Through the years You've never let me down. You turned my life around. The sweetest days I've found I've found with you. Through the years I've never been afraid. I've loved the life we've made And I'm so glad I stayed Right here with you Through the years. -Kenny Rogers, Through the Years

I stood in front of the mirror, tears filling my eyes as I stared at my reflection. My hand moved to my waist, smoothing the silky smooth fabric of my wedding dress. I smiled at my reflection, hardly able to believe it was actually happening, I was actually about to get married. I could see Ginny standing behind me by the tents entrance. She had the door open and was staring out of it again. Her mint green dress flowed gently in the wind coming from the open flap, making it swirl prettily around her legs. Luna walked up beside her and placed her hand on her shoulder, pulling her back into the tent with a laugh.

"You're going to let the wongles in!"

"Wongles?" I asked, turning around and facing the two bridesmaids.

"Yes, they're little purple creatures that nest in hair. They're attracted to parties and celebrations." Luna said in a matter-of-fact voice as she closed the tent flap.

"Really?" Angelina asked, coming up beside me and fluffing her hair. She'd had it done up in a bun with little daisies stuck throughout it. My own hair was left down, with a bit pulled back and I had babies breath stuck up in it.

"Well, zey 'ad better not nest in zis 'air!" Fleur said, walking up behind me and fixing a couple of flowers in my hair.

"Or Angelina's hair, I'll hex them if they touch it!" Alicia added, staring at Angelina's hair protectively. I giggled, unable to help it at the looks on Fleur and Alicia's faces. They'd spent the better half of the morning fixing our hair. I had more spells cast over my hair than I'd had wards over our tent during the hunt.

Still, I think it was worth it, the overall effect was incredible. Fleur had helped me pick out the gown, imbuing it with magic so that it seemed to give off a faint glow, it was handy having a half Veela as your bridesmaid.

"Are you nervous?" Angelina asked, stepping up beside me and placing a light hand on my arm. I nodded my head slightly, I was nervous, but not scared. I'd been worried I would be scared, but I wasn't, I was just nervous.

"Where is Harry?" Ginny asked impatiently, stepping back towards the tent flap. Luna laughed good naturedly and shook her head.

"He'll be here in a moment, Mrs. Weasley threatened to disembowel all the boys if they messed anything up today."

"I'd be more scared of Fleur." Angelina whispered in my ear. I laughed at that, stifling it behind my hand as best I could.

"You know, Harry is late." I said once I stopped giggling. "Do you think he's embarrassed I asked him to be one of my attendants?" I'd been worried about that ever since I'd asked him to be one of my bridesmen. He was my best friend and I wanted him in my half of the party, but I hadn't wanted to embarrass him. I'd even made sure he wore masculine dress robes, just in my colors. George had been all for letting him wear the dress.

"No, I think he was thrilled honestly. He's probably just getting into trouble with Ron. Merlin only knows what the two of them are doing."

"What the two of who are doing?" Harry asked, ducking into the tent. His hair was windblown and sticking up in every which way, completely changed from the smoothed down look Fleur had tried to give it. I smiled in relief when I saw it back to its normal haphazard state, he wasn't Harry with flat hair.

"You an Ron." I answered, stepping forward and grabbing him in a loose hug.

"Oh, well, whatever we were accused of, we're innocent. It was probably Fred and George." He said, dropping his arms from me and walking over to give Ginny a hug.

"Oi, don't blame our fiancé's, I'm sure they didn't do it. Well, not yet any way." Angelina said grinning as she smoothed her dress out for the fifteenth time.

"We weren't accusing you of anything anyway." I said, smiling at Angelina's comment. "How much longer till the ceremony starts?

"Five minutes." My dad said, stepping into the tent with a smile. "Are you really ready to walk down the aisle? You can still walk away."

"Yeah, the same goes for you, Ange." Mr. Johnson said, stepping into the tent behind my dad. I walked forward and gave him a hug, squeezing him tight.

"No dad, I'm not stepping out. I'm ready to marry George, I love him and can't wait to be his wife." I leaned back from his hug, looking at him worriedly. He was extremely pale and looked like he was about to pass out. "Are you alright? You don't look so well."

"I'm giving my baby away, I'm allowed to look ill."

"No, I don't think that's permitted." I said, tilting my head and trying to look thoughtful.

"Umm, guys, the music's started." Harry said, peering out the tent flap.

"What?" Angelina and I both asked, though it sounded more like a squeak than actual words.

"Everybody in zere poseeteeons!" Fleur called, stepping to the front of the tent and moving the bridesmaids in their positions. My dad took my arm and led me to the back, looping his arm through mine and trembling slightly. I was thrilled, nervous and excited at the same time.

"Go!" Alicia called, stepping in front of Angelina. Harry gave a nervous look behind him from the front of the group before Ginny pushed him in the back, sending him out of the tent first. She picked up her skirt and her and Luna followed him out. A few beats later Fleur and Alicia followed, leaving just Angelina, our dad's, and myself in the tent.

"Are you ready?" My dad asked, tightening his grip on my arm. I nodded my head, feeling oddly at ease, my nervousness seemed to just fade away. I was doing the right thing, I was marrying my George, I was marrying my love.

The tent's flaps opened and the wedding march started. I took a deep breath and stepped forward. We walked out of the tent into the afternoon sun. Rows and rows of chairs were on either side of a long aisle down the middle of the Burrow's garden, but I didn't even notice all the people who had come to watch the ceremony. I only noticed the man waiting at the end of the aisle. He was wearing a dress robe, even though him and Fred had threatened not too.

I couldn't take my eyes off of him, he was smiling, the large toothy grin that I loved so much, the one he only ever gave me. His eyes were sparkling, looking like liquid sapphires in the afternoon sun. My eyes locked onto him and I had to force myself not to run to him. I kept the slow walk, my heart racing with excitement as I neared him. We stopped right in front of the altar.

Percy stepped forward, a huge grin on his face as he looked down at us.

"Who gives Angelina Alison Johnson away?"

"I do." Her dad replied before stepping back and taking his seat next to his wife. Angelina stepped up and stood next to Fred, her eyes focused solely on him. Once she was in her spot Percy turned towards me.

"Who gives Hermione Jean Granger away?" Dad squeezed my arm before he answered in a emotional voice.

"I do." He squeezed my arm again before stepping back to join my mum. I stepped forward, careful not to trip on my dress and moved next to George, trying not to lose myself in his beautiful blue eyes. He took my hand and we both turned towards Percy.

"Welcome, family, friends, and loved ones. We are gathered here today to bond these couples, Frederick Gideon Weasley, Angelina Alison Johnson, and George Gideon Weasley, Hermione Jean Granger, in the holy state of matrimony.

"Marriage is perhaps the greatest, most magical, and challenging adventure of human relationships. It is a bond that can't be broken ,but can't be created by a ceremony. Only you can create it, only you can keep it; through love, patience, dedication, perseverance, understanding; through supporting, learning to forgive, learning to appreciate your differences, and learning to let go of the little things. So now we come to the declaration of intent." He took a deep breath and turned to Fred.

"Will you Fred, take this woman to be your wedded wife?"

"I will." Fred answered, his voice extremely quiet and emotional.

"Will you, Angelina, take this man to be your wedded husband?"

"I will." Was her instant reply. Percy turned towards George and me, a grin still lifting his face.

"Do you, George, take this woman to be your wedded wife?"

"I do," he replied, never breaking our gaze. Tears filled my eyes at the words and my heart beat even faster.

"Do you, Hermione, take this man to be your wedded husband?"

"I do," I replied quickly, trying not to cry to hard. Tears were falling down my eyes and I didn't even try to stop them.

"We've now come to the point of the ceremony where you'll say your vows to each other. Please now read the vows you have written for each other."

Fred and Angelina went first,

"I George, take you, Hermione, to be my wife, my constant friend, partner and one love. You are the most caring person I've ever known. I've loved you since I first understood what the word meant. I love your humor, your passion, your willingness to just dive right in. I love the way you're always reading, the way you always answer questions. I love you're quiet strength, your gentle grace. Today, I choose you to be my lawfully wedded wife, I promise to love you, to honor you, to be faithful to you, I promise care for you, from this day on, for the rest of our lives."

I was openly crying at this point, I couldn't see him anymore through my tears, and I was wishing I had gone first. I opened my mouth to speak and I had to clear my throat twice before I could speak.

"I, Hermione, take you, George, to be my husband, my constant friend, partner, and one love. You're my best friend, and first love, I'd never fully realized what that meant until I met you. Falling in love with you has been the easiest thing in the world. I love everything about you, your humor, your reckless courage, the way you never pick up your socks. You're the strongest, gentlest man I know, and today, I give you my love, my loyalty, and my life. Today I choose you to be my lawfully wedded husband."

Tears filled George's beautiful blue eyes and he gave me a watery smile. Fred and Angelina started speaking, but I couldn't hear them, I was crying too much, and I'd lost myself in George's eyes.

"May I have the rings, please?" Percy said, drawing me back and making me focus on the ceremony again. Lee stepped forward and pulled the rings out of his pocket. He handed out the gold bands to us, and Fred went first.

"Please repeat after me: I give you this ring, as a daily reminder of my love for you." Fred repeated the line, and then Angelina went. Percy then turned towards George and me, and we went.

"I give you this ring, as a daily reminder of my love for you." George said as he slipped the ring on my finger. His hand trembled a slight bit and he had trouble slipping the ring on my finger, it probably didn't help that my own hand was shaking.

I held his ring out and looked him in the eyes, forcing my hand to stop shaking. "I give you this ring as a daily reminder of my love for you." I slipped the ring on his finger, clutching the hand in my own and turning back to Percy.

"By the power of your love and commitment, and the power vested in me, I now declare you bonded for life as husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!" Percy said. George and I turned back towards each other. I leaned up towards him and he leaned down towards me. He grabbed my waist and dipped me so low that my hair actually touched the grass. I let out a laugh before he kissed me on the lips, sealing our vows and tying the magical bindings. He kissed me for a long moment, holding me tightly so that I wouldn't fall before he lifted me back up. I could hear the crowd laughing, and I couldn't help the giggle that left my own lips.

"I now present, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Weasley, and Mr. and Mrs. George Weasley!"


Three years later


I set George's dinner down on the table and stepped back. It was Thursday night, we always played cards with Fred and Angelina on Thursday nights, but I'd asked them to go out instead, I had some special news I wanted to tell George, and I wanted to do it alone. He would be here in about five minutes, so I only had a little bit of time left to get everything ready.

I ran back to the mirror and checked my hair, fixing it and smoothing my dress robes. I headed back to the kitchen to get the rest of the food when I heard a crack. I spun around on my heels and aimed my best glare at George.

"What are you doing here? I had three more minutes." He smiled at my accusing tone and stepped forward, dropping his bag on the table and opening his arms to give me a hug.

"Sorry love, I saw a chance to close the shop early and I took it. I couldn't wait to get home to my beautiful wifey." He said, grabbing me in a hug and spinning me around. I laughed at the feel before he set me back down.

"Okay, I'll forgive you, this time." I said, heading back into the kitchen. "Go wash up and then we can start the evening." I looked back over my shoulder at George and smiled. "I have a wonderful evening planned for us." George looked me up and down, eyeing my dress robes hungrily. "Sounds good, can we skip to dessert?"

"No, well, not yet." I said, stepping into the kitchen and grabbing out the steaks I had made. I went back into the living room/dining room and set the steaks on the table. I took off my apron and sat down at the table to wait for George.

"Mmm, I am the luckiest man. I've a beautiful wife, and she can cook too!"

"I'm brilliant, what can I say?"

We ate the meal, keeping light conversation and enjoying each other. It seemed to take him forever to finish his meal, probably because I couldn't wait for him to ask for dessert. Finally, he set his wine glass down and smiled wickedly at me.

"So, how about dessert?"

"After we do the dishes." He gave me an adorable pout while I stood up and grabbed the plates.

"Okay." He said sulkily before grabbing the cups and running into the kitchen. I laughed at his eagerness before following him into the kitchen.

He started the water and dumped the plates in the sink. He wanted to do them the magic way when we were first married, but he always helped me do them by hand because I enjoyed that more. Honestly, it was just because I was sentimental. I loved washing dishes with him because that was when he had first told me he had like me. That's why this was the perfect time to tell him my news.

I handed him the first plate, letting him rinse dry it as he began to tell me about his day. I waited for a minute before I handed him the next plate, holding my breath and trying not to let my hand shake too much. He grabbed the plate and wiped it off with his towel before pausing and looking at the plate again. I had charmed it so that words would appear when he wiped it. He read the plate twice before he could make any noise.

"You are going to be a daddy?" He read aloud, his voice going up an octave. His hand gripped the sink and he had stopped moving, his eyes staring at the baby blue words written across the plate.

"Yes, in about eight months, you're going to be a daddy." He blinked for a moment, and then his eyes grew wide as he realized what I was saying. He whirled around and grabbed me in a tight embrace, pulling me closer to him as he let out an excited laugh.

"Really?" He asked, his voice thrilled.

"Yes!" I said pulling back and looking him in the eyes, he was beaming. It thrilled me that he was excited. I never thought he wouldn't be, but I still was worried.

"We're going to have a baby!"

"No," I said quietly, trying not to sound too excited. "We're going to have babies."


"What are you George?"

"A future father?" I laughed at that, shaking my head. "No, you're a twin."

"What!" he exclaimed, his eyes growing even wider. A look of joyful disbelief filled his face and he looked at me in shock. I grabbed his hand and led him to the couch, setting him down before joining him.

"Twins," he said, staring off in the distance with a happy smile. "Merlin's beard, I'm going to be a daddy!" He turned in his seat and put his hand on my stomach, leaning down to whisper to my stomach. "Hi there, I'm your daddy. I promise to love you no matter what, and teach you all sorts of pranks."

Merlin save me, I was going to have twins and they were going to be George's kids and Fred's nephew's or nieces. Merlin only knew what type of trouble they'd end up causing. Looks like I was doomed to a life of mischief and pranks. Good thing I loved trouble makers.


About twenty six years after that


I knelt in front of the little crib and stared at the little baby girl, my granddaughter, my babies baby. She was only a three months old, and today was her first night at my home. We'd just talked her parents, my son and his wife, into letting her sleep over. I could hardly believe she was real, she was so beautiful, so perfect, so tiny. I'd had four children. Two twin boys, a girl, and a last boy, but I still couldn't get over the shock and wonder that bringing a new life into the world held. I couldn't get over how incredible she was. She had George's eye, and his wonderful smile. Her hair was like her mothers, jet black, but it was frizzy like her dad, poor fellow got my awful hair.

I could hardly believe that she was real. Her little fist pumped the air in her dream and I had to suppress the urge to grab the little hand and pull it to my lips. I heard the door open behind me and realized I had been caught, but I couldn't tear my eyes off the precious little bundle.

"Knew I'd find you here, Love." George's voice sounded quietly from the door way. A smile lifted my lips and I turned my head slightly to see him walk into the room. He was wearing a blue night robe, one I had bought him over ten years ago. The thing was worn ragged from years of use and love. I'd tried to buy him a new one countless times, but he stubbornly held onto that one. 'It had personality' he'd tell me. It was ugly was always my response. Still, I couldn't get rid of it, he loved it too much.

"Okay, so you caught me." I said, flashing him a smile. He walked into the room and knelt next to me, staring at the crib with bright, happy, loving eyes.

"She's really beautiful, isn't she?" George said, staring at the little pink bundle tenderly. I nodded my head, catching his hand in mine and leaning my head on his warm shoulder.

"Yes, beautiful." I said quietly, still staring at her little face.

"Grandparents," he said, letting out a puff of air. "Are we old enough to be grandparents?"

"You are." I answered, stifling a laugh at the affronted look on his face. "I'm two years younger than you."

"Nuh-uh. You're one year and five months younger than me."

"I'm rounding."

"You're still a grandmother."

"I don't feel old enough. Do I look old enough?"

"No, you are far too hot to be a grandmother." I giggled at that, nuzzling my cheek against his robe. It was incredibly soft, even if it was ragged.

"You're pretty hot yourself." I said, whispering in his ear. He shivered against me, leaning into my side and wrapping his arm around my waist. Hera made a cooing noise and rolled over in her bed. George and I froze, staring at her little form quietly.

"I love you, Hermione." He said quietly, ruffling my graying hair fondly. I leaned into the gentle touch, savoring the warmth of his calloused hand.

"I love you too, George." Hera made a high pitched squeal and I turned back towards her, smiling as she kicked her booted feet into the air.

"We love you too." I said, reaching through the bars and fingering her baby soft hair. "Hard to believe we've already got a grandbaby." I said quietly.

"We should probably leave, we don't want to wake her up."

"You're right, I just wanted to check in on her."

"I know." He stood up quietly, stepping across the room without making a sound, using an ease he'd gained after years of practices. I followed behind him causing the floorboards to squeak despite my best attempt at being quiet. Thankfully Hera didn't wake up, she was certainly a Weasley, it'd take an earth quake to get her up. We snuck back to our bedroom, being careful not to make too much noise, we didn't want to wake the baby, or Fred and Angelina downstairs. Once we were in the room George shut the door behind us and grabbed me around the waist before he pulled me into a hug.

"I love you," he said nuzzling my neck. I snuggled into his chest giggling when he wrapped his arm around my waist and grabbed my hand. He started to dance me around the room, twirling me around wildly.

"What's the occasion?" I asked, spinning around with him. I still loved dancing with him, it was my favorite pastime next to snuggling.

"Nothing, just feeling happy." He said, still dancing me across the room, he was humming faintly, a tune I instantly recognized. Here, There, and Everywhere by the Beatles. Tears filled my eyes and I snuggled in closer to him.

"You're a wonderful dancer." I said softly, moving to his soft voice. He smiled down at me, his grin large and toothy. It still made me weak kneed and fuzzy minded. He still made me weak kneed and fuzzy minded, he always would. He was the most handsome man I'd ever met, even if he did have a few wrinkles.

"Just think, this all started because you always studied too late." George said, squeezing my shoulder as he dipped me.

"No," I corrected as he pulled me back up. I raised my hand from his shoulder and brushed his shaggy red hair out of his eyes. It was flecked with gray, but still just as miss-kept as ever. I let my hand rest behind his neck and looked deep into his beautiful blue eyes, they were still my favorite color. "It all started because you liked to cause trouble and made me laugh."

And thank Merlin that he did.

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