I'm surprised none of you have killed me in my sleep yet! I'm terrible at updating! I'm so sorry you guys—if it helps any I've written you some shameless fluff. Enjoy!

Mark laid on his and Roger's bed languidly, sighing as he finally awoke fully. He had just woken up from a…3 hour (3 hours? I didn't know I was that tired) nap.

It's getting worse. He thought sadly, sitting up…even though his body was fighting tooth and nail against getting up.

He sat for a couple minutes, blinking himself awake when he realized something very strange;

One, no noise.

Two, no hovering Roger.

That meant…

"Oh Lisa, my sweet angel. I'm gonna kiss you later." Mark sighed happily.

"Please Lisa," Mark remembered asking Lisa many hours earlier, "Take Roger out. For as long as you can. Do anything you want—just get him out."

"Why? Are you having a domestic?"

"No…I just hate how he's always there for me, all the time. Not only am I getting sick of it but he is too. I can tell. He'd never say it but he desperately missing going out and being a rock star. So please take him out, make him feel like a rock star for the evening."

"Why can't you take him out?"

"Because…I need alone time?"

"…Alright sweetie-pie, anything for you."

Mark shook his head lightly as guilt began to settle in. Weeks after his diagnosis and still the only people that know of his disease were Joanne and Roger.

They'll have to know soon; the disease is taking its toll now. It's only a matter of time—

"Nope, nope, not going to go there. If Roger's having a night out, why shouldn't I? Instead of going actually out though, I'll get out of my own head."

With that Mark stood and quickly walked into the living room. It was not even beginning to darken outside but he knew it was getting late.

Okay so I might not have that long…better enjoy what I got.

So with a relaxed sigh he trudged to the kitchen to make himself some tea. Make his alone time much more relaxing.


525 600 minutes
525 600 moments so dear
525 600 minutes
How do you measure
Measure a year?

Mark smiled gently as he watched what unfolded on the screen.

He had finally finished it; his new "documentary" so to speak. The one he had been working on in secret ever since he found out he was going to die. The one he knew he'd have to make…

That, and he knew that the day would come that he would pass from the world. Hopefully with Roger holding his hand.

He was going to leave before his lover did and he knew it was going to hurt the rocker beyond repair.

Which was the main reason why he made the video…he wanted to leave Roger something before he went. Preferably something made with his own hands; something made from the heart.

And so with his passion motivating him he spent the last two weeks going through film after film, taking the good stuff and piecing them all together…making something beautiful.

Mimi smiled alluringly at the camera, giving a small wink. Maureen came up behind her quickly, obviously not wanting to give up the attention. She began making muted cat noises (most likely purrs) and was clawing the air around her. Mimi just looked at her and, instead of being exasperated or frustrated, she just laughed and began to mimic her.

Mimi and Maureen were always close, Mark thought.

Roger, with his old long hair, was playing the guitar with a happy smile on his face.

That was just after Mimi's miraculous recovery…after that he was so full of life and song-writing. It was almost annoying how chipper he was.

Collins was smoking lazily on the loft's fire escape. Angel was laughing beside him and Roger was sitting there with a grin on his face and shaking his head.

Most likely Collins just made a dirty joke.

The Boho babes were dancing in the middle of the loft to the music coming out of Roger's guitar.

Mimi was gently caressing Angel's face as she sang a lullaby to her.

The only hospital shot I allowed myself to add to this video.

The Bohos and their other friends were all singing about the Bohemian life and dancing on tables.

The Bohemian life seemed so free and great back then, despite disease and pain and death…now it's all back and biting me in the ass.

Roger smiles softly from the window sill at a joke Mark's made.

That was just after Mimi's death…it was the first smile—real smile—I'd seen on him in awhile.

Collins took a breath of his weed, grinning at Mark from his place on the couch. His skin was pale and he was covered in blankets.

Last time I saw him…a week before he died. I was so busy trying to make the cash to take care of him and nurse him back to health that I never even noticed that he had left his apartment…he felt so guilty about me having to make some quick cash just for him.

Ha ha. That was back in the day where I was telling everyone I was selling stuff like my and Roger's clothes to get the cash we needed.

God…he felt so guilty I was selling our stuff to help him he went to go teach that day so he could pay for himself.

If only—

'No day but today' Mimi mouthed sternly to the camera.

Figures. Mimi is still inspiring me with her message. Despite death.

Benny stood awkwardly in the middle of the living room, scratching his neck. Roger was putting the groceries Benny bought for them away. Seemingly sensing someone was watching him, Benny looked up and directly at the camera. Seeing it, he grinned happily.

Lisa waved crazily to the camera, grinning from ear to ear.

My first shot of her.

The first gang—Benny, Collins, Maureen, Roger and April—, the Bohos—Maureen, Benny, Joanne, Collins, Angel, Mimi and Roger—, and finally the new gang—Benny, Lisa, Erika, Jet and Roger—all of the gangs in succession. All of them were shots of the gangs hanging out in the Life Café.

How far we've all come.

Lisa and Roger are bickering at each other; not really fighting though—more like snapping at each other like an old married couple.

And Mark doesn't even mind, because they're like two siblings. They fight and fight and fight…but they care each other in the end. That's all that matters.

Lisa and Benny's clasped hands as she animatedly told a story to him and Roger.

A small kiss between Mark and Roger when they thought no one was looking.

One of the rare moments I let Lisa borrow the camera. Also one of the few shots that have me in it.

Erika rolling her eyes while Roger talked to her.

Jet and Erika playing around on the couch like a couple of kids.

The first time I had ever seen Erika smile so truly.

The video went on and on, making Mark laugh, making him smile and even making him cry a little bit. It made his day a little bit brighter. And as he lay there, he couldn't help but pause the video in between two frames. That way he had a perfect picture on the screen. At the top of the screen was his old Bohemian family, and below was his new family.


An hour or two later, that's where Roger found his lover; lying on his belly, snoring softly, with both groups paused, forever young, on the screen.

He grinned softly yet sadly as he took Mark's skewed glasses off of his face. He stared at the people on the screen, conflicted for a few moments before seemingly deciding. Instead of turning off the video entirely, he let the faces of their friends—both fallen and living—look after them as they slept.