Sasuke, The Forever Man

Chapter 22: The Powers That Be

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Hinata walked forwards through the desolate area as the blazing sun overhead burned above her. It had been a few days since her encounter with Neji. Sasuke advised that they seek out a spiritual medium to help them on their quest. After finding one such medium in the Red Light District of Tokyo the two were directed to a voodoo shaman witch doctor. Sasuke had left immediately giving Hinata specific instructions to follow. Right now she traveled the plains of Africa in search of the tribe that would lead her to the witch doctor.

As a shadow flew above her head Hinata noticed the distinct humanoid shape to it and immediately tensed up. It wasn't Sasuke for she had learned to feel his particular presence when he was near meaning she was about to be attacked by a demon. The killing intent the permeated the air was intense but Hinata wasn't afraid and simply changed her pace slightly so that she would be better prepared to fight when the demon came to attack. Seconds later she felt the pressure of air change and the wind start to whistle.

She dove to the side rolling twice before stabilizing herself into a crouching position. He's fast she thought to herself as she scanned the area for the demon. The limited training Sasuke had given her to deal with supernatural forces was not enough to locate the demon but she could faintly make out the paths he was using. Reaching inside her jacket Hinata felt the hilt of the dagger Sasuke had given here and closed her eyes.

She focused and collected herself; blocking out any distractions that could arise to be aware of the target. The demon was using a basic rhombus pattern to try and confuse her. This essence trailed in the same direction enough times that even if she couldn't pinpoint the location with proper timing she'd be able to tell where he was at a given point. She picked a point where the essence had been getting stronger and began to count down how long it took for the point to increase little by little.

Quickly she calculated the distance and began to count down in her mind the seconds it would take for her to get there. Now! She mentally exclaimed rushing forwards. Drawing the dagger she swept it in an upwards diagonal slash. The sound of tearing flesh and splattering blood greeted her ears as the wounded demon crumpled to the ground mid-flight. It had been low to the ground in order to increase the accuracy of its next attack which was the reason for its downfall.

Shaking her blade Hinata saw the blood droplets splatter across the sand before taking out a piece of cloth to wipe the remainder of blood off the dagger. The demon struggled to stand but the wound had been deep and it was bleeding profusely. "End it, don't let me die like this" it croaked finally being able to stand albeit on weakened knees.

Hinata stared at the demon. It was average size standing maybe five feet with two sets of furry arms and a pair of furred legs. The torso unlike the arms and legs was fleshy and Hinata could see the deep gash that had split him open. One of his arms was trying to stop the flow of blood but some of his organs had begun spilling out as well.

Sheathing the weapon Hinata shook her head and took out a small vial. "You know what I am, why else would you attack me." She mused to the demon. Walking over to the wounded creature she opened the vial and poured a small stream of bluish pink liquid into the wound. The demon immediately howled in pain and writhed on the ground. Hinata watched as the liquid began to heal the demon and writhing moments all that was left of the wound was a giant scar.

"I won't kill you; if I did the balance would be shifted. I advise that you leave. My protector quickly approaches and he does not share my views on balance nor is he as merciful as I am." Hinata explained to the demon. Lifting its triangular shaped head the demon sniffed the air for a scent but could not discern one. "You're bluffing. No one is coming." He said as he flexed his body. Finding that it was indeed healed he went into an offensive stance and grinned. "You should've killed me." He stated darkly.

"Killing you, the Dichotomy of Good and Evil will increase my power to unbelievable heights!" he exclaimed rushing towards Hinata. She simply stood and stared apathetically at the demon. When he was merely a few feet away from her there was a boom sound and once again the demon was yelling in pain. Both his right arms had been severed at the elbow and the limbs flopped around on the ground as torrents of blood sprayed from the demons body. As wind and dust blew around Hinata the female simply pulled a few strands of hair over her ear, out of her face. In front of her a hooded and cloaked figure stood with its back to Hinata grasping a giant sword over its shoulder.

"Hinata, are you alright?" the figure asked without turning around to the female. Hinata smiled a little and nodded. "Yes, I am. I tried to warn him you were coming, Sasuke." She explained as the demon failed to stop the blood flow from the stumps where its arms used to be. "He is a low class demon. It can't be helped." Sasuke replied as he swung the sword experimentally. "Sasuke, just make it quick please." Hinata said in a soft tone knowing that Sasuke loved toying with his opponents especially those he outclassed on such a large scale.

Sasuke turned his head slightly to Hinata and nodded in acknowledgment. Taking two steps forward Sasuke disappeared for a moment before reappearing behind the demon. Placing the sword back into the sheath on his back Sasuke turned and walked back to Hinata as the demon finally became silent and split in half before crumpling into dozens of pieces. "You're late Hinata." Sasuke said to the female lowering his hood.

Hinata stared up at Sasuke. He had changed since she last saw him. He had a more elfin appearance with sharper features and pointed ears. His skin had a darker tone close to grey than the normal tan or golden hue of elves. "You've been transforming too much. It's starting to affect your normal appearance." Hinata spoke voicing her observation.

Sasuke merely shrugged. "We're actually in luck. The person we are looking for is the descendant of an old friend of mines." Sasuke told Hinata as the pair began walking. "A friend like Monara?" Hinata asked. Since their time in Skylark Hinata had not given up on pestering Sasuke about the way things had ended between him and the eredar. Sasuke was silent. "No this friend was different. He taught me shamanistic magic and control over life energy." Sasuke explained. "To think that his descendant dwelled into voodoo and witchcraft is both impressive and daunting." He mused.

"Why? Why is it daunting to think about" Hinata asked as her knowledge of different schools and branches of magic was as limited as her training in fighting demons. "Shamans use the earth's natural magical and life energy to preform spells and enhancements. Voodoo on the other hand uses souls and human life energy. It is considered a dark art because it draws on the life energy of a living being. Usually one cannot be both a shaman and a voodooist. For this person to have mastered both is extremely rare." Sasuke explained.

"But what about the witchcraft, the third school of magic they know." Hinata questioned. "Witchcraft is not inherently evil or good. Witchcraft and wizardry are both neutral magicks that change depending on the wielder. If they are using witchcraft as a neutral medium then it makes sense on the mastery of the shamanistic and voodooist powers they have but if they have leaned more or less towards one path then we might be in for more that we bargained for." Sasuke concluded.

Hinata was quiet as the information sunk in. "Sasuke, is it possible for me to use magic?" she asked after a few moments of walking in silence. Sasuke turned his head and looked back at his companion. "You are a creature of magic Hinata. One of the purest there are. I'm actually surprised you haven't manifested any magical yet but that could just be an oversight of knowledge." Sasuke replied. Hinata cocked her head to the side in slight confusion. "An oversight of knowledge? You mean because I don't know enough about magic I can't use it?" she asked for clarification.

Sasuke nodded and continued to walk. A small oasis could be seen on the horizon with a village within close proximity of it. "Could you teach me?" the young woman asked. "The same way you're teaching me to fight, could you also teach me magic?" Hinata asked once more. Sasuke was silent for a few minutes. "I'm not sure if I'm the best teacher for you in that field Hinata. Magic is the reason I'm in this predicament in the first place." He answered.

"No it isn't, fear and hubris are. You feared death and you thought yourself better than the natural forces of the universe Sasuke. That is why you are what you are. Everything that has happened in your life, you have no one to blame but yourself for it." Hinata stated in a matter-of-factly tone. Sasuke clenched his fists in frustration but soon relaxed. He knew Hinata spoke the truth but still he wanted to believe that some outside force was responsible for his pain.

"You've lived longer than anyone I know, except maybe Temari, Ino, Sakura, and Tenten. You have experience with magic and you're the only one I can really trust. I'd be grateful and honored to learn from you." Hinata requested politely. "We'll see, after our meeting with the practitioner." Sasuke replied and afterwards remained silent. Hinata had learned enough about Sasuke to know that the conversation was over and that the response he had given was the most she was going to get.

The duo arrived at the village in roughly half an hour and made their way towards the northeast side where Sasuke knew the practitioner would be. Walking towards a hut made of blackened wood Sasuke motioned for Hinata to go ahead on him. Hinata knocked on the hut door three times before entering the dwelling. "Hello?" she called out. The hut was a simply affair. It was spacious with charms and runes decorating the walls and ceiling. Near the eastern window was a small cot. Sunlight shone through the window at the moment but did little to illuminate the entire area.

The main source of light came from a smokeless fire in the center of the hut. Behind the fire on a chair of skin and bones sat and near naked dressed woman. She wore a red top the loosely hung from her shoulders and barely covered her breasts. A necklace of bones hung from her neck as well as a chain-link necklace from which a vial of green stance hung. Multiple bracelets and armlets adorned her arms and lower legs. She was barefoot and wore a simple loin cloth to cover her nether-region.

"Ah, so it appears before us." She spoke in an echoing tone. "Hello there, my name is Hinata Hyuga. I was told to see you from a medium I met." Hinata greeted bowing slightly. Sasuke materialized from the shadows and was silent as the women exchanged greetings. "We know why I is you seek us out. You wish to avoid fate; you who decides the balance of power throughout the world. We have foreseen this, Child of Fate." The witch doctor continued. Her echoing tone never changed and it dawned on Hinata that multiple voices were actually speaking at once.

"Can you help me?" Hinata asked. The witch doctor was silent before letting out a dark chuckle. "Help? You wish to ask one such as us for help? What would you pay for help? What can you offer us that we cannot obtain ourselves?" the woman questioned. Sasuke expected Hinata to falter under the intensity of the witch doctors presence but to his surprise she kept her cool and stood her ground. "Everyone has a price, I know not what I can offer you but perhaps you already have something in mind that you want from me." Hinata answered deliberately as she reached into her pocket.

The witch doctor was silent as she thought about Hinata's proposal. "You already have the payment. This we have seen. Give it to us and we shall do our best to satisfy you." The woman informed Hinata after a few minutes of silence. Hinata took a small crystal out from her pocket. It was a dull brownish green and from Sasuke's perspective was nothing to alluring. The practitioner however snatched it greedily from Hinata's grasp before throwing it into the fire.

"The deal is done. Now close your eyes and clear your mind. We must use you as a conduit to the Powers That Be." The woman instructed Hinata. Nodding Hinata sat down and closed her eyes as she began to clear out distractions and thoughts. The witch doctor began chanting in her native language and dancing around the flame. Sasuke felt spiritual essence rise from the ground as the witch doctor began to take strength from the land.

The incantation was strange to him. He recognized bits and pieces and knew that the process was trying to use Hinata's soul as well as the woman's as a means to travel to a different plan in order to speak with the Powers That Be. From what Sasuke knew about the PTB, they governed the universe on nearly even scale as the gods. It was them who were in charge of balance although they usually leaned more towards the side of light than darkness having preferred peace to chaos.

Suddenly Hinata's body slumped as if she had fallen asleep and the witchdoctor fell to the ground. Her body however never touched the earth as it floated mere inches off the ground before automatically righting itself. Sasuke watched and felt two separate energies leave the hut and knew that Hinata's soul no longer occupied her body. Drawing a sigil into the air Sasuke warded off Hinata's body so that any wandering spirits could not inhabit it. He was about to do the same to the witchdoctor when he felt that her body already hosted a multitude of souls.

Realm of the Powers That Be (Hinata's POV)

I floated for a while as I tried to get my bearings strait. From what I could tell I had no real corporeal form. I just was, a consciousness; nothing more nothing less. I was aware that I existed but that was it. I was quickly joined by another consciousness and tried my best to get close to it. "Welcome to the realm of the Powers That Be. Here anything and everything is possible. It is here where your true nature takes shape and form." I heard a voice speak. Slowly a form appeared as I felt the other consciousness becoming clearer and more refined.

In moment a being stood before me; she was beautiful with long ebony hair and smooth milk chocolate skin. Her entire body radiated warmth and light. She was dressed in a simple white dressed and floated on wings from her ankles and wrists. "Hinata, you are the Dichotomy and I have brought you to this place to help with the quest you are so determined to complete. Come now and take form so that we may see the ones whom govern your powers." The voice spoke once more and I realized that the woman before me was the witch doctor from before. Compared to her earthly form her true self was ridiculously gorgeous.

I tried to speak but had no idea how to without a mouth. I tried to move but I had no body. The woman offered me no help and simply smiled. Wait a minute? This was a realm where anything was possible, so that would mean the only thing holding me back was my own imagination. I thought to myself but could tell from the woman's expression that she heard me, and so I thought. I closed my eyes; eyes I felt come into existence as I thought. I thought of myself and everything about me. My good points and my bad points; everything I had experienced and everything I had learned.

I could feel my true self forming as I continued to find what me who I was. Within moments my corporeal form was complete. I knew without having to look in a mirror exactly how I appeared. My true self was only a bit different from my earthly form. My hair was longer reaching down to my waist. My ears were pointed and slightly longer. My skin was soft and smooth. It was a creamy shade of brown. Not to dark but not to pale, a perfect blend of lighter shade and darker shade as befit my personality.

I wore a two piece outfit that consisted of a top the covered my breast and long flowing dress. The dress was silver while the top was a more silver-white. From my back a pair of butterfly wings made of light sprouted and flapped slowly. "Very nicely done." The witchdoctor communed with me although her mouth never moved. She flew over to me and touched her forehead to mine. "Hinata, I make no promise that you will find the answer you seek; only that I will do everything within my power to help you" the woman assured me.

"You haven't even told me your name yet" I spoke back to her for the first time since we arrived. She smiled at me and softly grasped my hand before leading through the infinite expanse. "I gave up my earthly name when I reached enlightenment. Most just call me 'Mchezajiwa giza'. Translated it means Dancer of the Darkness." She replied. I thought about what it meant to give up ones name. "Do you regret the choices you've made?" I asked her curiosity lacing my question like a moth to flames.

She was silent for a few minutes before answering. "At first I thought I did. My family has been practitioners of magic for generations and while at first I believe I had no choice in the matter I came to realize that I could stop at any point. I was not bound by the chains of fate as I had been taught to believe. Once I came to that realization I branched out from shamanistic magic and began other practices. In short, I don't regret my choices because each one was made in full confidence. Besides if I regretted them it wouldn't change what happened. One can only move forwards from their mistakes Hinata." She answered.

I thought about her words and how Sasuke viewed the world. He had yet to move on from his past and to the best of my knowledge I doubted he ever would. It made me reflect on my own life and some things I regretted. My regrets were few and far between but they were there. How I never really got to know my sister Hanabi was my biggest regret. She was five years younger than me but I was never really close to her. At times I almost forgot she existed. I frowned at the thought and wondered where she was at; if she was well or not.

I made a promise to myself at that moment to seek her out when everything was said and done. To the best of my knowledge she had left japan a few years ago and no one had heard from her since. The witchdoctor suddenly slowed and came to a halt as we arrived at a pair of emerald gates. "Beyond these gates, live the Powers That Be" she informed me. I looked at the gates and took a deep breath before exhaling slowly. "Well then let's get this over with. I won't find what I'm looking for standing around here" I stated after collecting myself. The witch doctor nodded once and together we proceeded through the gate, disappearing in a flash of emerald light.

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