"Preston, don't even think about it." Brenda warned Wade's cat as it sneakily eyed the pictures she had scattered on the floor in front of her. "Wade, come get your cat!" She hollered before sticking her tongue out at it.

"Oh for Christ's sake…" Wade stomped into the living room and scooped the feline off the floor. One of the photographs caught his eye. A patch of woods after what looked like a heavy snowfall. "You took all these yourself?" He asked.


"They're not half bad."

"Sure." She shrugged.

"No really, you could do some fair work if you tried." He said. She looked up and met his eyes for a second.

"…Thanks." She said. He opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted when the phone rang.

"Hi Chrissy." Wade said. He looked over his shoulder and saw the dirty look Brenda was giving him. "No, no, it's fine. How did the teleconference go? Good. Listen I was wondering..." He started before walking back to the room, ignoring Brenda's audible scoff.


"Geez, Brenda what are you doing in there?" Wade headed for the kitchen when he heard all the racket she was making.

"Oh I'm sorry, did I disrupt the conversation with your girlfriend?" Brenda chided.


"I better not catch her over here again, I know that."

"Would you-"

"And you know what, you're gonna start treating me with some respect or-"

"If you would shut your trap for two seconds, you would know that Chrissy and I just got you hired as a backstage photographer." Wade said.


"Turns out the company needed one. They'll want your portfolio of course, but we put in a word of good faith."

"I, I don't…"

"You can thank Chrissy when you see her tomorrow." Wade assured.

"Whatever…" She sighed.

"But you can thank me now." Wade grinned and nodded towards the bedroom.

"Bill's gonna show you the ropes, but don't bug anyone unless it's absolutely necessary." Wade went on.

"I got it…" Brenda rolled her eyes as she followed him down the hallway.

"And please, try and behave yourself." Wade stopped and took her by the shoulders.

"I'll try my best." Brenda wrinkled her nose at him.

"Well, I'll see you in a few. Good luck." He nodded before he walked away.

"Brenda?" A stocky man asked as he approached her.

"You must be Bill." Brenda smiled and extended her hand.

"I gotta say your portfolio's quite impressive…" He admitted.

"Why thank you."

"You obviously know your way around a camera, so here's your official equipment. I trust you'll take good care of it." He said as he handed her a camera bag.

"Oh, absolutely." She assured.

"And I'm getting your work room set up as we speak…"

"My own work room?"

"Of course." Bill said nonchalantly. "I'm gonna need you to take some studio shots in a few so go ahead and get set up, if you need anything, just let me know."

"Ok, thanks."

"No problem, and welcome to the team." Bill smiled and went about his business.

"Wow." Brenda sighed to herself as she carefully took the camera from its case. This was top-of-the-line stuff, she couldn't believe they were trusting her with it.

"Couldn't stay away, could ya?" A seductively gruff voice said behind her. She jumped out of reflex before turning around.

"Hi, Stephen."

"What brings you here, not that I'm complaining?" He asked.

"I'm the new backstage photographer." She smiled and held up her new camera.

"Well now, today's my lucky day then." Stephen smirked.

"Oh, you're here for a shoot?"

"Any objections?" He asked.

"Not at all, let's get to it." Brenda smiled. Stephen chuckled to himself and pulled his shirt from over his head. Wow. The set of abs on this man. Wade had a sick set himself, but wow.

"Um, I-"

"Something wrong, beautiful?" Stephen asked.

"No, sorry. Here we go." Brenda shook it off starting taking a few shots. "That's good, very nice. Ok, hold that stance. You've done this before, haven't you?" She moved the camera away from her face and eyed Stephen suspiciously.

"Guilty." He mugged before getting in another pose.

"Mmm-hmm, I thought so…" Brenda said as she clicked away. "Well, I think we're good. You're definitely photogenic." She said.

"That's something I don't hear everyday." Stephen replied.

"That's hard to believe."

"Why aren't you in front of the camera? You certainly belong there…" Stephen suggested.

"Oh, I'm no good in front of the camera, just behind it."

"Now that's hard to believe." Stephen smiled as he moved closer to her. She lowered her head, but Stephen took a knuckle and nudged her chin. "You're a shy one, aren't ya?"

"Am I interrupting something?" Wade asked as he approached the two.

"No, um, we were taking a few studio shots." Brenda answered as she scrambled to gather her things.

"Don't worry, lad. We're all done here." Stephen said.

"Good." Wade said with squinted eyes. "Come on Brenda."

"But I still have-"

"They can wait, now come on I said." Wade said impatiently. Brenda grabbed her bag and walked under Wade's waiting arm.

"Bye Stephen."

"See ya soon, sweet." He looked rather pleased with himself when Wade look over his shoulder and glared.

Ah, the double-edged sword that is jealously.