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Bright Light: Act 1:

"C'mon, Marcus! You're gonna be late for your own birthday party!" a shrill feminine voice screeched.

"I'll be out in a minute Lisa! Relax!" a male voice cried back from on the loft's many bedrooms.

Mark's 25th birthday had finally come, and the only person not excited about it was Mark himself.

"Jesus Christ Mark! Seriously! Are you putting your make-up on you silly little boy?" Lisa Laveen cried sarcastically. Mark was slowly realizing that it's better for your mental, and sometimes physical, health if you listen to Lisa at all times.

"Silly little boy? Seriously?"

"Shut up and get dressed! Honestly, you take longer than me to get dressed, and that's saying something!"

"It's not my fault I can't tie a fucking tie!" By the sounds of it, Mark was frustrated beyond belief, so Lisa sighed and walked slowly to his and Roger's bedroom door.

A lot had changed in the past two months for the two Boho boys. When Mark decided that he was totally and fully willing to go into a relationship with Roger (after that fateful night in which the men left the past behind, and with no secrets may I add), Roger was more than willing to be Mark's lover. It was obvious to both Lisa and Benny that they loved each other (in a friendly way), but it did come as a surprise for them when Mark and Roger told them that they had entered a relationship together...Well, it was a surprise for Benny. Lisa's exact words when she found out were: "Thank fucking God you finally grew a backbone, Roger! I'm so happy you finally told him you loved him. I knew you did on the inside...I knew it!"

It was only 2 weeks after that when Roger began to sleep in Mark's bed (AN: for you perverted people out there, they were ONLY SLEEPING! lol), and it was only a week later before Roger began moving his stuff into Mark's room. And now, it was quite obvious that it was no longer "Mark's room", instead it was "Mark and Roger's room". Even if they haven't seen it yet. Lisa thought, knocking on the door.

"Marcus, it's me! Let me in!" Lisa cried, knocking on the door. Lisa would not let Mark be late for his surprise.

"If you only stop calling me Marcus!" Mark cried back, sounding less frustrated but more tired.

"Fine, Marcus." Lisa said, entering the room. Mark rolled his eyes, and kept on fumbling with his tie.

Lisa came into the room to see Mark standing in front of a full length mirror, something the boys had found in a dumpster 2 weeks previous, trying to tie up his tie, but failing miserably at it. Lisa sighed and shook her head. How hard is it to tie a tie?

"Marcus, Marcus, Marcus..." Lisa sighed scoldingly, coming over to help him.

"Shush it, Liz. I told you you could come in if you stopped saying Marcus!"

"Shush it? Really? I know you're a gentleman Marcus but..." she trailed off when Mark gave her a glare, "Fine, I won't say it anymore...Marcus." Lisa whispered, holding up her hands but smiling mischievously.

"Liz..." Mark said warningly.

"Okay, seriously, that's the last time I say it...Mark." Lisa said, rolling her eyes.

"Thank you. Was it that hard?" Mark asked, finally dropping his hands from his tie when Lisa came over to tie it for him.

"Yes it was Marky. Harder then you know." Lisa said teasingly, playing with his dark green tie. Mark just rolled his eyes, and looked over Lisa's outfit. She was wearing a multi-coloured sweater and shorts, with green and black striped leggings and a Beatles t-shirt underneath. That's just the tip of the iceberg with her weirdness. Mark thought, remembering his week with her two months ago.

At her apartment (surprisingly she could afford a nice apartment on the outskirts Alphabet city), abstract paintings, photos, and drawing covered her walls, and most of it was random shit. Knick knacks covered every dresser top or table, and in her bedroom (which he only saw when he was snooping around) was filled with funky clothes, even more knick knacks, and crayon-coloured walls. When asked, Lisa told Mark that the people who lived there before her had two little girls who had drawn on the walls instead of paper. She felt guilty even thinking of painting over the girls' drawings. "It's like repressing their imaginations." she whispered that day, placing her fingers on a picture of a horse.

"But their gone, so'd they never know." Mark argued.

"I would know, and you'd know, and that would be enough."

Just like Collins, Lisa tended to speak in riddles, and like in this instance, he sometimes didn't understand a word she said.

"There yah go." Lisa said sweetly, bringing Mark out of his head and back into his room. Lisa was now smoothing out the tied up tie. Mark gaped at her.

"How'd you do that? I spent hours on this! And you do it like that!" Mark cried, snapping his fingers and looking at his tie in the mirror. Lisa just shrugged.

"It's a gift." She shrugged.

"Well, thank you. You saved my life!" Mark said with a smile, looking at himself in the mirror.

"Welcome, stud! Wow, look at yourself! You clean up nice." Lisa said, referring to the suit that Mark had dug out of his closet only hours before that came from his sister's wedding over 5 years ago. It was a nice black, with a very light blue shirt (Mark had no white dress shirts...hell, he had no dress shirts. He had to borrow it from Roger) underneath and a forest green tie. His hair was spiked as usual and his glasses were on crookedly.

"You're lucky...if you hadn't forced me into this I'd still be wearing my red-and-blue sweater." Mark grumbled, checking to make sure there were no white spots on his suits.

"You're lucky you have me! I mean, look at you! Mr. McDreamy was in my own-well, your own-home, but he was hiding under that holey sweater and brown pants." Lisa cried dramatically, sitting on Mark and Roger's bed. Mark blushed as he always did when he was given a good comment, and he stared at the ground as he fiddled with his tie.

Lisa looked around, and it was suddenly obvious that Roger had partly taken over the room she was sitting in. Mark was known-to her, at least-for his cleanliness, and the room around her was filled with clothes on the floor and papers and guitar picks cluttering on every other space. The only clean place was the bed, which was made, probably by Mark of course.

"Holey isn't a word, Lisa." Mark said, straightening his tie.

"Of course it is! If it is said out loud or written on paper, it is a word. Simple as that!" Lisa cried, crossing her arms.

"That's not true! If that were true, you could write 'snickel fritz' on an essay and your teachers would give it an A."

"Snickel fritz...Hmm, I like those words! How about bibby bang?" Lisa said, looking as if deep in thought

"What the hell is a bibby bang?"

"What the hell is a snickel fritz?"

"Touché." Mark sighed, finally finished looking himself over.

He had to admit to himself, he looked good.

Well, better than from 5 months ago at least. He had gained most of the weight back he had lost in withdrawal, and he looked more...alive. His cheeks were fuller; he was less pale, and less...scrawny. He looked like he did when he just moved into the big city. This wasn't that surprising because Lisa insisted that they ate anything and everything she gave them...even Roger was looking healthier. The only thing that gave away the fact Mark was sick for the past 5 months were his eyes. There were dark circles under them, but thankfully they weren't too easily seen. According to Roger, Mark's eyes usually showed his every emotion, and if that's true, his eyes were showing three things; wisdom, happiness, and love.

Mark couldn't tell you without lying that the past 2 months haven't been hard, or even scary; in fact, those two months in which he was discovering his full love for Roger were the scariest in his whole life. But he was glad he went through them, because now, everything was perfect. Well, life could never be perfect, but to Mark it was pretty damn close.

I mean, Mark still had to get used to the fact that he had AIDS, and Mark still had to try and refrain from cutting...but if you asked him, the hardest thing he had to do was gain Roger's trust back.

"Okay, seriously Mark...I really really really want to go! I don't want you to be late! And believe me; you don't want to be late either!" Lisa cried standing and walking to the door.

"Ha ha! I knew it! You have something planned!" Mark cried, following Lisa quickly. She was already on the couch putting on her Doc Martens, as if she expected Mark to follow her. She knows me too well. Mark thought, fighting a grin.

"You'll never get it out of me." Lisa said with a grin before going back to her shoes.

"But Lisa, it's my birthday!" Mark whined, sitting on the couch with her.

"Sorry, Marky. Let's go!" Lisa cried, ruffling Mark's hair then skipped towards the door.

Mark sighed dejectedly, but got up and followed Lisa out the door. So much for tricking the truth out of her.

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