfied with his work but something felt off to him.

"I feel like I need to do some last minute alterations if that's okay with you, Yuzu" he asked. Yuzu nodded as he observed the dress on her. Rukia smiled at how happy Yuzu was. She looked over to Karin who was looking at the dress; Karin was smiling but not a happy one. She looked sad.

Rukia walked over to Karin and observed her. She was touching the dress and she could tell Karin liked but something was wrong.

"Are you ready to tell me what's wrong yet?" Rukia asked. Karin was so lost in thought she had no idea Rukia was there.

"Nothing's wrong" Karin lied

"You are worried bout something. Trust me, you and Ichigo make the same face when you have something on your mind" Rukia said.

Karin sighed and looked in the mirror. "How did you know Ichigo was the man you couldn't live without?" Karin asked Rukia.

"It was everything about him. But it was mostly the feeling of being complete when I was with him." Rukia answered "Are you having second thoughts about Toshiro?"

"I know I love him. He is the man of my dreams and my best friend, but I wonder why me?" Karin started. "He was dating your friend Momo. She was one of the most beautiful girls in school and he dumped her for me. I thought that was weird so I let it go. Once we left for college I thought he would find some amazing girl, but he always came to visit me at college. Why did he pick me out of every girl? Toshiro is handsome, smart, and extremely successful, he could have any girl in the world, but he chose me?" Karin finished.

"That's what makes him love you" Rukia replied. "You're nothing like other girls. He loves you for you, so why question it?"

"I feel like I don't deserve him" Karin admitted

"Karin Kurosaki, you are beautiful, smart and ambitious and you deserve a man who will treat you like the queen you are" Rukia said. Karin smiled at Rukia and hugged her.

"Thanks Rukia" Karin said. She really did appreciate having Rukia in her life. She was like a big sister to her, and was a great mentor since she was a great wife to her brother.

"Throw your doubts away, we have a wedding to get ready for" Rukia said as she straighten the dress on Karin.


This story is only going to be two chapters long. If Karin seemed OCC that's cause she is all grown up

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