It had all started with an innocent enough beginning.

Levy had been talking with Lucy about a certain Dragon slayer. Well, Levy had been complaining about him while Lucy listened.

"I just wish once he would call me 'Levy' or something. It's always, 'shorty' or bloody 'bookworm'. I hate that nickname." She complained to the celestial mage.

"You know what he's like."

"I know but I want him to notice me. Not my books or anything else. I want him to…like me." She finished in a whisper to a shocked Lucy.

Before Lucy could reply the subject of her "affections" walked past them.

"Hey bookworm." He offered casually as he headed to the mission board.

"You are such a jerk sometimes!" Levy yelled at the tall man before running out of a shocked guild.

Gajeel could only blink in the direction she went. What was up with her?

"You should really go after her." Lucy pushed him lightly. Not too hard – she was still slightly terrified of him.

"Why me, it's me she's angry at?" fumed the confused iron dragon.

"Exactly, that's why it should be you. You need to make things better with her. Or it might be too late…" she let what it might be hang in the air…

Grumbling and conflicted he set off after the littlest mages trail. He'd forgotten how quickly she could run when she needed too.

Levy had no idea where she was going. She just had to go somewhere to escape from him. She'd behaved badly but he'd made her so angry with the nicknames.

She barely saw the other person before she knocked him off his feet she was going so fast.

"I'm sorry!" she yelled and tried to keep running only to be suddenly frozen in place.

"I think you owe me more than an apology." He said leeringly to her as he walked up to her. The bastard had frozen her with an incantation!

"I don't owe you anything." She gritted out, unable to move because of the spell.

The man in front of her paled visibly as the light behind Levy was blocked out by someone coming close up behind her.

"Get the hell away from my bookworm arsehole." Came a dangerously threatening voice.

Levy turned her head, his spell weakened as he wet himself, and almost sagged in relief seeing the iron dragon standing there, arms folded, a glare that could kill a man zeroed in on her would be assailant who gulped and then fell stone dead as metal rod almost took his head off his shoulders.

"Bastard." Gajeel spat in disgust. Truthfully he'd like to have tortured him a bit but his rage overtook him.

His gaze turned more tender, well…there was less of a scowl, as he turned to Levy.

"Hey bookwHOA!" he yelped as he was hit by a surface to Gajeel, Levy missile that knocked him flat on his back.

After Levys initial relief wore off she realised what he had said – my bookworm…that little, possessive, word reverberating around her head and causing blood to rush to her face as she looked down at him.

Gajeel must have remembered what he said as well because there was definitely a blush across his cheeks too. Then he smirked.

"Pleased to see me then?" He grinned up at her making her blush more.

"Surprisingly, yes." She replied, "but I usually am anyway." She was delighted with herself to make him flush some more. "I'd be happier to get off the ground though."

"Yeah me too. Not that you weigh much but the ground is quite hard." He stood a little away from her rubbing the back of his head. "My place is near here so you can get cleaned up."

He pulled her along, glad of the fact she hadn't noticed he had definitely enjoyed her lithe little figure being plastered against him and glad his loose trousers hid it now he was standing up.

As Levy let the water from the shower run over her she let her mind go back over recent events. She couldn't really care less about the jerk in the street. It was what had happened since that had her confused.

She'd flung herself at him in thanks and also because it was an excuse to hug him as the damsel in distress.

He'd felt so good. Like he was built from the iron he so enjoyed eating. As she ran her hands over her body washing herself she started fantasising about what it would be like if they were his hands on her.

She gave a little gasp at her thoughts. She started liking him after the whole Luxus thing but desiring him?

Well, he is hot. Her inner voice jibed. He likes you too. Imagine if you went out there with nothing on. What would he do?

You know he'd probably grab you and give you what you want. All night.

She could feel her face getting even hotter in the shower. How on earth was she going to face him now?

Gajeel stormed round his apartment tidying up angrily, if possible. No-one else saw his apartment, if they had he wouldn't have cared.

Suddenly though, it mattered. It mattered what she thought of it. She had to like it. She had to be comfortable.

"Right now she's in your shower" a traitorous voice whispered to him.

"Shut up!" he growled at it.


That shut him up. The thought of the cute little bookworm nude and wet in the next room sent all kinds of thoughts through this head. Sure she wasn't built like most of the other fairy tail girls but that had never been his thing either. The fact she was the cutest little thing he'd ever seen was though. And damn, that backside of hers…

She's going to have used one of your towels to wipe her body.

"That's enough!" he whisper/yelled to himself.

"Umm. Gajeel?" a soft voice came from the bathroom.

She stood in the doorway, the towel covered her up but her shoulders were bare and some steam rising from her. Her hair damp around her head. Gajeel couldn't feel any breath in his body. Nothing existed except her.

Levy blushed under his steady regard and looked to the side.

"Umm, do you have some clothes I could borrow while mine dry out?"

"Urrghhh." He articulated wonderfully. "Umm, l-let me look."

This was going to be hard; he needed to give her something nice but something he'd never want to wear again to keep her presence in it…

To be continued…A lot more fun and an embarrassing confession in the next chapter.

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