This is it. The big one. I have gone over the edge on this one. After watching X-Men Origins for the first time, which was amazingly cliche yet the action scenes were amazingly cool :D!

...I saw Mion Sonozaki with adamantium claws and kicking ass all over the place, an evil-looking Lelouch, and a demonic Suzaku with awesome swords....It then came to me.

But, here's the prologue. I actually am searching for a Beta tester now. I, haha, it may be a little embarrasing to have someone look over my work but still, I need help to make sure. I have tendencies to repeat words too much, and I may spell things wrong, I dunno. Message me if you're interested. ^^

So you can tell, this is literally the story of the latest X-Men movie. Anime characters from Higurashi, Umineko and Code Geass will all be together playing the characters in the movie and such, the cast list (if you're confused) is as follows:

Mion Sonozaki as James "Logan" Howlett, Lelouch Lamperouge as Victor Creed, Takano Miyo as Col. William Stryker, Erika Furudo as John Wraith, Dlanor A. Knox as Fred Dukes, Rivalz Cardemonde as Chris Bradely, Suzaku Kururugi as Wade Wilson, and Battler Ushiromiya as Agent Zero.

(Don't worry, there is someone as Gambit. Just wait a bit, you'll find out which character plays him~!)

I'm staying OOC for the ANIME characters, not the MOVIE characters! The anime characters just have the same powers as the movie characters, that's all I'm doing, but I'm trying to make it all work, it's very hard to explain, you know. I'm sure you'll get it if you read =3


She reached a guard who stood by a door. He moved for her as she approached the speaker.

In a clear and loud voice, she declared, "Furudo Erika."

There really was no need for her to follow these procedures, she could easily get into this whenever she wanted to.

The door swung open, and she began walking down the stairs that were suprisingly made out of stone.

Her objective here was to talk to two people, and those two people happened to be one of the most dangerous prisoners they keep in this place. She already talked to one of them, the oldest male, who was the most deadly, but for some reason the youngest female killed the most guards, so she was the one being kept farther underground.

The temperature dropped considerably as she descended.

"One-hundred-fifty-three, one-hundred-fifty-four..."

Furudo Erika, with her long blue hair in two high pigtails and blue eyes, reached the large metal door which was guarded by two men, who moved out of her way, just like the other one upstairs. The young girl was wearing a light pink dress, that seemed too old-fashioned, but the guards who stared said nothing.

"One-hundred-fifty-five, one-hundred-fifty-six..."

The dry voice that came from a teenager was muffled, but Furudo Erika pressed the correct code, and the door slid open with a hiss. The sight was rather cruel, but nessasary.

A female figure was slumped on her knees, her arms pulled out and suspended by her wrists by metal bars. Not chains that would let you struggle, just bars that stuck out of the wall and restraints that simply kept your wrists in place.

Long pale green hair toppled over the body, and on the floor close to her was a long string of tough leather. That was all that was in the metal room: the prisoner, and the piece of leather.

"One-hundred-fifty-seven, one-hundred-fifty-eight..."

Erika's footsteps in the room caused the dry voice to stop abruptly.

"...Stephen? I must've lost control of the time, I thought I already ate today..."

"I hope this place is feeding you well..." Erika murmured quite sarcastically.

The body stilled, and in the dark room, Erika saw the girl raise her head, and a mint green eye stared at her from between the bangs that parted in the middle.

"What do ya know..." The girl shook slightly with laughter, "...They decide to send a little girl instead. They better have showed you my allergy list."

She laughed again, for some reason thinking this was funny, then grimacing with pain, she shifted, managing to sit up straight on her knees and get the hair off her shoulders, but the bangs remained. The girl who was presumed to be 16 was very attractive, she had an impressive bust, her body was thin (maybe too thin) but her skin was pale, and there wasn't a single flaw with her body.

Except when you took a closer look at her knuckles.

"To what do I owe the pleasure?" The girl asked then, and Erika only smiled, moving in front of her and crouching down.

"I'm just curious why they would lock you up all the way down here...Mion."

Mion tilted her head, as the blue-haired child continued, "My name is Furudo Erika. I am a representitave of my boss. Would you mind talking?"

"Sure. But first." Mion gestured with her head to the piece of leather on the ground, "Can you get that?"

Erika reached over from her place and picked it up, "Well, is this yours?"

"Yeah. I use it to keep my hair up. Some guard decided to brutally beat me up today just because I laughed at him. And during the fiasco, my hair fell out...Put it back up for me?" Mion smiled.

Even when she claimed she was beat up, there was absolutely no sign of bruises, cuts or blood on her face.

Erika shrugged, "Fine by me, if you'll speak." She stood up, instanty vanished, and reappeared behind Mion and began gathering up all her hair.

"...Interesting." Was all Mion said.

"All I know is the only reason you're here is because you tried to defend your older brother." Erika spoke as if nothing happened.

Mion scoffed, "My brother is an idiot. He was in such a good mood while we were invading a nearby enemy camp he had to kill a higher ranking officer that just happened to be on our side."

Erika was having trouble trying to pull up her bangs, but Mion just muttered, "Leave it." And so the girl let go.

"...I heard about that. So then they all decided to just execute you two right on the spot. All 10 men shot you both with their machine guns."

She was finished, and she walked back around. Mion seemed much more comfortable with her hair now in a ponytail.

"Oh yes. They tied us to poles, if I remember correctly. 10 machine, that's alot of bullets..."

"And you survived." Erika pointed out rhetorically, and she smirked, "To be honest, that's quite impossible for normal humans."

"...Yeah, we lived. I'm sure they were shocked we didn't die after being pelted for five minutes..." Mion chuckled slightly, "...It only tickled."

Erika's smirk stretched into a grin, but Mion stopped laughing and just stared, this time with so emotion.

"But I'm still curious! If your brother was the one who commited the crime, why are YOU all the way down here?"

Erika never flinched at the menacing glare that shot out from Mion's mint green eyes.

"You and I both know that answer. Because me and you are common in many many ways." Her voice dropped several degrees as she added, "...Erika-san."

The blue-haired child only titled her head, "Are you meaning over the fact we're both women?"

Mion's eyebrows twitched and she shrugged, "...I'm one of the few girls here. Much less a "fiesty" one, as I've overheard. I have been forced to cause more...casualties...than my brother has. But I've been a good girl for quite some time. I just don't think they trust me enough to move me."

Erika rocked back onto her rear and laughed out loud, Mion only stared neutrally.

"Alright, let's get to the point." Erika moved onto her hands and knees, not worrying about her pink and ivory dress and her rose-colored panty-hoes.

She leaned in close, "My boss has heard alot about you and your brother's special abilities. And she would very much like to invite you to our special little group:..."

For some reason, Erika moved to Mion's ear and whispered, "...Team X."

There was absolutely no reaction, which surprised Erika. Mion didn't shudder or flinch, or even blink for that matter.

"Team X, you say?" Mion scoffed, "So you want me and my brother to do all your dirty work for you in your "special little group"?"

Erika smiled, "...Its not that me and my fellow teammates need you both anyway." She stood up straight, "But my boss insists. She claims you both would be a valuable asset to more victory against our enemies. Besides..."

Her blue eyes darted around Mion's body, expecting her to sag a little from holding her wrists up for so long. But Mion didn't seem tired.

"...Me and my friends are perfectly capable of executing missions that the normal human couldn't do. If you're planning to refuse, does this mean the rumors were incorrect and you have no abilites?"

Erika whirled around then, as if showing off the fact she could stretch her limbs and the 16 year old couldn't. Mion could already tell, Erika was trying her best to tap some nerve string inside her. Was this child really that cruel?

"I'm much older and more durable than you think, Erika-san." Mion shifted, then got to her feet.

"Hm? It doesn't matter. Will you join? Or rot in this hell?" Erika's eyes were closed and she was humming to herself joyfully. She didn't have a care, only the girl's answer to the proposition.

The sound of ripping skin sliced through the air and reached Erika's perked ears, causing her eyes to snap open.

The girl's ragged breathing was half-laughing.

"...My God...has it really been long since I brought these out?"

Erika turned slowly around, and she watched the blood drip on the metal floor and vanish instantly. She looked up at the monster before her:

"I think I'll take that as a yes."

Meanwhile, several feet up in a much more secure prison room, a young man that appeared to be 18 stood fully restrained to the wall with nothing but pure metal. His jet black hair covered the upper part of his face. The sense of energy from long below did not fail to reach him. Once again, Mion was accepting her true form again.

A smirk stretched across the man's handsome features and his violet eyes glowed with something that shows his excitement for finally being able to actually kill something soon.

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