The Black Death Of Konoha

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Naruto watched the body of Haku fall to the ground. Naruto dropped to his knees as he looked at the now dead girl. 'Why did she do that?' Naruto thought. "Why! Why! WHY!" Naruto roared as red chakra bubbled around him. The mist completely vanished with the sudden burst of chakra. Naruto held his hand out towards Zabuza as a clawed hand made of red chakra shot towards him. "Did you know that Haku loved you?" Naruto asked in a demonic voice as he walked towards Zabuza and Kakashi. The red chakra was burning Zabuza.

"Naruto calm down!" Kakashi ordered.

"Che so you failed again, Zabuza." A man said. Naruto looked over to see a short fat man behind a bunch of men. Naruto watched the mans gaze drop to Haku. "All I regret is that I couldn't kill that brat."

"That was the wrong thing to say." Naruto said as he dropped Zabuza who was suffering from severe chakra burns. Naruto started to walk towards the men.

"You clear a path and I will get Gato." Zabuza said angrily as he held his back. Naruto could see blood dripping onto the ground.

"I think I can do that." Naruto said as he dropped to all fours as a tail formed of chakra formed behind him.

"KILL THEM!" Gato yelled desperately as Zabuza started running towards Gato.

"Duck!" Naruto ordered as dense evil chakra started to form in front of him. Naruto bit into it right as Zabuza leapt out of the way and Naruto released an attack that vaporized half the men. Gato started to back up as Zabuza started to move towards him. Naruto turned to the other half of the thugs. "Leave now before I kill you too." Naruto ordered darkly as he saw one of the throw a spear that hit Zabuza's chest. Naruto vanished and reappeared in front of the attacker. "Bad move." Naruto said as he ripped the man's throat out. Suddenly chakra arms started to wave menacingly around Naruto. The men started to scramble off the bridge and onto the boats. Naruto turned just in time to see Zabuza drive a Kunai deep into Gato's heart killing him instantly. The red chakra started to seep back into the seal. 'Damn that was tiring.' Naruto thought as he saw Zabuza fall backwards. Naruto moved fast and appeared behind Zabuza and caught him.

"Naruto…" Zabuza said as he looked up at the boy. "I am not much longer for this world." He added. "I am leaving…" he trailed off as he coughed up blood. "Leaving you everything in my hideout. It is in a cave abou…" he was cut off by another cough of blood. "About twelve kilometers to the south east it is…" he coughed again. "is very noticeable, you will know the cave." He finished with a cough. "Go in twelve meters… then go left twenty meters… then go right for fifteen meters. You will find a tunnel, take it…" he trailed off with a cough. "it will lead to my hideout. Everything is yours now. Haku…" he coughed again. "Haku knew we weren't going to live… so she took a… storage scroll out… that will… be perfect… to… seal… everything… awa…" he trailed off as the life left his eyes.

"Naruto… this is the way of the Shinobi." Kakashi said. 'This will be a turning point for Naruto, will he be a Shinobi still or will he quit.'

"Unfortunately this hasn't been the first time I have killed." Naruto said shocking Kakashi. "I had killed an assassin that was sent to kill me. But…"

"But this is the first time you have seen a friend die." Kakashi said as Naruto nodded. "You may never get over it." Kakashi added.

"Is that why you stare at the memory stone?" Naruto asked as Kakashi nodded behind Naruto. Naruto attempted to stand but couldn't feel his legs. "I can't stand." Naruto said a little worried.

"Naruto we will need to think of a cover for what you did." Kakashi said. "Sakura saw a lot of what you did." Kakashi added as he helped Naruto stand.

"I got an idea." Naruto said. "It was a forbidden jutsu that I learned when I stole the forbidden scroll." Naruto said.

"Good idea Naruto." Kakashi said as he helped Naruto over to Sakura, Sasuke, and Tazuna.

"My skin feels like it is burning." Naruto said.

"That would be because that Chakra literally burns human skin." Kakashi explained. "But it also increases your regenerative powers exponentially." Kakashi added.

"Oh." Naruto said as they made it to Sakura who was currently bandaging Sasuke. Kakashi laid Naruto next to Sasuke.

"Naruto what was that out their?" Sakura asked.

"A forbidden Jutsu I learned from the Forbidden Scroll when I was tricked into stealing it." Naruto lied smoothly. "Kakashi explained more about it to me while we walked over. What turns my charka red is actually my blood. It mixes with the chakra giving off that red hue. It increases my regenerative powers a lot healing me faster than I was getting hurt." Naruto explained. "I am the only one able to use it because of my natural regenerative powers." Naruto added.

"And it uses an extreme amount of chakra." Kakashi added. "He is suffering from severe chakra exhaustion that would cripple a normal Shinobi for about two weeks. And with Naruto's natural healing powers he should be fine in two maybe three days." Kakashi said.

"Why must you do insane things Naruto?" Sakura asked as she started to look at Naruto to find unblemished skin. She didn't get an answer and saw that Naruto was unconscious.