Negima 4: The Best Christmas Wish

Chapter 1: Negi's Cheerful Invite

At Mahora Academy one evening, as the moon shines over the school and all the other students are asleep at the dormitories, Negi is quietly sitting at his desk with the small lamp turned on. He was looking over the pictures he had from the last Christmas memories he shared with Nekane and Class 2-A in Wales.

"Nekane..." he muttered. He shuffled through the photos until he found one with him, Nekane and Anya last holiday. Everyone was smiling brightly as Anya had a pack on her back. It was the day when Anya came to Mahora with Negi.

"It's almost the holiday season again. I wonder what Nekane is planning this year?" Negi thought. Just then, he heard a yawn and turned around, seeing Asuna rubbing her eyes.

"Oh. Asuna. I'm sorry. Did I wake you?" Negi asked. Asuna quietly stared at Negi before shaking her head.

"No. I couldn't sleep. How about you?" Asuna asked. Negi turned back to the desk and sighed. Asuna shortly got out of bed and came over to Negi, seeing the pictures on the desk.

"Thinking about Nekane again?" Asuna asked. Negi nodded.

"It's all right Asuna. I guess I'm just getting...homesick again. I always have felt that way around the holidays." Negi said. Asuna lightly smiled.

"And then Nekane invites you home for Christmas and that always disappears in a flash...yeah. I know you like a book by now teach." Asuna said. Negi lightly chuckled, looking down at the photos. He saw one of the two of them with Nekane on their first trip to Wales for the holidays, each smiling brightly.

"Nekane always does so much for me. I feel like I never get the chance to return that kindness." Negi said. Asuna glanced at Negi.

"Whaddya mean Negi? Nekane's got to be happy just to have a little twerp like you in her life. What else could she need?" Asuna asked. Negi shook his head.

"That's not quite what I mean. I'm talking about how she always invites us to join her in Wales for Christmas and we always go to her." Negi said.

"Hey. Yeah. Now I get it. I always thought we seem to take advantage of Nekane's kindness." Asuna said. Negi nodded.

"Well, this year, I want to do something different for Nekane for the holidays. But...I'm stumped on what or how." Negi said. Asuna paused for a moment, lightly tapping her chin. Almost in an instant, an idea hit her. She noticed one of the pictures Negi had before him. It was of Nekane standing outside the academy with Negi.

"Duh. Here's your answer! Invite Nekane over to spend Christmas with US before she can beat you to the punch!" Asuna chuckled. Negi glanced at the photo.

"Really? Y...You think so Asuna?" Negi asked. Asuna smirked and winked.

"Trust me. I'm PRETTY sure this would show Nekane you appreciate everything she does." Asuna said. Negi smiled.

"You're right Asuna. That's what I'll do." Negi said. Asuna chuckled and patted Negi's head. Negi then shuffled the photos together and turned off the light before going to bed with Asuna. The next morning, it was November 28th and the girls of Class 2-A were on their way to school. The grounds of the school was lightly coated by a blanket of snow as everyone went to school in their winter garments.

"Morning Asuna! You sleep well?" Konoka asked. Asuna smirked.

"Yep. I'm fine." Asuna said. Up ahead, Konoka saw Setsuna and stopped to chat. Anya kept up by Negi and Asuna's sides.

"Konoka! Hurry up or we'll be late!" Anya called. But suddenly, Anya did not see where she was running and crashed into someone. Anya looked up and, with a fearful glare, saw she ran right into Evangeline.

"Watch where you're going you little pipsqueak." Evangeline said.

"Good morning Professor Negi, Asuna, Anya." Chachamaru said. Just then, they heard someone else chuckle nearby.

"Well, that made my morning. It's always a laugh to see you all hurrying to class like this." a voice said. They turned and saw Gregor leaning against a tree.

"Just because you don't have to worry about school Gregor...don't go teasing us." Asuna said. Gregor scoffed.

"Sure. Whatever. By the way, shouldn't you guys be going right about now?" Gregor asked, pointing at the clock. Asuna looked at the time and gasped.

"Oh man! Come on Negi! We better hurry! Konoka! Setsuna! Come on! You too Anya!" Asuna called, grabbing Anya's arm and pulling her along from behind.

"A...Asuna! I can walk for myself! Stop pulling!" Anya called. Everyone rushed into the school as the bell to start the day began to ring. Negi and Asuna made it to the classroom and arrived with most of the other students. As everyone took their seats, Chamo came popping out of Negi's coat pocket and scurried to his neck.

"Heh. I KNEW taking the "Coat Express" was a lot easier than trying to cling to you during rush hour." Chamo chuckled. Just then, Negi heard someone snoring and looked, seeing Kotaro taking a nap the instant he sat down.

"Kotaro? Please wake up. Class is not a place to be sleeping." Negi said, approaching Kotaro's seat. Kotaro snorted and glared up at Negi with his eye half open.

"Oh...d...don't get on my case Negi. Haven't had...decent sleep...lately." Kotaro yawned.

"Ummmm...Negi? If the classroom isn't a place to sleep, why haven't you told Evangeline that yet?" Shade asked. When Negi asked what exactly she meant, he heard another LOUDER snoring. He looked and saw Evangeline snoring against Chachamaru's side.

"Oh Evangeline..." he sighed "Can't she ever pay attention in class?" Some of the other girls lightly chuckled.

"Yeah. Yeah. Whatever. Come on Negster! Hurry up and tell everyone the big news!" Chamo exclaimed, waving his paws frantically from Negi's desk. Negi turned back to Chamo and quickly gave a nod.

"Ah. Yes. Girls? I have great news. I would like to say that this Christmas, we are going to have Nekane visiting us this year." Negi said. The girls cheered loudly, quickly waking Evangeline.

"Wow! That's so cool Professor!" Fuka cried.

"It is a nice change of pace. Now Nekane can see what it's like to have a Christmas in Japan." Kaede added. Nodoka chuckled.

"I bet Nekane can't wait." Nodoka said. Yue glanced to her.

"Yeah. I bet. But that means one thing for us. We'll still have school." Yue said. Nodoka and Haruna both looked at Yue as Haruna quickly caught on.

"Oh man! Yue's right! And I was so HOPING we'd be able to go to Wales again this year." Haruna groaned. Nodoka didn't know the big deal was, getting an ominous stare from Haruna.

"Hey Negi, I know it's kinda silly to ask. But does Nekane know about this at all?" Yuna asked teasingly.

"Yeah. It just sounds out of the blue a bit." Kazumi said. Negi chuckled.

"Well, I haven't exactly told Nekane yet. But I'm hoping to surprise her." Negi said. Just then, he saw someone waving their arm. It was Anya.

"Then if you haven't told Nekane, shouldn't you just get it over with? I know you Negi. You tend to forget things." Anya suggested. Negi stuttered.

"What? During class? But I can't..." Negi stuttered. But without a warning, Asuna tossed her cell to Negi.

"Anya's got a point Negi. Come on. Who's gonna know? I think by now you should know we wouldn't rat on our teach." Asuna said.

"A...Asuna! I thought I told you not to bring your phone to class!" Negi cried. Asuna scoffed.

"Don't worry about that now. Just go ahead and make the call." Asuna said "You can "punish" me later if you want." He heard everyone else giving Negi support as he looked at Asuna's phone.

"Well, all...all right." Negi said. He started to dial Nekane's number as the dean and Takahata were passing by the room. They had heard everything.

"Hmm. So Negi is inviting his sister Nekane to spend Christmas here instead. I was wondering how long it would've taken for Negi to think of this." Takahata said. The dean smiled.

"I have a funny feeling you're gonna let this slide." Takahta said, noticing the dean's smile. He chortled.

"Of course I am. Negi's such a good influence with this class. Who are we to deny him a "family visit" this holiday?" the dean asked. Back in the classroom, Negi had just put the phone to his ear and, in Wales, Nekane's phone began to ring. She put down her cocoa mug before answering.

"Hello? Oh. Negi. How are you dear?" Nekane asked.

"I'm fine sis. But I have something I'd like to ask you. You...You know how you always invite us to spend Christmas with you in Wales? Well..." Negi said. Nekane listened to every word Negi said and she grew a smile on her face as it went on.

"Oh Negi. You're such a sweetheart. Are you sure you won't mind?" Nekane asked.

"Of course not Nekane. You've done so much for us. Allow us to have you as our special guest this year." Negi said. Nekane chuckled.

"All right then. I'll take the soonest flight I can. I can't wait to see you and Anya again. And say "hi" to the other girls for me, won't you?" Nekane asked. Negi smiled.

"I will Nekane. Okay. Good bye." Negi said, hanging up shortly afterwards. He turned to his class with a smile on his face and nodded. The girls all cheered.

"Way to go Negi." Asuna thought. Negi handed Asuna's phone back to her and she slipped it back in her bag.

"This is so great! I can't wait for Nekane to come!" Konoka exclaimed. Setsuna chuckled.

"You can't expect Nekane to be here instantly you know Miss Konoka. You always get too excited." Setsuna said. Konoka giggled.

"It's the holidays Setsuna! Why else wouldn't I be excited?" she asked. Back in Wales, as Nekane had hung up, she turned to a family picture of her, Anya and Negi.

"Negi...I finally get to spend Christmas with you in your new life. I just know this is going to be the best Christmas ever." Nekane thought. She picked up her cocoa mug and walked outside, feeling the crisp air against her cheek. She smiled as she looked on at the snow around her home.