Chapter 11

"Lu-chan you can stay at the guild no problem." Mira cooed over her, resting her hand on Lucy's arm.

"Oh but Levy said I could-" she stifled a yelp as Mirajane's nails dug into her flesh, her face never changing expression. Her eyes though. Her eyes were like steel as they bored into Lucy.

She had gone to all this trouble and was not going to let Natsu and Gray setting fire to Lucy's house get in the way of things.

The pair were currently getting their faces decorated black and blue by Erza. Not for doing it but for lying to Lucy about it being lightning.


"Poor Lucy." Levy sympathised as she got to work in the kitchen.

"Yeah." said Gajeel distractedly as he couldn't help but stare at her backside shifting back and forth while rummaging in the cupboard.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked him as she turned around and stood up. He was oddly quiet.

"Mostly you." He replied with honesty.

She blushed prettily and he couldn't help but stroke her cheek.

"Gajeel what are we doing? Everyone thinks we're married." She looked up into his face with concern in her eyes.

"I know." He said softly as he smoothed some hair out of her face.

"We can't keep hiding it from them."

"I know."

"When are we going to tell them?"

"Who said we had to tell them?"

"We – What?" She yelled/shrieked.

"They all think we're married. Why not run off somewhere and make it true?" His heart seemed to have commandeered his mouth and was driving it roughshod over his caution and his pride.

It was possibly the strangest, bluntest way anyone has ever proposed but somehow it fit his personality perfectly. No flowery words. No false sentiment. Only honest words from his heart.

"I..I.." Levy was utterly speechless.

"Come on bookworm. You know you want me."

"I…I do b-but you want to spend the rest of your life with me?"

"Until the end of time bookworm." His voice not betraying his worry. He was starting to get nervous now. Wasn't she meant to swoon into his arms saying yes? What if she said no?

What if she laughs! He didn't think he'd cope with that.

"I-I-" Levy gasped as she struggled to get anything coherent out. Her mind was a whirl of confusion. Married? To Gajeel? She had an image of a future with little scowling children with black and blue hair eating the cutlery. She loved it.

It was so cute she couldn't help but giggle at the idea.

Sadly the other member of the conversation didn't see her image. All he heard was laughter…

Gajeel's heart broke in two at her apparent rejection.

Levy looked up into his eyes, planning to agree with her whole heart, but the look of desolation there surprised her. Her voice catching in her throat.

"Gajeel –"she got out before he fled the room leaving her confused, wondering what had gone wrong.


Gajeel hoisted his bag over his shoulder as he left the masters office. The master hadn't agreed but he understood the iron dragon's reasons for leaving now.

Staying around your source of a broken heart was never a good thing. He'd seen it destroy many a fine young mage.

He'd been shocked at Levy's reaction. He'd never expected that of the little solid script mage. Mainly because he thought she was besotted with the dragon slayer.

He had said his goodbyes to Juvia and Lily. Juvia had been surprised but had quickly made said her goodbyes. She had someone to find. Unusually it was not her 'Gray sama'.

The exceed had wanted to come with him.

"You can't just go off there by yourself." The little cat had argued.

"Nah. You've got too much honour to be able to do what we may need to do there." The Iron dragon would love to take his friend with him but knew the black cat wouldn't fit in with the dark guild.

"Why are you leaving? What is it to do with Levy? What happened?" Lily knew he'd said the wrong L-word when Gajeel's face had a flash of pain then shuttered.

"Nothing at all to do with her." He muttered and walked away from the fairy tail guild.


"Juvia. Juvia." Levy was breathing heavily as she ran up to the water mage. "Have you seen Gajeel?"

"What do you want with Gajeel kun?" Juvia was unmoved and the cold demeanour was shocking compared to her normally cheery personality. The little mage had no idea she was close to being strangled with water if she didn't choose her words carefully.

"I have to find him. Please Juvia. I have to tell him."

Juvia was still not convinced.

"Tell him what?" She was very protective of her oldest friend. "I believe you've said enough to him already."

"Tell him I love him." Her voice filled with so much pain and desperation that Juvia couldn't have told her 'no' if she wanted to.

"Juvia cannot help you." Levy looked up desperate but the water mage went on and smiled. "But I know who can."

Levy was filled with hope at the smile on the taller woman's face.


Gajeel continued his trek away from fairy tail. His goal was Raven tail to help Makarov take out his son.

It would help him to forget his pain to crack some heads together. Hopefully this could help him get over the little mage. Even if she didn't want to be with him he would still give his all to protect her and the rest of the people he had come to think of as friends.

Though he'd never dream of telling any of them. This had shown him that close relationships would lead only to pain.

Suddenly, his keen senses picked up someone approaching him fast in the air. A second later he realised it was Lily. Carrying Levy.

"Gajeel!" she yelled. She let go of Lily and dropped down to Gajeel, arms spread out, as she fluttered through the air too his arms.

"WH-What!" He yelled as he rushed to catch her. "What the hell are you doing!"

"I know you'll always catch me." She beamed up to him, breathless as she clutched at his arms.

She had such a look of love and trust that he almost forgot why he had run away from her.

Her heart almost broke as he all but pushed her away from him.

Levy would not be deterred.

"Why did you run away from me?" She questioned as she moved towards him. "Why did you ask me something so wonderful and then run?"

"Why did you laugh?" He asked her bitterly his voice laced with pain. He would still not look at her.

"I was laughing at an image of what our children would be like!" She yelled at him, stomping her foot.

"You- what!" His defences crumbling at her admission as he looked into her eyes.

"I. WANT. TO. BE. WITH. YOU!" she enunciated each word to him slowly to make it completely clear.

Gajeel only stood there dumbstruck.

Levy sighed in frustration knowing there was only one option left to her and jumped into his arms pressing her lips to hers. The powerful chemistry wrought between them meant he could do nothing but respond to her and wrap his arms around her.

"Let's go home and work on that image you had." He grinned to her when they parted for air. As he squeezed her around the waist and lightly smooched her again.

She responded in the only way she could and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Looking down at them, Lily smiled. Juvia would be delighted.


Well folks that's the end.

I might do a follow up with the kiddies. I reckon Gajeel would be a funny Dad.

I've not read any stories where they have kids yet…