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Rachel stood in the garden near the park waiting for Gabriel to show up. He had returned her letter agreeing to meet her in a public setting. After her talk with Daniel, it had left with more questions than answers. She didn't stay long at Woolsey's, only long enough to have a private chat with Daniel. Now to get her answers from Gabriel and their relationship was shaky as it gets, considering she had a small relationship with his brother only a matter of weeks before. A gentle sigh left her as she started to smooth out her dress before moving to sit, but stopped when a deep voice spoke her name. Turning around, she gave a curt nod at Gabriel as he stood behind her dressed in his usual dark clothes, but quite calm as the busy life of London roared behind him.

"Mr. Lightwood, thank you for meeting with me." Her voice was so softer then she had intended and was surprised when Gabriel gave a terse nod acknowledging he heard her.

"I'll admit I was surprise by your letter Miss Adams, but even in your writing I could tell there was urgency in your words." His voice soft and gentle, then taking her hand he brought it to his lips and kissed it before giving it back. "May I ask what kind of information you are searching for and what I can do to help?"

"It is about the party your father held the other night," She said quickly and kept speaking as he tensed; she caught him off guard. "Your father is slipping Mr. Lightwood and to have it with demons…." She shook her head in disgust. "Mr. Lightwood, I have only met your father once when I was being courted by your brother. Your father can put on quite a show, but you know what will happen if the Clave finds out about this." Gabriel's muscles tightened, yes he knew exactly what would happen if the Clave would find out. His jaw set in stone as he stared a head and didn't look at her, but she continued on. "Mr. Lightwood you must find out what is going in your household, if you do not the Clave will show no mercy to your family at all if they ever find out and not a lot gets past them." She gave him a wry glance.

"Do not worry Miss Adams I'm going to get to the bottom of this. My father has always been a difficult man – but this…." He shook his head and sighed. "I'm not quite sure what to make of this mess."

Rachel only nodded as she stared up at him, his expression strained and confusion in his eyes danced. Sins of father and his sons were going to pay for them instead. "Shall we go for a walk Mr. Lightwood?"

Surprise flooded through his hard exterior, but he quickly recovered and held out his arm for her to take. She looped her arm into his. She hoped that this walk would give a little peace to him, he deserved that at least. As they strolled through the garden, she began to question his relationship with Mr. Herondale which she found very amusing as Mr. Lightwood told her, she asked about his relationship with Mr. Carstairs and finally she asked about Miss Collins. The flushed of his cheeks told what she had figured out watching the two of them together in the same room. She was nether blind or stupid to notice Mr. Lightwood interest in her and had every right to be Sophie was a beautiful young lady. After persuading comments she finally got a confession out of him. It wasn't long before they left the garden and walked into the park, she gave him a secret smile as they continued their walk. It had turned to be splendid afternoon so far.

Tessa sat in her room filled with dread about Will, everything had gone horribly wrong. Nate was dead. Charlotte was almost and Will…oh Will saved her life by throwing himself over her as the blast exploded. After convincing Jessamine to write a note to Nate asking him to meet her, but it turned out that Nate knew it was trap and had been ready for them. Now Will was laying infirmary getting shard metal out his back. Tessa felt hopeless at this very moment, there had been too many unanswered questions and more questions had risen between her and Nate before his death. Tessa whipped her head at the sound of a knock on her door.

"Tessa," Rachel's voice drifted from the other side.

Relief flooded through as she quickly rose of her bed and wrenched the door open for Rachel standing in the corridor, her green eyes sparkling with sympathy then stepped inside her room.

"Oh Tessa, I just ran into Jem. He told me what happened. I'm sorry that I wasn't there to help." Her voice was filled with sorrow and guilt.

Tessa shook her head. "Please Rachel do not be sorry, no one knew how this was going to play out."

"Tessa, we will win this Nate may be gone, but there are ways. We will track down Mortmain and stop him before he tries to get his hands on you and tries to destroy the Shadowhunters." Rachel took her hands into hers and gave a reassuring squeeze. "I'm going to go to the infirmary and see how Will is doing and the others."

As Tessa opened her mouth, a knock sounded and Sophie stepped into the room. Her cheeks flushed that she had accidently intruded their conversation. "Miss Gray, Miss Adams I'm sorry if I interrupted something."

"It is alright Sophie I'm just leaving." Rachel responded and gave Tessa a gentle hug and told her that she would be back later to check up on her.

When Rachel had let the room, Tessa turned her attention back to Sophie. "Sophie is there something you need, laundry perhaps?"

"No," Sophie shook her head. "Mrs. Branwell thought you need a good bath after what had happened this evening."

Tessa gave a sharp nod, "Very well then."

Rachel could hear footsteps echoing down the silent corridor and made her way to the infirmary. By the time she reached it, she was greeted by silence. No one was there which was good for her. She figured they had left him to rest and to discuss other private matters in the library. Walking towards his bed, she knelt down and pressed her hand lightly to his back. She did not want to cause him anymore pain then he was already is. Closing her eyes, she channeled her power into him, letting her power help his healing process faster. Taking her hand away, a soft smile flicked into her lips.

"You are a brave soul William Herondale, your family will be blessed more then you. But, first you must forgive yourself of your past that you had no control over." She whispered, then rose to her feet – for there was another meeting she must attended.

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