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Tarble: Here comes WWT's announcer entering the ring!

Mr. Comantator: This guy can pump up a crowd!

WWT Announcer: I hope you guys enjoyed this night! But I need one question answered...Are you ready?

The Crowd starts to cheer.

WWT Announcer: No no no...I said, ARE YOU READY!

The Crowd starts to cheer loudly!

WWT Announcer: Oh OK! I was just making sure, because...


Henry Chan: This guy's good.

Desire: Seriously!

A WB Merry Melodies Logo flashes on the screen, and the Toon World Title graphic comes out of the Logo.

(Your Going Down by Sick Puppies plays)

WA: Introducing First; From LaPorte Indiana; at 6 ft 4 and weighing 245 pounds; He is the TWE World Champion; "The Hardcore Saint" Mason Schultz! (Crowd Cheers)

Henry Chan: This is what GenNOW had to say about Mason in this match!

Dax Din: Mason...I hope you do win this match. me personally, it just makes beating you MUCH more interesting . I'll be TWE AND Toon World Champion!

Tarble: Interesting words from Dax Din, leader of Generation Now on TWE. Though I don't want him as our Champ.

(Megaman's Theme plays)

WA: And coming to the ring; He is the GWA Champion; Megaman! (Crowd Boos)

Mr. Comantator: Megaman is going to use his expertise as a World Champion to become a dual World Champion!

Hikage: Mason and Megaman will easily be dominating this match!

(Yang's Theme plays)

WA: And coming to the ring; Yang! (Crowd Boos)

Vegeta: This prick really thinks he'll win the Title?

Shaggy: Like, he has the ego. But what about the skill?

("Seduction" by Eminem)

WA: And coming to the ring; representing a new comapany, VGWA; at 5'8 and 190 lbs; from Planet Zebes; Samus Aran!

Vegeta: A CHICK!

Hikage: GIRL POWER! I like this VGWA! What is she wins!

Vegeta: I'll throw up.

Samus walks out in her Zero Suit, which garners wolf-whistles from the crowd.

Desire: Ugh, pigs.

Hikage: Can't a girl look sexy without the weird attention?

("Sound of Madness" by Shinedown plays)

WA: And coming to the ring; "King Koopa", Bowser! (Crowd Boos)

Ristar: The King Koopa is here!

Iroh: His size will prove most useful in this match!

("Do The Bartman" plays)

WA: Coming next; from Springfield; He is the CWF United States Champion; Bart Simpson! (Crowd Boos)

Bart comes out and starts doing the Bartman on the ramp, and says

Bart: If you can do The Bartman...

Crowd:...You're "Bad" like Michael Jackson!

Bart then starts walking down and winks at Bowser.

Iroh: Bart and Bowser are working together!

Bender: The King and The Bartman are a formidable team!

(Diego's Theme plays)

WA: And coming to the ring; Diego Marquez! (Crowd Cheers)

Henry Chan: The heart filled star is here!

Gorilla Monsoon: He's going to lie, cheat, and steal in this match!

Diego rides in on a lowrider while his sister, Alicia, drives it.

Henry Chan: Riding in style!

Gorilla Monsoon: That's our Diego!

(Cheetor's Theme plays)

WA: And coming to the ring; He is the Intercontinental Champion; Cheetor! (Crowd Cheers)

Ristar: He is the Wildcat!

Sonic: That speed of his will confuse his opponents!

(Crow Sting Theme plays)

WA: And coming to the ring; from O-Town, USA... Rocko Wallaby! (Crowd Cheers)

Rocko is on top of the Titantron. He glides down with a zip line into the ring.

Hikage: That Rocko is good at making entrances!

Bumblebee: He's the new Champ! I can see it now!

("Voices" by Rev Theory plays)

WA: Coming to the ring; he is The Viper; Alexander Armington IV, AKO!

Shaggy: AKO promised to punt anyone who gets in his way!

Scooby: Who's getting punted today!

("My World" by Dale Oliver plays)

WA: And coming to the ring; From Bikini Bottom; Spongebob Squarepants!

Desire: Okay now! I may not care for him, but I want him to win!

Mr. Comantator: FINALLY we agree on something!

("My Time is Now" by John Cena plays)

WA: And coming to the ring; from Tokyo, Japan; Nobita Nobi!

Agumon: Can AWF pull off THREE victories in a row?

Guilomon: Let's hope so, Agumon! Nobita is going to go to the top today!

(Naruto 1st Season Theme plays)

WA: And Finally; coming to the ring; from Konohagakure; he is The Toon World Champion; Naruto Uzumaki!

Tarble: No matter what you say about Naruto, his bravery and determination make him admirable!

Vegeta: Even I have to admit; this idiot is putting Animated in danger, but he's doing the best he can at representing us tonight!

Naruto gets in the ring with the other 11 stars and gives the ref his Belt. The ref lifts The Title up high and gives it to the Timekeeper. Then the bell rings as everyone starts looking at each other.

Tarble: Here we go!

Everyone looks at Bowser and start to go after him. They start jumping him and stomping him until Bart comes in swinging with a chair. Bart picks Bowser up and they both go after Naruto. Bowser Clotheslines Naruto and Bart kicking him. Bowser holds Naruto as Bart starts doing a Combination of Punches and Kicks. Bowser lets go as Naruto starts stumbling around. Bart hits a Punch and starts jumping around. He hits another punch and starts jumping from side to side. He hits another punch and then stops dead in his tracks. He then starts doing The Bartman. He then spins around, and gives Naruto a Clothesline. He then bounces off the ropes, jumps on top of Bowser, jumps off, and lands a Splash onto Naruto.

Tarble: Bart and Bowser are using their alliance to crush the Champ! That was The Bartman Combo! Vintage Bart from The Attitude Era!

Bender: This is a deadly alliance!

Mason and AKO trade punches, but AKO gains the upper hand and kicks Mason in the gut. AKO bounces off the ropes, but is caught by Mason and given a Powerslam. AKO gets up and receives a STO from Mason. Mason picks AKO up and Irish Whips him to the corner. Mason goes for a Clothesline, but AKO gets out of the way and Mason crashes into the turnbuckle. Mason tries getting up as AKO slowly backs up into the corner. He then looks at Mason with an evil intent.

Shaggy: He has that fire in his eyes!

Scooby: THE PUNT!

AKO runs up to Mason and goes for A Punt to Mason's skull; but Mason gets out of the way, grabs AKO's feet from behind, and Tosses him into the turnbuckle head first.

Scooby: Wow! Mason's good!

Shaggy: Yeah! He reversed a Punt!

Nobita gives Spongebob a Back Body Drop. He then bounces off the ropes, but Spongebob lays low, then he catches Nobita on the rebound and gives him a Dropkick. As Nobita gets up, Spongebob gives him a Monkey Toss. Spongebob grabs Nobita and gives him a DDT. As Nobita tries to get up, Spongebob bounces off the ropes and gives Nobita a Shoulder Block. Spongebob waits for Nobita to get up and goes for a Spongy Edge. But Nobita gets off of his back and gives Spongebob a Neckbreaker.

Agumon: Nobita and Spongebob; two bests duking it out!

Desire: I must be honest, these two are evenly matched!

Samus sees Bart and Bowser come up to her and reaches in her pocket. She pulls out some Brass Knuckles and starts alternating punches between them. She then gives Bowser a Chop Block. She then grabs Bart and gives her a Brozo (Backbreaker).

Hikage: Oh yeah!

Desire: This girl's kicking ass and taking names!

Diego jumps off of the ropes, and is given a Dropkick from Cheetor. Cheetor bounces off the ropes and gives Diego a Hurricarana. Diego gets up and receives an Elbow to the back of his head from Cheetor. Cheetor grabs Diego, but Diego breaks out and starts punching Cheetor. Diego gives Cheetor a Knee Smash and gives Cheetor a DDT. Diego gets on the top turnbuckle, dives off, and lands a Crossbody onto Cheetor.

Henry Chan: These two highfliers are giving it their all!

Ristar: Diego got the upper hand, but Cheetor isn't burned out yet!

Rocko is given a Suplex from Megaman and tries to get up. Megaman grabs Rocko and gives him an Exploder Suplex. As Rocko gets up, Megaman bounces off the ropes and goes for a Neckbreaker, but Rocko reverses it into a Sleeper Hold. But Megaman gets out of it and kicks Rocko in the gut. Megaman then bounces off the ropes and goes for a Jumping Clothesline, but Rocko catches him and reverse it into a Flapjack. Rocko then drags Megaman and lays sitting down against the turnbuckle. Rocko then runs up to him and Dropkicks him into the turnbuckle.

Hikage: Rocko's finally taking it to Megaman!

Bumblebee: Megaman's veteran status isn't helping him right now!

Megaman gets up and encounters Mason. They stare at each other as they get in the center of the ring.

Vegeta: These two World Champions finally met each other!

Mr. Comantator: They're going to take each other to the limit!

Megaman and Mason start trading punches until Megaman grabs Mason's hand and gives him a DDT. Mason gets up and punches Megaman in the gut. Megaman starts stumbling around and receives an Inverted Suplex from Mason. Mason stalks Megaman for an Evenflow DDT, but Megaman rolls out the ring. Mason grabs Megaman by his helmet, but Megaman slams Mason's arm onto the ropes. Mason starts stumbling around as Megaman grabs him and gives him an Armbreaker. Megaman then stalks Mason for The Flip Piledriver. He bends him down and goes to lift him up; but Mason lifts Megaman up and gives him an Alabama Slam. Megaman gets up and receives a Belly to Belly from Mason. Mason gets pumped up and wants to end it, but Bowser and Bart run in and starts attacking Mason. Mason momentarily gets a few hits in, alternating hits between Bowser and Bart. But Megaman runs back in and attacks Mason. Naruto, Nobita, and Cheetor then attack Bart. They then jump Bowser. As Bowser lays on the ropes, Cheetor Dropkicks him over the ropes. Nobita gives Megaman a Shoulder afterwords. Megaman gets up and starts stumbling around. Mason then takes advantage and gives Nobita The Evenflow DDT. He then pins Megaman.




(Bell Rings)

WA: Megaman has been eliminated!

Tarble: Megaman was first!

Guilomon: Mason did some good work!

Bowser gets up on the outside and Cheetor sees him. He runs to the ropes and jumps over the other ropes and dives onto Bowser. But Bowser catches him. Bowser goes over to the VGW Table and lifts him up; but Cheetor gets out of it and DDTs Bowser onto the table. Cheetor then gets on the CWF Table, runs off of it, jumps off, and lands The Wildcat Pounce onto Bowser, destroying the VGW Table.

Ristar: OUR TABLE!

Sonic: Cheetor was going to do something crazy! I knew it!

In the ring, Bart deals with Spongebob. Spongebob has Bart in a Camel Clutch, but Bart lifts him up on his back. Bart throws him off and kicks Spongebob in the gut. Bart then bounces off the ropes and gives an upright Spongebob a Running Neckbreaker. Spongebob tries to get up, but Bart gives him a Dropkick. Bart picks Spongebob up and goes for a Back Body Drop, but Spongebob flips off and lands on his feet. Spongebob bounces off the ropes and gives Bart a Forearm Smash.

Rocko attacks Naruto by repeatedly punching him on the outside while he's on the barricade. Rocko then Irish Whips Naruto into the turnbuckle. Naruto gets up and counters a Clothesline from Rocko and sends him into the turnbuckle himself. Naruto then Spears Rocko into the turnbuckle. Rocko rolls in the ring and Spongebob starts stomping on Rocko. Spongebob then gives Rocko the Spongy Edge! But Bart comes in and throws Spongebob out the ring. Bart goes for the pin.



Rocko rolls out from under him, grabs Bart's legs, and puts him in the Wallaby Deathlock!

Hikage: Rocko has him in the Wallaby Deathlock!

Bender: Bart's gonna tap!

Bart tries to go for the ropes, but Rocko keeps him in the center of the ring. Rocko starts applying more pressure to Bart's legs, and Bart starts screaming out. But Bowser runs in and Boots Rocko in the face. But Mason is on the top turnbuckle with a chair. He dives off, but Bowser Boots him in the face too. Naruto runs in, but is given a Boot. Nobita and Spongebob run towards Bowser, but suffer a Double Clothesline. AKO comes towards him, but Bowser Chokeslams him. Diego and Cheetor go for a Double Missile Dropkick, but Bowser dodges them both. Bowser then gives them both Chokeslams.

Hikage: Bowser's cleaning house!

Iroh: Making it easier for Bart to pick up the leftovers!

As Cheetor gets up, Bowser gets angry and heavily Spears Cheetor. He then Chokeslams Cheetor! And then he follows it up with a pin!




(Bell Rings)

WA: Cheetor is eliminated!

Ristar: I can't believe it!

Sonic: Bowser's destroying everyone!

Bowser picks Spongebob up, but he starts getting punches to the gut from Spongebob. He bounces off the ropes and gives Bowser a Forearm Smash. Bowser starts stumbling around as Mason is behind him. He puts Bowser in a Sleeper, and Bowser starts to fade in and out. But Bowser finally gets back up and drives Mason into the turnbuckle.

Bart is busy giving Nobita Mounted Punches. Bart picks Nobita up and throws him into the turnbuckle. As Nobita stumbles around, Bart tries to go for a Bartdog. But Nobita catches Bart and gives him a Sidewalk Slam. Bart gets up and Nobita gives him an Overcastle. Nobita then gets on the top turnbuckle and waits for Bart to get up. he dives off and lands a Diving Leg Drop onto Bart's neck.

Diego has Spongebob in The Lasso from El Paso, and Spongebob tries to get to the ropes. Spongebob finally grabs the ropes and Diego lets go. Rocko then kicks Spongebob in the gut as he got up and goes for the Wallaby Deathdrop. But Spongebob flips Rocko over his head. As Rocko gets up, Spongebob kicks him in the gut and gives him The Spongy Edge! He then pins Rocko.




(Bell Rings)

WA: Rocko is eliminated!

Hikage: NO!

Bumblebee: Spongebob got Rocko out! Darn it!

Spongebob then turns around to receive a Crossbody from Diego.

Mason gets behind Bowser and tries to put him in a Sleeper again, but Bowser gets out of it. Bowser goes for the Chokslam, but Mason reverses it into the Evenflow DDT! He then pins Bowser.




Hikage: Bowser was almost out!

Ristar: Mason almost had him!

Mason gets up and grabs Bowser's neck, and goes for another Evenflow DDT. But Bowser grabs Mason's neck and Chokeslams him! He then pins Mason.




(Bell Rings)

WA: Mason Schultz is eliminated!

Bumblebee: Bowser gets another one out!

Sonic: Looks like GenNOW isn't going to get their wish.

Diego is attacking Bart and gives him a Suplex. He then flips him around and gives him another Suplex. He then flips him around and gives him the third Suplex of The Three Amigos! Diego gets excited and gets on the top rope. He then dives off and lands The Frog Splash onto Bart!

Henry Chan: Diego's got him! He's got him!

Gorilla Monsoon: Now he...wait, DIEGO LOOK OUT!

Diego gets up slowly; but out of nowhere, he receives The Woo-Fu from Yang! Yang then pins Diego.




(Bell Rings)

WA: Diego Marquez is eliminated!

Henry Chan: Where was Yang this whole time!

A replay shows that at the beginning, Yang ran out the ring as soon as Bowser went on his rampage.

Gorilla Monsoon: That sneaky little rabbit!

Yang turns around and sees Samus. He starts taunting her and then blows her a kiss, enraging her. As Yang turns around, Samus grabs him by his arms and gives him The Metroid Killer! She then pins Yang.




(Bell Rings)

WA: Yang is eliminated!


Desire: That girl is bad-ass.

Samus turns around and starts getting beaten up by Bart. Bart picks her up, but is given a kick to the groin. Samus the throws Bart to the corner. Samus runs up to him and gives him a Clothesline. Samus then gets on the top rope and gives Bart The Ice Beam (Missile Dropkick). Samus then turns around and is given a Massive Spear by Bowser. Bowser then pins her.




(Bell Rings)

WA: Samus is eliminated!

Hikage: Darn it.

Desire: She was good. But that behemoth Bowser is just crazy!

Nobita Spears Bart into the turnbuckle and gives him the Clothesline. Spongebob then gives him The Spongy Edge. Bowser comes up to him and grabs his neck. But Naruto runs in with a steel chair and starts smashing it over Bowser's head. Bowser is busted open, and Nobita sees an importunity. Nobita grabs Bowser's hand and lifts him up over his shoulders!


Guilomon: Noibta is going for his finisher!

Nobita then slams Bowser down for The Attitude Adjustment! As Bowser tries to get up, Armington IV stalks him and gives him The AKO! Bowser slowly gets up and AKO starts to go crazy as he backs up into the corner!

Scooby: Oh no...

Shaggy: It's time! It's time! AKO promised!

As Bowser looks over at the outside, AKO runs over to Bowser...




AKO then pins Bowser.




(Bell Rings)

WA: Bowser is out!

Hikage: Yeah! Finally!

Shaggy: AKO finally took him out!

Tarble: Now it's the original four competitors! AKO, Spongebob, Nobita, and Naruto!

Vegeta: Who will win!

Each four of them circle the ring as they wait for the first move. Spongebob goes after AKO and Naruto goes after Nobita.

Naruto drives Nobita into the turnbuckle and then gives him a Sidewalk Slam. Naruto picks Nobita up and throws him out the ring. Naruto starts slamming Nobita's head into the post and then Dropkicks him into the steel steps. Nobita gets up and starts to stumble around. Naruto runs up to him, but Nobita gives him a Flapjack onto the Animated Table. Nobita then removes the top part of the table and the TVs. He then lifts Naruto up and goes for The Attitude Adjustment. But Naruto turns it into a DDT onto the table. Naruto then picks Nobita up, but Nobita drives Naruto into the barricade. Nobita then gives Naruto The Attitude Adjustment onto the barricade!

Agumon: OW!

Tarble: That had to have hurt! Naruto may be out!

In the ring, AKO gives Spongebob a Suplex. Spongebob gets up and receives a Running Neckbreaker from AKO. He lifts Spongebob up and places him over the ropes. He then puts him through the ropes and gives him a Spike DDT! AKO starts going crazy as he waits for Spongebob to get up. He starts pounding the ground and starts slowly getting up with Spongebob. AKO goes for the AKO, but Spongebob throws him off. AKO gets up and receives a Dropkick from Spongebob. AKO gets up again and receives a Shoulder Block from Spongebob. Spongebob gives AKO a Knee Drop and then picks him up. He then throws him to the corner. He goes up to AKO and puts him on the top turnbuckle. Spongebob gets on top and grabs AKO's arm and neck. He then gives him a Superplex! As both men lay on the floor, Spongebob starts to get up. Spongebob stalks AKO for a Spongy Edge and starts to pump the crowd up. Spongebob lifts AKO up, but AKO gets out of it and goes for an AKO. But Spongebob pushes him off and into the ropes. AKO rebounds gets behind Spongebob and gives him a Backslide.



Spongebob reverses it, lifts AKO on his back, and gives him The Spongy Edge! He then pins him!




(Bell Rings)

WA: Alexander Armington IV is eliminated!

Scooby: Roh no! Re're out!

Shaggy: Spongebob reversed that Backslide perfectly, man!

Nobita gives Naruto a Scoop Slam and then Leg Drops him, but Naruto moves out of the way and Nobita crashes onto the hard floor. Naruto slowly gets up and throws Nobita into the ring. Nobita gets up and gives a Flying Shoulder Block. Naruto gets up and gives him the Spin-Out Powerbomb. Nobita lifts his hand up, does the "U Can't See Me" Taunt, runs to the ropes, bounces off, dusts his shoulders off, and gives Naruto The Five Knuckle Shuffle! Nobita waits for Naruto to get up. He lifts Naruto on his shoulders, but Naruto gets off and goes for a Superkick. But Nobita grabs his foot and reverses it into The STF!

Agumon: YES! Nobita has him!

Vegeta: Hold on, Naruto! Hold on!

Naruto is about to tap, but he starts to crawl over to the ropes. He starts to slowly inch towards the ropes, but Nobita drags him back and locks The STF back in. Spongebob looks on, as if he wants to see who's stronger. Naruto starts to get up and he finally flips Nobita off! Naruto then picks Nobita up and goes for a Tombstone Piledriver, but Nobita reverses it into The Attitude Adjustment! But Naruto gets out of it and Superkicks Nobita! He then pins him!




(Bell Rings)

WA: Nobita is eliminated!

Agumon: AUGH!

Guilomon: Naruto has lasted all this time! Nobita had him, but Naruto reversed time after time!

Tarble: Now it's just Spongebob and Naruto! Who will win!

Mr. Comantator: It's down to the wire!

Naruto gets up and sees Spongebob. They both walk up to each other and meet in the center of the ring eye to eye. Spongebob and Naruto start trading punches until Spongebob gets the upper hand and starts punching him. Spongebob Irish Whips Naruto to the ropes; but Naruto ducks under a Clothesline, rebounds off the ropes, and gives Spongebob a Clothesline. Spongebob gets up and Naruto Suplexes him. Naruto picks Spongebob up, but he gets a kick to the gut. Spongebob throws Naruto outside the ropes, but Naruto hangs on. Spongebob runs towards Naruto, but Naruto pulls the ropes down. Naruto waits for Spongebob to get up and Splashes onto him. Naruto grabs Spongebob and smashes his head onto the Animated table. He then throws Spongebob on top. Naruto gets on top and grabs Spongebob. He lifts him up and goes for a Pumphandle Slam. But Spongebob gets out of it; and when Naruto runs up to him, Spongebob Spinbusters him through the table!

Vegeta: WHOA! Our table! Spongebob put Naruto through our table!

Tarble: This may be the end of Naruto!

Naruto is out as Spongebob slowly gets up. He drags Naruto to the ring and throws him in. Spongebob then pins him.




Vegeta: YES!


Tarble: Naruto's still in it!

Mr. Comantator: Spongebob must be impressed!

Spongebob looks confused and picks Naruto up. He goes for a Side Slam, but Naruto Elbows Spongebob in the face. Naruto then Superkicks Spongebob and falls on him!




Tarble: GAH! So close!

Desire: Come on Spongebob...

Spongebob gets up and gives Naruto a German Suplex. He then gets on the top turnbuckle and goes for a Splash; but Naruto rolls out of the way! Naruto starts stumbling around and moves his thumb across his neck. Spongebob gets up and Naruto goes for The Tombstone Piledriver. But Spongebob gets out of it and lifts Naruto up for The Spongy Edge! Spongebob throws him off, but Naruto flips off and lands on his feet! Spongebob is confused and runs up to him. Naruto gives him a kick to the face and Spongebob starts to stumble around. Naruto then lifts Spongebob up and gives him The Tombstone Piledriver!

Vegeta: YES! YES! YES!

Desire: NO! NO! NO!

Naruto pins Spongebob.




(Bell Rings)

Mr. Comantator: NO! He was SOOOOO close!

Desire: We should've had Danny! HE would've won!

Vegeta: YES! Naruto did it! He kept his Title!

Tarble: Naruto proved here tonight that he is the rightful Champion! He lasted against 12 other...NARUTO, LOOK OUT!

As Naruto celebrates, Binky runs in and attacks him. He then picks him up and gives him The Tough Ending (Urunaigi)!

Tarble: Why, Binky! It's a happy time! Why would you do this!

Henry Chan: Wait a minute...LOOK!

As Binky leaves the ring...

BART looks in the ring from under the ring!

Vegeta: What's that mole doing!

Agumon: OH CRAP!

Bart runs in the ring and stalks Naruto.

Tarble: Naruto! NO! TURN AROUND!

Naruto slowly gets up as Bart starts stomping around.

Crowd: NO!

Random fan in crowd: TURN AROUND!

Naruto is up and starts stumbling around.


Bart stomps up and down and sees Naruto's up. He then runs up to him...


Tarble: NO! Get up, Naruto!

Bart then pins Naruto excitedly!

Vegeta: Come on! KICKOUT!


Tarble: NO! WAIT!






(Bell Rings!)

WA: Here is your winner...

AND THE NEW (Crowd Boos Heavily) TOON WORLD CHAMPION...BART SIMPSON! (Crowd Boos Even more)




Naruto gets up and looks upset. Binky starts laughing on the outside of the ring as Naruto looks pissed off. Naruto runs out the ring and chases down Binky.

Bart holds his new World Title up as the crowd starts throwing trash in the ring.

Iroh: The Age of Bart has reached it's zenith!

Bart continues to celebrate amid the trash thrown in from the crowd. Suddenly, the lights starts flickering on and off.

Tarble: What the...

Vegeta: These technical stooges need to be fired.

Bart looks confused but ignores it and continues to celebrate. But then...

(Ministry of Darkness Theme plays)

Tarble: What the...

Itachi walks onto the ramp with a smirk on his face.

Bender: I thought he was buried by Alucard!

Iroh: Why is he out here.

Tarble: Uh oh...

Vegeta: I know why he's here!

Itachi gets in the ring and talks to the ref. The ref then talks to the WWT Announcer. He then announces it to the crowd.

WA: Ladies and Gentlemen...

Itachi Uchiha is cashing in his Money in the Bank!

Tarble: WHOA!

Vegeta: Itachi! HERE! NOW!

Itachi gives his Briefcase to the ref and the timekeeper rings The Bell. Bart looks on confused but he still runs up to Itachi. But Itachi grabs his neck and Chokeslams Bart! He then pins him!




(Bell Rings)

WA: Here is your winner; and your NEW Toon World Champion; Itachi Uchiha!

Tarble: The Title's back on Animated!

Vegeta: It changed hands twice tonight! If Sasuke was mad then, he's gonna be extremely pissed now!

Itachi holds his Title, and gets on his knees and lifts it up as the lights go out.

Tarble: We have a BIG Animated this Saturday!

Iroh: And I'll be back!

Bender & Iroh: Well we'll see you on CWF!

Hikage & Bumblebee: We'll see you guys on CASZ!

Agumon & Guilomon: We'll see you on AWF!

Mr. Comantator & Desire: We'll see you on WWT!

Henry Chan & Gorilla Monsoon: We'll see you on CAWF!

Shaggy & Scooby: We'll see you on TWA!

Ristar & Sonic: We'll see you on VGW!

Vegeta & Tarble: And we'll see you on Animated!

Deadpool: And I'll see you in two minutes, ladies!

All Commentators: GET OUT OF HERE!

Itachi is on the ramp and lifts his Title up as the show ends.

So what happened here folks:

Naruto survived eleven other stars. But after an assault from Binky, Bart picked up the pieces and won The Toon World Title.

But out of nowhere, Itachi cashes in and becomes The NEW Toon World Champion!

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See ya later!


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