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Author's Note


Several of the themes here were inspired by James Young fic, Grand Pulse Sage. With that said let me know what you think. Oh and the first inclusion of a contributed Original Character.

Anyway Episode Zero will be part of a prequel to this fic that I decided to do that will focus more on Vanille and Fang's early years and Naruto's relationship with them. So keep a look out for any fics placed under this category.

Also like always I will incoporate elements that word of God was going to originally, but cut in development. For those who has read Echo of the Ghost Kitsune 'Cue: Sam's telekinetic power.' Now will it'll only be a minor element, those who pay close attention should be able to figure it out.


Story Start


There was a creature of exceptional size flying overhead. It was easily three times the size of the average airship, it's body snake-like as it flew through the air intent on fufilling a single purpose. This beast had fore and hind legs, graced with talons the size of a human as large as a boisterous bruiser and easily sharp enough to pierce steel. It had six translucent wings sprouting from it's back, white and angelic, easily beauitful and a grand constrast to it's black scaly body. And over it's right eye was two sword wounds stylized in away that was not quite an x, but not a lowercase T either. This creature was one that would not die. This creature now knew only three things. It was no longer a protector but a destroyer. It could hunt, it could travel, and it could kill and it had only one target in mind.

''This is Officer Jo-en-nes. I repeat this is officer Jo-en-nes requesting emergency back-up! The enemy is too strong! Blond hair! Blue Eyes! Grey trench coat! Brunette, red eyes, and black trenchcoat! They can't possibly be human! Repeat send guaah!''

The lifeless body of the sanctum soldier dropped to the ground. A single figure continued along the dimly lighted pathway of the underground territory. Several more soldiers appeared around the corners, rifles raised as they prepared to gun down the intruder. The shaft of their weapons exploded as the bullets were propelled towards the figure.

With inhuman speed the figures took to the air with a massive leap as he glided over the hail of bullet fire landing with graceful ease. Coming to an halt the figure raised up his hand and snapped his fingers as the soldiers were swept up in a Tornado. There cries were soon silenced as they fell into the dark abyss below.

''I'm close...don't worry V...I'm coming,'' the figure thought to himself as he pushed a single strand of his golden blond hair out of his sight. His outfit consisted of black shinobi sandals and cargo pants where he wore an assortment of shinobi pouches strapped along his legs and ankles. He also wore a black T-shirt under a grey trench coat with black fingerless gloves.

The blond scaled along the large floating platforms as he ascended up to where the source of the smell was. 'Civilians?' The blond thought as he saw a man and a woman. 'No...civilians wouldn't have made it this far. Soldiers?'


The blond followed the origin of the cry and his eye fell upon a rather attractive young woman. From his position he was able to get a frontal view to her that quickly became a backward view as the woman trailed along the platform.

She had long, light pink hair draped over her left shoulder with, pale aqua eyes, and a heart-shaped face. She was wearing a light brown turtleneck along with a necklace with a lightning bolt pendant underneath a white soldier uniform. One of the things that was vaguely familiar to the blond was a green metal pauldron of the Guardian Corps with two glowing yellow stripes.

'A sergeant? That at least explains her.' He continued his surmising. The woman also wore a long red cape attached to her back on the left side, and a brown belt below her bust. She was also wearing a long black sleeve over her left arm that begins from her bicep, knee-high leather boots and a brown mini-skirt.

'Now there's something familiar?'

Her weapon of choice, a gun blade was is sheathed in a loose case behind her waist.

The blond's eyes widened as he took notice of the other girl. 'Serah? Don't tell me she's...'' It didn't take long for the blond to surmise the other girl's clothing. She was wearing the same outfit from when he met her and it was obvious she was related to the woman.

The girl had the same pink tint of hair of the older woman, but tied into a ponytail on the left side of her head. She also wore a red plaid pleated skirt lined with black lace, a white sleeveless dress shirt, a semi-transparent pink sweeper in the same style, black thigh-highs, ivory ankle boots, and a bandage on her left bicep which she uses to cover what the blond immediately surmised was her L'cie brand. 'Wait a minute...that's...''

Down Below a voice was crying out. "Serah!" The woman cried out as she rushed to the girl who laid motionless on the floor. The woman scooped up the woman in her arms and turned to her companion.

Her companion was that of a middle-aged man with a distinctive Afro, which looked like it had a Chocobo chick sticking out of it. He was wearing a long, olive coat over khaki trousers, a white button-down shirt, and black buckled engineer boots. There was two pistol holsters strapped to his thighs.

"Time to go. We have to leave before the army..." The woman paused as she looked at her companion. "What?"

"That's a Pulse brand." The man pointed out. "That girl's a L'Cie."

"I already told you that."

"Pulse L'Cie are the enemies of Cocoon." The man reached down for his gun, causing a pained expression to flash across the woman's face.

"So they should die?" She angrily retorted.

"Listen, if she fails her Focus, you know how that'll end."

"And killing her is a mercy?" The woman sneered, before a hand came up and tried to grasp at the older woman.

"You came." Serah uttered, making Lightning gasp at seeing her sister awake, before she went down on her knees and carefully placed her on the ground.

"Serah!" A male voice called out suddenly and then a platform came down with a young boy, a young girl and a man, who had called the woman's name.

The man was without a doubt tall, 6'7 with light blond hair, blue eyes, and a stubble beard. He was wearing a black bandanna, black gloves, large gray boots, a light blue vest and a striped blue scarf hanging from a belt under a long beige trench coat.

The boy had silver layered hair along with blue-green eyes, and of all the people there was the youngest. His outfit consisted layable characters, of a short-sleeved orange and yellow jacket, a green scarf over a black shirt, and black gloves with white palms. He also wore deep green pants, a black storage pack hanging from a black belt over his left leg, and light green shoes.

And the girl was the one the blond recognized all too well. She had the appearance of a young adult with bright red hair tied back in curled pigtails. She had striking green eyes, and both of her ears were pierced, adorned with small silver hoop earrings. She also wore a light pink halter top, a short orange and yellow skirt, along with yellow boots. She also wears a fur pelt around her waist, from a bear she defeated herself. Her wrists were adorned with numerous bracelets, and she wore three beaded necklaces, along with an assortment of beads attached to various parts of her clothing.

The man jumped down before the platform could finish its descent and ran to Serah before taking her left hand in both of his. "Serah."

"Is that ... my hero?" Serah asked softly, allowing a smile to grace her beautiful face, making Snow give a small smile in encouragement, while the two young children tried to sneak a look.

"Let's get you out of here." The blond man told her gently.

"Hands off, I'm taking her home." The woman cut off the man as soon as he had said that.

"Sis, I ..."

"I'm not your sister! You couldn't protect her, it's your fault that she..." The woman snapped at man, cutting him off as soon as he had said that word 'sis'.

"You can save us." Serah uttered softly.

"Serah?" The woman asked, not sure if she had heard right.

"You can save us." Serah repeated herself, making her sister look at her with a strange look. "Protect us all." Serah requested softly. "Save ... Cocoon."

"Save cocoon?" The woman asked as Serah as being allowed to lay on her back now. "Serah? That was your focus?"

"Anything, I'll do anything. Leave it to me, you'll see. I'll protect Cocoon. I'll save everyone!" The man started telling his fiance what he would do, just to help her.

"Somehow, I'll make things right." The woman told her younger sister, trying to reassure her.

"You just relax." Serah's fiance told her, giving off a grin.

"Thank you." Serah uttered as she closed her eyes, suddenly her mark of the L'Cie started to glow in a bright blue light, just as she started to float in the air. The others were gasping at what they were seeing, while the man could only release his hold of his fiance's hand and watch in horrifying awe, while her sister was looking more horrified than awed. Serah's arms folded so her hands could almost be in a praying position, when she was suddenly turned to crystal, a burst of light slowly made its way to the man's gloved hand, revealing to be a blue crystal, making him gasp before he looked up to his crystallized fiancée, as she started to float down towards them.

"Serah! Serah!" The man started jumping, trying to grab her fragile form.

"Why is she turning to crystal?" The younger asked softly, wondering what was going on.

"L'Cie who fulfill their Focus are transformed into crystal and gain eternal life." The boy explained.

"Just life the stories say." The other man added to the explanation, as the crystallized girl was now at Snow's head height.

"Serah ... sweet dreams." Her fiance told her, loud enough for Lightning to hear.

"Sweet dreams?" The woman demanded as she shoved companion out of the way. "She's not sleeping!" She snapped at her sister's fiance grabbing his collar angrily, clearly distressed by what had just happened. "Serah's ... she ..." The woman let go of the tall man angrily, looking very distressed by what had happened.

"She's alive!"


"The legend! Remember the legend L'Cie who fulfill their focus turn to crystal and gain eternal life. It's the same with Serah! Eternal life! She's not dead!"

The woman's companion looked away, not sure what to believe, the children were the same as well. "Serah's my bride-to-be. I promised to be hers forever! I don't care how many years I have to wait..." The man was cut off suddenly when the woman suddenly lost her temper due to his words, and punched him in the face angrily.

"It's over! Open your eyes and face reality!"

"Serah..." The younger woman uttered the other girl's name. 'Does becoming an L'Cie really mean losing everything?' Vanille thought the rest of the question to herself. Suddenly the whole building shook much to the group's surprise. "What now?"

"The army!" The dark skinned man remembered suddenly, reminding the group just what was outside of the temple that they were in.

Up Above. '' hear that?'' The blond man asked as while the situation was going on below he was contacting his companion.

''Yeah...plans for a genocide. Leave it to humans to believe the only way to deal with things are to enslave it or destroy it.''

''It doesn't really matter now. I'm going to do what I came to do. I found one of them...I'm going to kill that traitor Anima and find the other.''

''But what about what that girl save Cocoon...what do you plan on...'' Kage stopped as he could practically feel the blond's grin over the phone. ''You're going to get involved. Like always...''

''What can I say...I see an opportunity I take it. So I need you to continue taking tabs from your position and make sure our means of travel isn't compromised.'' He said as he began to slowly descend down.

The vestige was fired upon by several of the Sanctum machines.

"Aren't they taking it back to Pulse? That's what the Purge was, right?"

"All they care about is getting everything from Pulse off of Cocoon. Dead or alive, it's all the same."

"We can't stay here! They'll kill us!"

"I'll be right back, hold on."

"Trench Coat. Where you going?"

"Date with the fal'Cie. Got some things to talk about."

"What? You're gonna ask IT to help her? Are you out of your mind, kid? That thing wants to chew us up and spit us out!"

''You're certainly a brave bunch...'' The blond spoke aloud as he landed on the ground effortlessly causing a small crater. ''Taking on Anima won't be that easy...''

''NARUTO!'' The light red haired girl cried out as she broke away from the group. She ran to the blond and nearly tackled him to the ground as she threw her arms around him.

''Hey there Vanille...I see you can't stay out of trouble?'' he teased her.

''How are you here?'' she asked, her excitement overriding the usual annoyance she would have felt at Naruto for teasing her.

''Never mind that,'' He said looking around. ''Is...'' He started to ask as Vanille shook her head. ''Damn...I guess things aren't going to be that simple.'' he thought taking notice of the Ghouls. Breaking his embrace with Vanille the blond quickly willed the element of Lightning to his hand as he ripped through the creature causing it to contort and fade into nothing as it shrieked all the while. Another one tried to jump Naruto from behind only for the blonde to raise his other arm and twist it backwards in a rather inhuman motion and decapitate it with ease as it body collided with the ground and rapidly twitch and convulsed until it faded.

The others were filled with a mixture of curiosity, surprise, and horror at the callous brutality, even if the beings in question were C'ieth.

Naruto turned to Serah's sister. ''You're Serah's sister, Lightning right? I'm sorry for this...situation.''

''Who are you? How do you know Serah?''

''I met her once...a few days ago. Though I didn't think...'' He sighed but shook his head, quickly changing the subject. ''No time to sulk now. There are things to do.''

"Just how did you get here?" The Dark skinned man asked suddenly. "That crater you caused one can only assumed you drop from above, but there's no way a normal human can drop that high to cause a crater let alone survive the fall.'''

''You're right...a normal human wouldn't be able to.'' Naruto responded with a grin. ''I'm not normal. Never been considering...well that doesn't matter much. But the story of the origin of those amazing things can take quite awhile."

''I don't have time for this,'' Lightning said as she took on ahead.

''Looks like we'll have to save our life stories for later,'' Naruto said with a shrug. As they conversed. Finally they came across the shell form of Anima. The large mechanical silver/metallic shell of the village of Oerba's former patron.

"So this is ... the fal'Cie." The second youngest of the group, Hope stated.

"Serah's a crystal now." Snow started talking to the thing in front of them, much to the ninja's surprise, since they didn't know what this thing had to do with the girl's crystallized form. "You gave her a focus, and she did it!" Snow shouted at the creature pointing at it in anger, "You got what you want! Now let her go!" Snow demanded the fal'Cie to let his fiancée go, but it didn't respond, it made no movement to even say that it was even alive. Snow now dropped to his hands and knees. "Please. Turn her back!" Snow now sat on his knees and held his hand to his chest. "I'll be your L'Cie instead!"

"Fine, you go on begging." Lightning by this time had had enough of being patience, waiting for Snow to use his mentions, because she had now drawn her blade and started charging at the creature before them. "Like this thing gives a damn about what we want!" Lightning tried to slice at the creature, once, twice, three times. She was then forced to stop by some unknown force.

"Lightning!" Snow called out to her in worry, he didn't know what to think of this anymore, all he wanted was just to have Serah back to normal.

"It's this thing's fault the Purge started, and it's people who are dying." Lightning spoke, sounding angry. "Serah told us to save Cocoon. That means this thing needs to die!" Lightning declared angrily. Suddenly the floor beneath them started to glow a bright yellow color much to everyone's surprise, room suddenly lit up and the machine started to shine brightly, the sides air fans started to smoke dark smoke, only to reveal that they were not fans, but mechanical arms. The creature's mechanical being glowed brightly, causing everyone to cover their eyes.

"I can't see!" Hope told them.

"So it begins!'' Naruto cheerfully exclaimed as he moved into a fighting stance.

''While I'm hesitant to fight any non-human creature with intelligence, I hold no love for betrayers. I will fight as well,'' Kage said as he removed one of his scythes from his shadow.

"What the ..." Sazh looked surprised, while Hope looked extremely fearful, having covered his ears before he turned away and started to run, down the corridor that they had come down to get where they were, Hope was running back, only to pause at what he was seeing, he circled himself in shock and horror. The gears were turning and various mechanical devices were moving by themselves, it was also as if they there the lifeblood of the Fal'Cie itself, pumping the power down to Anima. Hope stayed for a moment longer, before he continued to run. Anima crystallized face glowed suddenly and Hope found his exit to be blocked by a yellow barrier force, knocking the young boy to his feet as he ran into it. Vanille came running down to see if her friend was alright, while Sazh was trying to reason with Lightning. "Come on, now. You really think you can kill a Fal'Cie?"

"I'm doing this for Serah!" Lightning announced as she pointed her blade at the Fal'Cie, Anima, Snow got into a fighting stance as well.

"Dajh ..." Sazh uttered to himself, as various screens of the mark of Anima's brand lit up. The baby chocobo chick looked up from Sazh's hair, before diving back in. "I'm in." Sazh declared his intentions suddenly. "As long as you don't mind an amateur." Snow didn't seem to mind, and neither did Lightning. "I've got these things." Sazh raised his guns up. "I might as well use 'em!"

"Thanks." Lightning uttered as she looked back at Sazh.

''Anima...those like you who just up and abandon those he was supposed to protect make me sick. Killing you will definitely be the high light of my day.'' Naruto declared as he surmised his a plan of attack. ''Those limbs could pose a problem,'' He noted,''The ones who are long range fighters should focus their attacks on them and disable them. The rest of us can give it an old fashion beat down.

Naruto, Lightning, and Snow tried to get the main part of Anima itself, only for the creature to attempt to slam part of its body into them.

''Damn...then how about this!" Electricity crackled from Naruto's finger as he cried out the name of his spell,''Thundara!'' Striking the left Manipulator. With the arm stunned Sazh fired several bullets into the metallic limb. The sound of bullets against metal filled the room until one of the bullets got lodged in one of the gears.

The other manipulator let loose a wind like attack as it started to rotate several times and attempted to do a sweep hit only for Naruto to raise his hand and mimic the strike causing several cracks to appear on the manipulator and jerk back.

''Fool!'' The blond cried out. ''Wind based attacks are useless against me.''

Despite the damage the other arm took it was soon healed and once more went on the offense. Though several ice shards, courtesy of the blond as he switched between melee and spells, once more clogged up its gear. The arm was once more down for the count when Snow, using a display of incredible strength punched it hard enough to cause a dent, causing part of the shell to get caught on a gear and grinding and chipping at the shell and causing sparks.

With the creature Vulnerable everyone took the opportunity to hit it before it had a change to regenerate its arms. Despite a direct hit from everyone in the party Anima managed to remain alive under the assault.

''Damn...and here I thought the only semblance that this bastard had to the Aeon Anima was the name. Looks like he's a tough bastard. '' He said as the manipulators turned their attention to him. Though the left one's attention was soon gained when the tip of Lightning's gunblade jab into it's wiring where it had of yet to fully heal.

Though even with it's left limb distracted the creature used it's right to protect it's main body from the fire of Sazh's bullets. Taking care to when to block and use it's right limb defensively to keep it's core from being exposed to Naruo's spells or Snow's hits.

''We have to keep those damn limbs busy...if I didn't have to worry about injuring the rest of the party or causing this entire area to collapse I could cut loose.'' Naruto thought to himself then an idea emerged.

A mass of kagebunshin soon filled the room. A bit of confusion all around was evident. ''RUN HOPE! RUN!'' Even more confusion was evident as something recently placed on the torso of the Fal'cie began to flash.

The falling explosion that occurred followed by the shock wave sent everyone to the ground. Despite whatever healing factor it had there was little chance the Fal'Cie was going to recover from that. As a result Naruto was quickly reminded why he didn't use Ten-Ten's special explosive notes more often. The end result usually guaranteed death to anyone caught in the blast. Himself included almost...but that one time was enough.

Though not well enough as everyone suddenly found themselves floating, underneath a green crystal's light, almost as if they were floating in water.

"Where are we?" Lightning asked looking completely lost, confused and worried.

"What's going on?" Snow asked, as they look on.

The sound of church bells could suddenly be heard, and the true form of Anima could suddenly be seen, moving its arms, it bright yellow eyes glowing, the gears over its body moving continuously. The seven people could only watch in shock and awe at the being before them, even Naruto was now. The bells could be heard chiming away before green whips suddenly unleashed themselves and grabbed hold of everyone, drawing them in.

Anima unleashed beams of white light, hitting them in various places, Snow was hit on the arm, Lighting around her chest, Sazh was hit around his chest as well, while Naruto was hit around his arm. Anima then let them go, where they all started falling, falling, falling. An image struck them suddenly, an image of a powerful creature destroying everything around it, destroying Cocoon.

Crystal started to explode from the inside of the Vestige, while the Vestige itself suddenly created a shock wave which destroyed various things nearby, before it started to fall towards the ocean below. When it hit the ocean another explosion was caused, causing numerous waves to be started, only for them all to suddenly freeze into crystal. The Vestige that once held Anima in its last act, had branded the group into l'Cie and had tuned into crystal, the fate of everything and everyone below was unknown.


Chapter End


Well I hope you guys join the first chapter of my NarutoxFF 13 over. Like I said some of the themes and description were inspired by what James Young had written in his own story Gran Pulse Sage. Though considering I started the game over again and weren't both doing the same crossover idea, but with a lot of obvious differences.