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Chapter 1: Bon voyage

The sun was slowly descending upon the horizon. The day was in its afternoon stage and preparing for a sunset. Slowly, but surely, the light was fading.


"If you wanted to go on a trip, where would you like to go?"

The bold and tyrannous Kuma stood before the straw hat crew. His pale eyes shone white, glinting in the reflection from the bubbles. He gazed down at the swordsman before him. The green haired swordsman from thriller bark, his wounds couldn't have healed just yet, could they? Roronoa Zoro gazed up at the great pafista. Kuma barely could contain his sense of dread. In one swift motion, his hand, now gloveless, passed over the swordsman. In a blink, he was gone, replaced by a cloud of terror and a feeling of despair. Usopp, the ships marksman, stood nearby, gazing in awe at his vanished nakama.

"Z-zo-ro" he stuttered out of his surprised mouth. Brook the skeleton looked at the monolith of a man as his eyes surveyed the battlefield. There were two to the far right, the navigator and the shipwright. In front of him, the chef lay unconscious with the marksman beside him and the musician nearby. To his left, the captain knelt, screaming for his lost crewmate, the archaeologist beside him, trying to calm him down and hide her own sorrow. A loud thud sounded and the two leapt out of the way of the ship's doctor, now a giant monster. Kuma looked over the crew one by one.

"The weakest first" he murmured and began to advance upon the nearest crew member. Kuma's footsteps lightly thudded along the earth. The sniper looked up in terror and aimed his weapon. "Stay back" he yelled but Kuma ignored him and strolled forward regardless. Kuma slowly glanced upwards, noticing a bright light in the corner of his eye. PX001 was charging up, preparing to fire a laser from his mouth. Kuma thought quickly and tapped his own body lightly. In a second, he was in front of the robot. With a quick slash of his palm, the pafista disappeared like the swordsman before it.

Luffy looked up in surprise. Zoro…gone…Kuma…rogue...Crew…save…

Words flew in and out of the captain's head. Magically, he managed to form a sentence.

"EVERYONE RUN, WE'LL THINK ABOUT IT WHEN WE'RE SAFE, RUN!" Luffy yelled loudly. Immediately, the crew scrambled to flee. Luffy turned to run but the sound of Brook, made him turn around. The musician was gone, his laughter left unfinished as his skull joke floated across the wind. Luffy gazed in anger. Sanji growled as well. With a leap into the sky, the chef flew towards his target, his legs poised and ready to strike.

"YOU SHITTY PAWPAW BASTARD, I'LL…"Sanji yelled. A paw pad interrupted him, sending him flying to the side. Kuma stared down at the sharpshooter on the floor, crawling away like a cowardly rat. Kuma took step after step forward. Lead star after lead star hit him but Kuma ignored this and flicked his palm down at Usopp. The sharpshooter's scream caught in his throat and Usopp disappeared. Luffy fell to the floor, his spirit crushed. His crew…fading…fading away…

Sanji, enraged beyond belief, ran at the pirate warlord. His cry of "DAMN IT" fell on deaf ears. Kuma had already struck him down. Luffy watched with a pang in his heart. Sanji was gone, lost in the wind. Luffy's rage raised higher and higher as, he growled at Kuma, who was now leaning down whispering to Rayleigh. His blood rose, his hair stood on end and Luffy's frown was now a glaring face of rage.

"YOU BASTARD" he thundered, haki shaking the forest. Rayleigh looked up at him, noticing the strongly radiating source of haki. Kuma stood up calmly and looked over at the captain. "GEAR SECOND" Luffy bellowed as his legs shook in place. He felt the blood surging through his body and he felt the raging heat as the steam leaked from his feet. Luffy paused as he felt his breathing struggle but then regained its normal pace. His heart was beating quickly in his chest as he activated his new technique. Luffy leapt at Kuma, like a flash of lighting shooting through the sky. Kuma teleported away just as Luffy hit the floor face first. Luffy lifted his head up, his eyes darting madly from left to right. "Where is he? Where is he?" he murmured.

"STRONG RIGHT" Franky yelled, causing Luffy to turn his gaze towards the shipwright. Franky punched at Kuma, who merely batted the fist away with the tip of his gloved hand. His palm then came striking down on Franky…and the blue haired mechanic was no more. It was then that Luffy realised. Kuma was standing right in front of Nami. The orange haired navigator was shaking nervously, gazing into the eyes of her defeat. Luffy felt a mad urge in his brain and decided to follow it.

He reached out both of his hands and grabbed hold of a nearby tree root. With his hands wrapped around it, Luffy leapt in the air.

"GUM- GUM…" Luffy yelled, praying to god for help as he prepared his move.

"ROCKET!" as Luffy let out the word; he was catapulted forward, the branch pulling him in the direction of his navigator. Luffy flew past the branch, essentially jumping the gap between him and his navigator. Still in the air, his body twisted round to face Kuma and his descending paw. Luffy felt his brain fit the pieces into place and he reached his right hand backwards, grabbing Nami by the shoulder. Then, with a deep breath, Luffy reached his free hand backwards and fired it forwards at the oncoming paw. For a second, Luffy feared he had failed. But then instead of disappearing, Luffy flew backwards quickly. He felt a slight smile grace his lips as he pulled Nami from behind him to in front of him, shielding her from the impact with a nearby tree. Luffy fell to the ground, his navigator lying across him. He looked down at her with a slight smile before looking up to face Kuma. The monster Chopper bounded towards him, screaming like a creature from a horror film. Luffy slowly and carefully moved Nami off him and tried to step forward. He soon discovered he could not move forward. Looking back for a second take, he realised that Nami was holding onto his leg intently.

"Don't…leave…me" she managed to make out through tears. The straw-hat captain was shocked. Nami, who was usually strong and wise, was now losing her wit and her cunning over the desperate battle. Luffy crouched beside her, putting his hat on her head to calm her down. "Nami…" he whispered, causing her to look up at him with her round brown eyes. Luffy met their gaze. "I'll be right back…" he whispered quietly but the look on his face told her that he wasn't sure if he would. Slowly, Nami let go of his leg and Luffy turned around and ran at the battle. Chopper roared loudly and with a loud pop, he had disappeared. Angrily, Luffy bounded forwards. "GUM GUM BAZOOKA!" he roared as he thrust both of his palms out at Kuma. This did nothing as the warlord quietly and quickly deflected the attack with a flick of his hand. Luffy flew backwards, hitting the same tree again, landing next to Nami. He looked up just in time to see Robin reach out to him.

"LUFFY! NAMI!" she yelled

"ROBIN!" Nami and Luffy shouted back but it was too late. Robin was already gone.

Now this was a sight. Kuma turned around as the sun faded on the horizon and looked at his last two targets. Nami was crying, letting the tears run down her face as she hunched over against Luffy's shoulder. Luffy was close to losing his mind without his crew but knowing how Nami needed him, he instead reduced his face to a mere glare and held his navigator close, her head now buried in his chest, his arm shielding her from the warlord. Kuma looked at the two. He reached forward with his paw hand. Luffy reacted with a burst of haki, pushing Kuma back slightly.

"You've taken them…" Luffy said "BUT YOU'RE NOT TAKING HER, I'M NOT LEAVING HER…" Kuma stared down at the captain, who stared back.

There was silence. Agonizingly slow silence as the world stopped turning. Kizaru wasn't important. Rayleigh wasn't important. Even his nakama weren't important right now. What was most important now was just him, Kuma and Nami. The three were just standing there, waiting for Kuma's judgement. Would he separate them like he had their crew, or would the tyrant allow them to escape to safety? The silence was floating around them, like a boat on the water circling a whirlpool. Luffy looked at Kuma. He looked back, his eyes flashing with calculation. The great tyrant's hair was whipped up in a sudden breeze. Luffy's straw hat blew around its string, trying to hold onto the head of the navigator. Silence continued to float…

"Fine" Kuma murmured quietly. He lowered his paw and tapped the side of Luffy's arms. The two disappeared in smoke but Luffy still heard Kuma's words.

"Goodbye, this is the last time you should see me" Luffy didn't understand but didn't care as he and Nami began to soar through the sky in their paw shaped bubble. Luffy looked down at Nami, who was holding him tightly around the waist. The sky faded to black as night descended and strangely enough, Nami fell asleep. Luffy looked down at her, realising her grip was slipping. The two still floated together in the sky, in complete synchronisation. Luffy then allowed his tears to pour, now that Nami couldn't see them. He cried and cried softly, but was asleep soon before he realised his energy was fading.

"My crew…my family…my nakama…"

Kuma looked up at the sky. He donned his gloves and smiled.

"Such fine comrades Dragon" he muttered "I see why they respect him" and with that Kuma turned away and for the last time, walked the way he wished.

"For what is lost can never be broken"

The sun descended softly on Sabaody Archipelago. The bubbles reflected the light through their watery bodies and popped as they were battered by the wind. A great red sun set greeted those on Sabaody Archipelago, signalling good sailing for the next day. Unfortunately, the trees and the branches groaned, sensing the oncoming storm. The wind slowly began to pick up, with leaves being dragged around a clearing. They blew towards the "redline" and the mighty fortress that sat nearby. Stars guided the weary travellers through the night sky.


Nami and Luffy arrive on a strange island full of a warrior tribe of women. Can the two escape and reunite with their crew? Or will Luffy's curiosity with mushrooms lead to disaster?

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