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The WWE's brand for Cartoon Wrestling. Created in 2002, it was used to confine the Toons to one show. But after a great match between Brock Lesnar and Naruto, the Toons could go to any show they wanted. Recently though, petty rivalries have cost Animated a few matches. Will they do it again?

Champion Naruto Uzumaki: A boy who wanted to become the best, became the best.

"Naruto wins his first World Title!"

But will his foolish decision hurt him?


A company filled with Animes. They have been dealing with the Bullies ever since the Anime war started. A company filled with strong, willed Anime stars. But is will enough? And will Show rivalries ruin them?

Nobita Nobi: A nerdy boy turned Ultimate Star. The best of AWF. A former AWF Champion. Will he become the Toon World Champion?

Randy Rand: The AWF Champion.

"Randy rand brought the Title back to AWF!"

A Champion, who tonight, could finally silence the advancing Bully Army.


A pre-dominantly Nickelodeon Company embroiled in Civil War between the WWT and the TWO. Will this rivalry hinder them?

Spongebob: The best of WWT. He has done so much in WWT, and everyone loves him. Will he win the Toon World Belt and bring it to WWT?


A show ruled by the famous Armington Dynasty. Owned by the FWWA, a very old wrestling corporation, will TWA pull off the surprise victory?

Alexander Armington IV: AKO, the legend killer. A very legendary person in the Armington Dynasty, will an RKO be enough to win the Belt?


A long lasting promotion, filled with a mix of Anime, Comic, Cartoon, and Video Game stars, they and CWF are long lasting veterans. Will they show that old dogs can still learn new tricks?

Rocko: A luckless Wallaby from Newburg, Rocko recently changed his gimmick and now runs around like Sting. Will he ride into CASZ as the Champion?


The underdog. They have the most stars on the active roster out of any one in The Clash. Will this be a factor for them?

Diego: The explorer/animal rescuer turned wrestler. His skills are superb in the ring, and he is the youngest out of all the main event stars. Will his youth prove to be a major reason for his victory?


The longest lasting out of all the Cartoon Wrestling Promotions. The have a history spanning over forty years. Will their longevity and experience prove good to them? Or will the Nick World Order and Eddy's petty jealousies prove disastrous?

Bart Simpson: A former WWE Star along with his father, but has made a bigger impact in CWF. A former CWF Champion and current CWF United States Champion, he recently defeated his father and initiated the "Age of Bart". Will the Age of Bart reach it's climax when he wins the Belt?

Who will come out of this successful?

Who will be named the best?

Who will win…

The Clash of the Titans!

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