The young Rhodes steps into the freezing Missouri snow, exhaling to see the fog in his breath. He blocks his face from the light breeze blowing the snow from the roof as he searches the mailbox for the newspaper, grumbling when he doesn't find anything he's looking for. That magazine with the boots should have been inside. The sun rise had been only hours ago, casting now upon the fresh snow like glitter. Cody admires the way it makes the bare trees, holiday decorations and the road look like a scenic painting.

He turns around, smiling at Ted in the doorway, his bright eyes dazzled by the morning fail to bring a smile to his rich boyfriend, the concern on his face failing to leave. Cody sinks almost instantly into Ted's arms, trying to comfort him the best he can, with out being sexual - something that has always proved tough for him.

Cody's lips barely part as he does not even get the words out to ask his worried questions, when Ted pulls him inside, the door locking behind them. They walk up the stairs quietly, somehow the younger one knows to not speak. DiBiase leads them past their bedroom that they hardly stay in, and they quietly creep up to the bedroom belonging to Randy "Orton" and Dave Batista. They loiter in silence by the small crack of the door, Ted's eyes are painfully closed, with Cody unable to find any explanation in their current actions, and unable to attain solace as they listen to the sounds of Randy apologizing, and the painful sound of something they've never heard before - "Big" Dave is crying.

Never surprised that The Legend Killer "just knows" these things, they hear the Leviathan clearing his throat, and Randy calls the two into the room just as his spouse is wiping the tears from his eyes. Rhodes and DiBiase stare at each other before giving worried, painful nods at one another, pushing the door open and trying to shove each other in "first."

They say nothing, sitting on the bed beside their beloved as instructed. Trying not to make eye contact with Batista they follow his eyes to the phone on the night table. Randy sighs deeply, and takes hold of both their hands, their attention turning to him immediately, their hearts breaking at the sight of his steel eyes. There isn't any way to put it lightly, or turn it into a metaphor, at least not one that he can come up with when he tells the two straight out the information that has reduced his enormous husband: He is dying.

Dave has taken on the roll of sitting up straight, summoning his in-ring skills to radiate some kind of comfort, and use himself as a symbol of strength for the three as he has always been. His striking optics unsheathed by sunglasses, unable to hide the emotions coursing through himself to bare hearing the words "I'm dying" to come out of Randy's mouth… for some reason, more real the second time around.

A few moments of disbelief pass before Cody collapses onto Randy in hysterics, crying wildly into his arms that immediately envelope around him. His other half is staring into the carpeted floors, his breathing slowly becoming heavier, as he exhales harshly from his nose. His body trembles slowly, nowhere to the extent of the other boy. He looks up towards the opposite wall as tears stream down his cheeks, not exactly ready to face the second love of his life just yet, but thoughtlessly glad when he can fall into the arms of Batista and allow him to be his comfort.

It is not until afternoon sets in around ten, and the sun is shining into the bedroom that Ted has fallen asleep laying beside Dave who wanted nothing more than to hold Randy and be with him in the first place, as he has slipped himself almost under him, gently rocking his body. Cody lays awake on Randy's chest, a tear occasionally dripping from his eyes that seem to be frozen open, and his pupils matte within an ocean of bright blue… A strange eerie stare, that could have won an Emmy for best deceased-for-several-days corpse on CSI. No one has said another word since Randy has spoke, until Dave whispers to his Viper that he loves him, and all the other man can do is apologize for the results bestowed on him by his doctor.

Cody finally blinks, his lids remaining half-open as he continues to stare into nothingness. He is almost filled with guilt that he cannot love Ted the way that Randy and Dave love each other in this moment, even through all the violent and rough patches that have all seemed to disappear, or have never even happened at all.

He burrows his head a little more into Randy's chest. He has always been so head-over-heels, quite literally, for him. He doesn't know how to tell Randy, especially now, that he wants to spend every last second with him, taking care of whatever he needed, alongside DiBiase, and being the only ones in his life - but Dave is there; and that's his job.

It breaks his heart to know the one man waiting around the corner to beat the life out of Orton is the one that has to help him through this; but that past doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Rhodes almost feels bad, - when he isn't thinking about the times Ted and himself had to clean up the blood spilled from Randy that the one he calls his lover has caused - that hates Batista, even when he's been so accommodating to let Randy have him, and DiBiase, but it wasn't like he wasn't getting a share of the cut in the bedroom, either.

The first time Cody and Ted had ever even heard the name "Dave Batista" they never gave it a second thought, with DiBiase relying on his boyfriend's bedroom skills to wipe that name out of Randy's mind. He wasn't going to pretend he could do the things that the younger man knew how to do with expertise.

Randy had come from Louisville, with his suitcase full of ring gear and his heart left back in Kentucky; he was never one to go home to his own parents, but spend the days he could get away from OVW at Cody's Georgia home with his parents, or one of Ted Jr.'s vast amounts of estates across the country, or countries; rather, his father's.

Randy was laying in bed, amass wrecked sheets, strewn pillows and the bodies of Ted DiBiase Jr., (who had gotten his father to get him a flight immediately from Mississippi to Georgia the minute he'd heard Randy was coming), and Cody Rhodes, firmly attached to his side. Exhausted from their hours of specific endeavors; Ted is flopped over, face down into the pillow, while Cody is drawing circles on Randy's chest with his soft, plush fingertips.

Randy nudges Ted with his elbow, waiting for him to turn over before he confesses in a dreamy, schoolgirl like joy, that he has "met someone" back at training.

Cody snorts with protest before being delivered a deathly glare, and DiBiase swallows the chuckle he was about to make.

Randy's clearly on cloud nine, as he explains his new love to his friends. Cody's idea of vengeance is struck down by the vision provided by Orton, who seems to have fallen in love with colossal monster. He sounds drugged by the idea of the other man.

Cody and Ted look at one another before they look back at Orton, who seems to have become a different person - a romantic person, all because of this one guy - who has yet to ask him on a date.

Randy admits that he's too nervous to go up to the man they call "Leviathan," and wonders if he could use the idea of his legendary father to provide a sense of ability to be hired by Vince McMahon once he is.

Angered, Cody sits up, his waterbed casting waves throughout with his movements. He demands Randy to not lower himself to get used just to get someone to go out with him. He looks at DiBiase with a growl, waiting for him to side with this. Ted doesn't understand the idea of Randy wanting this other man, and tossed away if it wasn't going to happen.

Randy shrugs, and demands they calm down because he has found the one person who he isn't better than - or worse, who he isn't good enough for. He likens "Leviathan" to an unobtainable dream, citing that he doesn't just want to have sex, but an actual relationship.

Angered, they both know Orton belongs to both of them, as unspoken as it was. They had been trying for years to get a stable relationship with Randy, something more than best friends, and something more than sex. Romantic moments came and went, but it wasn't enough to call him their boyfriend yet, he had never been the typical romance novel type of man they wanted him to be.