"So, KP, what was up with Shego at the mall?" Ron asked between bites of naco.

"Weird." Added Rufus.

"She uh, never told me." Kim lied, looking at her food rather than her best friend. And possibly your future boyfriend, her conscience whispered. She swallowed hard. "Hey, Ron, I'm gonna go back to my place, get started on homework. I'll see you tomorrow, ok?" Ron waved, Rufus had already jumped into her abandoned food and was steadily devouring anything edible.

When Kim got to her bedroom, She fell onto her bed with a sigh.

"Everything alright, Kimmy-cub?" Her mom called.

"Yeah, Mom. Just tired." After a few minutes of lying down, Kim got on her computer. Not knowing where else to start, she looked for gay quizzes. 10 minutes later she had blown off that idea. She logged into an anonymous gay chat. She sat and watched for a while, noting the difference in topics. People chatting about favorite movies, kids lamenting homework, pretty much all the normal stuff everyone thought about. There were a few 'Help' chats, ranging in focus from couple's arguments, break-ups, hook-ups, and- there! A chat for 'Questioning'! She quickly clicked on it.

So, this is a chat for questions? She typed, sending it out into cyberspace.

Not exactly Someone replied a few seconds later.

It's for people who are questioning their gender, sex, sexual orientation, anything outside the binary.


Kim asked question after question, she asked for clarifications on nearly everything, she felt sure that the person on the other side of this chat was beginning to get annoyed. When she finally understood everything enough to form a working model, she asked her most important question.

How do I know if I'm gay? She waited anxiously.


That's a tough one.

There's no real rule. It's just who you like.

Remember, you could be bisexual. Kim groaned.

I don't know if I like this person. I don't know if I can like this person.

It doesn't have to be romantic.

You could be friends.

That won't work.

There's no way to know if I'm gay, or bisexual?

You could always try looking at pictures.

Try to keep track of how many pictures of each sex you notice.

Or people instead of pictures.

Just don't get caught staring ;) Kim blushed furiously.

Thanks for all the help :)

It was cool. Feel free to come back.

You can even use a different screenname :)

It was not until Kim had shut down her computer that a horrible thought occurred to her. Wade was a top-notch hacker, and he liked to hook up their computers from time to time. The twins weren't far behind him in technology, either. She quickly booted up her computer and grabbed the Kimmunicator to call Wade.

"Hey, Kim. What's up?"

"Wade, I need you to talk me through getting rid of stuff on a computer."

"Sure thing. What do you need removed?"

"History. I only know the basics, my brothers could get past that in a heartbeat."

"Are they trying to spy on you buying presents for them again?"

"Yeah." Kim said quickly. "You know how they can be. So, clear the history, then something with the cookies…" She carefully did everything she was told. Not long after, she had finished.

"I've sent the instructions to be printed out of your printer. What you want to do now is browse boring stuff, so they don't realize you wiped the data. You good?"

"Yeah, thanks Wade."

"It's cool." He signed off and the Kimmunicator screen darkened. Her eyes ached. She had been staring at the computer screen for over 2 hours. Setting an alarm on her cell phone, she fell onto her bed and took a nap.

Kim was jolted out of a sound sleep by her alarm. Cursing, she hurriedly turned it off before it could wake her family. She crept to the front door and escaped silently, lucky the hinges had been recently oiled.

Nearing Bueno Nacho, she saw Shego on the roof, filing her nails. She checked her watch. 11:30. She had arrived this early to do surveillance, but it looked like she would have to take this meeting on faith. When she got within hearing distance, Kim stage-whispered, trying to get the villian's attention.

"Shego. Shego, what did you want to talk about? Hey, Shego!" Her efforts were ignored, so Kim scouted the place for traps of any kind. She didn't find any trip-wires, net guns, bombs, or anything else out of the ordinary on her first check of the building. She was peering inside through the glass doors when her left arm was twisted behind her back and she was pushed roughly into the door. She tried to escape, but nothing worked.

"Who the hell are you?" She whispered.

"Aw, Princess, you don't recognize me?" Shego whispered. She released Kim just as the hero's wristwatch beeped, letting them know it was midnight.

"Well, aren't you punctual." Kim said, massaging her shoulder. "You wanted to talk about something?"

"Nope." Shego grinned.

"Well, then why-"

"If I remember correctly, it was you who had doubts."

"Ha ha. You're an ass." Kim started to walk away.

"Why did you come here?" Shego asked. Kim could hear her knowing smirk.

"I could ask you the same question." Kim turned to face the villain.

"I'm here because you're gay." Shego shrugged and leaned against the building nonchalantly.

"And you know this because…?"

"I don't know how Gay-dar works, Kimmie, I just know it does."

"So I just have to take your word for it that I'm gay?" Kim crossed her arms.

"Well, you don't have to take my word for it…" Shego walked over and placed a hand on Kim's shoulder. She shivered and felt her face heating up. Shego smirked knowingly. Kim glowered.

"It's chilly." She said, rubbing her arms.

"Mmmm. And your face?" Shego asked, disbelieving. Kim couldn't come up with an excuse. "Thought so. It's ok, Pumpkin. I won't tell." Shego held a finger to her lips and winked. "That's one of the cardinal rules of being gay: don't out anyone." Kim groaned and held her head in her hands.

"I'm not- I'm not gay, Shego. I just- I think I like you."

"And none of the cute little cheerleaders at your school? Please. You do know it's possible to be gay and popular, right? Isn't that your stupid little catchphrase?"

"Anything's possible for a Possible." She said.

"Yeah, that." Shego waved her hand in dismissal.

"Shego, I'm still in high school. I can't be gay in high school."

"Are you talking about those idiot kids?"

"Some of those idiot kids are my friends."

"Your friend at the mall seemed pretty ok with everything." Shego inspected her nails, noting places to be filed later.

"I should have known you'd been spying on me." Kim glared.

"You're surprised?" Shego raised her eyebrows.

"I suppose not."

"How about this?"

"How about wh-AAAAAAAAAA!" Kim shrieked as Shego picked her up bridal-style and jumped to the roof of Bueno Nacho. "Put me d-down!" Kim protested.

"Where's the fun in that?" Shego stepped onto a large hover-scooter and let go of Kim's back to steer, causing the hero to cling tightly to the villian's neck.

"Shego, put me down!" No response. "This- it's not safe!" Shego rolled her eyes.

"Kimmie, just shut up."

"And kiss me?" Kim finished automatically. She immediately realized what she'd said and her face turned bright red. She would have clapped a hand to her mouth if doing so wouldn't have caused her upper body to fall. Shego laughed.

"I told you you're gay." She said, smirking knowingly.

"…Ass." Kim muttered. She wondered how Shego could be supporting her weight for so long. She stared at the scenery below to avoid looking at the green woman.