A CSI Miami FanFic

By NiteJasmine

Horatio loves Cassandra Cordell. But now she appears to be involved in a murder case. Has she just been playing him?

This takes place way before my other story "Whispers." That was only going to be a one-shot, but this Cassie character & storyline just wouldn't leave me alone… so… here we go…

Some of the chapters are kinda short... Rated M for the inevitable sexual content…

I don't own any characters from CSI Miami, I just borrow them on occasion…

Horatio couldn't believe his eyes. He felt as if someone had just punched him in the stomach. This just could not be true. But, as the familiar saying goes among CSIs, the evidence doesn't lie.

They had a murder suspect, Daniel Trivito, whom they were certain was the killer, now they just had to prove it. Eric had run the guy's cell phone records, and three calls had been made to one particular number, right here in Miami, the day of the murder. Then nothing. The phone had not been used since. But it was a very, very familiar number to Horatio Caine… The number belonged to his girlfriend, Cassandra Cordell. The woman who had quickly become the love of his life. He didn't want to believe it. His Cassie… showing up linked to a murderer?

"I'll run that number through the database…" Eric began, but Horatio cut him off. "That won't be necessary, Eric, that number… belongs to Cassandra Cordell."

"H," Eric said haltingly, trying to absorb the impact of this discovery, "that can't be right."

But he knew the data was pure cold black and white, staring them in the face. Both men fell quiet as they stared at the monitor's display. Eric finally broke the long awkward silence.

"No, H," he said adamantly. "Come on. There's no way Cassie is involved in any kind of murder, and I can't believe she would have anything to do with this loser."

Horatio had to make a concerted effort to push down his rising swell of emotions, and the large knot that was forming in the pit of his stomach. He quickly threw up his internal walls, and assumed the cool, well-armored thick skin of a CSI Lieutenant. There was a case to solve, a victim to be vindicated, and a murderer to catch. And this was a viable lead. A lead that had to be followed, regardless of where it may end up taking him.

"Well, Eric," Horatio spoke in his reserved, even tone, "then why the hell is her name showing up on his cell phone?"

Eric didn't have an answer.

"She needs to be questioned." Horatio said flatly, and Eric watched in silence as Horatio quickly turned and strode from the room.

Horatio tried to quell the torrent of conflicting emotions churning within him. He had been hurt so many times, and in so many ways, by the few women that he had ever allowed himself to give his heart to. Before he met Cassie, he had convinced himself that he would spend the rest of his life alone.

But then he met the tall, lovely brunette businesswoman at a local fundraiser, and fate had stepped in. Within a very short amount of time, he had found himself deeply in love with her. And over the past several months, their relationship had grown and matured into a trusting and loving bond. Or so he had thought…

And now this… this discovery began to make him doubt himself and his own judgment, which made him intensely angry. Could Cassie be just another painful mistake? He didn't want to believe it. He didn't want to feel the devastation or betrayal or heartbreak.

But he had to find the truth. So, with his suspicious nature running full tilt and all his armor-plated safeguards swung tightly into place, he walked quickly to the main lobby, snapped his cell phone open, and dialed her number.