Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of the WWE Superstars listed within this story. All events are purely fictional and any relation to real life is purely my insane psychic ability, but I assure you, it wont be lol

Turning over in her bed for what felt like the hundredth time that night, she again noticed the digital time on her alarm clock and groaned lightly. She had no idea why she was so restless, having had one of the hardest days of her life that day, but here she was at four AM, and had still not been able to close her eyes and actually sleep.

Sliding herself up into a sitting position, her back against her many pillows, she allowed her mind to go back over her last conversation with Randy, only a few short hours before.

They both knew that admitting how they both felt and then going back to their every day lives apart from one another was going to be hard, but both of them had such a strong determination to make things work that they hadn't really discussed how hard it really would be.

Hearing Randy earlier in the night though, remembering how he sounded, how listless and lost he seemed to feel and knowing deep down that every day that passed she felt the same way, her heart went out to him.

She let her mind replay the conversation over in her head again, for some reason not wanting to forget a second of it but knowing deep down that she had to do something about it.

"Baby I miss you. I knew I would but this is bad."

"I know Randy, I feel the same way, but what can we do about it? You've got to be there, and you know I can't just up and leave my job."

Always the voice of reason, Randy sighed into the phone, knowing that his girlfriend was right. There was really nothing they could do about this distance but there was no way he had to like it. All he wanted in that moment was her there in his arms. Everything else ceased to matter. This was his reality.

"When's the soonest we can be together?" he asked, Trish noticing the pain in his voice instantly, her heart crying out to be able to give him the answer he sought so badly.

"Earliest is next week."

"We need to make it sooner. I miss you Trish. So much I can't even focus on being the WWE Champion anymore. I'm thinking of asking Vince to pull the belt off me. I can't be what they need me to be anymore."

She knew what he meant of course. She had reached that point numerous times in her career, the most recent being when she was about to marry Ron so many years before. She knew she couldn't give the WWE what it wanted when her mind and heart was locked into family mode. Which in turn was another reason she had walked away.

"Could you really handle not being Champion anymore Randy? I know how much having that title means to you."

He had gone silent then, and after a few minutes of the same dead silence, she questioned if he was even still there. When he spoke next though, she knew why he had gone silent. He had obviously been thinking about her question.

"There was a time where I wanted nothing more then this stupid title and all the damn perks that came with it Trish, but that all changed the day you walked back into my life again. All I want now is a life with you."

She replayed his words over in the few seconds after he spoke them and she knew deep down that she wanted exactly the same thing he did. She was getting older every single day and she wanted nothing more then to start her journey with this man and build a real life together.

"And all I want is you Randy. We will make this work, if its what we both want. I will do whatever I need to do, to get to you sooner, but please, if I don't get there til next week, remember that I love you. Please don't forget that."

After a few more soft spoken words of love the call had ended, and as Trish had replaced the phone into its base, she realized that in the end nothing had been resolved, or fixed. They were still a million miles apart and missing each other.

Letting the phone call memory slide from her mind again, she looked again at the clock flashing the time, and then she looked at her empty suitcase sitting in the corner of the room and not wanting to think about anything else anymore, she slipped from the bed, her decision made in that moment.

She was going to Randy and thought she couldn't stay long, she had to do it now.

Next stop: Baltimore, Maryland, right where Randy wanted her.

"You can't mope around this room all night Randy, so just suck it up and come out with me. It might be just what you need to take your mind off not having Trish here."

John and Randy had arrived in the city hours before, and had chosen to share a room, cutting costs as they always did in the hotels city to city, and now John was trying his hardest to get Randy to come out with him.

Randy could do nothing but roll his eyes and feel the emptiness inside himself. He had just spent the last two hours on the phone with his girlfriend, wanting nothing more then to have her here, in that moment but unable to obtain it. The last thing he wanted to do was head out with the very much single John, and spend the night being hit on by random women, but making John understand that was like talking to the walls.

"You just go John. You know I wont be very good company, and I might even stop you from getting laid."

John laughed then and threw his friend a look. "Since when would you stop me from getting laid?"

"Have you seen me lately?" Randy asked, allowing himself the joy of being able to laugh. "Now go look at yourself and tell me if it would stop you from getting laid, having me with you."

He knew it was cocky of him to say, but he also knew John would get it. Which judging from the smile on his face, his friend very much understood what Randy was getting at. Though apparently it wasn't going to stop him.

"You need to get the hell out of the room and come enjoy yourself. Even if all you do is sit there and drink, at least you wont be in here surrounded by the four walls, missing the love of your life. I did that long enough to know it isn't productive."

Randy knew his friend was right, but still didn't want to chance anything by going out. Seeing John before him though, tapping his foot impatiently, awaiting Randy's answer, he felt like he was put between a rock and a hard place.

He owed a lot to John in the last little while, so not giving himself another chance to change his mind, he nodded his head.

"Fine, you talked me into it, but for god sakes, make sure you keep all those ring rat women to yourself."