Ya I probably should wait until we all have some real info on what Sly 4 will be about. But I'm kinda excited, so here I go. Also be sure and read my other story "What will Sly and Carmelitas babies look like?" It has my idea of what Sly 4 will be about. Okay onto the story.

Carmelita and Sly just barley got out of the Cooper vault as the ceiling collapsed. Leaving Dr. M and traping the crazy baboon inside the Cooper vault and all it's riches. Bentley and Murray also escaped in time as well.

Some time later Carmelita and Sly were going to her interpol boat she had used to get to the island.

"Cooper aren't you coming?" Carmelita asked her now memory lost (not really, he faked it) thief

"Yes, Inspector Fox," Sly said "Just going the bathroom here,"

Little did Carmelita know that this little bathroom break was where Sly had found a separate stash of loot. Yet not even all those millons in gold and jewels could match up to the love he had for Carmelita.

"I'll miss you guys," Sly said as he thought of Bentley and Murray. He tuck his cane in the ground, left his red fanny pack thing, and a calling card for them. Then went back to Carmelita. She did ask why he didn't have his cane, but Sly just made up a story that it broke so he decided to just leave it.

With that they both went back to Paris.

As they floated back though, Slywondered what would become of him. He was after all a wanted criminal.

"No Carmelita will help me out of this," Sly thought "She dose have a thing for me to,"

Also Carmelita had some things on her mind "Ugh all those ape casualties, Barkley's going to have a cow about this. Still I finally caught Cooper, in a way. Now telling him about his amnesia. Boy that'll be a challenge,"

"Are you okay parnter?" Sly said noticing Carmelita was deep in thought

"Huh? Oh yes I'm just fine," Carmelita said

Meanwhile Bentley, Murray, and everyone else found Cooper calling card, that was worth millions.

And a note saying that the he wanted to be with his true love.

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