Hellooo~ my lovely readers! I'm back again. I think there was something I was gonna write here but I wonder what it was… Oh yeah, to the anonymous reviewer who said that my characters are nothing like the real characters: I know that but hey; this is FANFICTION. Ichigo isn't really a neko and he isn't dating Renji either sooo…whatever. Though I suppose I should put an OOC-warning at the beginning of my stories but I always forget.

Okay, so this was supposed to be an angsty chappy about Ichi's past but it turned out like this: a pathetic attempt at humor with lots of smut. I hope ya'll like it though

"I'm home Ichi. Where are ya?" Renji called into their house.

"In the kitchen Renji-sama." Ichigo replied.

Renji took off his shoes and jacket before making his way to the kitchen.

"What'cha doing baby?" Renji asked as he wrapped his arms around the neko sitting at the table.

"I'm planning dinner. Is there anything you'd like to have today?"

"Ya don't need ta make dinner taday; I've planned something fer us. I'm taking ya ta see a play and I've made a reservation for us at Seireitei. We're leaving in an hour unless ya don't wanna go."

"Oh, what play is it?" Ichigo asked as he turned around on the chair and wrapped his arms around Renji's neck.

"Ya'll see. It's something by Shakespeare though, ya like Shakespeare right?"

"You know I do." Ichigo kissed Renji. The redhead deepened the kiss before breaking it again in order to lift the neko over the back of the chair. Ichigo wrapped his legs around Renji's waist and resumed their kissing. Renji had one arm around Ichigo's back and held him up by his ass with the other.

"I love you Renji-sama."

"I love ya too." They continued to make out while Renji moved them over to the couch where he sat down with the neko in his lap. Ichigo moved his hands down between them and started unbuttoning Renji's shirt and unbuckling his belt. When he was done he slid lower while trailing kisses along Renji's chest until he was sitting on the floor between his lover's legs. He unzipped Renji's pants and tugged them lower along with the boxers before grabbing the hard length from underneath them. The neko gave Renji a devilish smirk and licked the head without breaking eye contact.

Ichigo had taken a liking in giving Renji blowjobs. The first tie he had been really nervous but Renji had guided him through it and sworn afterwards that Ichigo was a natural. The neko had gained confidence and started refining his technique and now Renji was sure that some of the things Ichigo could do with his tongue were illegal in at least some parts of the world.

Renji groaned when Ichigo took the head of his cock into his mouth. He buried his fingers into the orange locks in his lap.

"God, stop teasing Ichi an' suck me off. Please." Ichigo hummed in reply and did as he was told. He took Renji completely into his mouth and started bobbing his head. "Fuck…you're fucking amazing…Ichi…shit. Com'ere." Renji pulled the neko up and kissed him passionately. "We're continuing this in the shower, that way we'll save some time.

"Come on then Renji." Ichigo said and jumped up and started dragging the redhead towards the bathroom.

"Yea, yea, I'm coming. No need ta get yer panties in a twist Neko-chan."

"I don't wear panties."

"Except on special occasions."

"Now stop talking and undress." Ichigo commanded and turned the shower on before undressing himself.

"Bossy." the redhead commented but did as he was told anyway. When he was done Ichigo was already standing under the spray of water so he stepped in behind him.

"Are ya mad at me?" he asked as he hugged the neko and trailed kisses along his neck.

Ichigo leaned into the touch and sighed. "No, why would I?"

"Dunno, ya just seemed annoyed. Now where were we?"

"Right here I think." Ichigo said and squeezed Renji's cock. The redhead let out a moan.

"That's…about right. But we're gonna move on now." he said and spun the neko around. "Now it's yer turn."

Renji kissed Ichigo and brought their arousals together by placing his hand on the younger man's ass and pulling him closer. The orangette wrapped his arms around Renji's neck and his tail snaked itself around the redhead's wrist. Ichigo hummed when a finger prodded at his entrance and slipped inside.

"Hmm…more Renji. Please give me more. "A second finger slipped inside. Renji started scissoring them. "Ah! Fuck me Renji-sama!"

"Sorry Ichi, we don't have time for that right now. But I'm gonna make ya come like this." Renji said and gave Ichigo's prostate a hard jab. The neko cried out in pleasure and Renji added a third finger. With his free hand he reached between them and started stroking them both while hitting the neko's prostate in time with his strokes. Ichigo was doing his best to remain standing while his body was rocked with waves of pleasure. He had trouble deciding whether to buck his hips into the hand on his cock or the fingers inside him so he did both while trailing sloppy kisses along Renji's neck.

"Nngh…so close."

"It's okay, come fer me Ichi."

And Ichigo came. He bit down on his lover's shoulder and clung to him as his body trembled in pleasure. The redhead moaned when teeth pierced his skin slightly and that pushed him over the edge. The couple held each other tightly as they rode out their orgasms.

"I love ya Ichi."

"I love you too Ren." They shared a gentle kiss.

"C'mon, let's get cleaned up."

They showered and dried themselves before heading to their bedroom to look for some suitable clothes. Ichigo settled for black jeans and a green shirt and Renji picked black slacks and a white shirt. Renji braided his hair and they were ready to go.

"Ya done?"

"Yeah, let's go." They grabbed their coats, put their shoes on and left for the theater.

"Can't you tell me what play it is?" the neko asked.

"Nope, ya'll see soon." Renji replied with a smirk.

"Renji~" Ichigo whined but the redhead just laughed.

A few minutes later they arrived at the theater.

"Wait here while I go an' get our tickets."


Renji left Ichigo standing next to a wall in the crowded lobby. He looked at the people chatting happily while waited for their tickets or someone. He was pulled out of his thoughts when someone grabbed his arm.


"Hello my pet." a brown haired man said. "Why did you run away from me, I've missed you?"

"Let go of me!" Ichigo protested.

"You're coming with me; I'm your owner and the God of this world."

"NO!" Ichigo shouted when his previous owner tried to drag him out of the theater. His shout caught the attention of the people around them.

"Yes you are. When we get back I'm going to…"

"What the fuck are ya doing ta my Ichi?" Renji, who had hurried back when he heard his neko's shout, asked.

"Your Ichi? He's my Ichi-pet and I can do whatever I want with him."

"Like hell you can 'cos he's mine. But even if he wasn't you can't do the things you're planning on doing to him; it's illegal."

"Yes I can and I will; I'm a god."

"Is there a problem?" a security guard asked.

"Yes, that man is trying to steal my pet." the brown haired man said arrogantly.

"No, I'm not! He's mine. Here are the papers to prove it."

"These seem okay and legal to me." the guard said.

"They must be fake, I have papers too."

"Urahara said that I might get problems with you. You're Aizen Sousuke right?"

"That's right."

"I have papers that prove that the contract you made isn't legal anymore because you maltreated Ichigo and tried to experiment on him."

"These seem okay too but I think we should call the police so that they can sort this out."

"I already called the police. I saw that man on the new this morning; he escaped from Las Noches mental asylum by murdering the personnel on duty."

"Freeze Aizen, you're under arrest for murder and attempted kidnapping." a voice said. Ichigo ran to Renji and hugged him tightly when Aizen was distracted by the order from the police.

"Come back here Ichi-pet, stay away from that tattooed man-whore." Aizen spat. With a few steps Ichigo in front of the man. "Good pet…" Aizen was cut off when Ichigo punched him in the face.

"Don't you dare call Renji-sama that ever again! He's the beat owner a hybrid could ask for!" the neko shouted, his words dripping with venom. After that he hurried back into Renji's arms. A couple police officers handcuffed Aizen and escorted him to the car waiting outside.

"Nooo! You can't do this; I am a god and I rule this world! You have to obey me!" Aizen shouted as he was dragged outside.

"That's one hell of a god-complex he has." Renji mumbled.

"Are you okay?" another officer asked Ichigo.

"Yes. Is Aizen going to be locked up again?" the neko asked.

"Yes and with tighter security this time. He escaped Las Noches by murdering all the personnel on duty yesterday. He was out to get you right?" Ichigo nodded. "You don't need to worry about him anymore. Here are your papers Abarai-san, they are correct and you are the legal owner of this hybrid." the officer said and handed Renji the papers the guard had handed to him. He also ripped Aizen's old papers into pieces. "Have a nice evening." The officer left.

"Hey, ya okay?" Renji asked. Do ya wanna go home; we can watch the play some other time if ya do."

Ichigo shook his head. "No, I'm fine. I wanna see the play now."

"Okay then. Come on, it's starting in a few minutes."

Renji led him to a small loge with two rows of seats. They sat down in the front one. Ichigo immediately recognized the play as 'Hamlet' when the curtain opened. They were alone in the loge which was probably a good thing since Ichigo was so excited that he was almost hanging over the railing during the whole play which would've blocked the other's view.

When the play ended Ichigo clapped his hands enthusiastically along with the rest of the audience. After the curtain closed he jumped on Renji and hugged him.

"Thanks for taking me here."

Renji laughed. "No problem, I'm glad ya liked it." He placed a quick kiss on the neko's lips. "Let's go, our reservation at Seireitei is in 15 minutes."


They walked down the streets holding hands until they reached Seireitei. Seireitei was a pretty fancy restaurant owned by Shihouin Yoruichi, a catlike woman with purple hair. She was a friend of Urahara's so Ichigo was familiar with her because she often visited Urahara's shop. Renji knew her too because all of Gotei 13s business dinners were held at her restaurant.

"I have a reservation on the name Abarai." Renji said to the waitress at the door.

"A table for two. This way please." The waitress showed them to a table in the corner. "Can I get you something to drink?" she asked when they were seated.

"I'll take a beer." Renji replied.

"A coke for me please. And could you please bring some water too." Ichigo said with a smile.

The waitress looked like she wanted to squeal at how cute the neko was. "Sure thing, I'll be back in a moment with your drinks."

The couple started looking at the menus. Ichigo's eyes immediately went to the fish-dishes. It didn't take long before he had decided what he wanted.

"Found anything ya like?" Renji asked.

"Yeah. You?"


Just then the waitress returned with a tray. "Here are your drinks." she said as she placed them on the table. "Have you decided what you want to eat or should I come back in a moment?"

"We're ready to order. I'll take chicken breast with rice and curry-sauce."

"Okay. And how about you?" she asked Ichigo.

"I'll take grilled salmon with baked potatoes and shrimp-sauce."

"Okay. Help yourselves to some salad from over there while you wait if you want."

"Thank you."

Ichigo took a sip from his coke before getting up and going over to the salad table. Renji followed suit. The neko loaded his plate with salad, vegetables and bread.

"Ya really gonna eat all of that and the main course and dessert?" Renji asked.

"Of course. You don't think I can?"

"Not really."

"We'll see about that when we're done." Ichigo smirked and returned to their table.

"Yeah but I bet that ya can't eat everything; you're so small." Renji said as he followed Ichigo.

"How about a bet then? The looser has to do anything the winner wants."


"Anything. Within reasonable limits of course."

"You're on."

They ate while chatting a little about random things. A few minutes after they had finished their salad the waitress showed up with their main courses. Ichigo gave her a dazzling smile before digging in. Renji could see how the waitress almost caved in to her desire to squeal and hug the neko. The redhead thanked her and she left before digging in himself.

"How the hell did ya manage ta eat all of that and you're not even about to throw up. Ya have a black hole in there?" Renji asked and poked Ichigo in the stomach.

The neko laughed. "You're just a sour that you lost and can't make me do whatever you want."

"No I'm not! Well maybe a little disappointed but also curious about what you've come up with."

"You'll see later." Ichigo said with a smirk.

"I'm sure." Renji said and wrapped an arm around Ichigo's shoulders. The orangette did the same with Renji's waist and they walked home holding each other.

When they arrived at home and had taken their shoes off, Ichigo decided to put his plan into action. He jumped at his lover and started kissing him.

"I love you Renji." the neko mumbled between kisses.

"I love ya too Ichi. Ya have no idea how hot it was when ya punched that guy with the god-complex an' defended me. I could've fucked ya there an' then. Did ya mean what ya said?"

"Of course Renji-sama." Ichigo purred and tugged the redhead towards the bedroom. "Every single word."

"That's nice ta hear."

When in the bedroom Ichigo stripped his lover of his shirt and pressed close to him to connect their lips again. While the couple made out their hands roamed over each other's bodies and explored all the familiar curves.

"Hmm…what is it ya want me ta do as yer prize Ichi?" Renji asked between kisses. Ichigo pulled away and blushed bright red.

"It's something I read about on the internet a few days ago and I'd wanna try it out. I thought you might get a kick out of it." the neko mumbled while looking down.

"No need to be shy, just tell me." Renji encouraged.


"Oh, my little neko wants ta get kinky. I like it. Who's gonna be tying who up?"

"So you're okay with it?" Ichigo asked and looked up.

"Sure. So what's it gonna be?"

"Can I tie you up this time?" the neko asked hopefully.

"Of course, I lost the bet so I'm completely yours tonight."

"You always are."

"Yeah but ya know what I mean. We can always switch next time."


"So…how do ya want me?"

"Lay down on the bed while I get some things."

Renji did as he was told while Ichigo walked over to his closet and started looking for something. A minute later he returned carrying a small box. The neko put the box down next to his lover and climbed up to straddle his hips.

"What's in there Ichi?"

"You'll see soon enough Renji-sama." the orangette purred before diving in for a kiss. While they made out Ichigo snuck a hand into the box and pulled out a rope. He used it to tie Renji's hands, which he had raised when the neko asked him to lay down, to the headboard. Then he pulled back to admire his handiwork.

"Wha…? When…?"

"Just now. the material is so soft that you didn't notice. It prevents rope burns."

"That was sneaky Ichi."

"Tonight I want you to call me Ichigo-sama and I'm gonna make you beg for this." Ichigo said and ground his ass against his lover's hard cock with a smirk.

Renji moaned but smirked back at the orangette's bossy attitude. "Is that so Ichigo-sama?"

Ichigo closed his eyes and shuddered at the sound of his name along with the honorific spoken by his lover in that voice. "That's right Renji-pet." he breathed out in the sexiest voice he could manage. Apparently he did pretty well since Renji shivered in anticipation.

"Then why don't ya get started; I wanna see what ya can do."

"Oh, I'm about to Renji-pet." Ichigo dove in for another kiss. Soon he started trailing kisses along Renji's jawline up to his ear before nibbling at the earlobe.

"That feels nice but ya gotta do better than that ta make me beg." Renji whispered.

"I know, be patient." the neko breathed out next to his ear before trailing his tongue along the shell of it.

Slowly the neko made his way lower. He made sure to pay extra attention to all the sensitive spots he had learned by heart and Renji hummed quietly in approval. When Ichigo reached the waistline of Renji's pants he looked up and locked eyes with his lover and undid the pants without breaking eye contact. He tugged the offending piece of clothing lower along with Renji's underwear and freed the erection underneath them. Ichigo licked his lips seductively before sticking out his tongue and licking the tip.

Renji groaned and closed his eyes. "Yeah, suck it baby." He didn't notice that Ichigo snuck his hand into the box as the head of his cock was engulfed by the wet heat of Ichigo's mouth. Ichigo pulled out a bottle of lube and a condom while he kept on sucking the cock in his mouth to keep Renji distracted in order to manage to do what he had planned next undetected. He undid his own pants and tugged them down. He popped the cap open and poured some lube on his fingers before reaching behind himself and pressing a digit against his entrance. He moaned around Renji's cock as his finger slipped inside which in turn caused the redhead to moan and buck his hips.

"Shit, that feels so good."

Ichigo hummed around his mouthful and continued to fuck himself. After a few more thrusts he added a second finger and started scissoring them.

When Ichigo deemed himself ready he pulled his fingers out and grabbed the condom, ripped the package open and slipped it over his tail. When he first had come up with this idea he had been really embarrassed but the more he thought about it the more he realized that Renji would probably love it and had finally decided to go through with it. He moved the tip of his tail to his entrance and pressed until it breached the ring of muscle. Ichigo gasped and pulled away from Renji's cock which caused the redhead to make a sound of protest and open eyes. The sight that greeted him made him, if it was even possible, even harder. Ichigo was on all fours between his legs with his ass up in the air as he fucked himself with his tail. The neko was looking up at him with half lidded eyes and his breath was coming out in short pants against his erection.

"Fuck Ichi, that's so fucking hot. Let me go so I can touch ya."

"No Renji-pet, I told you that tonight you have to beg for it." the neko purred. "Hmm, it feels so good Ren. Wish it was you doing this to me."

Renji groaned at the sexy sight. "That's not enough ta make me beg even though it's sexy as hell." he smirked but it could pretty much be considered a lie because it was only his pride that kept him from immediately giving in and begging the neko to let him fuck him.

"Is that so? I guess I'll have to step up my game then." Ichigo smirked back. And that he did. He took Renji's cock back in his mouth and started sucking, forcing his lover to watch him being penetrated from both ends while being unable to do anything. Renji realized that he had just caused his torture to become twice as bad as it was a minute ago. The mouth on his cock was wicked and he could feel every moan Ichigo let out as he thrust into himself. All this pleasure was quickly tearing down his resolve but what finally made him snap was when the neko deep throated him. His throat closed around him like a vice and he almost came at the feeling.

"Shit. Please Ichi please; let me go so I can fuck ya."

Ichigo pulled back. "Try harder Renji-pet."

"Please Master, I need ya."

"That's more like it."

Ichigo stood up and pulled his pants off while Renji did his best to do the same without his hands. Then the neko straddled Renji's hips and slowly slipped out of his shirt to further tease the redhead. Finally they were both naked.

"Aren't ya gonna let me go Master?"

"Soon Renji-pet." Ichigo pulled his tail out, removed the condom and tossed it in the trashcan. "Are you ready Renji-pet?"

"Yes Ichi-sama." Renji replied with a smirk, assuming that Ichigo was talking about untying him so when the orangette instead lowered himself on his cock he was pleasantly chocked. They moaned in unison. "I thought ya were gonna let me go before ya did that." he panted out.

"I never said that but don't worry; I'll do it now." Ichigo leant forward and captured his lover's lips in a heated kiss while he reached up and untied Renji's hands.

The moment Renji felt that his hands were free he flipped them over so that he was on top. "Want me ta make ya feel good Ichi-sama?"

"Yeah Renji-pet. Do it, make me feel really good."

"Yer wish is my command." Renji started thrusting at a slow pace. "How's this Master?"

"Mmm, feels good Renji-pet. Keep going." And Renji did. After a moment he changed the angle so that he would hit that special spot inside Ichigo and picked up the pace. A loud moan from the neko signaled his success. "There! Again Renji!"

"There?" Renji asked emphasizing the word with a thrust of his hips.

"Yesss!" Ichigo moaned out.

"Does it feel good? Do ya want more?"

"Yesss, give me more Renji-pet. I want it." Renji picked up his pace even more and Ichigo started bucking his hips to meet every thrust. The neko had his arms and legs wrapped around his lover, clinging to him like his life depended on it.

"Are ya getting close Ichi-sama?" Ichigo nodded fervently. "Good. I'm too; you're so fucking sexy like this, moaning an' beggin' fer more." The redhead reached between them and started stroking the orangette's cock. "Now come fer me Master."

Ichigo shuddered and arched his back as he came with a scream of Renji's name. A few thrusts later Renji came inside the shuddering neko. Renji collapsed on top of Ichigo and they stayed like that for a few moments panting and trying to catch their breath.

"That was fun." Ichigo said after a while.

"Yeah, we gotta do it again sometime. But next time I'll be tying ya up."


Renji pulled out and wiped them off with a random piece of clothing he found on the floor before settling back down next to Ichigo. "By the way, where did ya get this stuff?" he asked referring to the box with bondage supplies.

"Shūhei-san, a friend of Rangiku-san's, helped me. He owns a store that specializes in bondage and stuff like that."

"So ya went ta a sex-shop."

"Yeah." the neko admitted with a blush.

"Heh, I can imagine ya blushing an' trying not ta look at all the 'perverted' stuff in there."

"Shut up Renji!"

"Hai, hai Ichi-chan. Let's sleep; it's been a long day an' at least I'm getting a little tired."

"Hmm, night Renji." Ichigo mumbled and snuggled close to his lover.

"Night Ichi." Renji mumbled back.

I hope ya enjoyed it. I'll probably make one more chapter where they switch roles but don't expect it anytime soon cos I'm gonna concentrate on other fics for now (like The Little Mermaid).