Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of the WWE Superstars listed within this story. All events are purely fictional and any relation to real life is purely my insane psychic ability, but I assure you, it wont be lol

Summary: A one night return turns into a whole lot more for one ex superstar and the man that just couldn't seem to forget about her.

A/N: I've got two stories that are on hiatus until I can wrap my mind around them, and this one is being used as a way to work back into writing fan fiction again after taking quite a few months off. Reviews are appreciated but I treasure all of you that read it, whether its reviewed or not.

She entered her office, her small piece of heaven away from the hustle of the work day, and immediately made a beeline for her chair, one of the best investments she had ever chosen. Her body was overworked, from clients all day, and she needed just a couple seconds of breathing room before beginning it all again.

As she allowed herself the pleasure of being off her feet, she scanned slowly over her appointment book and it was then that she saw it, and immediately felt like slapping herself. Written there, deep in black ink, in her own handwriting and not that of the receptionist, was exactly what her actual plans were for the night.

WWE Appearance - Air Canada Centre 7:00 PM

It all came flooding back to her now. Vince had called a month beforehand, wanting yet another powerful showing by her as they rolled into the mega city known as Toronto, and being as obliging to her old boss and company as she was, she had agreed and now she looked upon it with dread.

Just what had she been thinking. A full day of appointments back to back, teaching classes, and then she was supposed to go out on live television and look as if she hadn't been working her ass off all day? How was she going to pull this off?

You'll do it the way you always do Trish. You will go out there and forget everything that came before it. You will make yourself at home again.

She knew her thoughts were true. There had been a time where she lived and breathed anything that had to do with the wrestling business, and would do just about anything they asked of her, traits she had learned from Paul Levesque, known to the world as Triple H, and his best friend Shawn Michaels. Traits she had taken from the ring and placed into her real life.

Staring at the appointment book though, she realized that more then anything she was in need of a serious break, one where she didn't make appearances at events, for WWE and otherwise. One where she could go home, to her dogs, and her small modest home, and just climb in bed and be a normal single woman.

Single woman. Her mind played over the fact that yes, after a few short years of marriage to a man she thought to be her forever, she was now indeed single again. She embraced being single most days, but on nights like tonight when all she wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep, she really wished there was someone there to share it with her.

Sadly there wasn't and just like there was nothing she could in the immediate future to change it, such was the luck she had in terms of this WWE event. She had marked herself down for it, so no matter her true feelings on it in that moment, she knew she would do it. It was just the way she was.

Her office door opened then, and one of her partners, a friend since high school walked in, a smile plastered on her face from ear to ear. Megan was a true friend, one that through her entire time in the WWE had stuck by her, and been right there when she needed a partner for the yoga studio venture she opened when her career had come to an end.

"So tonight's the big night huh?"

Wondering just what she was talking about, Trish threw her a look of confusion. Was it possible she had let Megan in on what was taking place within her old stomping ground that night and she had just put it out of her mind?

"What do you mean?"

"You, heading back into the WWE, and essentially back into the ring. This is the night it happens right?"

All Trish could do was nod her head in agreement, not exactly wanting to voice her feelings about being less then excited and suddenly craving solitude more then ever.

"You excited?"

"Honestly Megan, whenever I get asked to appear on Raw when they come here, I'm usually very into it, but I feel like I might be on the edge of a burnout and tonight, the last thing I want to do is go out in front of thirty thousand people and smile and kick ass. I just don't think I have it in me."

Megan sat down in the vacant chair opposite her best friend and just nodded her understanding. If there was anyone in the world that understood what Trish was going through in terms of burnout, it was Megan.

"Is there any way you can talk to them and see if they can either slim down what you have to do out there tonight, or maybe give you the night off entirely?"

Trish laughed then, unable to hold it in. If there was one thing Vince McMahon did not like doing, it was giving ANYONE the night off, and she was no exception, no matter how beloved to the older man she was. Slimming down her role for the evening though actually seemed like a really good idea, and one she would explore once she was alone again.

"You know Vince, well at least what I've told you of him, you know he wont give me the night off, especially not with them already being in town now and setting up for the night."

"Then why don't you take off early, enjoy some alone time before you've gotta do your thing in the ring. I can take your appointments for the afternoon and classes and when I need it, you can pay me back."

Trish wanted to get on her knees in that moment and thank the magical fairies that had given her such a good friend. If there was ever a moment where she was overly thankful for Megan, now was the time. There was nothing better she could think of especially with the burnout feeling getting closer each passing second.

"You are a godsend, and when this is all over, and you need me, I'm there. No questions asked."

Megan stood then and following suit, Trish grabbed her purse and her jacket off the hook in the room and followed her out, but not before giving her friend a deep hug. Whispering words of thanks again, she walked from the office, ready to take whatever time she had left to just relax and enjoy her life, and everything that she had in it.

As she walked from the office she let her mind wander again to the show she was about to walk out into tonight, and the more she thought about it, the more she realized there was a small part of her that really wanted to be there. The part that needed to go back and see the man that had stolen her heart and never even known it.

Yes, she was excited for tonight, because tonight would be the night she would finally take her heart back, and the man had no idea it was even coming.

It really is time to deliver a little bit of Stratusfaction on the WWE Universe again. she thought to herself with a smile. 'and maybe give a certain Superstar the shock of his life in the process.