Death Note and Kindom Hearts? Say what! ^_^

Well, once upon a time, DN was my life, my soul, my everything. Then KH came along…and the love faded. With this combination, I'm hoping to revitalize the spark I felt for Death Note and still appease my new fandom obsession.

So, do enjoy the by-product of my two loves combined, ^_^

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts or Death Note, except for Light's Nobody.


In a moment of boredom between classes at his university, Light was watching the news on his phone. Above him, Ryuk sat cross-legged, looking like he was meditating and chanting sutras to himself.

"Ooohhmmmm…apples, apples, apples, apples….ooohhhhhmmmm…." The shinigami hummed.

"You know, it's a little distracting to have you doing that," Light muttered into the palm of the hand that his cheek was leaning against, disguising him talking to the shinigami.

"Oh, all you're doing is killing more people, that's not all that hard of work. If I were you, I'd work on bringing up that A minus you have in psychology. There seems to be some small detail about the human mind that you've missed." He chuckled at the irony of it.

"I concentrate better knowing the world is a safer place," Light said, scribbling down the name of a woman who had auctioned off her children at despicable prices. "I can't let up on my punishments or else the world will think Kira has gone soft. It must be known that there is someone out there passing divine judgment."

Ryuk rolled his eyes at the speech he heard at least twenty times a week, then glimpsed down at the cell phone screen. "Speaking of divine judgment, it seems the news is all over the Pope's travels here lately. What's so great about that guy anyways? What makes him so holy?"

"You know Ryuk, I think you're actually on to something." The teenager brought the phone up closer to his face. "These people are supposed to be a beacon of purity and goodness for the entire world, but personally speaking, I don't think so. Nobody in this world is perfect and what gives this guy the right to think he is? He must believe he is a god! There is only one true god on this earth and I will not be made second!"

With a cruel smirk on his face, he began writing down the names of the cardinals. One by one, they fell, clutching their chests as the heart attacks struck and breaking up the orderly procession through the Vatican.

"What'd they do?" Ryuk asked him.

"For worshipping a false god," Light said simply. Then his main target came into view, but already security was pushing him into a vehicle to whisk him away from the chaos. No matter, the news would only air his title, not his actual name anyways. He simply typed the title into a Google search bar and in less than ten seconds, he had the information he needed.

It was with the greatest satisfaction that he had felt yet since owning the Death Note that he wrote down the Pope's true name in the book.

The seconds seemed to tick by interminably. He held his breath for some reason, the blood pounding loudly in his head as he waited for the forty seconds to pass.

At long last, a breaking news report was issued and the headline 'Pope Mysteriously Dies' came across the screen.

Light would forever be able to recount the next events for everything seemed to slow down and yet speed up at the same time. The college campus had become completely silent, as though they had known the instant he had killed the man. Light only stood up (still seemingly in slow motion) and closed the Death Note, slipping it back into his book bag. Just as he was about to place the pen in a coat pocket, he felt his heart give a harsh pound, and instead dropped it.

Had he just gone into cardiac arrest? Was he suffering a heart attack himself? It felt as though his heart had completely exploded. He was only aware of those brief, intense seconds of pain and then…a sensation of disconnection.

His last moments as a human passed too quickly for him to savor. He watched his own body collapse on the ground and a group of students and faculty members rush to his side, shaking him, shouting his name, begging him to wake up. Someone screamed for an ambulance to be called.

All the while, Ryuk's laughter had slowly been getting louder and louder until it was the only sound Light could focus on. His eyes met that of the shinigami, then recoiled. This wasn't Ryuk's normal laugh. This was the mirthless laugh of one who knows you've just fallen into an inescapable trap.

And with the horrible image of those red eyes and bared teeth burned into his memory, darkness clouded Light's vision.


He wasn't sure how much time had passed, but evidently quite a bit since when he awoke, it was night time. He became aware that he was still outside, albeit not on his college campus. He rolled over onto his hands and feet, then looked up.

The concrete courtyard and buildings had been replaced with endless hilly fields. As though he had been placed there on purpose, he was standing in the middle of a dirt cross road, left with the decision to pick one of four directions.

What in the hell? He thought. Who would really just pick him up, drag him way out into the middle of the country and then just dump his body without possibly killing him? He checked himself and found that his backpack of books was on the ground beside him. This only made things even weirder.

"So, they didn't rob me, they took the time to give me my books and…just where the hell am I?" He wracked his brains to think of any rural areas outside of Tokyo, and although he could name a few, none of that helped until he could pinpoint himself on a map. That's when he remembered that he still had his cell phone!

"Blessed be technology," he chuckled. He turned it on and quickly logged into his GPS navigation system.

It came up blank.

"What? This can't be right…don't tell me I'm so far out of civilization that there's no satellite signal here!"

He began to walk around in circles, hoping to get a connection. This was not the time for technology to fail him!

In the middle of his pacing, he neglected to notice a black portal open close to him. A dark figure stepped out of it, then closed it behind him.

"Find new members, eh?" the person scoffed. "As if! This Organization already has enough people. Good thing there's a lot of space or else things would be pretty claustrophobic." The man paused to take in the teenage boy walking around in circles.

"Oh man, you've gotta be kidding me. This kid evidently doesn't know his head from his ass." He sighed. "I hate newbies."

He walked up to Light, getting in his way. Light didn't notice him until it was too late and thus bumped directly into his chest, somewhat bounced off, and was forced to take a few steps back. "Whoa! Er…where did you come from?"

"I came from where you're about to be going," the man said. "C'mon, I ain't got all day. Everyone's waiting and I'm not going to hear the Superior bitch and moan at me for taking too long."

The problem with the current situation with Light was that he possessed quick, witty remarks, knowledge of all things in books, and a very keen sense of intuition. But none of that did any good if your opponent was not one for words, but action. This man was nearly a foot taller than him and it was clear that under the dark cloak he was wearing, he had some muscle on him.

So, he did the only sensible thing he could think of. He ran.

The other man gwaffed. "Aw, man. This spineless kid never had any heart to begin with!" With another heavy sigh, he simply warped right in front of Light, making him run into him again. Except this time, he grabbed his arm to hold him there. "You're really starting to become a pain in the ass, fella."

Light struggled against the tight grip, which was pointless considering his much weaker arms. "Look, if this is about the Death Note, then fine, I relinquish ownership of it! Other than that, I have nothing else to offer."

"Death Note? What are you young people smoking these days?" The man shook his head. "Whatever. I'm Xigbar. And if I were you, I'd put this on so that you don't officially die." He threw a dark cloak like his at him and then let go of his arm.

Light stared at it for a moment before pulling it over his head. It came down to just before his ankles and fit him snugly, but not constricting. Almost like it had been tailored for him. "Soo…what's this for? And you said 'officially die.' Am I…in purgatory or something?"

Xigbar chuckled, and in the starlit night, Light made out an eye patch and a deep scar on his face. "As if!" he said. "Last time I checked, purgatory's quite boring. Nah, you're kind of in an in-between state of life and death. You lost your heart kid, so you're not actually alive. In fact, you're not even supposed to exist!"

Light gasped. Had he really lost his heart? But how was he breathing? His chest still rose and fell with breaths, as though nothing had gone wrong.

Xigbar studied him, then let out another laugh. "You're over-analyzing, I can tell. Look, be a good boy and don't struggle and you'll find your answers." He cast open a dark hole to the side, and gestured for Light to go in first.

What choice was he left with? Trying not to show how hard he was shaking, he stepped into the portal. The man followed after him and for a few seconds, everything was dark. It didn't feel like his feet were on solid ground either. Then a sharp brightness washed over them and at last, he could make out his surroundings again.

A castle. No castle that he'd ever seen in any books really, except for maybe fairy tales. But he wasn't about to count those. Or…maybe he should?

"C'mon, everyone's still waiting for us," Xigbar said and took the lead. He was half dragged down numerous long hallways, past a kitchen and a dining room, and various other places until he lost count. Finally, the man stood outside of a pair of double doors. "Final destination," he smirked, and pushed Light ahead of him into the room.

Light seriously wished he'd brought some sunglasses. The room was completely white, with over a dozen large chairs sitting in a circle. He himself must've seemed like a spec on the floor to the other dark robed figures sitting there.

Xigbar nudged him forward into the center, then disappeared. He came to sit next to the tallest of the chairs, in one not much shorter. Evidently, Xigbar was of high status around here.

Whoever was sitting in the highest throne, threw back his hood in…well, a prissy manner. The man shook his long white hair out of his jacket, then grinned at him. "Welcome," he said in a deep voice.

Light didn't trust his own voice to speak. His knees were already nearly knocking together in fear, if truth were to be told. He didn't want them to know he was a total coward right from the start. Fights with L were one thing. L didn't have supernatural abilities.

"I am pleased to announce another member to our ranks," The leader of the group continued in that deep, calm tone. He raised a hand and way up in the air above his head, the letters L-I-G-H-T formed. Then, an X was added to it, directly in the center. The letters spun around for a moment and when they stopped, a new word was formed.


Many grunts were heard and a bright, red-haired man said, "Gotta admit it, Xemnas, I'm not too crazy about that one."

Xemnas must've been the leader, for he frowned and nodded. "Yes, I agree." He gave the letters another spin and this time they formed 'Hixglit'. The frown became even deeper. "Your name doesn't seem to have many letters to work with," he said to Light.

Light considered his name for a moment, then said, "My English name might be a bit narrow, but try my Japanese one, Raito."

Xemnas nodded gratefully to him, then spun those letters and an X around. When they came to a halt, he smiled at the results. "I do believe we have a winner. Thus is your formal induction into the Organization. Member XV."


I was so proud of myself when I came up with his Nobody, ^_^ But in third person form, Light is still Light (not Raito). Only the other members will call him his Nobody name.

Everyone in this chapter was pretty tame, since I'm kind of out of sorts with writing with Light after such a long break. But he and the other Org members will become sillier. Anywho, reviews appreciated!