The next day, Dad and I were able to go back home with Sharon. That was a good thing. Later, I was seeing Dr. Reese and I'll be going to her as long as I needed to. I was in her office at the time.

"So, how's everything so far?" asked Dr. Reese after we sat down.

"I had a great weekend. When I came back, I learned Dad was in Iowa, so I joined him. Even though I tried not to think about the fire, I still had nightmares about it in Iowa, but somehow, not when I was in Georgia. It's just so hard not to think about it," I sai.

"I bet," agreed Dr. Reese.

"I just want those dreams to disappear. Oh, Sharon finally apologized to me. Here's what I found out: Cokie paid a smoker to throw a cigar against the house that caused the fire. Dad did tell Sharon that we were not coming back until she apologized. Thank god that she finally did, so we just got back today. However, we're still staying with Kristy and her dad for now. The house didn't get rebuild yet," I said.

"I'm glad that your stepmother was able to apologize. You're lucky to have your father who protects you from getting hurt," said Dr. Reese.

"Tell me about it," I agreed.

The next day, I still had trouble concentrating in classes and worst of all, my perfect grades were dropped to Fs. Yet, I can focus on my homework during study hall. Does that make any sense? My enemies were no help because they were teasing me about that. I told it to Dr. Reese. I'm glad she understands. At Kristy's, I was in her room on my bed. I was glad my worst day was over. I wasn't even in the mood for the studios, so I already told Mr. Hall that I wasn't going.

Dad probably didn't know I was home until he came by and noticed.

"Hi, Mary Anne, I didn't hear you come home." said Dad.

"Hi," I said while my voice was breaking.

"Are you okay? You look upset this afternoon," said Dad as he came in to be with me.

"I had a tough day, that's all. I still couldn't focus in class. The worst part is that my grades has been dropped to Fs. What funny is that I have no trouble concentrating on my homework during study hall. Cokie and her sidekicks weren't helping because they teased me about it. Dr. Reese already knows," I said with my tears rolling down. "I wasn't in the mood to go to the studios at all and Mr. Hall didn't mind about it."

"Oh. I don't blame you," said Dad getting me to put me near his shoulder as I hugged him while I was sobbing. "It'll be alright, sweetheart."

In the middle of the night, I was tossing and turning in bed while moaning.

"No, no," I screamed out. "No, no."

I was dreaming about my house fire AGAIN. I am SO sick of those dreams.

"No, no," I continued.

I was also screaming in my sleep while I was screaming in that dream.

"Mary Anne, honey," said Dad as he came in to me and sat with me. "Mary Anne."

"No! No!" I was still screaming out in my sleep. "No! No!"

"Mary Anne," said Dad trying to wake me.

"Do we have to go through every...," Dawn started.

"Be quiet and mind your business," said Kristy. "And, go back to bed."

"That's right. Thank you, Kristy," said Dad while I kept on dreaming. "Mary Anne."

That was when I woke up. I thought it was him who saved me from that fire.

"It's alright now. You were having a bad dream," said Dad.

"I just want these dreams to go away," I said.

"I know, honey, it's going to be okay," said Dad.

The next day, I finally managed to focus and as a result, my grades pulled up to every single B. It was about time, right? Thank god I was able to focus on my homework. Later, I went to see Dr. Reese for one last time and told her what I was finally able to do. She was glad about that. At least Dad knew that I'm doing better. Plus, I was able to focus at the studios after seeing Dr. Reese.

And, guess what? I've been sleeping better that night and luckily for me, those dreams disappeared at last! I hope they will never come back at all. As you can see, I'm starting to forget about the fire. A week later, I found out that the insurance for the house has been approved and we are able to get our house fixed. Several days later, my house is all done! Good! I noticed it was bigger than ever.

"It feels like that the house is still standing," I said.

"I know," agreed Meredith.

According to Dad and Sharon, she and I are still sharing a room. Carlos has a new room from the attic while both Dawn and Jeff have their own rooms again. We loved the new rooms and the house. When I got into my newest room, I noticed there was a large present on my bed from Kaylee and the other girls. When I opened it, it was both a new scrapbook and an extra DVD she had that including Kayla's pictures.

"She made a new one already?" asked Meredith.

I nodded. I was so speechless that I was ready to cry any minute.

"I just didn't know what to expect. I'm just shocked," I said.

"I'm glad," smiled Meredith.

"I can't wait to show this to Dad," I said.

That's what I did.

"That was quick," said Dad.

"I know. It was on my bed. That's how surprised I was," I said with tears rolled down. "I'm just happy about this."

"I bet," said Dad with a grin.

Later, we had a homecoming party and I included all of my friends especially Kaylee.

"I saw the gift you made me. I didn't think you had an extra DVD with Kayla's pictures in it," I said.

"It was Kristy's idea. She didn't want to spoil the secret," said Kaylee.

"Thank you so much," I said while I was sobbing and hugged her happily this time. "I wouldn't know what to do without you."

I was also wiping my tears. They get to stay overnight. Best of all, I saw both of my music videos on a music channel where I see all of the music video of mine both mine and Cam's.

"Wow," said Claudia.

"You are so lucky," said Stacey.

"I know I am," I smiled.

We didn't go to bed until around midnight. We were in the basement. Carlos and Meredih like to join us when we have sleepovers. We didn't fall asleep until about 30 minutes later.

The End