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This chapter is comedy mixed with lots of action, sometimes serious, other times I make more jokes. There's also some bits from Birth by Sleep in here…main thing you need to know is that X-blade is pronounced just like Keyblade (and that X actually looks more fancy but I got lazy and didn't look up the symbol. Shh, don't tell anyone that).

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"This is it. Finally, our time of retribution has come!" Matsuda said excitedly. "We can finally get revenge for our fallen master!"

"We're not samurai," Soichiro grumbled. "For that matter, we don't even have real weapons. Just sticks and stones—"

"May break my bones but whips and chains excite me!" Matsuda finished.

In the firelight, both L and Soichiro gave him extremely horrified expressions.

"Erm…you know…just putting that out there…heh-heh…"

"Disgusting dialogue aside, this truly is our moment of redemption," L spoke. "And as leader of this task force (seconded by you, chief Yagami), I as master have indeed 'fallen'. Both my rank and my intelligence have been disregarded, putting me on the losing end. And if there's one thing I hate, it's losing." L viciously snapped off a corner of paopu fruit with these last words.

"I'd just like us all to work together again," Soichiro sighed. He picked up a pile of sticks that'd been fashioned into spears and absentmindedly checked the points for their sharpness. "The good days when we'd all put our heads together to solve a case back at the headquarters. When we'd have office picnics. And especially when we'd drink all the coffee in the machine so Matsuda couldn't have any—"


Soichiro gave another sigh. "Yeah…those were the good days." He paused for a second, then jumped up. "Well, looks like there's nothing left to do but kill all the traitors!"

"Hear, hear," L approved, also standing.

"Wait, what? No! There has to be another way," Matsuda argued, but stood up as well. "I mean, I know what I said earlier but…that was just talk! C'mon, we're men of the law! This isn't the way we solve things!"

"Matsuda, there is no law here," Soichiro snapped. "Not in this no-mans land. It's Us and Them and I'm not going to stand for being pushed around by Them. This is a history lesson for you, Matsuda; nobody ever got anything done by sitting on their ass and playing nice. Everything, everything that has been accomplished has been by war. Not saying it's right but it's certainly effective."

Matsuda opened his mouth to protest but the duo were already walking away. Left with no other option, he meekly trudged along behind them.


"Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod!" Demyx gushed from where he stood beside Light on the top outside platform of the castle. He gripped his arm so tightly, Light was sure he'd find bruises there later. "I can't believe this is actually happening! Aren't you excited?"

"…ecstatic," Light mumbled. Forced to grab a spot front and center due to Demyx, he had an unobstructed view of Xemnas and Saix standing in front of the group. Xemnas had his hands raised to the moon and was doing another long monologue about hearts. Saix looked on rapturously, as though he were swallowing the words of a deity

"And now that you are complete, Kingdom Hearts, let us rejoice in your gift of life, the only gift we Nobodies have ever wanted. As you shine your pale light on this empty realm, bequeath us your bountiful abundance of wealth, share your riches with us! We, who have walked in the darkness so long, lost in the vast nothingness, feeling nothing, being nothing, it is our time to at last awaken and breathe life anew!"

Light began to nod off, especially since his arm was going dead due to Demyx. But some unknown time later, it was the Nocturne who nudged him. He ignored it, figuring the boy accidentally bumped him until it happened again, harder this time and coupled with his name.

"Hey! Aixort! Wake up. Xemnas is calling for you!"

Exhausted still from all the walking he'd done on his previous mission (and the Moogle fight…he would never forget that, could never forget that), he was a bit displeased with his doze being over. He'd been hoping to just get the damn heart and then make a break for it during all the merry-making the Org would surely be doing. Aside from Demyx, he could see several others jittering, especially Axel, who was a contrast to the pleased and smug looks on Roxas and Xion's faces who stood beside him. They fully knew it was them who'd made this day happen and would surely be gloating about it later.

But right now, Xemnas was staring at him with a very expectant look on his face, like he'd kept him waiting too long. He stepped forward, hoping the man wasn't going to try to embarrass the new guy.

"We need one final key to open Kingdom Hearts," Xemnas spoke to the crowd. "Unfortunately, simple Keybearers aren't enough."

Xion and Roxas gave a huff of disdain.

"No, what we need…is something a little extra. Someone that controls the heavens and the cosmos themselves! Someone…like you, Aixort." Here, he dramatically held out a hand to Light, turning his wrist oh so smoothly and extending his arm slowly. Plastering on a smile he added, "Be the key to our future."

Light didn't think it took much more consideration and began to stretch out his own arm. Right before the fingers were to connect though, a bright pink flash flew between them. There in the ground was one of Xigbar's arrows, fading away.

"Yeah, see, I can't let'cha do that," Xigbar said, both guns drawn and his smile much more cockier than usual. "You see, I've known you from the start, Xehanort. Hell, used to work for ya, if you remember. Oh, wait…you don't! Well allow me to refresh your memory! About…what is it, twelve years back now? You had this idea of obtaining ultimate power by forming a X-blade to open Kingdom Hearts but it didn't work, I lost a damn eye, you traded your old man body for a newer one on the market and here we are!"

Xigbar walked a little closer, casually swinging a pistol and keeping the other trained on their leader. "But see, I have a bit of a problem with that ultimate power/world domination thing. Because conquering the world means conquering me, and I'm not layin' down for nobody. So. I'm putting a stop to your little plan. Any objections?"

Xemnas had been staring at the ground, his face changing from shock, to confusion and now, he seemingly was hurt at this new revelation. "Xigbar…why? And after I made you number Two. But, if you wish to stop me…you can go back to the darkness you came from!"

Before the Freeshooter could properly react, Xemnas threw a massive sphere of energy at him, bowling him to the ground. In the same motion, he grabbed Light's arm and started forcing him to raise it to the sky. "Ignore him! Open Kingdom Hearts for us, Aixort! Do it!"

Light was torn. If what Xigbar said was true, this meant that none of them would have a heart. And if it wasn't true then…no harm, no foul. But could he take that chance?

He was snapped out of his debate with himself by a blunt object. Saix had cuffed him on the face and rather roughly, judging by the blood in his mouth. Head still reeling, he could barely focus on both of the men shouting at him, Xemnas and Saix trying to force his hands up. That was it. He'd made up his mind.

He was able to wrench away from Xemnas by stomping on his foot but when he tried the same on Saix, coupled with what should've been an elbow to the stomach, the Luna Diviner abruptly stopped him. "Yeah, I've seen Miss Congeniality too." A second later, a fist to the face made him stumble to the ground.

He coughed up more blood, shocked that Nobodies could bleed. Wasn't the heart needed to pump blood? Damnit, he was thinking too much! Saix was slowly advancing, pulling his claymore out of thin air and his cruelest smile yet adorning his face. It would seem he enjoyed torturing others. Perhaps after this, he and Larxene should go get a cup of coffee and do some catching up.

Light scrambled to his feet, pulling himself up by the rail on the side of the platform. Saix was mere feet away but behind him he could see Xemnas holding his own with a massive barrier as the other Organization members tried to break through it. It would seem a protest had erupted about realizing they'd just done unpaid work what with the possibility of a heart ruined by Xemnas' greediness. It was fascinating, but he really didn't need to concern himself with them. Saix was upon him now and lifting that claymore dangerously high.

"This is it. Any last words?" The man sneered, a fittingly wolfish smile curling back his lips.

"…Are you serious? I mean, really, who says that! I've tried my hardest to not compare all of this to anime but this is just the last straw! You actually have the audacity to—"

It would seem Seven had more audacity than to just use corny lines. He'd even taken a swing at Light in the midst of his own one-man rant. The last thing he saw before he closed his eyes were those blowfish spikes coming toward his head. He didn't feel anything though…at least the man was kind enough to kill him instantly.

He opened his eyes to see what the afterlife was like and was amazed (and partially disappointed, truth be told) that he was still alive. Separating him from Saix was a bluish barrier rippling with energy currents. And beside him stood…was this Misty?

"No…it can't be! What is this…this energy?" Saix cried out, scrambling backwards from the sheer power emanating from the barrier. "This is unreal! Your power level has to be—"

"If you say over nine thousand, I'm going to give you a swift kick where the sun don't shine," Light interrupted. He turned fully to his Nobody and gasped. She wasn't ethereal or see-through anymore. In fact, it wasn't even a she! Effeminate with long, golden hair, it was still clear that it was a male.

"What in the hell—?"

"Wrong direction, Light, we're from above," the old Misty said. "You wanted a Nobody, well here you go. Took awhile…sorry about that. But you weren't ready to absorb my full awesomeness."

Light frowned. "You're sounding as cocky as me."

The angel shrugged. "I'm your Nobody for a reason. But feast your eyes on this!" It swung an arm out and on the outside of the barrier appeared more Nobodies. But these ones were…

"Secret-service angels! With giant wings! And sunglasses! And some of you are in spandex in various colors of the rainbow! With a Megazord! And theme music! This is the best present ever!"

"You're getting out of character," Misty reminded him.

"Not the first time," Light waved him off. "But really…isn't this a bit…I dunno, excessive? I mean, do they really need a Megazord?"

The angel threw his arms up and stomped off, completely walking through the energy field. "I just can't win with you! It's first not enough, now it's too much!" He snapped his fingers and the Megazord disappeared. "Happy?"

Light nodded his approval. "Perfect." He turned back to Saix, but Seven was gone, back across the platform to help Xemnas. It would appear he'd been doing quite a good job at it too, seeing as how several members were lying in pain on the ground. He himself had transformed into a berserker state and was wildly swinging his weapon, keeping everyone at bay and back from Xemnas who was still hiding behind his own barrier.

Locking his eyes on the Superior, Light dissolved his shield and ran across the stage. Halfway there, he reached behind him and pulled Sephiroth's old sword from its sheath. He could feel his powers increase, noticed the aura of energy flowing into his hands and coursing through his body. And just knew he was going to break through Xemnas's shield.

Which is why it came as a complete shock when he didn't, and instead bounced off as though it were rubber and was blasted into the air. He flipped uncontrollably half a dozen times before pulling himself upright and managing to stop his momentum lest he disappear into the stratosphere.

"Gee, numbnuts, what were you expecting to happen?" Misty, the now inappropriately named Nobody scoffed. "Besides, you're trying to wield a weapon made for someone triple your strength and you've not practiced a day with it. I'd advise you to put it away and try a new plan."

Light rubbed his chest where it stung from the blast, observing the situation below them. "That'd be a great idea if I had other options of weapons but I don't. You, or whoever the hell creates weapons around here, seemed to have short-changed me. So quit mocking me and just create me something."

"Um, yeah, can't do that," the Nobody mumbled, examining his nails.

"What? You can randomly create everything else I wished for but the very thing I need, you claim you can't? What kind of bulls—"

"We have limits too, you know. Nobody subjects are not very durable and anything created by them isn't either. Just look down there."

Light peered down and noticed with horror that nearly all of his Nobodies had been wiped out either by Saix's swinging or by touching Xemnas' barrier. None of them had made a single dent of damage. Worse still was that very few people in the Organization were up. He could make out Lexaeus sending a shock wave through the ground to disrupt the pair but Saix only jumped out of the way and Xemnas didn't feel it within his bubble. Xigbar was still fighting and unable to get to the leader, he'd taken to shooting at Saix. But before Light's own eyes, he witnessed Saix block a barrage of arrows with his claymore, sending them right back to the man. Xigbar fell out of the sky, clutching his side in agony.

The last few who weren't hurt were wisely staying back and observing for an opening. Axel was up, but was limping. The two children had their Keyblades drawn, fierce determination marking their faces as they awaited a time to attack. Larxene was unhurt as well, but was only kneeling by Marluxia's fallen form, seething with fury.

Things had clearly gone from bad to worse.

In a near epiphanic moment, Light knew it was up to him to save them. "Failure is not an option," he whispered and Misty nodded in his peripheral vision. He aimed himself downwards and began a rushing descent, becoming a streak in the sky as he fell.

Saix was still battling Lexaeus, but looked up just in time to catch the blinding flash Light detonated in his face using his hand. While painless, it blinded him for a moment and to the side, Xaldin stabbed the Diviner through with several lances.

Light himself blew past them and instead of charging Xemnas head on (apply directly to the forehead!) like last time, he threw Sephiroth's sword into the barrier and pulled back. The weapon actually stuck and the strong pulsing power mixed violently with the Superior's, causing the shield to revolve wildly and spark with lightning. Xemnas tried to reach up and remove the blade but was instantly burned, recoiling his hand quickly. But the action was just enough. With his mind distracted for that one instant, the entire barrier gave a final crackle and dissolved, the sword falling calmly to the ground.

"I must say, Aixort, I'm impressed," Xemnas called up to him. "So you broke through my shield; you must be very proud of yourself. But what, you think you're going to be their savior? Please. Don't let your 'divine' powers go to your head."

Light slowly drifted down, trying to get a little closer to get a better aim for another attack, at least something to startle him. Just as he was a few feet from the ground, he noticed at the same time Xemnas did that Axel had thrown one of his chakrams.

"I'll be the one to kill you!" He screamed at him. Xemnas easily dodged the weapon, which also put him in momentum to avoid Axel's next attack of using his body to spread flames around the area. He threw several more shadow chakrams but they each dissolved upon contact with a smaller shield Xemnas set up.

In the instant that Axel had first attacked though, Light dove for the abandoned sword that'd been dropped. Doing a combat roll to get back to his feet (wanting to be dramatic; when would he ever have use for a combat roll again?), he saw that those that were still conscious were up fighting again, Roxas, Xion, and Larxene finally joining in.

Saix was up as well and had made it his personal duty to handle Axel, blocking him from attacking Xemnas and following his every movement. The ex-best friends still had a score to settle.

But while each enemy was preoccupied, this made it that much easier for Light to prepare a sneak attack. Misty thankfully sent out more Nobodies to help in the effort and Light concentrated on absorbing more of the power from the sword.

Again, his hands began to be infused with the strange aura, felt his strength increasing and readied the blade to finally strike down the Superior—all for him to give a loud scream of pain and crumble to the ground. The flashes of Sephiroth and Cloud's memories came much more vividly this time but also more painfully. He could read misery and despair on the faces of citizens as they gazed up into a sky filled with a Meteor that would surely decimate the planet, saw himself floating in a capsule of some sort next to a dark haired man…saw the man shot down by several others before his own eyes….text about the Ancients, more about Jenova…Mother…

Several minutes had to have passed before Light was able to open his eyes again and slowly uncurl himself from where he had fallen. As he blinked in the moonlit night, he realized that nearly everyone was gone. Everyone in the Organization was now held back by a barrier, Saix included. Only person standing in the middle of the platform was Xemnas, who was actually patiently waiting for him to come to his senses.

"Aww, was the sword's power too much for you?" he cooed. "You got lucky with that first hit but now the sword is rejecting you and you're powerless. But I'll give you a fair shot, just you and me, one on one. Not even Saix will assist me. So, Aixort, do your worse."

Jello didn't seem wobbly enough to describe Light's legs as he tried to stand. He had to stab the sword into the ground and pull himself up but even then it was the only thing keeping him on his feet. There was no way he'd be able to fight Xemnas in this condition and even before the horrific blast from the past, he didn't stand a chance.

Xemnas knew this and smiled cruelly. "My, my, giving up so easily? What a pity." Here, he started to advance towards him. Out of his arms came red ethereal blades that singed the ground where his hands hung at his side. It was clear a blow by them would not be very pretty.

Light pulled the sword from the ground and attempted to back away…which came off more like a shuffle in his weak state. More embarrassingly, he tripped on something and fell to the ground; Zexion's lexicon. Stupid nerd, did he have to leave his stuff lying around?

He furiously picked it up and flung it at Xemnas as he drew closer. It naturally missed and only soared over his shoulder, sliding to the other side of the platform but halted from going any further by the shield. Well, Light thought, it was at least worth a try.

"It's a shame that things have to end this way," Xemnas said, standing directly in front of him. "You were actually one of the better additions to this Organization. But we have no room for traitors in our happy flock." He drew back his arm, the red blade quivering in excitement or rage, perhaps both. "Goodbye, Light."

The arm swung and the boy could only bring the sword up to protect himself. There was actually no need to though. In front of him was his angelic Nobody, taking the blow even though its body was frail.

"Misty, no!" Light shouted theatrically, catching the angel as it fell into his arms. "Don't die on me, Misty! You have so much to live for!"

"…Light…it's alright. I'm just going back where I belong." The Nobody gave a feeble cough which was clear was fake. "But you must defeat Xemnas. You have to. Oh, and Light? You'll be…my living legacy." Closing its eyes, it faded away to become soft white orbs that drifted up into the moon of Kingdom Hearts.

With his last Nobody gone, Light was ready to call it quits and accept his fate but suddenly his chest gave a harsh pound. Almost like…a heartbeat? This entire fight was over hearts (quite ridiculous, he had to admit), so that couldn't have been his heart. He gasped as it happened again and figured he was about to have another memory attack. Xemnas wouldn't wait around for this one to finish; he'd kill him right there. At least he wouldn't be conscious for it.

But instead, it was his body that warped, not his mind. The memories came, but they were clearer, could form a movie in a sense and was understandable. Cloud's story was of anguish over the death of his friends, Sephiroth's was the resentment of being the product of scientific experimentation. The two halves battled for dominance of Light's body, each showing their traits on the outside such as Cloud's trademark Mako eyes and Sephiroth's…one wing?

Light quirked an eyebrow and then sighed. "You know what? I'm not even going to ask. There's no point anymore. I get to be the living carnation of Cloud and Sephiroth—"


"Do I look like him? He said only if—" But he was forced to stop when he realized his short brown hair had now been replaced with long silver strands tinged with gold. Include the sword and the wing, he at least resembled a very bad cosplayer of the man. "Huh. Well, I'll be damned."

He looked up at Xemnas who actually looked frightened. For the benefit of the doubt, it's not everyday you see teenage boys morph into half angel men. For good measure, he'd retreated behind his barrier yet again.

"What a little bitch!" Light cackled, high off of his new power. "I'll tear through that thing now no problem!"

WRONG! Even with his newfound speed and strength, he still continued to bounce off the shield. The sword now refused to pierce through and in total, all of his efforts were completely thwarted.

"Ineffective no jutsu!" Light hissed, unable to stop the reference before it spilled from his lips. But now what? If the power of Sephiroth and Cloud combined wasn't enough to stop the great Superior, what was?

For once, the answer came to him without Misty's help. If mere mortal men could not do the job, then the power of the heavens would have to do it for him. As he slowly lifted his arms in the air, he promised himself he would never again say he wanted to be god of a new world again; no god should have to deal with this!

"Cosmic Chaos!" He shouted, feeling a bit lame for actually having to say his attack's name. He could feel the nerdiness seeping into his pores. But if it worked, it worked and this was clearly working if the dark clouds and roiling thunder were anything to go by. In the midst of this storm, large holes in the sky were ripped apart by massive flaming meteors that began to rain around him.

Unfortunately, like the first time, Light failed to protect himself from his own attack. He saw several of the rocks hit the barrier on the outside edges of the platform, immediately dissolving it and freeing the others. Xemnas concentrated on upholding his own but after being bombed with three more meteors, it faltered and then completely fell.

Thrilled, Light was about to cut him down when he saw a single heart fall to the ground. Looking up, he realized with dismay that his attack had also ripped a hole in Kingdom Hearts…freeing its contents for anyone to use. Without meaning to, he'd given Xemnas exactly what he'd wanted.

The leader grinned and wasted no time with ascending up to the moon and taking the hearts for himself. Light shot to the sky as well, swinging at him with the sword much too long for his body and thus missing. The two crackled off of one another as each power met the other but neither were gaining any ground.

Down below them, the Org had teamed up on Saix to finally knock him unconscious and tie him up for measure. "Sailor knots, lets see you get out of that, puppy," Xigbar said and kicked the man for good measure.

Handing out potions and elixirs was the castle's resident Moogle (who Light still wouldn't trust if his life depended on it). For the low, low price of nothing under a thousand munny, he was selling rejuvenating items. Forced to cough up their cash, each person paid the exorbitant fee and was rewarded with their wounds being instantaneously healed.

Back in the air, Light was essentially only on the defense as Xemnas's experienced swings continuously knocked him backwards, making his head spin with each blow. While Light was keeping him from draining Kingdom Hearts, he still wasn't any closer to defeating the Nobody. He took his chances and went for a side shot that looked open but Xemnas quickly countered with an attack so hard, it actually sent him blasting back to the ground where he skidded several yards before coming to a halt.

"Light!" Demyx shouted and ran over towards him. He knelt down and put his head in his lap. "Here buddy, drink this!" He tipped his potion bottle to his lips but Light shook away.

"Don't you need this?"

"Well…no. While everyone else was fighting I...was just playing dead," Demyx said shamefully, making several people behind them groan in disgust. "Hey! You idiots know I'm not cut out for fighting, are you really surprised?"

Light felt this still wasn't very justified but kept his mouth shut.

"Anyways," Demyx continued, speaking just to him, "Since I didn't do anything, I don't need this. I'll let you have it."

It was probably the kindest off-hand gesture anyone had ever done for him and Light was thankful. He drank the potion, also happy he was spared paying the Moogle for it. "This stuff isn't half bad. I wonder what it's made of." He read the label and was sickened to see 'unicorn's blood' as the only ingredient. So much for curiosity…

He started to get back to his feet but someone else called "Wait!" to him. Zexion appeared but wasn't looking him in the face but rather at the ground. "You're going to need more magic power. Your body has to be running nearly on empty by now." He rummaged in his cloak pocket for a moment before procuring an ether bottle. "Here…I've been saving this. I'm more of a magic user so I usually keep several on me. It's my last one, but…you can have it."

Light hesitated for awhile and when too much time had passed, the Illusionist snapped, "Just take it already!" and shoved the bottle in his hand anyway.

Light nodded. "Hey Zexion? Thanks." He didn't miss the small nod and the flush of pride on his face.

Having downed both the potion and the ether (and he was certainly not about to find out what was in the latter), Light indeed did feel rejuvenated. The other members gathered around them, Demyx and Zexion flanking his sides. "Let's finish this," he said, playing the role of the hero to the fullest.

The others nodded too and got into battle positions.

"Formation Alpha Sigma Delta, GO!" Light shouted and jumped into the air. He looked back down and saw that nobody had moved and everyone was giving him perplexed expressions.

"Mate, maybe your Nobodies are willing to play Power Rangers, but we're not," Luxord laughed.

Light scratched his head sheepishly, the gesture made even more strange by his new appearance. "Guess I got ahead of myself. But seriously…kill Xemnas!" This time he pointed a harsh finger at the man who was sucking up the hearts he could while the others were distracted. The group of Nobodies jumped and took to the air after their target.

This time, Axel's chakram did find their mark and grazed Xemnas's jacket. It wasn't much but it meant he was feeling better. The others sent a barrage of magic spells in lieu of physical attacks being too slow and the sky was filled with flashes from lightning, aeroga, blizzard, and even Luxord's attempts at turning Xemnas into a die.

While the Superior harbored massive power, it was no match for the combined power of his fifteen subjects. They joyously kicked his ass back and forth across the light of the moon, even making a game of it by 'passing' him around a circle.

"Heads up, Vexen, it's coming your way!" Xaldin called as he stabbed Xemnas with a lance and blew him toward the scientist.

"I don't think I've ever had so much fun!" Vexen confessed and froze the leader in a pillar of ice before knocking him to someone else with his shield. "Zexion, you're up!"

Zexion calmly opened up his Lexicon and simply said, "Caramelldansen, speedycake version…in Swedish." He closed it and stood back. Within seconds, Xemnas was writhing in agony and grabbing his head, screaming from a song being played in his head that the others had been spared from hearing.

Lexaeus brought up the last of the pinball group and gladly knocked him back with the full force of his tomahawk. "I was saving that swing for Saix…but you'll do equally well."

Xemnas crumbled to a pathetic ball in the air, barely keeping himself aloft. The group nodded their approval, then Xion kindly said to Light, "This was supposed to be your fight. We'll let you deal the final blow."

It was an honor he was going to enjoy. In all his one-winged glory, he drifted forward, his sword glowing at his side. He was about to unleash his attack when he froze. Xemnas…was laughing.

The man sat up, clearly elated by something and seemingly no longer in any pain. "You fools. Have you not noticed? Kingdom Hearts has chosen me to carry its power! Thus I have become the ultimate being! Your mere powers as a Nobody cannot defeat me!"

With only a single swing of his arm, shockwaves sent everyone sprawling backwards through the air or to the ground, leaving only himself and Light yet again with the others trapped behind another wall.

Light considered an extra Cosmic Chaos attack, but Xemnas would certainly be expecting that and it wouldn't be too hard to simply warp out of harms way. If he didn't end the fight now, they'd forever continue in pointless circles.

Struck with the realization that he had no other choice, Light prepared for his final assault. Xemnas, overly-assured in his own strength, stood back and watched as his body first quietly vibrated with energy, then steadily grew stronger as the seconds passed.

"Oh come on, not this stuff again! Light, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me eight or more times, shame on me! Wait…what? Anyways! This isn't going to work. Why don't you just give up and die already?"

The pent up voltage had reached its peak and Light coldly smiled at him. Infused with the abilities of the other two inhabitants, his voice was no longer his own. "You know, Xemnas…I could say the same thing."

Unable to be contained any longer, the energy released in a seismic blast of white light, trademark of Angel's Fury. Everything within range was decimated, including the castle. Light saw the barrier vanish and in his diminishing consciousness, he hoped the other Nobodies were able to teleport to safety. He knew without a doubt though that Xemnas had been hit; their range was too close for him to get away and for confirmation, he could dimly hear the man's final screams over the roar. Orbs of pink dotted the whiteness as the hearts fell again to the earth but the attack had officially destroyed the moon beyond any future repair. The gaping hole that was left formed a vortex akin to a black hole and too weak to resist, he allowed himself to be pulled in.

The last thing he saw before it closed on him was Demyx waving goodbye and Zexion giving him a stoic salute. At least they were safe.


"Cave Conquerors! ATTACK!" Aizawa instructed his three-man army. Giving a battle cry that sounded like "Ololololololo!" they ran down the side of the cliffs on Destiny Island toward their sworn enemies, the Sand Dwellers.

"Take everything and leave them nothing!" Soichiro cried out and they too ran towards the opposite group giving the classic Xena cry of "Aiyiyiyiyi!"

The groups met at a point not quite on the rocks nor really on the sand and began fighting. Matsuda pushed Ide who cuffed his ear with a hand that wasn't competely balled up and the two began to tussle. Soichiro went after Mogi, kicking him in the shins first, then threw sand in his eyes to blind him. L and Aizawa, as the 'leaders' squared off, L's kicks verses Aizawa's punches.

This went on for several minutes until both sides were exhausted. They hadn't had proper nourishment in awhile and it was starting to show.

Just as L thought he was about to deliver a powerful blow, a bright light went off above them and the groups watched as what appeared to be a shooting star headed straight to the beach.

"It's a bird!" Matsuda cried out.

"It's a plane!" Ide said.

Before anyone else could get off any guesses, the object slammed into the ground at speeds exceeding one-hundred miles an hour…and yet the object managed to stumble back to its feet as though nothing had happened! So's the way of Kingdom Hearts characters…

"It's Light!" Soichiro yelled.

"Uuughh," the boy groaned, shaking his head and trying to get the sand out of his cloak. "Now where the hell am I?" He blinked, looking up, and recoiled in shock.

"What the hell happened here?" He yelled, pointing at them. The clothes the men had arrived in were now completely gone. Everyone was wearing something fashioned from either animal hides or large leaves. Added to Aizawa's primitive crown was a bone through his nose and stuck in the ground up on the cliffs was a stake with a boar's head still dripping blood. And while the ground was littered with their weapons, neither side had used them and had basically dissolved to having a pathetic slap fight with each other.

"How long have you guys even been here?" Light asked.

"Um…we arrived, what, yesterday morning?" Matsuda ventured.

"That sounds about right," Mogi said.

Light gaped at them. "You mean to tell me…that in only one day…you became barbaric cave men practically over night? Are you frickin' serious?"

"Aizawa started it!" Matsuda whined.

"No, shut up Matsuda, it's a team effort to sink this low!" Light yelled.

"Speaking of days and whereabouts, where have you been, Light?" L asked pleasantly.

"Battling for my life, truth be told," Light told them. Then he looked down at himself. He'd returned back to his normal appearance, the silver hair, black wing and Mako eyes were gone.

The others began changing back into their suits and explaining what they'd been up to, their animosity forgotten. Light told his own long story (although being very vague about Sephiroth's and Cloud's deaths) while pacing the sand and waiting for them to finish dressing. At one point, he reached the side of the cliffs and instead of turning around as he'd been doing, he continued on further, then came to an abrupt halt.

"Would you igits come here for a second, please?" he called behind him. Naturally none of them took too kindly to being called an igit but they ambled up to the spot he was standing at. Light gave a simple point ahead of them and revealed in their exasperated groans.

There, hardly a mile away, was the mainland. Had the group walked only fifty feet farther around the cliffs, they would've seen it on the other side. Their descent from civilized men into barbaric savages was now even more astounding.

"I think I've forever had my fill of fantasy," Light told them and they couldn't agree more. He'd collided with several hearts during his journey through the black hole and thus wasn't a Nobody anymore. He could feel his old powers leaving him and while they'd be missed to a certain extent, they were a reminder of the hectic days he'd just gone through. Using what little energy that remained, he cast open a portal to what he could only hope was the way home.

Above on the rocks were the three silent watchers.

"Maybe we should've just pointed them to the mainland," Kairi shrugged. "Sure would've gotten them off the island quicker."

"That was epic!" Riku said excitedly. "At least now we have something to write about for our summer report."

"Oh yes, I can see the title now, 'Time-Traveling Strangers and the Epic Battle For Survival'", Sora said, rolling his eyes. "But hey, maybe you'll get a D for effort."

Riku shrugged. "Of course I wouldn't really write anything like that. My parents are still terrified of me since I told them I was gone for two years battling the darkness in my heart. Now they think I'm a juvenile delinquent."

"Mine blame you guys for everything and I'm actually not supposed to be hanging out with you," Kairi said. "What about you, Sora?"

"…mine believed me," Sora said.


"Yeah. They know Keybladers exist…in fact, they threw me a whole party when I came back as a congratulations for being one. I told them you guys were ones too and they called your houses to invite you guys over but Riku, your parents insisted that you were heading to boot camp that very day and Kairi, yours just slammed the phone on them."

Kairi and Riku gave equal sighs. "Sora, I want to be adopted by your family," Riku murmured.

"I'll second that," Kairi added.

Sora smiled. Now wouldn't that be something?

~.~.~ Epilogue ~.~.~

Light successfully managed to lead the group back to Japan and as only a shadow of himself, he entered his body that was still in the hospital bed, returning the pulse back to the body. He insisted on being released that day.

It would seem that for everyone, a different amount of time had passed during the events. Light figured three days had gone by while the task force claimed it was one. But back at the headquarters, it was Watari that revealed that it'd only been six hours.

They entered the compound to find the man spinning and dancing around the ground floor and singing about…sweets. More specifically, about how he didn't have to make them anymore. He froze mid-turn though when the door opened up and as though none of them had already seen him, he returned to being the impassive Watari they were used to.

"So, what kept you?" He asked calmly, straightening a stack of files on a desk.

The others looked at one another and L chuckled. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

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