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"Look at this one Renji, isn't she cute?" a small raven haired girl squealed as she petted a small neko-hybrid.

"Yes, she is Rukia." the girl's older friend said.

Rukia had wanted a usagi-hybrid for a long time now and her brother had promised she could get one for her birthday which was today. So together with her friend, Abarai Renji, she had come to a shop called Urahara's pet shop to look at some hybrids.

"Welcome to Urahara's pet shop! How can I help you?" the manager, Urahara Kisuke, greeted them from the back of the shop.

"We're looking for a hybrid for my friend Rukia." Renji explained.

"I see. Do you know what kind of hybrid you would like Rukia-chan?" Urahara asked.

"A cute usagi who could keep me company when nii-sama is at work. Maybe a female."

"Okay. Do you like any of the ones in the shop or would you like to see some more of them?"

"You have more?"

"Why yes. This is not only a pet shop but also a home for homeless hybrids. They live in my house because there isn't enough room in here and they are more comfortable there. The pets I here stay here only during the day, they spend the night in my house. So, would you like to see more?"

"Yes please!" Rukia clapped her hands in excitement.

"Right through here then." Urahara smiled behind his fan and led the customers through the backdoor to his house and into a big room. "Here they are."

In the room there was about twenty hybrids and a lot of things they needed or used to entertain themselves. Currently most of them were in their human forms except for a couple who were sleeping. They were playing different kinds of games, reading, watching TV or simply chatting with each other.

"Hello my lovely friends, we have a potential buyer so come and say hello and see what you think about her."

The hybrids looked up from what they were doing at the sound of Urahara's voice. They got up and came to greet and look at Rukia.

"Is it important to consider what the hybrids think before you sell them?" Renji asked.

"Yes, of course. You wouldn't want to live with someone you don't like either, would you? It's the same with hybrids. I want them to have a good home where they are happy." Urahara explained. "Would you like to see them in their other forms Rukia-chan?"

"Yes please, if that's not too much trouble for you." she asked the hybrids who had found her interesting and stayed in front of her.

"Not at all." a female usagi with orange hair said before they all transformed.

"You are so cute!" Rukia squealed but then she noticed that one neko hadn't come to greet her at all. It was an orange one with thin, black marking on its ears, back and tail. "Is there something wrong with this one?" she asked as she reached up to pet the neko who was sleeping on top of a climbing stand for cats.

"Don't touch him Rukia-chan." Urahara warned but it was too late; the neko had bared its claws and scratched the unsuspecting girl. Rukia gasped and pulled her hand back. "Ichigo! Into my room, now!" Urahara commanded and the neko ran out of the room. "I'm sorry, I should've warned you earlier; Ichigo refuses to be touched by anyone besides me and even that only when it's absolutely necessary. I sold him once to a man, who seemed nice, against his will. The following evening he was back here again and he refused to transform to his human-form or let me touch him. The man I sold Ichigo to had tried to experiment on him and touched him in a way he didn't like. He's been like that ever since. It's been eight years now and not even once has he transformed during that time. He's now seventeen"

"I forgive him, he's probably just scared. Besides, the scratch isn't that deep."

"Thank you. After the incident I started asking for the nekos' opinion before I sell them."

"Excuse me but can I go an' see Ichigo; I'd like ta talk ta him." Renji asked.

"Go ahead but I don't know if it will help at all. The last door on the right."

"Thank you." Renji said and went after the orange neko.

He found him hiding under the desk in Urahara's room. He sat down next to the wall on the opposite side of the room.

"Hey Ichigo, the manager told us what happened ta ya an' I wanted ta tell ya that …" And so Renji continued to talk to the neko until Urahara left Rukia to play with her new usagi Orihime and came to look for him almost an hour later.

The sight that greeted Urahara was something he definitely wasn't expecting: Renji was sitting on the floor with Ichigo curled up in his lap purring but that wasn't all. Ichigo was in his human form, completely naked aside from Renji's coat that was thrown over his shoulders. Renji smirked at the manager as he held the boy in his arms.

"How…?" Urahara was speechless.

"I talked ta him until he willingly came ta me an' when I was petting him he just suddenly transformed."


"Hey Ichigo, the manager told us what happened ta ya an' I wanted ta tell ya that not all humans are bad like that man back then. Most humans are nice and they don't want ta hurt ya." Renji said to Ichigo but the neko didn't react at all; he just continued to glare at him from under the desk. "Ya don't believe me, do ya?" Ichigo shook his head. "I guess I gotta convince ya then." Renji began a long monologue on how most people loved nekos and other hybrids.

Eventually Ichigo started to relax and when Renji stopped talking he slowly moved towards the human.

"That's it, I'm not gonna hurt ya." Renji cooed and stretched his hand towards the neko so he could sniff at it.

After coming to the conclusion that the human didn't smell bad or weird Ichigo rubbed his head against Renji's hand. Renji chuckled.

"Do ya trust me now?" Ichigo jumped up on Renji's lap. "Ya do. That's good 'cause I could never hurt someone as cute as ya even if it meant saving my own life." Renji picked the neko up and stared petting him. "The same goes for Rukia, the girl ya scratched earlier. She loves bunnies and now she finally got permission from her brother to get a usagi-hybrid. She'll probably spoil the usagi and love her like a sister. I'd take good care of my hybrid too if I had one."

Renji closed his eyes as he petted the now purring neko. Suddenly he could feel something happening to Ichigo. He opened his eyes and saw that the neko was transforming to his human form. Soon he wasn't holding a cat anymore but a seventeen-year-old boy with orange hair and cat ears and a tail with the same black markings as the cat had had.

"Ya transformed." Renji stated. Ichigo was smoking hot in his human form but at the same time he was unbelievably cute so Renji had a hard time trying not to stare at the sexy and very much naked body in his arms. He put his coat over Ichigo's shoulders to cover him up a little and then he hugged him. "Ya look really good in this form too." The neko just smiled, curled up close to him and closed his eyes, still purring.

End of flashback

"I like this one Urahara. He can buy me." Ichigo said and looked at Urahara with one chocolate coloured eye.

"That's nice to hear but there's on problem; he didn't come here to…"

"I'll take him." Renji interrupted.


"I said I'll take him. I promise ta take good care of him.

"If that's what you both want, then it's decided. You should pack your things then Ichigo.

Half an hour later Renji unlocked the door to his house and put Ichigo down on the couch where the neko transformed back to his human form. Ichigo wrapped a blanket around himself because he still didn't have any clothes. He had transformed back to a cat for the trip back to Renji's. He didn't have any clothes that fit him because he had been a cat for the past eight years but his human form had still grown. He only had a small backpack with things he had gotten from his mother before she had died.

Soon Renji sat down next to him and he snuggled close to the other man. "Thank you for buying me." he mumbled.

"No problem, I like ya, you're really cute both as a cat and as a human." Renji replied and hugged him close. "Tomorrow we gotta go an' buy ya some clothes though. Ya can borrow some of mine until then."

"Thank you." Ichigo repeated drowsily. Soon he was asleep and purring next to his new owner.

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