Chapter 2

Drizzt stalked through the market place, seeking the one drow Malice sent him for. He edged through a crowd of slave fodder. Drizzt was glad to appear as just a rogue drow, thanks much to a ring his mother gave him. However, he was without the comfort of his scimitars, instead he had his perished brother's long sword and dagger. This bought him cover though. Cover was a needed friend that he welcomed graciously.

He finally saw his target a general in the common forces of House Fey Branche. House Fey Branche maliciously sought to bring the downfall of Do'Urden. They recently launched an "unnamed' skirmish upon Drizzt's sister. This nearly brought Maya's death. Matron Malice wasn't too pleased, then again she never was. Drizzt was sent to kill the leader of the ambush and the only one to scramble away.

Drizzt chuckled softly to himself, as he ducked into an alleyway. The target eyed him with suspicion when he called him over. The Fey Branche male ambled over in a defensive stance. The disguised Drizzt drew both blades and launched a simple attack. Dagger thrusting in after longsword swung high. The drow brought his own swords up in defense picking of the slash and getting nicked by the deft thrust. Drizzt launched a double thrust low half heartedly. It was blocked less than gracefully. He laughed at his poor victim. He threw a backslash with the longsword and brought the dagger up through the poor drow's jaw. He didn't even bother hiding the body.

Ant'Mol Branche watched with a look of contempt for the old Shyntgin, who was once the house weapons master. Ant'Mol was the secondboy of his house, and also a prized asset due to his dual skillset. He cast an invisibility spell and followed the killer of his once teacher, to a warehouse where only the reknowned Drizzt Do'Urden exited. Ant'Mol knew then where his course would lead him.