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Summary-Mei Terumi, the Godaime Mizukage heads to Konoha expecting to forge an alliance, to find that she had been betrayed as she finds her fiance who she thought was dead, confronting the Sandaime as Naruto obtains the power he has long sought, how will this bode for the Shinobi world...Overall bashing of Konohagakure...

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In the village of Konoha, the skies were clear, devoid of coming storms as the sun shone brightly down upon them. The streets were bustling with heavy traffic as merchants began to pour into the village, a fairly common occurrence in such a noteworthy village. Merchants came far and wide for the chance to sell their products behind the walls of Konohagakure no Sato...

But never before were they in such mass.

Every corner of every street was lined with merchants of silk, fine metals, wine, honey, anything that could e bought r bartered lined the streets of the village, and at each stall, dozens of civilians and Shinobi alike crowded to buy their goods.

At the front gates of Konoha, two Chunin were growing increasingly annoyed with the ever growing numbers of merchants that were checking in and out of the village.

The reasons for such chaos in the village was due to the Chunin Exams. Just the day before, the preliminaries of the Chunin Exams had taken place, and the finalists had been chosen through a series of matches. Once news of who had been selected to go forward was made known...every merchant from Konoha to Suna had packed up their wares and rode as fast to Konoha as they could.

The two Chunin guarding the gate finally managed to catch a breather, and sat back in their chairs, "Damn Izumo...how many does that make today?"

The now named Izumo turned his head, "Ingoing, or outgoing?" he pointed to his right, which had two stacks of documents, easily the size of a small child in height each, "Either way, I think we just beat the record for most amount of paperwork signed by gate guards."

The other Chunin sighed, "Damn, we had better get a fucking reward for our pain and suffering."

Izumo smirked, "Aww relax Kotetsu, isn't it reward enough to meet all these interesting people?"

The now named Kotetsu frowned, "Unless they have a decent rack, a pretty face, and are hot, I really don't care."

Izumo sighed and looked towards the path...and his eyes expanded to the size of dinner plates as he began to sputter.

Kotetsu groaned, "Oh come on, please tell me we aren't getting another rush? We just finished the last one three minutes ag-AGGH!" Izumo grabbed Kotetsu by his hair and made him look down the path...he ended up getting the exact same reaction...but it was not for what Kotetsu had thought.

Walking down the path towards the village, three figures, obviously Shinobi if their stance was anything to go by.

The first figure was a spiky light blue haired boy with thick rimmed glasses, and carried a fish-shaped bandaged object on his back. He wore a long sleeved blue striped shirt and camouflage pants, and sewn into the front of his clothing was a headband for Kirigakure.

The second figure was a middle aged man with an eye-patch over his right eye, and a talisman with the kanji for 'to hear' in each ear. He wore a striped shirt with the same patterned pants underneath a green robe, his hair was bluish in color.

The last figure, and without a doubt the most noteworthy, was without a doubt the most beautiful woman Kotetsu or Izumo had ever seen. The woman ankle length auburn hair tied into a herringbone pattern at the back, and a top knot tied with a dark blue band. She had four bangs accentuating her lovely facial structure, two of them long enough to cross themselves over her chest, while the shorter ones covered her right eye, while her single left eye had a light green hue. She wore a long sleeve dark blue dress that fell just below her knees, with standard kunoichi shorts underneath. She also wore high-heeled sandals...

Her figure was something that women would kill for. Her breasts were large and shapely, and her form was slender and sexy.

When the three reached the front desk, Kotetsu and Izumo were blushing up a storm as they looked at the woman.

There was a moment of silence before Kotetsu nervously spoke up, "U-uh, m-may we help you M-Miss?" he said, all the while trying to stop himself from staring at her wonderful cleavage.

The woman turned her head towards Kotetsu, and smiled, "Well, first, wish to thank you for restraining yourself from staring at my cleavage...unlike your friend here." she said the last part so sickly sweet, it made Izumo yelp and turn his head away. He smiled again, "As for how you can help me...we are here to speak with the Hokage in regards to a possible alliance."

Kotetsu shook his head and coughed to clear his mind, "Uhm, well, may I ask who you are?"

The woman smiled and laughed softly, "Oh, how silly of me, it is quite rude of me to not offer my name...I am Mei Terumi, Godaime Mizukage of Kirigakure no Sato."

Kotetsu sputtered and he swallowed, "W-what?"

The now named Mei smiled, "Yes, is there something wrong with that?"

Kotetsu shook his head, "N-no, it's just that I am surprised, I thought Kiri was in a Civil war?"

The middle aged man chose that moment to speak up, "It was...we won." he said a bit too harshly.

Mei frowned at the man, "Now Ao, be nice, we do not want to start off negotiations by scaring one of the Chunin guards." she turned back to Kotetsu, "I apologize for that, Ao has never been one for manners."

Kotetsu gulped as her smile made him feel incredibly uncomfortable, "I-it's nothing, n-no worries." he coughed and looked at Izumo, "Izumo!"

Izumo turned back towards Kotetsu, keeping his eyes away from Mei, "Y-yes?"

Kotetsu pointed towards the papers, "Please find the necessary forms for visiting diplomats please?" Izumo nodded his head and quickly ran to the back to find the papers, while Kotetsu looked up at Mei, "I apologize for the inconvenience, but you must understand that this is simply protocol."

Mei smiled, "Oh no worries, we do the same thing in our village...only we also strip search all visiting dignitaries and diplomats to be certain no assassins can get in."

Kotetsu blushed at the mention of 'strip search', and swallowed the lump in his throat, "I-I see..."

Before he could embarrass himself further, Izumo came out from the back with all the necessary forms and placed them on the desk, "O-okay, I will need name, title, reason for being here, number of individuals in your party, and your seal if you would be so kind."

Mei smiled softly, "I do not mind at all..." Mei took the paper and began to do everything that was required. Once she had finished up with all the writing, she reached up to her shirt and pushed it aside.

Izumo and Kotetsu blushed and began to sputter...

Mei then pulled out what appeared to be a ring on a chain. She removed the ring from the chain and placed it on her finger, causing the ring to glow slightly before she pressed the ring onto the paper, then slowly removed it. She then placed the ring back on the chain, and slipped it back into her shirt.

After removing any unclean thoughts they might have from their heads, Kotetsu slowly took the paper, "T-thank you, e-enjoy your stay."

Mei smiled softly, "I surely hope that we shall." she turned away, "Ao, Chojuro, come..." she began to walk away, being followed quickly by her entourage.

Kotetsu and Izumo watched as they walked into the village...then exhaled heavily as they released a breath they did not know they were holding.

Kotetsu released the paper, "That was the most awkward moment I have had since our Genin days."

Izumo nodded his head as he reached over and took the paper, "Yeah." he sighed as he placed the paper in a separate pile...

With Mei

Mei Terumi slowly walked down the streets of Konoha, and took in the sights. Not much has changed about the village since she was here over 13 years ago when she was but seven years of age...the day her parents brought her to meet her future father in law.

Mei shook those thoughts from her head, 'No, he is dead...do not dwell on the past.'

Ao saw Mei's condition and frowned. Not many knew, but at one point, Mei was arranged to marry the son of Minato Namikaze. Despite the fact that said son had not even been born yet. Mei happily agreed to the marriage contract at the tender age of seven, and for an entire year she prepared for the day that she would be able to meet her future husband...but it was not to be.

The Kyuubi no Yoko had attacked the village but twelve years prior to this day. The attack had caused the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands of people, among them, her unborn fiance, and his parents.

Once the news had been delivered, Mei was heartbroken.

Ao saw how it pained her to come to Konoha after how much she had lost, but Kiri needed this alliance, or they would revert to civil war again in a matter of months.

Ao sighed as he saw Mei begin to grow more and more distraught at the recognizable things in the village, and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Mizukage-sama, perhaps we should postpone the meeting with the Hokage until tomorrow. It has been a long journey, and you could use your rest so that you may be in top condition for finalizing the alliance."

Mei turned and looked at Ao with a strained smile, "It is fine Ao, I am perfectly capable of-"

Ao cut her off, "Mizukage-sama...please, I implore you...rest."

Mei was taken aback by Ao's sudden response...and sighed, "Very well, we shall rest for tonight, then greet the Hokage in the morn."

Ao smiled, "Thank you, Mizukage-sama."

Mei smiled and turned around...only for her eyes to widen as she jumped to the side as she was almost plowed over by an orange blur. She stumbled over her feet and fell onto her ass, covering her dress with dirt.

"Mizukage-sama!" Ao and Chojuro shouted with worry as they kneeled down and helped her up, "Are you injured Mizukage-sama? If he so much as placed a single hair in harms way I'll.." Chojuro began to ramble angrily.

Mei shook her head, "No Chojuro, I am fine." she slowly stood up, "But when I get my hands on that kid I-" she turned to see who knocked her over...but even as he fled, his back turned...she recognized the would be attackers hair.

The same hair of the man whose son she was arranged to marry.

Her eyes widened and quivered, 'N-no...i-it can't be, I was told he died!' despite her inner shouts towards herself to deny it, she quickly followed after the blond haired individual, leaving Ao and Chojuro in her dust.

Ao reached after her, "Mizukage-sama wait!" he cursed as she did not listen, then looked at Chojuro, "Come on kid, we have to get after her fast!" Ao quickly ran after Mei, while Chojuro followed behind as quickly as he could.


Running down the streets of Konoha was a blond haired, blue eyed Genin. He wore a neon orange jumpsuit, and had a lead headband wrapped around his forehead.

As he ran down the streets, the surrounding populace began to spout hateful whispers...

'Hey look, it's him.'

'Stay away from him, or he will kill you!'

'Demon spawn, why doesn't it just die?'

All these, and more insults of the like were hurled at the blond haired Genin as he ran into the nearby forest. He ran through through the trees, until he finally came to an open field with a lake smack dab in the center of it.

The blond haired Genin fell to his knees, and smashed his fist into the ground, remembering the events that occurred not but a few minutes ago.


Naruto Uzumaki was standing at the reception desk as he kept hassling the receptionist, "What do you mean I'm not allowed to see Sasuke, he's my teammate for Kami's sake!"

The receptionist glared at him, "I mean YOU are not allowed to see Uchiha-san, now get out of here before I have you detained by ANBU for refusing to cooperate!"

Naruto growled and was about to continue, when a hand fell upon his shoulder, "That will not be necessary Miss, I will see to it that he does not do this again."

Naruto turned his head and looked up to see his Sensei, Kakashi Hatake.

The receptionist scowled, "See to it that this...thing, does not do so again Shinobi-san."

Naruto could not help but flinch at how the woman described him...and Kakashi's response to it.

"I assure you, it will not happen again." Kakashi then proceeded to drag Naruto off to the side, and turn towards him, a frown apparent on his face, "Naruto, I am not going to mince words with you. When you do stuff like this, it gives me a bad reputation as a teacher, so either start acting more mature, or hand in your Shinobi resignation, because I will not waste my time with somebody who does not even take their Shinobi training seriously."

Naruto looked down at that, and then looked at Kakashi, "Kakashi-sensei, I understand...so can you please help me train for the Finals against Ne-"

"No...I will be exclusively training Sasuke for the next month."

"WHAT?" Naruto shouted as loud as he could, "But what about me?"

Kakashi frowned even wider underneath his mask, "What about you?"

Naruto could not help but get angry at how nonchalantly Kakashi dismissed him, "I have to fight Neji Hyuuga in the first rounds, he is more skilled than any of our class, and could easily wipe the floor with me, I need to get stronger so I can beat him!"

Kakashi snorted in amusement, "You, beat Neji...that is almost as laughable as you actually managing to achieve your dream of being Hokage!" he spat out in a mixture of amusement and disgust.

Naruto was taken aback at the harshness of Kakashi's statement, "B-but..."

Naruto was silenced as Kakashi cut him off, "Listen here, and listen well Naruto, I will not waste my precious time on someone whose skills are so low that an academy student could beat you. The only reason I had you as a student was because it was the only way to ensure I got Sasuke on my team. I don't give a shit about you, and I never will. Everyone knows you are going to lose against the Hyuuga, so why don't you just do what everyone expects you to do and fail...and while you are at it, just roll over and die!" he shoved Naruto to the side and began to walk away, but turned around, "You can barely do the tree walking exercise, and your teammates are already on advanced water-walking, if you can't even get basic tree-walking down, what makes you think you will ever amount to anything in life?" he snapped in the most venomous tone he could, then walked away.

End Flashback

After that, Naruto had fled the hospital, and ran for the nearest training grounds. He did not pay attention to who he ran into, all he cared about was getting to the training ground.

Naruto panted heavily, trying to catch his breath...and looked up at the training logs located in the clearing.

His eyes narrowed as he got up and walked over to the logs...and with a scream of anger and rage, he began to drive his fists into the log, cutting up his knuckles as he imagined the faces of everyone who has ever done him wrong being the log in front of him.

He kept attacking the logs with a vengeance...never noticing the three figures hiding in the bushes behind him.

In the Bushes

Mei Terumi could not believe her eyes...it just couldn't be true, it just couldn't be. Standing in front of her, training with such intensity...was her long thought dead fiance.

It just couldn't be possible...

'No, it can't be...he...he has to be dead, they said that-' Mei cut off her thoughts right at that moment as realization dawned on her.

They had been told that he was dead...but no proof was given to them.

Mei's eyes narrowed in anger as she snarled, "Sandaime..." she remembered how the Sandaime had come to their home twelve years ago, and told them how her fiance had died in the Kyuubi attack, along with her fiances mother and father. Yet here was her fiance...alive and well...

The Sandaime had lied to her.

She swiftly stood up, "Ao, Chojuro...come, the Sandaime has the answers to many questions, and he WILL answer them." she stated harshly, and walked in the direction of the Hokage tower, with Ao and Chojuro close behind.

In Mei's eyes, one could have sworn to see the visage of the Shinigami.

With Naruto

Naruto kept striking the wooden training post, until he struck it, and a massive shock wave of pain coursed through his arm, making him fall to his knees.

Naruto panted and looked towards his knuckles. He had been punching the post so hard, that the wood had cut through his knuckles and scratched the finger bones. His knuckles were dripping blood like a faucet...

He cursed and struck the post again, sending another wave of pain through it. He kept the fist right where he had struck, and glared heatedly at the ground, remembering Kakashi's statement...

"You can barely do the tree walking exercise, and your teammates are already on advanced water-walking, if you can't even get basic tree-walking down, what makes you think you will ever amount to anything in life?"

Naruto grinded his teeth together, and looked at the lake with a heated stare, 'I will show you how much better I am than my teammates Kakashi.'

Removing his fist from the post, Naruto placed his hands into a ram seal and began to charge his chakra towards his feet…and stepped onto the surface of the lake. Once he saw his foot on the surface, he placed the other one next to it, and began to walk further onto the lake.

Naruto's foot went under for a second, causing him to snarl to himself, 'I will accomplish this…without anyone's help!' he dragged his foot out of the water and set it back on top of the water, charging even more chakra into it as he walked out towards the lakes center.

His feet kept pushing down into the water, and each time he dragged it out, and charged even more chakra into it…he felt himself grow tired, but pushed it aside, determined to complete this exercise like he had done everything in his life…alone.

Naruto was almost at the lakes center, and he had almost fallen through the water several times already…his face was covered in a layer of sweat, and his eyes filled with the cold determination he had pushed himself with for years. Naruto took another step forward…and both his feet fell through the waters surface up to his knees. He bared his teeth, 'Just…a bit…more!' and began to charge as much chakra as he could into his feet, causing the water around him to ripple and churn as he slowly began to rise out of the water.

Grinning with satisfaction, Naruto lifted his foot, still charging chakra into it as he took one final step towards his goal…

When his body was flooded with pain like no other.

"AGGHHHH!" he screamed in agony as he lost focus on his chakra, falling into the lake beneath him…right smack dab in the center of it.

As Naruto went completely under the waters surface, his scream of agony continued, and his lungs began to fill up with water. His eyes widened as he grabbed at his throat and tried to expel the water, only for him to inhale even more water into his lungs. He tried to swim up and out...but he was hit with another shockwave of agony that tore through his body like a knife through flesh

Naruto kept frantically trying to swim up as he went deeper and deeper into the lake...and kept flailing as his body was consumed with pain as he watched the light from the sun start to fade away as he went deeper into the lake, deeper than he had thought the lake was.

Naruto looked down at the lake bottom as he was flailing to get out to see how far from the bottom he was, and his eyes widened at the sight before him.

There was a massive crack at the bottom of the lake that was either too murky to see the bottom, or was deeper than even the lake itself, and he was heading down right towards it. He looked back up and flailed even harder to swim up towards the still fading sunlight in the distance as he fell through the crack, into the unknown.

Naruto's sight was dimming as he tried to reach for the sides of the underwater canyon, only for his grip to fall short as he continued to sink down to the bottom. As he fell to the bottom, his eyes slowly began to close as he felt an emotion he had tried to hide his entire life…hate.

Hate for the villagers, who ever since he was born sought his death for something out of his control, hate for the teachers who impeded his survival, crippled him in his attempts to gain the strength he needed to survive, hate for all those who had caused him pain…from the beatings, the abuse, the hateful stares…

His hate stretched out towards individuals, his hatred for Kakashi, who was obviously as blind as the rest of the villagers, and threw him aside to be eaten by the wolves…his hatred for his teammates, who abused and insulted him on a daily basis for no reason…his hatred for the Sandaime, who had been the one who allowed him to be harmed since the day he was born, for telling the populace about the Kyuubi being sealed inside of him.

And his hatred finally, for the source of his pain to begin with…the Yondaime.

That man, who had sacrificed him so that the village could prosper, and thrown him to the wolves, who for years had been worshiped as a saint, while he, the true hero of Konoha is treated as the plague, suffering every day because of the Yondaime's choice to use HIM!

And so as his hatred consumed him, and as his life passed before his eyes, he finally accepted the truth...

Konoha would never accept him, simply for being what he is, the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko, he had no friends, only people who do not yet realize what he is...he had no family...he was an orphan who was loved by nobody, and if he did have any family left, they probably abandoned him as soon as they heard of what he was.

He truly had nothing left to live for...

Naruto let out one last breath as the bubbles rose from his mouth and slowly began to close his eyes as his hand brushed past an ancient rune, causing it to glow an unholy shade and wrap itself around Naruto's arm.

Naruto's eyes widened again as the runes wrapped around him, and he reached out with what little energy he had in a fools attempt to remove it from him. The runes proceeded to wrap around his other arm and travel up his arms as he continued to flail with as much energy as he had left.

The Runes kept traveling up his arms, and across his shoulders, causing him to flail more as he tried to break free of them.

As the runes began to wrap around his neck and stretch across his head, he let out one last scream, silenced by the water he was drowning in...before everything turned black...

Naruto's vision began to light up, and in his blurred vision, he saw something standing before him. He reached up to his eyes and rubbed them, trying to remove the blurriness from his gaze, then looked again.

His eyes slowly began to adjust as he managed to make out two large figures in front of him...

Rubbing his eyes once more, he looked through nice more, and his eyes widened at what he was seeing.

He was still trapped beneath the lake, though he had stopped falling, as though time seemed to stop, the water stopped flowing, the little teeming bits of life had long stopped moving, and he was floating in mid-fall in the ever deepening chasm, but this, was the least of what shocked him.

Before him were two translucent figures, armored from head to toe, and emanating a power that caused his heart to pulse faster at the mere feel of it.

The first figure stood somewhere between six and seven feet tall, and was covered in a suit of pitch black armor, with a light tint of purple highlighting the pitch black. The armor had to have been masterfully crafted from head to toe to fit the man. His feet had on special armor in the shape of a humanoid foot, but the nails were pointed and curled, and the armor was segmented in a way to allow the actual feet inside the armor movement. On the back of the heels was a single curved bone-like spur that curved upwards in a crescent shape. The armor on the shins was smooth, but ancient runes seemed to have been carved into the armor. On the knees of the armored warrior was a single humanoid skull, but there were clearly inhuman traits in the skull if the narrowed eye holes and the elongated canines were anything to note. His chest armor was most likely based on the mans chest muscle structure, but as Naruto looked closely, he noticed that there was the light forging of a skull in the chest armor. His shoulder pieces were special in that three separate plates of shoulder armor had been forged together at the base, and then made into a single piece. The man wore no armor on his biceps, revealing an intricate type of rune that traveled towards the forearm, and continued onto the forearms armor, into a new series of runes that wrapped around what appeared to be a type of sword hilt, but had an empty slot in place of where the blade would go. Under his right arm was a helm that seemed to have been broken, but the helm looked to be similar to the helm of a samurai, but had an intricate crown-like design forged into the helm itself. The mans face was hidden by a hood that cast a shadow over the top of his face, allowing his mouth and chin to be revealed enough to know for certain that the figure was a man, as his eyes glowed a deep unholy purple in the shadow. On his back were what appeared to be two wings made entirely of shadows.

The other figure was far more terrifying to behold, easily eight to nine feet in height, possibly bordering ten feet. Like the one before, it had terrifying armor, crafted by a master of the art of smithing, but the armor was a deep shade or red tinted with the darkest of blacks, giving the armor a rusted look. The armor on the beings feet were similar to the one before, but they had vine-like designs etched or forged into the armor on the foot, and up the shin, and upon reaching the knee the vine-like carvings intertwined themselves and coiled up the knee and surrounded what appeared to be a purple gemstone before the vines shot upwards in the form of a pair of demonic horns. The armor on the thighs were simply chain-mail, though they were obviously crafted well, not a single link appeared to be any larger or smaller than the other chain links. On it's waist it wore a unique belt, it had spikes that curved upwards, and it had several gemstones similar to the ones on the knee of the being, and at the front of the belt, there was the equivalent of a loin-cloth made entirely out of metal plates linked together, and covered with ancient runes. The armor upon it's chest was crafted in a way that looked like a muscled abdomen and chest, but the armor made it seem that the chest was rough like stone. It wore a unique armor piece, primarily the shoulder armor was a three spiked armor piece with each spike spreading out evenly like the toes on a birds foot, but it had smaller ridge spikes with a giant gem similar to the others in it, though the gems were steaming with a dark energy. The armor on it's biceps was simply rusty looking chain-mail, while the armor on it's forearms was basically a gauntlet with the same design in mind as the armor on the feet and shins, vines and all, while the gem sat on the back of each hand. Each finger ended with a long hooked, bird-like claw with each joint in the finger having a slight spike on it. It wore a helm that covered it's entire face, showing nothing but the two glowing unholy red eyes inside the V shaped slit in the helm, with the mouth of the helm being closed shut tightly, and holes poked into the nostril area for apparent breathing, and on each side of the helm were two crescent shaped spikes that curved upwards, and on the helms forehead, there was a single gem interlaced by the same vine-like etching that was prominent on the armor, which encircled a final gem before they shot up and created the design of demonic horns. It had a wild mane of white hair that framed the front of the helm, and spiked up near the back of the beasts head. On it;s back were eight great wings, on it's left side were four angelic wings, each one tattered and burnt in form, but clearly still usable, with several longer feathers trailing off the wing like the tail feathers of a bird, and each feather seeming to carry a different arcane rune, and on the right side, four draconic wings, tattered but still usable, and each wing carried runes similar to the runes on the other wings. The creature also had a long tail with three rows of spikes trailing from the end of the tail, and at the very end of the tail was a club-like growth with three long bone-like spikes on either side, with the top carrying a natural armor.

Both figures, translucent in form kept staring at the blond haired Jinchuriki. Naruto grew incredibly uncomfortable as the two stared at him.

The smaller figure inhaled and spoke, "We have heard your thoughts child...and seen your memories."

Naruto's entire body froze as the man spoke, his voice sounding like an ice cold knife being slid from the top of his spine to the very base.

The other chose that moment to speak, "It truly is a shame, for one such as you, with potential beyond all others to die so early...and so pitifully."

Naruto snarled at the two and snapped, "Just shut-up and leave me alone!" he looked down and spat out with venom, "Just leave me be, and let me rest in peace!"

The two beings looked at each other, then looked back at Naruto as the smaller figure spoke, "What if you could have power?"

Naruto slowly raised his head, looking at the two of them.

"Power to make almost every living creature bow down to it's knees in fear of your mere presence..."

"A power that is greater, than even the demon sealed inside of you." the smaller figure stated, pointing at his naval.

Naruto just stared at them for what appeared to be minutes, before he let out a hollow laugh, "Impossible...as much as I hate to admit it, there is nothing as powerful as the Kyuubi, do you honestly expect me to believe there is a power greater than the mightiest of the Bijuu?"

The two beings laughed loudly at him, almost falling over as they roared in boisterous laughter.

Naruto snapped his head up and shouted, "What is so damn funny!"

The two beings continued laughing, but the larger one managed to compose itself enough that it could speak, "Y-you think that the Kyuubi is the mightiest power in existence? HAAHAHAAAA! The Kyuubi is nothing but a fifth of the power of the demon it was once a part of, and even that demon was nowhere near the mightiest!"

Naruto looked at them in confusion, "What are you talking about?"

The smaller figure composed himself, "Ningen, what we are saying is that the Kyuubi is but an insect compared to the power that we are speaking of."

Naruto's eyes widened in shock, and he asked, "W-what power?"

The smaller figure spoke once more, "The power, of the Highborn."

Naruto raised an eyebrow in confusion, "Highborn? What are they?"

The larger figure spoke, "The Highborn are a number of mighty races, born in the pits of Makai, or the realms of the Abyss, forged in battle and bloodshed from the moment of their birth, and born with powers so great that your Bijuu would be but a child's play toy to them."

Naruto's eyes widened in shock, and asked nervously, "T-then why have I never heard of them?"

The larger figure spoke up, "The Highborn since the beginning have kept to themselves, not wanting to bother with the humans, as they are but mere insects to them."

Naruto swallowed the lump forming in his dry throat...it was magnificent, if he could obtain the power of such a creature, he would be unstoppable...but...

Naruto lowered his head, "How...how could I possibly obtain this power? And even if I did, how would I use it? I learned the hard way that you can only get so far doing things on your own."

The two figures grinned, though it was only noticeable on the smaller one, unless you looked in the larger ones eyes.

The smaller one stepped forward and said, "Simple young ningen...we are going to give it to you."

Naruto's head snapped up in shock, "W-what?"

The larger one stepped forward, "Ningen, we are two races of the Highborn, long since dead, our souls imprisoned, and we have grown tired of this endless purgatory, sealed beneath the surface of a world we once called home...but, if we fuse our souls inside of you, then in a way, we shall gain a freedom we have long sought for millennium."

Naruto stuttered out, "B-but I thought you were dead?"

The smaller one raised a single finger, "While that is true little ningen, our power will always remain with our souls, not with our bodies. Even if our bodies decay, as long as our soul exists, our power can be used...just not by us."

"We have grown tired of our deathless eternity, trapped beneath a mountain of dirt and rubble, we want to be able to at least know that our power will not go to waste."

Naruto continued to stare at them, not believing what he was being told, they were offering him a power so great that not even the Kyuubi could hope to challenge it, it was almost too good to be true...

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the two as a question came to him, "What is the catch, power like this is bound to have several strings attached...so what is the catch?"

The two seemed to smile at him, "The catch, young ningen...is to surrender your humanity, and the power of the Kyuubi."

The larger spoke, "Once you have been given our power, the Kyuubi's dark Youki will be purged, and converted into your own energies. All traces of the Kyuubi will be removed from your body...as if it was never there in the first place."

"When our souls and power flow through you, it shall convert your body, and force it to adapt, and change so that you may use it...you will become one of the Highborn."

Naruto's eyes, which were already widened from shock, were so wide it looked like they would pop out any second, and he turned his head as he thought to himself, 'This is unbelievable...I am being offered power greater than Kyuubi's...but...if I accept, I will lose my humanity."

Naruto frowned at himself, 'Who am I kidding? Why should I care about my humanity in the slightest, I am already hated for being the Kyuubi's Jinchuriki, what is one more reason for them to call me a monster?'

He looked up at them, conviction burning in his eyes, "I accept..."

The two grinned at him, "Very well...As you wish..." the two beings began to glow a bright color, shimmering in the darkness as time seemed to turn back on. The smaller figure glowed with an eerie purple glow, while the larger figure began to glow an unholy red with a blackish outline.

The two beings spoke at once, "Brace yourself...because this is really going to hurt." and without further warning, drove their entire form into Naruto, seeping in through his naval.

True to their statement, Naruto felt as if every single nerve in his body had been set ablaze, letting out a scream of agony, the power from the two began to take root.

The two energies intertwined together as they leeched from his naval, tearing and shredding his orange jumpsuit, revealing his naval...and the now seared flesh of where the Shiki Fuin seal once resided.

The energies finally intertwined entirely, and began to leech into one another, creating an unholy purple color, with a blood red tinted black outline that now began to encase Naruto's body.

Naruto stopped screaming as his eyes and mouth were filled with the dark energy...and in a single moment, he clutched his head as he wreathed in agony while the dark energy surrounding him began to harden and crystallize, attaching itself to the side of the chasm wall.

Meanwhile...Same Time

Sitting in his office was the Sandaime Hokage of Konoha, calmly drinking from his tea as he placed his seal and signature on the paperwork before him. It was a mission report from one of his Jonin who had been assigned to assassinate the head of a bandit camp. A low rank missing-nin from Kirigakure.

Ever since the bloodline purges began over half a decade before, Kiri's missing-nin count had tripled in the last few years. Most of the official Bingo Books now had half of it's contents be Kiri-nins.

Though recently in the last few months, it seemed as though Kiri's missing-nin count had dropped a considerable amount, and the Bingo Book now only carried a fifth of the original amount of Kiri-nins that it used to. The Sandaime wished he could figure out why that was, but sadly all their spies in Kirigakure had been killed when the Bloodline purges began.

Sighing heavily, he looked up to the edge of his desk, and smiled as he saw the photo of him and Naruto eating at Ichiraku's.

He had never approved of Minato's decisions to have his son arranged to marry the daughter of the clan head of the Terumi clan, and had repetitively tried to stop Minato from going through with the engagement, but Minato had been adamant that this arranged marriage would secure a peace treaty with Kirigakure that would last for years to come.

The Kyuubi attack was almost a blessing in disguise, with Minato's death, he retook his position as Hokage. He then told the Terumi family that Naruto and his parents had died in the attack. It was heartbreaking to see Naruto's fiance sob as such over his death...but he could not allow the heir to not one, but two influential clans, and the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko be given to Kirigakure, he held far too much importance to Konohagakure, and the entire Shinobi world.

Both Jiraiya and Hiruzen were convinced that Naruto was the prophecy child, the one who would bring peace to the Shinobi nations. The only way that he could meet his destiny is if he remained in Konohagakure.

Sighing, he reached for his pen and began to sign the next form...


Hiruzen looked up to see his secretary standing in the doorway, "Yes Suzumiya-san?"

Suzumiya coughed, "Somebody is here to see you, they say they are a delegation from Kiri in regards to a possible alliance.

The Sandaime's eyes widened in shock, a delegation from Kiri of all places? What could they want as an alliance?

Coughing he waved towards Suzumiya, "Send them in."

Suzumiya nodded and left the room to get the delegation, while Hiruzen sat back and set his papers aside, and put the photo of him and Naruto away.

The door to his office opened again...and his eyes widened in shock at who he saw.

Mei Terumi, Ao, and an unknown child wearing a bandaged weapon on his back.

He was shocked that Mei and Ao were alive, from what he heard, the Terumi clan and all of their associates had been the first to be crushed by the Yondaime Mizukage's wrath, so why was the heir of the clan alive?

Mei smiled at the Sandaime, "Ah, Sandaime-sama, how good to see you again." she walked up to the desk with Ao and Chojuro flanking her, "It has been quite a long time."

Hiruzen nodded his head, "Y-yes, it has been quite a long time."

Mei frowned at his demeanor, "You seem surprised to see me...are you not happy to see the granddaughter of an old friend?"

Hiruzen swallowed the lump in his throat discreetly at the mention of his friend, who had been Mei's grandfather, and head of the clan before Mei's mother took over.

Hiruzen coughed, "No, it isn't that, I just thought that you were dead. I heard how the Yondaime Mizukage had assaulted your clan first in his Anti-Bloodline campaign. I am simply surprised that you survived."

Mei smiled, "The likelihood of the Yondaime Mizukage destroying the entire Terumi clan is extremely slim, as I am sure you are aware. We are not called the mightiest clan in Mizu no Kuni for nothing, just as the Namikaze, Senju and Uchiha clans were not known as the mightiest in Hi no Kuni for nothing."

Hiruzen smiled, "True, so very true." he leaned back, "May I inquire as to what has occurred in Kirigakure?"

Mei smiled as her two bodyguards stood ready, "Well, the rebel forces against the Yondaime Mizukage, Yagura, successfully brought down his tyrannical regime...I personally was the one who threw him off the balcony of his final hideout into the Salt Lakes of Mizu no Kuni. For that, I was named the new Godaime of Kirigakure, and so came to reforge the alliance that once existed between Konoha and Kiri."

Hiruzen smiled towards Mei, "Ah, that is a good thing. After the Bloodline purge, the alliance between our two villages crumbled. I trust that your trip was not too treacherous."

Unbeknownst to Hiruzen, Mei's eyes gained a dark glint at the word 'treacherous', "Far from it Sandaime-sama...however..." she looked out the window towards the village, "I found myself upset as I took in the familiar sights of this village. So many memories from what was lost twelve years ago."

Hiruzen sighed and crossed his fingers, "Yes, the Kyuubi's assault on our village was a tragic one. We lost many good men and women that day, including the entire Namikaze clan."

Mei nodded her head, "Yes, that was indeed a tragic loss...the Namikaze clan was a long friend of the Terumi clan, even before the founding of the great Shinobi villages. I remember in fact that you were the one to deliver the tragic news upon my family and I when we came to visit Konohagakure." her voice was cold, without emotion.

Ao and Chojuro backed up as a hint of fear filled their eyes.

Unbeknownst to the danger he was in, the Sandaime nodded his head, "That I did, and not a day goes by that I wish things had been different."

Mei nodded her head, "Yes, and in that knowledge...Sarutobi-san..." as she spoke, the room temperature seemed to drop considerably, as a concentrated stream of KI struck the Sandaime, making him stiffen as Mei turned towards him...her eyes filled with a cold rage that would cast nightmares of the most horrible kind to any who looked upon them, "...why is it that I have just found my deceased fiance, walking around?"

Hiruzen's blood ran cold as those words reached his ears.

Next Day, the Lake

The skies were cloudy, almost as if a storm was on the way. The sky arced with lightning as the Lake in the middle of the training ground churned and trembled.

The trees began to wave and shake in the direction opposite the lake, as if the lake itself was throwing a wind towards everything around it.

Lightning struck several trees surrounding the lake, catching them ablaze as they fell over, burning and becoming charred remains of what they once were.

The lake began to bubble and churn as a light began to glow from the center of the lake, the waters of the lake bubble as a steamy mist hovered above the lakes surface. The water began to wash onto the shore in waves unlike any the lake had ever produced.

The light grew inside the lake, glowing forth like the suns rays...

And a pillar of unholy purple energy with a blood red tinted black outline sprung forth for a brief second, then dissipated as the waters churned even further.

From the depths of the lake, the figure of a man washed upon the shore. His shoulder length spiky hair, almost bleach blond in color, but tinted with black highlights, with two pure black bangs framing his face. His skin almost unnaturally pale, but with a hint of tan in the skin. His body was well built and developed, and his clothes barely covered his lower body, and simply consisted of a pair of torn and tattered orange sweatpants. His body had small pieces of what appeared to be crystal stuck to his body, and there was the faint texture of arcane runes covering his skin.

His eyes slightly fluttered open, revealing a pair of amber colored eyes with a slit in the center.

He blinked a few times, then spoke, "Sin...Seeker..." he grinned darkly, revealing his elongated canines and his slightly sharpened teeth as his Amber eyes glowed with a sinister sheen, "...I like it."

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