Author's Note: I hope you guys like it, this story starts out a couple days later after the funeral for the Shadowhunters, Agatha and Thomas. I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes.

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"Looks like high and mighty, has landed himself in some trouble." Will grinned, his eyes sparked with amusement.

"Will, what are you carrying on about?" Jem asked.

Tessa followed Will's gaze across the street to see Gabriel Lightwood standing in front of bakery store, but he appeared not to be alone, with him a girl that appeared to be around her age. She was wearing a dark blue dress that seemed to make her hair appear a lot dark then it was, red as rose, which she wore up.

Gabriel and the girl were arguing and with every passing second the colour of Gabriel's face was fading. Whatever he said to the girl, she was not going to put up with it. The girl gave him one last icy glare and then soon disappeared into a store near by leaving Gabriel fuming and speechless.

"He's white as ghost. He reminds me of the ghost of St. Nicholas Adams the third." Spoke Will.

"A ghost?" Tessa stared at Will with udder disbelief.

Jem shook his head, "Do not listen to him, there is no such things as ghost."

Will cocked his eyebrow, "Sure there is, just like there is demon pox."

"How many times have been over this? There is no such thing as demon pox."

Will shrugged his shoulders as went to take a step across the street, in the direction of Gabriel. However, Jem hooked his cane under Will's arm, catching him and pulled him back towards them.

"Please Will, do not infuriate him today. Whatever the girl said put him in his place for now. Let's just get the things that Charlotte asked for and head back to Institute."

Will shrugged his shoulders once more and then headed in the opposite direction. Jem shook his head then turn his gaze. His eyes locked with hers for only a mere second, but that's all it took. Tessa felt her heart stop beating. She didn't know what had gotten into her all of sudden. Jem smiled and nodded his head in the direction of Will indicating that they should follow. Tessa gave a weak smile and walked by his side.

As they started to follow Will, the girl came out of the shop. Tessa, stopped and watched as the girl was going the opposite direction of where Gabriel stood, but unexpectedly the girl locked eyes with hers. A faint smile played across her lips then she went on her way. Tessa, shook her head and saw that Jem was staring at her with curious eyes. Tessa caught up with him and they continued on their way. As they walked, something tugged inside her. There was something about that girl that seemed familiar, she could not place it though, but yes there was something familiar that was certain.

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