This story is for the Emotion Challenge by 'youcanreachthestars'.


She loathed herself. She loathed everything she had come to stand for. She loathed her abusers. She loathed the Professors for doing nothing. She loathed her parents for not being there. She loather the very air she breathed. She loathed what she was about to do.

She gazed into the mirror in front of her, seeing the bruise gradually blooming across her check, the dull yellow and purple a stark contrast to her pale white skin, her curly brown hair hanging loosely like straw about her face and her caramel eyes not hiding the pain, nor the despair, she felt to the very roots of her body.

The bathroom door was closed and locked behind her, so she let her sink into the daily relief she gave herself. The smooth razor cut across the skin of her wrists, the blood flowing in a little river into the white, porcelain sink, leaving a painful stain behind, and she lost her mind to it, cleansing herself of the world in general. This razor was the only thing she didn't hate.

Memories clouded up her mind, the thoughts of the monstrous things she had been forced to do with her once friends Harry and Ron rushing to the fore-front of her mind. Ron, slapping her round the face when she wouldn't kiss him, Harry making her do his and Ron's homework for them, Harry and Ron together, abusing her body when she wouldn't tidy their room. Tears began to flood down her face, and at that moment she made the conscious decision to end it all, to take the only way out she could think of.

Healing her wrists with a quick spell, she walked at a sedate pace to the Astronomy Tower, leaning against the parapet when she reached the top. As she searched the sky above her, looking for any reason to stay on this world, she heard footsteps behind her and a silky voice.

"Taking the easy way out. I never realised you were a coward."

I turned around and gave Professor Snape a brittle smile. "Neither did I, until my spirit was broken."

"You could stay. Let the teachers sort this mess out."

I gave a harsh, slightly maniac laugh. "Yes, because they're going to believe that their Golden Boys aren't so Golden."

He inclined his head. "No chance on you staying."

I shook my head. "This is the only way out." I walked up to him and gave him a tight hug and a light kiss. "Thank you." The drop beckoned to me, and I was stood standing on the banister, looking down at the ground below.

I leaned forward slightly and let gravity take me.