The Baby-Sitters Club belongs to Ann M. Martin

I was walking home from school when my best friend, Kristy Thomas, caught up to me.

"How dare you leave without me," teased Kristy as we laughed.

I forgot she was coming to the studios with me today. Honestly! Who am I? I'm Mary Anne Spier. I'm 15 years old and a long time Stoneybrook, Connecticut resident. I'm a tenth grader at Stoneybrook High School.

I've been recording CDs with Cam Geary for about a year. I also did a movie of Rebecca Moorse and Samuel Johnson as well last year. I was Rebecca while Cam was Samuel. That was fun. At the studios, I changed into this very long princess dress with a crown. That would be for the pictures later for the CD cover when it's done. I wrote I Still Believe in You, Fairy Tales, Kayla's Watching Over Me, I'll Always Be In Your Life, and Dad's Song- a special song I made just for him.

After all, Dad's the one who raised me on his own after Mom died when I was very small. Now, I got a beloved stepfamily and two devoted adopted siblings. First of all, Sharon Schafer, was actually Dad's old girlfriend from high school. She's been living in California since college. She got married there and had two children, Dawn & Jeff. Then, the Schafers got divorced and Sharon returned here with her kids. Jeff didn't adjust the move and went back to California not long before Dad and Sharon got married. Dawn and I enjoy to be stepsisters. In fact, when we first met, when we found out Dad and her mom went out way back in high school, we wanted to be sisters. I'm glad we are. Jeff visits here often.

Like I said, I got two adopted siblings. Their names are Carlos Peters and Meredith Sousa. They get along wonderful. Carlos lost his family-including his two older siblings-at age eight. His room was an attic. Meredith's father was killed after a tour bus blew up. That was before she joined my family as an exchange student. She and I became friends right away. We share my room. We enjoy that. Then, she learned that her mom and only younger sister died the same way her father did.

Carlos happens to be my friend, too! I met him when we were in sixth graders. He attended Stoneybrook Day School, which is across town. He was a basketball player since he was a fifth grader. I was glad he's my brother now. His friend, Lily Anne Rose, who is also an orphan, went to Stoneybrook Middle School with me. We all attend Stoneybrook High School since that's the only high school we have here.

Cam and I were in the recording room to get ready to record our new CD. The title for the CD was going to be Mary Anne Spier and Cam Geary: A Royal Musical. Cool idea, huh? We liked that idea of the title.

"First up is I Still Believe in You," announced Jennifer.

The song started playing.

"I believe in God who loves and helps you everyday. I believe in angel and guardian angels. I always believe in anything. There's one thing I'll always believe in. I still believe in you no matter what happens. I still believe in love. I'll love you everyday. There's one thing you should know. I still believe in you," I sang as the song continued. "I believe in doctors who make you feel better. I believe in everything. I know I'm never too old to believe in anything. I believe in my family and friends who are right by my side. There's one think I believe in the most. I still believe in you no matter what happens. I still believe in love. I'll love you everyday. There's one thing you should know. I still believe in you. Oh!"

The song kept playing from the guitar and horn.

"Oh! I still believe in you no matter what happens. I still believe in love. I'll love you everyday. There's one thing you should know. I still believe, I still believe, oh, I still believe in you," I sang as the song ended.

After we did the other songs, the CD is completed. We had our pictures taken. Cam was on the front cover and I was on the back cover. It was all done after that. We changed into our regular clothes.

"You really did look like a real live princess in that dress," commented Kristy.

"I totally agree with you," I said.

We were having dinner while we were chatting. I eat an early supper at the studios Monday through Friday, so my family don't need to worry about me to eat at home. Cam and I eat out every now and then. We were having pepperoni pizza delievered from Pizza Hut. Kristy likes any pizza toppings. Both Cam and I enjoy plain and pepperoni the best. After we had dinner, Mr. Hall brought me and Kristy back to my house since she has her backpack there. It's only Tuesday anyway. At home, Charlie picked her up an hour later. We already did our homework first right after we got home.

I was cooking dinner. Dawn said Dad and Sharon wanted macaroni and cheese. She was baby-sitting. I'm not exactly into cooking, but I'm starting to like to do it. Carlos and Meredith are home for dinner. They were setting the tables for themselves, Dad, and Sharon. Dawn won't be home until after nine pm. The dinner was ready by the Dad and Sharon came home from work at the same time.

"Just in time. Dinner is served," I said.

I was telling them about the new CD Cam and I made.

"You already made it?" asked Sharon.

"Yes," I replied. "The CD cover pictures are already taken as well. I was in a long princess dress along with the crown. Cam is on the front and I'm on the back like it was planned."

"That's good," said Sharon.

"I know," I agreed.

The only person who didn't speak one word was Dad. That's not like Dad to me. Why? He's always talkative and it's usually the other way around-me. After dinner, I was talking to Carlos about Dad.

"I noticed that, too," said Carlos.

"So did I," said Meredith.

"That was very unusual," I said as they both agreed.

After we finished cleaning the kitchen, I decided to go see Dad who was in the living room.

"Dad," I said.

That was when he looked up smiling at me.

"What's up, peanut?" asked Dad.

"I noticed how quiet you were at dinner," I said. "Meredith and Carlos noticed that as well."

"I had a busy day, that's all," said Dad.

"You were never like that. It's usually the opposite way around," I said as we both laughed.

At nine-forty-five, Dawn came home late from baby-sitting for the Barretts kids; Buddy, Suzi, and Marnie.

"Mrs. Barrett was stuck in traffic. She just came home five minutes ago. She didn't call to tell me because she left her cell phone at home," said Dawn.

"What a surprise," I said as we giggled.

At ten, I was nauseous before I went to bed, but thankfully, it went away before I went to sleep.