Chapter Thirty Five
One Month Later

In the past month since Naruto's returned life in Konoha was slowly going back to normal. Hinata spent a lot of her time in the hospital with Naruto talking with him about various things, Sakura would spend some of her down time from training and missions with Hinata. The two would often find themselves talking to Naruto seeing if it will help him come back to them. Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon would always come after school with Iruka to see if anything had changed and would often spend hours talking about Naruto's past exploits and much to Iruka's displeasure Konohamaru was taking down notes. Kakashi would show up at the oddest of hours to check up on Naruto. Gaara had visited Naruto once before he left Konoha back to Suna with his siblings and sensei. Yugito left shortly after Gaara to go back to Kumo. The rest of the Konoha Eleven would come at various hours of the day to check up on him. Asuma and Kurenai would often come by to bring Hinata some nonhospital food. Teuchi and Ayame would come twice a day once in the early morning and once after closing their stand. Anko would often show up after Iruka showed up.

Hinata was currently watching her children playing on top of Naruto's bed. 'When will you wake up Naruto-kun?' Hinata thought to herself.

'Huh what is this weight?' Naruto thought as he felt two squirming things on his legs. 'I am not in the forest anymore…' he thought as he felt the covers. He slowly opened his eyes and the light burned his eyes. "Ugh what happened to me?" Naruto asked with a groan.

"NARUTO-KUN!" Hinata yelled happily.

"What happened to me? Last thing I remember is falling unconscious in the forest." Naruto said as he rubbed his head before he looked at his legs to see two babies one had bright red hair and the other had bright blonde hair. "Are you babysitting Hinata?" he asked.

"N-No." Hinata said nervously. 'What if he doesn't want kids…' she thought. "They are… ours." She said shyly.

"Really?" he asked as she nodded. "Awesome!" he exclaimed as Hinata looked at him shocked. "I always wanted a family and now I have one!" he added happily making Hinata smile when the door was thrown off the hinges. "Hey Kaa-chan you are going to have to fix that!" Naruto exclaimed as he looked up at the blonde woman who had tears in her eyes. He soon found his head slammed in between her large breasts in a crushing hug.

"Um Tsunade-sama… you are turning my boyfriend blue." Hinata said as she promptly released him.

"Sorry Naruto!" Tsunade exclaimed as he gasped for breath.

"You… will… kill… someone… with… those… hugs." Naruto panted out as all of his friends and sensei's started to pile into the room to see the now awake teen. "Hey guys." Naruto said and was crushing in a hug from Sakura. He was shocked as he felt her shake with sobs. "Ah! Sakura don't cry!" Naruto exclaimed nervously while attempting to comfort the crying girl.

"Good to see you are awake Naruto." Kakashi said with his nose in a small orange book with Gai hiding behind him looking afraid at Hinata, he had burst into his room while he was unconscious screaming something about flames of youth making Hinata grab him by his spandex and slap him repeatedly with her wings.

"Your flames of youth burn brightly." Gai said from over Kakashi's shoulder. Everyone was shocked at his quietness but saw his fearful gaze on Hinata.

"Um thanks?" Naruto questioned as Sakura stopped crying.

"You truly are troublesome Naruto." Shikamaru said.

"Munch munch Naruto I brought munch munch you some chips." Choji told him as he handed over a bag of chips right as Naruto's stomach growled angrily.

"Thanks Choji." Naruto said.

"Ugh let me through!" Ino exclaimed as she pushed her teammates and walked in between the two. "Hey Naruto glad to see you awake." She said happily. "Konoha isn't the same without you." She added as everyone couldn't help but nod.

"Brat if you do this again I will find you and make sure you are dead." Anko threatened lowly.

"Anko-chan you shouldn't do anything stressful." Iruka told her pointedly.

"Ugh just because I am pregnant doesn't mean I can't threaten people!" she said before turning a playful glare to Iruka.

"Pregnant?" Naruto asked shocked.

"Oh you should know all about that." Anko said while smiling at him.

"Naruto I believe we will be having a talk." Hiashi said.

"I will Jyukken your nuts Naruto." Neji said flatly.

"Neji you will not do that." Hinata said much too sweetly and with a smile that sent a shiver down Neji's back.

"Well I am tired everyone." Naruto said with a yawn.

"It is good to see that you are back Brat." A voice said from the window and everyone turned to see Jiraiya.

"Hey Ero-sennin." Naruto said as his children started to laugh.

"Don't call me that!" Jiraiya exclaimed.

"Alright everyone you should leave. Naruto needs to get some rest." Tsunade said as she ushered everyone but Hinata and the twins out. Hinata picked the twins up before laying down next to Naruto and had the two in between them. Naruto was already out and subconsciously wrapped his arms around Hinata and their children. Unknown to the young parents a click of a camera went off as the door closed.

'Heh I bet they will like this picture.' Tsunade thought as she turned to see Jiraiya looking seriously at her. "Alright come on we can talk in my office." She said with a sigh.

Several Minutes Later

The two were in her office. "I have gotten more information on Akatsuki." Jiraiya said. "They will start moving to gain the Tailed Beasts in a year and a half." Jiraiya said. "And with how Naruto is now… they will most likely come for him now rather than later." He said.

"What do you suggest we do? Set up more Anbu guards?" Tsunade asked but already had a suspicion on what had to be done.

"I am going to take him out of Konoha." Jiraiya said. "You know as well as I do that I can make that boy disappear off the radar." He said.

"It will take about a week for him to be fully recovered." Tsuande told him.

"That is fine by me." Jiraiya said.

"So where will you be taking him?" Tsunade asked.

"You know I cannot tell you that." Jiraiya told her as she nodded knowingly and sighed.

"Just make sure he comes back… and not a pervert." Tsunade ordered.

"Don't worry I will." Jiraiya told her.

"Hinata-chan will not like this." Tsunade mumbled as she pulled a bottle of Sake out of her desk and took a large swallow drinking most of it in the one gulp.

Several Hours Later

Tsunade walked into the room to see Naruto playing with his daughter. She looked sadly at the two. "Oh hey Kaa-chan." Naruto said as his daughter giggled up at him. "What is wrong?" he asked noticing her sad expression.

"Naruto in one week you will be leaving Konoha on a training mission with Jiraiya." Tsunade said as Hinata's mouth dropped open.

"What? No!" Hinata exclaimed. "I just got him back!" she added.

"He won't be gone long, a year and a half at the most." Tsunade said. "He needs to go because right now he is the weakest of the all the Tailed Beasts. He can easily be captured by the Akatsuki." She added sadly. "I am sorry." She added.

"There is something I need to tell you." Naruto said. "I need Jiraiya's help learning to control Kyubbi's chakra." Naruto added confusing them. "She has fallen unconscious and lost a lot of control over herself and her Yami side took her over. She is currently slamming against the bars of the cage attempting to escape. So I think it would be good for me to go with Jiraiya." Naruto said shocking Hinata.

"Y-you w-want t-to l-leave m-me?" Hinata stuttered in a hurt tone.

"No I don't want to… it is I need to leave in order to protect Konoha, the future, and most of all to protect our children." Naruto told her as he saw the tears falling down her cheeks. "Please don't cry." He told her as he wiped her tears away. 'I hate seeing her cry.' Naruto thought.

"But you are leaving us." Hinata said as a sob broke through her.

"Only temporarily." Naruto told her. "I will write every chance I get and send a toad to deliver it." He told her.

"You better." Hinata said quietly but loud enough for him to hear the dangerous tone in it.

One Week Later

Naruto had his signature black cloak over his shoulders while standing next to Jiraiya. "We should get going brat." Jiraiya told him.

"Okay Ero-sensei." Naruto said as he walked towards Hinata and kissed her forehead followed by kissing Minato's and Kushina's foreheads. "I will be back before you know it." He told Hinata.

"Goodbye Naruto-kun." Hinata said before leaning forward and kissed him deeply. "Come back soon Naruto-kun." She whispered into his ear before he pulled the hood up.

"Goodbye Konoha." Naruto said as he turned to see that Jiraiya had left before him. "DAMN IT ERO-SENSEI WAIT UP!" Naruto yelled as he jogged to catch up with him.

AN: Stay tuned for the sequel The Black Death Returns. It will be made into a separate story.